Entertainment Press Releases

Dr. Jovan Walker Hosts Official Book Signing for You Be the Bank

Dr. Jovan Walker, known to some as the Financial Coach of Hope, will be hosting a book signing for her newest book, You Be The Bank and its companion workbook. The event will be held on Saturday, June 25th from 12 pm to 3 pm at the Downtown Cultural Arts Center located at 401 N. Howard Street in Baltimore, Maryland.

New York City Original Musical Production Seeks Crowdfunding

Three Act Theatre Company has announced that it is making use of the popular crowdfunding website Indiegogo to bring to the stage "Croaker," a new musical by Jason Marks and Debra Clinton. Opening night is tentatively set for July 29, 2016.

Professional Female Emcee in Singapore Launches Bilingual Emcee Services

LogoEmcee Sylvia, a professional female emcee in Singapore, has launched her unique bilingual emcee services. Sylvia's engaging emcee service is designed to bring a fun experience to every event, ranging from weddings to corporate launches.

Professional Events Company in Singapore Launches Audio Visual Production Services

LogoAT Events Group, a professional events company in Singapore, has launched its customized audio visual production and emcee services in Singapore. AT Event Group's audio visual equipment is designed to bring the best experience to every event, ranging from corporate Dinner-and-Dances (D&D) to charity fun fairs.

Back to 1 Is an All New Movie Musical Featuring over 10 Original Songs and Dance Sequences

LogoBack to 1, a brand new movie musical featuring over 10 original songs and dance sequences from More Brandy Productions, is currently live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

People Can Stop the Worry Addiction by Shifting Their Perspective, Facing Their Challenges to Regain Control of Their Life

LogoIn Stopping the Noise in Your Head: The New Way to Overcome Anxiety & Worry (HCI Books—May 2016), Reid Wilson, PhD, addresses how worry can be an important asset when it forces people's attention on problem-solving. But anxious worrying causes them to unnecessarily focus on threat, to retreat and avoid, and to seek reassurance and safety—which is no way to foster a life of growth and excitement.

Thomas Brittendahl Shocks the World with His Modern Retelling of Job in His Spine-Chilling Novella, an Evil

Talented author Thomas Brittendahl, high school teacher by day and writer by night, is happy to announce the availability of his new award-wining Christian Horror novella entitled An Evil. The novella is released through Print Book and Ebook via Amazon.

Mandy Fullerton Releases New Book Containing a Step by Step System for Removing Cellulite

LogoMandy Fullerton, proudly announces the launch of her new book titled The Cellulite Destroyer. As an average woman who had noticed the difficulty involved in getting rid of cellulite and shedding body weight, Mandy Fullerton decided to perform research. Mandy's research led to the birth of this magnificent program which she embedded in this cellulite removal book, the Cellulite Destroyer.

MindStir Media Bestselling Author Paula Wiseman Wins Readers' Favorite Gold Award

MindStir Media is happy to announce that Amazon.com bestselling author Paula Wiseman's Contingency: Book One: Covenant of Trust Series earned the Readers' Favorite Gold Award in the Christian Fiction category. Paula Wiseman was previously seen on the Lifetime TV show The Balancing Act. Contingency centers on Bobbi Molinsky's uncovering of her husband's affair and her handling of the broken remains of an eighteen year marriage. Bobbi agrees forgiving Chuck is the right thing, the God-honoring thing to do, but it leaves her empty and isolated. Teaching her second-graders is a burden. Taking care of her boys saps all her energy. It seems God Himself has walked away, leaving her to struggle alone. Bobbi can't deny the transformation in Chuck, but genuine forgiveness requires trust, and trust is a risk she's not willing to take. Can she let go of her deepest, most primal fears and save her marriage?

Molestice Rocked Center City Last Saturday, June 25th

LogoPhiladelphia's premier experiential marketing and branding agency, Mole Street, hosted this summer's Molestice event this past Saturday, June 25th. Molestice is a FREE all-day block party + music festival that happens every year around the summer solstice at the 100 block of N Mole Street.

There Are No Horse Shoes in Heaven

LogoCavallo president, inventor, teacher and best-selling author Carole Herder possesses an inquisitive mind and a powerful desire. Ms Herder didn't grow up with horses; she was a city girl who had to wait until adulthood to follow her passion by moving to the beautiful Sunshine Coast and learning to ride. She quickly discovered that horses are burdened with various "conditions" accepted by the horse community as something that comes with horse ownership. These conditions seemed unnatural to her and when her beloved first horse Rocky was put down due to "irreparable" lameness, she became committed to challenging conventional practices.

BoleynModels.com Shares Tools Every Webcam Model Should Use

LogoBoleynModels.com, the trusted and fast-rising webcam models' network shares four major tools that can help interested applicants to become a cam model. BoleynModels.com is more than just a network that helps webcam models find respective clients. As a matter of fact, BoleynModels.com aims to go beyond helping the webcam models to be successful in the venture. The people behind BoleynModels.com aim to help the webcam models in creating a portfolio or platform that effectively attracts clients and customers.

Boleynmodels.com Reveals How They Make Webcam Model Enthusiasts' Dreams Come True

LogoBecoming a webcam model seems to be one of the promising careers in this world today. Given the capabilities of technology, anyone seeking to earn a considerable amount of money plus the chance to shine as a webcam model, can now have that dream of becoming a webcam model is now a reality.

Socialsport Dance Club Offers Private Dance Lessons for Couples Before Their Wedding

Socialsport Dance Club specializes in teaching private dancing lessons to beginner adults, people who have never danced before, and more. This dance club is located in Abington, PA, and serves people throughout Montgomery County, Chestnut Hill, and the surrounding areas. They understand that learning a new skill, especially a physical one such as partner dancing, can be a challenging experience. Socialsport Dance Club takes that challenge and turns it into the experience of a lifetime. They are here to help those seeking private wedding dance lessons in Chestnut Hill, PA, as well as other local areas.

New eBook Reveals How Mindful Entrepreneur Adam Dudley Raised Himself from Failure to Success in Entrepreneurship

LogoTo help conscious entrepreneurs discover the shortest path to mastery and success, business coach Adam Dudley is offering a free eBook titled "Confessions of a Recovering Entrepreneur: How I Went From From Frantic & Floundering to Focused & Flourishing". This guide relates how Adam learned a painful and profitable lesson.

Kaleidoscope Solutions Now Booking Events at Philadelphia's First Elevated Park, Cira Green

LogoWith their vast connection to hundreds of vendors across the city, Kaleidoscope Solutions has made every event planning project they encounter a huge success. The award-winning group of event planners in Philadelphia continues to build their connections so that they can provide their clients with the best service. The company is pleased to announce their latest alliance with a new venue owned and operated by the Brandywine Realty Trust. Kaleidoscope Solutions is now officially booking events at Philadelphia's first-ever elevated park, Cira Green at Cira Centre South.

Central Park NYC a Real Ghost Hunting Tour This 4th of July

This 4th of July weekend New York's own Ghost Doctors will be leading bands of daring amateur ghost hunters on actual ghostly explorations through the Big Apple's most famous park -- Central Park. They'll trek past a 3500 year old monolithic obelisk, a 106 acre reservoir and even climb "Vista Rock" as they ascend upon a nearly 150 year old castle in search of ghostly inhabitants. All the while learning the nuts and bolts of a whole doctors bag of ghost hunting equipment and akin to a supernatural CSI adventure, they'll prowl NYC's Central Park for signs of paranormal activity.

Techlessions.com Published the List of Top Movie Download Websites for Free Movie Download

Techlessions.com, a blog site that offers latest news, updates and tricks to social media addicts and digital nomads in general, recently published the list of top movie download sites from where one can download movies for free. The site administrators said that the list only includes the free movie download sites that are available this 2016 and does not include sites that have already been taken down or have stopped by the respective owners.

Nature Comes to Life in New Children's Christmas Book

The inspiration for Emilie Eklin Khair's unique new children's book, Kudzu for Christmas, came from a very unlikely place— kudzu vines. Driving her two sons and their friends to school every day, Emilie began creating games to pass the time. She would point to the mounds of green that covered trees and electrical lines and ask the boys to identify the shapes. The game of finding imaginary creatures within the kudzu leaves was a carpool favorite.

In New Bestseller, Because You're Worth It, Carrie Greene Reveals How to Uncover True Value and Charge Clients More

Entrepreneurs across the globe are undercharging for their products and/or services daily! In the new bestseller, Because You're Worth It: How to Make More Money by Charging More Money, Carrie Greene shines a light on how to understand value and then charge clients what products or services are really worth.

Pastor Rose Banks and Colorado Springs Fellowship - Over 30 Years of Giving Back to the Community

Advocacy group, A Just Cause, announces this Tuesday's June 28, 2016 show and Thursday's, June 30, 2016 segment of AJC Radio will shine the spotlight on Pastor Rose Banks. (www.AJCRadio.com, 8-10 PM ET).

Role of Finance for Global Business in 21st Century

LogoProfessor Marc Bertonèche is a distinguished global personality. He is a 3 time winner of the Harvard Business School's Faculty Award. He is a visiting professor of finance at the Harvard Business School. Professor Bertonèche has also been a regular faculty member at the University of Oxford, Said Business School and a visiting professor at HEC Paris, INSEAD, and ESC Bordeaux.

The Latest Additions to a Real Estate Guide for Veterans

Across the country, men and women who served in the United States military are returning home from tours of duty. While the adjustment process may take a bit, most will be looking to start earning an income almost immediately, to better provide for themselves and their families. Many of these veterans will be in the market for a new home as part of their new lives, but the struggle of becoming a homeowner can be even more challenging for them as they adapt to their new lives.

EarWarrior Ear Plugs for Musicians and DJs Launched

EarWarrior, Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs have been launched and they can be of great advantage to musicians, DJs and all users in nightclubs and concerts because they offer them hearing protection.

Hollywood Vintage Guitar Store Has Endowed Some of the Greatest Rock Musicians of All Time

LogoHow many can claim to have sold guitars to names such as Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, The Eagles, and The Who? While few – if any – hold this distinction, how about adding to that list of clientele greats the likes of Jimmy Page, George Harrison, and Keith Richards? To be sure, while such a huge lineup of superstars seems unfathomable, it only scratches the surface of the customers who've purchased vintage guitars and other vintage instruments from Lloyd Chiate, owner of Voltage Guitars in Toluca Lake, CA.

Three New Design Hoverboards Released by F-Wheel Becomes Popular in European Countries

LogoF-wheel company officially launched three new models of hoverboards on June 26th. The three new hoverboards made with the most advanced and mature self-balancing technology represent the summit in the self balancing scooter field since the famous Two Wheel Basic model, which was extremely hot in the last few months. These hoverboards include QQ11, QQ10, and QQ9. Just like the new product launch of the iPhone series, there will definitely be long lines of people waiting in front of the doors of the F-wheel resellers' shop to purchase the most outstanding self balancing hoverboards in the summer of 2016 just like before.

The Clark Hulings Fund Launches First Web-Based North American Visual Arts Calendar

The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists (CHF) announces the official launch of the first web-based North American visual arts calendar (clarkhulingsfund.org/events), a comprehensive online tool that provides a central listing for events and opportunities offered by all sectors of the art world.