Entertainment Press Releases

Brave Move by GABV and VoiceAmerica Sees Launch of World's First Radio Series About the Positive Side of Banking

It's official, the #BankingOnValues movement is growing and global. VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network, the world's leading producer, distributor, and online broadcaster of original live and on demand talk radio programming, has teamed up with the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) to take a behind the scenes look at the people, passion and potential of the values-based banking movement. The show is called Building Banking on Values. It airs live on Thursdays at 3 PM Pacific time on VoiceAmerica Business and runs from April 7 to June 30.

Donica Knight Joins Craig Morgan at "American Sniper" Birthday Bash, Releases Military Tribute

Hot on the heels of her country airplay chart debut single, "Love Ain't a Prize," Donica Knight is releasing her military tribute track, "Blood On My Boots." The Alabama-based country rocker will be releasing the new track via iTunes, Amazon, and all major digital music outlets, worldwide, on April 7th, 2016. Donica will perform "Blood On My Boots" at the upcoming Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (CKFF) "Chris Kyle Birthday Bash" on April 9th, in Dallas, TX.

Book&ME Is an Innovative New Book Experience That Blends the Tactile with the Digital

LogoBook&ME, the revolutionary new interactive book that blend the physical book with the digital technology of today, is live on Kickstarter and a crowdfunding success story having already raised over 100% of their campaign goal.

Breanna Baker a Hit on YouTube in a Little Heart

A Little Heart, starring Breanna Baker, has burst out of the gate on YouTube with viral momentum only a day after director Annette Prieto's touching short film was posted on the popular video-sharing website.

Catholic Social Teaching Expert Issues Challenge to American Catholics in New Book

Author Daniel Schwindt has released a new book titled "The Papist's Guide to America."

8th Wonder Productions Announces Special Packages for Global Clients

As one of the best known producer in India, 8th Wonder Productions as worked as a Line Production Company for years, both for films and other branches, including ads, documentaries and events. The company recently launched specialized services and packages for television ads and documentary films at a small event organized by the team, where they assured great help for foreign filmmakers and documentary experts.

Buying and Selling Real Estate in the Hottest Market for Foreign Investors: New York City

LogoA Fourth Quarter 2015 survey of the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate, released in January 2016, identifies New York City, for the second consecutive year, as the top-ranked city for foreign investment. The Survey also ranked the US as the "most stable and secure country for real estate investment," and the country that "provides the best opportunity for capital appreciation." Data from Real Capital Analytics, cited in a January 2016 International Business Times article states that 27% of foreign dollars in 2015 were spent on Manhattan properties alone.

EZ Magic Robbins Stays Preferred Online Magic Wholesaler

LogoEZ Magic Robbins is celebrating their 100th year in style by offering numerous magic wholesale supplies online at an affordable price. The website is easy to navigate and categorized to enhance the experience for visitors across America and beyond. Items are searchable by name or item number, and the items contain detailed descriptions to inform potential customers on product specifications and uses.

Exite Live Game Offers Now Live Gaming Experience Through Escape Rooms in Helsinki

Exite Live Game, a Finnish born company that offer virtual gaming experience to children and adults alike, recently announced that their escape rooms in Helsinki are now open and people can pre-book their gaming sessions through their website. The owners said that physical adventure games have become quite popular in Finland and in the whole of Europe and that they want to make these games as popular as possible.

Mackin Yolie of Mack Music Affiliates, Taking You Mack Into the Future

LogoBrace yourself as Mackin Yolie Takes you Mack To the Future." This Highly Anticipated Debut Album marks the beginning of an era for Mack Music Affiliates, and their Hard Hitting Lyrical Front Runner Mackin Yolie.

The Hip Hop Preacher to Visit London

Author, speaker and consultant Ava Eagle Brown and author and radio influencer Sonia Poleon have teamed up to bring world-renowned motivational speaker Dr. Eric Thomas to London on September 24, 2016.

Johnny Wimbrey Celebrity Life Coach, International Speaker, and Best Selling Author, a Guest on the Dr. Gladney Radio Show

LogoJohnny Wimbrey, world renowned celebrity coach and author will share his blunt honesty which motivates people to stop thinking and start doing. Johnny's incredible rags-to-riches story touches a chord in audiences from cultures from around the globe. He transformed his life from poverty and abandonment into wealth and opportunity.

VoiceAmerica to Broadcast Live from the 15th Annual New Living Expo

LogoVoiceAmerica President, Jeffrey Spenard stated "The New Living Expo and VoiceAmerica enjoy a special relationship and we are excited to be the LIVE broadcast partner for the 15th annual event." Spenard continued "Ken has once again created the event with great value to its attendees and our worldwide listening audience. For 2016 The New Living Expo is THE mindful living event of the year and we are eager to see old friends and colleagues as well create lasting new relationships." Please join us and listen live at www.VoiceAmerica.com/LiveEvents from 11 am to 3 pm pacific time April 29th – May 1st.

Dawn Bennett, Host of Radio Show "Financial Myth Busting," Interviews Jim Rickards, Financial Commentator and Author

DAWN BENNETT: Jim Rickards is the senior managing director for market intelligence at Omnis, Inc., a technical and scientific consulting firm located in McLean, Virginia. Jim is also the author of three books. The first one is called Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis and we had him on the show for that, as well as the second book, The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System, which came out in 2014. His latest book is called The New Case for Gold which is perfect timing since gold just experienced its best quarter since third quarter 1986, as it was up 16.1 percent this first quarter. That's where I want to start today. Jim, welcome to Financial Myth Busting.

100% Natural Pregnancy Solutions – Eskay Webs Publishes Pregnancy Miracle's Review

World-renowned reviewers, Eskay Webs publishes a short review about Pregnancy Miracle Book. This amazing eBook includes safe and natural methods for getting pregnant fast. This review concisely explains all the details about this eBook, so if one is planning to purchase Pregnancy Miracles Book, but is not sure whether to invest in it or not, then they should read this review published by Eskay Webs and get a full idea about this eBook. This review can be found on pregnancymiracleforyou.com

Newsmakers Podcast Network Announces Political Radar with Rhonda and Elliot

LogoNewsmakers Podcast Network today announced the addition of its first political podcast, Political Radar with Rhonda and Elliot. The show will be hosted by a pair of "political junkies" based in the Green Bay, WI area, Rhonda Sitnikau and Elliot Christenson.

Founder of BioAcoustic Biology Sharry Edwards Will Join Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

LogoWe all know the power of voice. Some voices are so beautiful that they can transport us, uplift our moods or bring us to tears. But voice is even more than we think it is. AT&T said that BioAcoustics is the medicine of the future. BioAcoustics Voice Spectral Analysis is a new process that can detect hidden or underlying stresses in the body that are expressed as disease. It can identify toxins, pathogens and nutritional supplements that are too low or too high. Vocal print can even be used to match the most compatible treatment remedy to each client.

Scenario Gallery Welcomes Mena Teijeiro

LogoYoga nidra is another name for "yogic sleep", the state between sleeping and walking similar to the phase when one is attempting to fall asleep. The body is entirely relaxed in this state, allowing the individual to becoming increasingly aware of his or her inner world through guided, aural instruction. Yoga nidra is one of the deepest states of relaxation possible that still allows the person to remain fully conscious and differs from typical meditation where concentration is focused solely on one thing. Yoga nidra can help in reducing tension and anxiety.

Prince Charming? Absolutely NOT! International Bestseller Receives Rave Reviews in Four Countries

The new International Bestseller in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States, Prince Not So Charming – Cinderella's Guide to Financial Independence, encourages women — whether a high-powered executive or a single mom struggling to make ends meet — to claim their power to create and protect their financial future.

Life Through the Eyes of a Woman with Asperger's Syndrome

Ironically, author Samantha Craft first discovered she had Asperger's Syndrome while working toward her degree in Mental Health Counseling. Craft, whose second oldest son had been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome over a decade prior, was all too familiar with the subject of autism. She'd studied, worried, and gone head-to-head with behavioral specialists and psychologists concerning her son's diagnosis. She'd even secretly suspected herself of having Aspergers. Yet months following her own diagnosis, she still wasn't prepared.

Michael Hill Authored Personal Development Book to Be Available for Free for Three Days in May

Michael Hill is best known as a life coach who has worked closely with people who are mentally retarded or physically disabled or both. Recently, the new book authored by Hill – '6 Simple Steps to Living Your Best Life', was launched on Amazon. Following the launch and after seeing people waxing lyrical about the book, Niklas Wolf, the media manager for the author himself, decided to grant free access to whoever wants to get a sneak peek of the book and its content for three days in May this year. According to Niklas Wolf, who has been an advocate of yogic exercises for all her life, the book has received hugely positive response from the readers on Amazon and they want to make the book accessible to all and sundry.

Shana Diggs "Ultimate Trip" EP Now Released and Available for FREE Download

Currently trending, a hot new rapper from Chicago – Shana Diggs releases "Ultimate Trip" ep. This EP was released on April 12, 2016 and it is an available for free download. The links of this EP can be easily found on The Shana Diggs YouTube channel, and on Twitter @shanadiggs. Also the ep is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and every major digital outlet. But, it is available for free on her social media.

Throw an Outdoor Party with Newtown Party Rentals

Bucks County event planners can throw the next unforgettable outdoor bash with Newtown Party Rental, the Newtown, PA-based event planning company that serves Montgomery County and its surrounding areas. As the summer season approaches, outdoor party season will soon be in full swing, and guests expect the best from their hosts. Newtown Party Rental can provide all party supplies that hosts need, from tables and tents to concessions and games. Newtown Party Rental promises to be the first and last guest at the party, ranging from locations such as Bensalem, Southampton, Princeton, New Hope, Huntingdon Valley, Warminster, or Moorestown.

Ignite Inspiration by Lucy Hoger Goes #1 on Amazon in 24 Hours

LogoLucyHoger.com latest book Ignite Inspiration: Motivating Entrepreneurs To Achieve Work Life Balance and Stay On Top Of Business Trends To Easily Scale Business by entrepreneur, speaker, CEO, Board of Director, International Best Selling Author, and Founder of Visionocity Magazine, Lucy Hoger. Lucy Hoger has written a new book Ignite Inspiration: Motivating Entrepreneurs To Achieve Work Life Balance and Stay On Top Of Business Trends To Easily Scale Business for individuals looking for an entrepreneurial edge to achieve work life balance tips and stay on top of business trends that will readily and easily scale business growth and inspire the entrepreneur on ways to motivate employees. Lucy Hoger' s new International #1 Amazon bestselling book, Ignite Inspiration is now available on Amazon. Within these pages entrepreneur's will find the continued motivation needed to achieve work life balance and stay on top of business trends so they can readily and easily scale business growth. The entrepreneur will discover current trends that motivate and connect them with their audience, as well as current and future customers, building upon what has worked for many of the top leaders in today's motivational field… leaders such as Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Daniel Pink, Stephen Covey, Simon Sinek, and others.

Christian Novelist Adds to Her Christian Romance Series

In An Unexpected Redezvous, Eva Maxwell, who always believed in the dream of living your whole life with the one person you truly love, finds herself in a dilemma. An unexpected meeting pushes her to make a choice.

Top Event Production Company Red Carpet Systems Takes on 5 Events in 5 Different Cities in Just 5 Days

Red Carpet Systems, a top event production company with offices in Los Angeles and New York, was able to successfully bring its event production services to 5 events across the nation in just 5 days. Specializing in red carpet premieres and trade shows, among other things, Red Carpet Systems embarked on an exciting journey that took the company to New York City, Raleigh, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Palm Springs and back to Los Angeles.

True.Ink Magazine Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Acquire and Race 'The People's Horse'

LogoIn advance of this year's Kentucky Derby, new online magazine True.Ink is launching a crowd-sourcing campaign to purchase a racehorse. The editors of True.Ink, "a magazine of experiences," are embarking on a first-ever campaign to own a racehorse they can share with their readers.