Press Releases From 07/06/2012 Until 08/03/2015

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ACN Francais Gives Residents of France the Chance to Generate Additional Revenue

Many people work full-time jobs but still do not have enough money to make ends meet. For these people, the opportunity to supplement their incomes would be a welcome addition to their lives.

More Forza Weight Loss Pills and Supplements Are Now Available Reports Weight Loss Website are reporting that there is now a much wider choice of Forza weight loss pills and supplements available for those people who are looking to burn fat and get in shape. This extensive range of products includes fat burners and slimming pills that can be used by both men and women.

Bingo Liner Rewards New Members With Free £20 Bonus

The online bingo industry is heavily saturated with bingo brands fighting for the top spot. In order to lure in new players, bingo sites must offer innovative bingo promotions and generous jackpot prizes but to reward new players, is offering members a free £20 bonus and a first deposit bonus.

Simon Cowell's Original Starlet, Zoey Jones, Announces Eagerly Awaited Debut Single

From working with Madonna’s Jesus Luz to stealing the Sunset Stage in Lisbon; Zoey Jones continues to soar to new heights with the release of her debut single, “Don’t Think”.

Champion "Classic & Muscle" Motor Oils Are Purpose-Built for SEMA Enthusiasts

LogoChampion “Classic & Muscle” Motors Oils will be on display at this year’s SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. These top-tier performance motor oils are purpose-build for vintage, classic, hot rod and muscle cars that need more protection than current API specification motor oils can provide.

Champion Racing Oils to present at Performance Warehouse Association (PWA) Conference

LogoChampion Brands, a global leader in performance racing and diesel motor oils, announced today it will attend the 39th Annual Performance Warehouse Association (PWA) Conference in Phoenix, AZ on September 9th through the 12th.

Racer Jim Dale Jr. Gets 7th First Place Trophy This Year Using Champion Racing Oil

LogoChampion Oil, a leader in performance lubricants, congratulates Jim Dale Jr. for his win last Saturday night and 7th of the season at South Buxton Raceway. RNB Restorations and Champion Racing Oil sponsor Dale, who lives in Shrewsbury, Ontario.

Champion Racing Oils to Display at IMIS in Indianapolis

LogoChampion will be presenting numerous new racing products at International Motorsports Industry Show (IMIS), Dec. 6th – 8th, 2012. IMIS is a three-day trade show at the Indiana Convention Center featuring seminars, conferences and hundreds of exhibitors showcasing the latest in racing lubricants, parts, equipment, and technologies.

Atlanta TrueCraft Remodeling Uses Free Consults to Show How Renovations Protect Home Values

With many homeowners fearful of decreasing value due to the current economy, Atlanta construction company TrueCraft Remodeling is helping them see how to protect that value through renovation via their free consultations. TrueCraft Remodeling is a team of remodeling professionals in Atlanta, Georgia that is geared toward completing projects both large and small spanning fix ups to large scale commercial renovations.

Body Wraps from Simply Slender Have Been Shown in Clinical Study to Be Effective at Shedding Inches

Swimsuit season is here, and around the country people are flocking to pools, beaches and lakes for some fun in the sun and water.

Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney Darwin F Johnson Launches New Website

Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney Darwin F Johnson is pleased to announce the launch of a new website The attorney specializes in workers compensation, work-related injury and auto accident cases.

Debt Consolidation Loans UK Launches New Website

Debt Consolidation Loans UK is pleased to announce the redesign of their website The new website features expanded debt consolidation facts and information as well as incorporation of their convenient “Slider Calculator” to give borrowers accurate monthly repayment amounts and number of monthly payments. The fast-growing UK- based Debt Consolidation Loans and Debt Management website helps borrowers find the absolute best debt consolidation deal online quickly and simply.

Peter Leeds Penny Stocks Guide Now Provides Basic & Expert Advice on Penny Stocks Trading

The Penny Stock Guide, the comprehensive and impartial resource for investors interested in penny stocks, now provides both basic and expert level information about penny stock trading. More basic information has now been included in the Guide due to the gained popularity of penny stock trading in recent years. Peter Leeds, the penny stock professional, has the research support of a full team of analysts that make superior client service possible. With multiple employees on staff, they are the only team looking exclusively at penny stock trading strategies. A spokesperson stated, “We want to show you how simple it is to make profits and avoid the high risks. Subscribers get the Quick Start Package and lots of helpful articles, tutorials, and guidance from our team.”

Garage Door Denver Business a Authentic Garage Door Service Company Opens New Office

As most homeowners know, nothing will negatively impact the overall look of a home like a worn out and dented garage door.

Loud Rap Beats Launches a Website

Music is a passion for many people. They find life and solace in music. Those who love music find this to be an effective medium to connect with people. They find this instrument to be an important part of their existence.

My12Volt Store Introduces a Whole Range of 12 Volt TV DVD Combo

My12Volt Store, dedicated to providing high-quality consumer goods, has come up with a whole range 12 Volt TV DVD combo. The renowned store is also offering free shipping on its collection of 12 volt TV DVD combo. offers everything that one requires from basic home appliances to GPS for homes and vehicles. The online store is a comprehensive inventory of top brands of energy efficient 12 Volt products and accessories.

Horizon Insure Inc. Provides the Best Prices for Term Life Insurance Quotes

Horizon Insure Inc. provides Term Life Insurance Quotes that will help one to compare rates and get the best prices. This is the least expensive type of Life Insurance that provides a death benefit for a specified period of time in 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 year increments.

Founder of Universal Life Church Name, St Ignatius of Antioch Feast Day of October 17th Will Be Recognized by the Universal Life Church World Headquarters

LogoBrother Michael, President of today's Universal Life Church World Headquarters has declared October 17th as the feast day for the founder of the Universal Life Church name in 107 AD, St Ignatius of Antioch (Theophorus). He is responsible for the first known use of the Greek word katholikos, meaning Universal, the origin of the Universal Life Church name. It is from the Greek word katholikos (English translation - "universal") that the word Christian or catholic comes from. When Ignatius wrote the Letter to the Smyrnaeans in about the year 107 and used the word katholikos, he used it as if it were a word already in use to describe the Church.

3 Things Lenders Don't Want You to Know About Shopping for a Mortgage Online Revealed by Valencia, California Based Mortgage Broker

Valencia, California Based Mortgage Broker Reveals 3 Things Lenders Don’t Want You to Know About Shopping for a Mortgage Online

BaskWeb E-Commerce Celebrates Landmark Fifteenth Birthday With Announcement of Commerce Fusion Platform

Having served over ten thousand customers and hosted tens of millions of transactions, BaskWeb E-Commerce plans to celebrate its fifteen birthday in style – with the launch of a game-changing new E-Commerce platform.

Law Advance Offers Lawsuit Cash Advance for Client's Pending Lawsuit at Minimal Interest

Law Advance is one of the original firms of the lawsuit Cash Advance industry. They have come up with an innovative approach for Lawsuit Funding. They are experts in Lawsuit Funding, legal finance, and have been in the credit business for nearly twenty-five years. They understand that all cases are not equal so all Lawsuit Cash Advance customers shouldn’t have to pay the same rate. The experts at Law Advance analyze each case individually and decipher the best rate, making sure clients don’t pay for the risk of someone else’s case. Features Seedbox Hosting for All Needs and Budget Levels

Data storage technology becomes more advanced every year. This means that hard drives can be used to store larger and larger files. Unfortunately, transferring large files between computers isn’t always easy. It requires special servers with massive upload capabilities.

Oil Sale Embargoes Against Iran Stepping up This Week, According to Peter Leeds, Penny Stock Pick Analyst and Author of Invest in Penny Stock

Sanctions against Iran's ability to sell oil are kicking in this week, with efforts from both the European Union and the United States being fully initiated between June 28th and July 1st, according to Keith Johnson of the Wall Street Journal. Penny stock pick analyst and author of "Invest in Penny Stocks," Peter Leeds, believes that these sanctions are already having an impact, but that the effects will be minimal as long as China continues to buy.

GoDaddy Now Offering 20% off All Products for Limited Time Reports are reporting that GoDaddy are currently running a new promotion until July 17th whereby customers can enjoys savings of 20%. According to this article, which provides full details of how customers can take advantage of this offer, this 20% offer can be applied to all of the products and services that are currently available from the GoDaddy website.

Rift Conquest Information and Latest Updates Are Available at Rift Supremacy

Since it was released in March of last year, the massively multiplayer online game called Rift has rapidly grown in popularity. The fantasy-themed game, which was published by Trion Worlds, takes place in a world called Telara. According to estimates, well over 1 million people have played the game, which involves leveling up heroes and working on specific quests for items.