Entertainment Press Releases

Taking on Belief: Calgary's Art Rockers the Unravelling Talk Human Programming on "Master Drone" Single

Independent Music Promotions today announced the release of "Master Drone," the intense second new single from Calgary's The Unravelling since lead singer Steve Moore's (who METALSUCKS called "a thinking man's metal singer") successful battle with cancer. Suite 101 calls The Unravelling a band who "combines the alternative stylings of Tool with the adventurousness, ambition, and refusal to compromise of The Dillinger Escape Plan."

BluMarble Featured in Entrepreneur.com June Issue, 100 Brilliant Companies

One man's junk is another man's treasure: an aphorism as old as time, but in an increasingly homogenous and commercialized world, it is sometimes difficult to see it proving true. The way in which junk can become valuable again is through the alchemy of art and design, and BluMarble has mastered a socially responsible means of reducing landfill in Las Vegas and creating beauty from waste. Their efforts have been so successful they have just been featured in Entrenepreneur.com's 100 Brilliant Companies, published in their latest June issue.

Koshymedia Music & Recording Studio Releases Sabry Elkoshairy's Mama Song

Koshymedia is ready with their upcoming release – Mama Song dedicated to all mothers around the world. Conceptualized and composed by Sabry Elkoshairy, the music is an eternal piece celebrating the most beautiful relation of a mother and her child.

Philippe Gerard Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Support His Upcoming Documentary 'Butterflies'

Logo'Butterflies' is an upcoming documentary from French filmmaker Philippe Gerard. Specialized in 3D-Content creation, he has created more than 50 hours of content since 2008. 'Butterflies' will explore the not so well known world of transsexuals and transgender. The objective of this documentary is to support transsexuals in their quest of becoming what they want to be. The length of 'Butterflies' will be about 52 minutes, and it will be made in high resolution (4K).

Get an Extensive Collection of Books Online from Read Outlet

Avid readers constantly look out for interesting and meaningful books to enrich themselves. Keeping their interest in mind, Read Outlet, an online Singapore bookstore, enables individuals easy access to a large collection of books over the internet.

In Pursuit of an Olympian Dream with Sara Kaljuvee Will Be the Topic of Discussion on Conversations with Money

LogoWhen a close family member is diagnosed with a critical illness, it can require a lot of emotional and financial support. How does one continue to pursue their goals, while supporting their family?

Talk Radio Personalities Moving to Digital Distribution, Claiming More Freedom and More Listeners

LogoChris Tinney, host of, "Up Close with Chris Tinney" (ChrisTinney.com) becomes the latest talk radio personality to make the move to digital distribution. In making the move Tinney said, "Internet based distribution gives me more flexibility, more listeners and more freedom".

Tabula Rasa: Fine Art and Craft Supplies Crowd Funding Announcement

New indie arts and crafts announced today that it will be launching a funding campaign using the crowd funding platform: Indiegogo, effective July 2015. The indie company is targeting to raise up to $80,000 to open a brand new store in the heart of old town Culpeper, VA, over the next 2 months.

Exclusively on Amazon: Fortunate Monsters, a New Medical Thriller About Wealthy Infertile Couples

Fortunate Monsters explores the unexpected and unsettling human realities associated with cutting edge fertility technologies already in use worldwide. This daring medical technothriller is now for sale worldwide on Amazon.

Elvis Presley's Musicians and "The Ultimate Elvis Salute in Song"

The History Making Recording! The Only Time this many of Elvis Presley's legendary original studio musicians were ever collected again, to back up any artist other than Elvis Presley himself - It has finally been released!

Haiqeem Releases His New Hot Single "Don't Give a Damn" Available Now for Download

New single "Don't Give A Damn" available now from Haiqeem has got fans excited. Music experts have predicted the new single will become a worldwide hit and Haiqeem biggest commercial success.

Jupiter in Velvet to Release New Single

Free 2B Free Records is announcing that Jupiter In Velvet will be releasing his first single from his up coming 4th album on July 31st. The song. the album's title track 'The World Didn't Start With U'', is an alchemic goldmine of fuzz guitar, electronic drums and melodious to explosive vocals. Not afraid to take a different path and speak a different verse, Jupiter In Velvet is bound to create a splash in the sonic waters of those who seek passion and spiritual sustenance in their music.

Learn to Embody I AM, and Save the Planet Too

In Anna Michael Krista's new bestseller Christ Is Not A Christian: How to Embody Anna and Michael Christ published by Transformation Books, readers will meet Anna and Michael Christ, our Creator parents who are intervening to avert a planetary crisis. When fully embodied, readers will be able to co-create new inventions and help implement them via new ways of living as sisters and brothers.

The Secret Princess to Steal the Animation Movie Sportlight from Brave Frozen

It is the season of animated movies this year. With the minion movie, inside out and lots of others in line, 2015 has proven to be the best year for animated movies so far. Joining this list of animated movies is another animated movie called The Secret Princess.

Karen Hornsby Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Support "It's Almost Morning" Tour

LogoKaren Hornsby is quite a familiar name these days, thanks to ABC's popular reality series Rising Star. Following her successful stint with this acclaimed singing reality show, Karen got flooded with speaking and singing engagements around the country over the last few years. However, this project is not about a voice that can sell some records.

EuropeanWallArt.com Announces the Launch of the Company's New Wholesale Website

European Wall Art, a reliable and dependable source for high quality European tapestries, wall art, oil paintings and other similar items announces the launch of the company's new wholesale wall art website. With decades of experience in the industry, European Wall Art provides businesses and individuals with premium quality tapestries that are sourced from Europe and other places across the globe. The company recently launched an innovative, easy to navigate and easy to use website that makes it even more convenient for those searching for wholesale textile art items to find what they are looking for on a daily basis.

Author of an ATLAS...ALGORITHMIC Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoMiguel Vera's epic poetic work, AN ATLAS … ALGORITHMIC, is an urgent call to action. Examining the human condition metaphysically ... holistically, it offers, a simplification, healing, within its pages. Within those pages, a human spirit, spirited nightly to destinations dreamy, ('soirees', he calls them); soirees, of unearthly ... transcendental ... conversation.

Fortunate Monsters: New Genetics Medical Thriller Exclusive to Amazon

LogoFortunate Monsters explores some shocking human realities associated with cutting edge fertility techniques already in use in research labs worldwide. This daring technothriller is now for sale worldwide on Amazon.

Scott Tucker to Score New Movie

The upcoming article from Movie Favorites will feature composer and instrumentalist Scott Tucker. The latest musical contribution by Tucker will be a score to an upcoming independent film. The project will be be Tucker's first solo venture. The score and film are to be released later next month.

Powerhouse Female Director, Arlene Bogna's Indie Film Receiving Worldwide Recognition Is an Official Selection at Columbia Gorge Int'l Film Festival, August 2015

LogoPowerhouse Female Director, Arlene Bogna's indie film The Ballad of Snake Oil Sam continues its journey to cinema screens in the Pacific Northwest at the 8th Annual Columbia Gorge International Film Festival in Washington State this August 2015. Columbia Gorge was started by Angaelica- a non-profit organization rooted in the arts and ecology. They connect artists and collaborators to help bring exposure to unique and extraordinary projects, and enhance the power of storytelling. Arlene Bogna is a Powerful Female Voice in independent filmmaking today and gaining well deserved attention in the movie industry and film director communities. She is part of the "Support Women Filmmakers" movement and is in the Alliance of Women Directors, the only non-profit organization solely dedicated to education, support and advocacy for women directors in the entertainment industry.

Massimiliano Melis and Marcello Tedesco Release New Experimental Visual Art Film – Pocket Pass #01

LogoContemporary filmmakers Massimiliano Melis and Marcello Tedesco have recently released their newest film Pocket Pass # 01 which is available on MethisMacs YouTube channel and ShortEmpire Films. The film is an experimental visual arts film that asks the audience to take a deeper look past the obvious elements. Pocket Pass #01 has been directed by Massimiliano Melis and Marcello Tedesco and the project is by Gabriele Tosi. The film was made entirely in Bologna (Italy) inside the exhibition space LOCALEDUE in May 2015, including the dismantling of the personal Folding Study of Nicholas Morgan Gandolfi and the personal Jenga of Fabrizio Perghem.

Carl White's Life in the Carolinas Selected a Winner in the 36th Annual Telly Awards

LogoThe Telly Awards has named Life In the Carolinas as a Bronze winner in the 36th Annual Telly Awards for their piece titled American Legion World Series. With nearly 12,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, this is truly an honor.

Danny Trejo Leads a Robotic Cartel in Upcoming Sci-Fi Movie Juarez 2045 Launched on Kickstarter

Abrupt Studios and director Chris Le are excited to announce the Kickstarter Campaign for the scifi film entited JUAREZ 2045 starring Danny Trejo. The movie is about a group of marines who must combat a robotic drug cartel lead by Danny Trejo in Juarez, Mexico. Featuring world class visual effects all done by director Le and a score by videogame superstar Sam Hulick, the film is expected to be finished in November of 2015. Says Director Le "the project is very ambitious and we need monetary help to complete our visual effects. So far I've been the only one doing them and if I can get some help, we'll be able to complete the film sooner and at an even higher level. Our goal is to do Hollywood Blockbuster style visual effects at a fraction of the budget that they do it for and that's why we need Kickstarter's help."

Elementary School Assignment Inspired Eleven Year Old to Write Book Addressing Science Topic

Schools all over the United States are increasingly emphasizing nonfiction as the Common Core standards become essential. The Common Core language arts and literacy standards attempt to correct the fiction/nonfiction imbalance by placing an increased emphasis on reading nonfiction—starting with an equal emphasis on literature and informational text in elementary school. At nearly all grade levels, students are expected to develop research skills across content areas with a strong focus on nonfiction, including literary nonfiction.

R&B/Neo Soul Performer Jai Corrine Simons Launches Her New Book: "Darkness to Destiny" a Story of Tragedy and Survival

Jai Corrine Simons has recently released her new book, Darkness to Destiny which is the first in a series of memoirs chronicling her life, her journey of overcoming hardship and emerging as a better and stronger human being, full of love and compassion for others and herself. Jai is also a neo-soul/R&B performer and recording artist, her new single "Darkness to Destiny", from her upcoming CD of the same title "Darkness to Destiny," is available now. The music and the book are an extension of one another through which she aims to convey the passion for life and love necessary to recover from a life of drug abuse and hardships to one of hope and progress. Available now at JaiCorrine.com and on Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes.

Attention Louisville, Kentucky Based Bands and Musical Acts: Gubbey Records Is Now Accepting Music Submissions for Their Annual Cassette Compilation, "Head Cleaner-a Loui

Gubbey Records is now taking music submissions for the annual cassette compilation, "Head Cleaner- A Louisville Music Compilation". Last year's edition featured 106 diverse Louisville music acts on three cassettes and an additional download volume with a playing time that boasted over 6 1/2 hours. We want to meet or exceed that turnout for the 2015 edition. Louisville bands/musical acts please send your music, all it takes is a song and the song info. "The purpose of this compilation is to document and take a yearly snapshot of the Louisville music community as a whole. This compilation is open to ALL styles of music from the Louisville, Kentucky area" says label representative Dave Rucinski. The deadline for submitting a tune is September 1st.

Elvira Kalnik Releases New Hit Single "I Feel Love"

LogoThis summer be prepared to dance unstoppably to Elvira Kalnik's new single "I Feel Love". The song is a remake of Donna Summer's original futuristic dance floor hit of the 1970's. The newly released summer track is on it's way to becoming a hit number one once again. On the heels of this success, she recently signed to GME Agency releasing the remake. Her new album is in the works entitled "Magic Child". Listen and download the new single "I Feel Love" here on iTunes.  SOURCE: GME AGENCY