Entertainment Press Releases

Filmmaker Jane Sanger and Team Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for the Making of Breaking Free Film, an Inspirational Film Based on a True Story

Jane Sanger the Producer has a great and passionate team that includes the amazing director Simon Trinder from Royal Shakespeare Company. In the past, Simon has directed with Andrew Lloyd Weber R. Lumino Films have made several gritty films but this is their first feature based on a true heartwarming story from Christopher Lee Power's published book. The team also comprises of an Oscar Nominated Director of Photography and a highly experienced crew. Christopher Lee Power, the author of Breaking Free, is a hard working and inspiring man who makes sure the final result is as authentic as possible.

Sophia Christele Looks to Raise $3,000 via Kickstarter to Publish 'Cosmic Callisto Caprica'

Sophia Christele’s upcoming space novella Cosmic Callisto Caprica is a story about a young girl named Cosmo who travels across the galaxy solving mysteries. Cosmo is having the night of her life. On the same evening that she receives her junior detective’s license, Cosmo is assigned to her first case. For her first case, Cosmo will travel to the luxury space station the Titian to investigate a robbery. The luxurious rings of Saturn have been stolen! The owner of the rings, Princess Rhea, a Martian of royal decent, desperately needs her rings back. Cosmo will have to follow all of the clues in order to solve her first case.

Stop the Judgment: Searing New Book Exposes Jesus Christ as 'Scapegoat' for Homophobic Christians

Christianity is globally renowned for its outward face of unconditional love, acceptance and ability to find strength in the darkest of situations. However, as a proud member of the gay community, Samuel Marcus Brown has endured vicious oppression and hatred from his fellow “Christians”. In his compelling new book, Brown exposes this widespread and growing problem, while contrasting these shallow opinions directly against the word of scripture.

Startup: The Reviews Are In! Business Thriller Novel Achieves Critical Acclaim; Exposing Silicon Valley's Real-World Greed

When Glenn Ogura first released ‘Startup’, many in the general public were somewhat blind to Silicon Valley’s vicious circles of dishonesty, corruption and at-all-costs characters. However, with movies such as ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘Social Network’ catching the world’s attention, the Valley now has a reputation of cut-throat deception. This has worked in Ogura’s favor – as his novel has attracted a consistent string of high-profile and celebrated reviews.

Timothy O'Keefe Recreates Sinatra's Glory Years in Broadway-Style Musical

Singer Timothy O'Keefe has done just about everything. He’s been on the Tonight Show, performed in Las Vegas and Reno, starred on television (Quincy, Battle Star Galactica, CHiPS) and in film. He has sung in big and small venues all over the country, appeared in award-winning plays and recorded albums.

The Anointed Life: Powerful New Book by Celebrated Christian Author Proves Flesh Is the True "Enemy of the Soul"

Everyone faces adversity and tests in life; but some consistently pass where others fail. Millions still search for an absolute answer, in vain; however, the word of God explains why these patterns exist. In her compelling new book, author Carolyn Chambers exposes the true enemy of the soul—the flesh and how to gain the victory over it.

Hear the Silence: Seinfeld Guitarist's New Book Chronicles Journey Back from the "Dead"; Empowering Thousands to Triumph over Depression

While Jamie Glaser can walk down the street and not be recognized; almost everyone in the world has heard his music gracing some of the top Emmy award-winning shows such as Seinfeld and Married with Children. With his guitar licks also featuring on almost two-hundred albums, Glaser is in fact a very visible force in the world of entertainment. However, those walking past Glaser are also not privy to something more powerful – the fact that he was recently homeless and battling some of the worst depression one could be diagnosed with.

Art Program for Survivors of Abuse, Receives Grant from the Arts and Science Council and NC Arts Council

LogoPearls for Creative Healing has kicked off it’s third year of capturing the stories of local survivors for it’s End the Silence Exhibit held each October for domestic violence awareness month. Since 2012, Pearls for Creative Healing has helped victims of abused through its mission of healing through artistic expression. Pearls for Creative Healing is the only organization in Charlotte that specifically targets the healing effects of the arts for survivors of abuse and sexual assault.

E! Channel/HLN Commentator Vies for Spot on ABC's the VIEW - Meets McCain

NakedDC.com endorses Kinsey Schofield for an empty View seat stating, “Young. Single. Fun. The perfect candidate to break conservative stereotypes. It would blow some minds to think that there are unhideous twentysomething women who champion personal responsibility...”

"Taste of Traverse City Festival" Tickets on Sale Now

LogoTickets are on sale now for Traverse City’s signature “foodie” event, the Taste of Traverse City Festival, to be held throughout the Traverse City area from Friday, Aug. 29 through Sunday, Aug. 31. This ‘foodies fantasyland’ weekend is presented by the non-profit organization Connect in the Kitchen, which recognizes and promotes those who are doing innovative and inspiring things with food & beverages.

Singer-Songwriter Paulleo Releases New Single with Music Video

LogoKnown for his many accomplishments as an r&b and hip hop music producer, singer-songwriter Paulleo Davis has released the music video for his latest single, ”New Shyt.” The single debuted earlier this month and is currently available on iTunes. The new video is now available on YouTube.

Undressing Confessions: Explicit New Memoir Trades Fiction for Fact; Taking Readers on Steamy Coming-of-Age Journey of Author

While nobody can deny erotic fiction’s inescapable boom, both critics and readers are crying for wholly unique narratives that don’t succumb to the ‘recycling’ of the same-old concepts. Thankfully, Sandra Bettencourt is bucking the trend with gusto, through an upcoming memoir that is shockingly true.

Becoming Real: 2nd Edition of Celebrated Book for Midlife Introduces the Four Body System; Promoting Trend-Bucking Vitality, Health & Regeneration

Midlife is a complex gateway for all; associated both medically and societally with degeneration. However, Board-Certified Internist and midlife woman herself, Dr. Rose Kumar has shown that within this transition lies the powerful and potent opportunity to reclaim the health and vitality of one’s body, mind and spirit.

Author Rashad Mitchell Fuses Poetry with Hip-Hip, in Impressive Ten-Strong Collection of Books Covering Life, Culture and Faith

While many poets take decades to get over the hesitation to release a single book, underdog author Rashad Mitchell already has nine titles to his name. With his works rapidly picking up pace, Mitchell is poised to take the literary world by storm not only as a poet, but as a commentator on the world of Hip-Hop.

New Book Trailer Endorses Tiger Woods Cheating Ways

In 2009, the world learned that the number one golfer in the world was also a serial cheater, which totally took the media by storm. Now, with the release of the book trailer, Every Man Wants More Than One by P.R. Paige, readers will be reminded of the Tiger Woods scandal in 2009.

Hop N Party Announces New Ways for Families to Beat the Sizzling Heat of August

According to The Weather Channel, August remains the hottest month in Austin, with the city's highest recorded temperature being 112 degrees in August 2011. Although one finds the city offers more than 50 public swimming pools throughout the city, a large number of families wish to find another way to beat the summer heat. Many choose to turn to water slide rentals from Hop N Party to achieve this goal as there are numerous benefits to going this route.

Deanna Demarco's Special Guests: UPS Store VP and ABC's Shark Tank Spatty Daddy Inventor

LogoDeanne DeMarco continues her ground-breaking radio series with two high-powered guests: the female VP of Operational Support of the UPS Store and the woman who invented the Spatty and Spatty Daddy as first seen on ABC’s Hit TV show The Shark Tank.

More and More Users Are Becoming Addicted to "Send-Me-Pix" App

Logo"Send-Me-Pix" has become the latest craze and addiction among more and more users. Available at the iOS App Store, the game can be played using an iPhone and iPad, was originally released on June 3, 2014 and comes in Free and Premium versions. With the last update - containing bug fixes released on June 29, 2014 - it is expected that this unique app will continue to hit the market and soon become the next big thing in the app world.

Tidy Books Wins the Vote from Parents, with the Loved by Parents Award 2014

Tidy Books, the children’s bookcase company, gets parent’s stamp of approval, scooping a Silver Loved by Parents Award for its innovative Tidy Books Box, which gets kids reading, in the Best Nursery Accessory category.

New Book Helps Graduates Chart Course for Career Success

A new book, The Trainee Program Guide, is dispensing frank advice on career expectations for graduates and young professionals. The authors, Patrick Jonsson and Tom Clayton, aim to dispel common misconceptions about the corporate world by sharing their experiences as former corporate trainees.

Mummers Mardi Gras Beginning to Organize 2015 Mardi Gras Event in Philadelphia

LogoTo maintain the spirit and tradition of mummers throughout the City of Brotherly Love, 2014 will go down as the inaugural year for Philadelphia’s own Mardi Gras, with the inclusion of many infamous and well-renowned mummers brigades. Through the help of coordinators and sponsors, no time has been wasted in preparation for the second annual event in 2015. The event marketing director of Mummers Mardi Gras is beginning to organize the 2015 Mardi Gras extravaganza.

Radiohead Fans Plead "I Want You" to Alt-Indie Rockers, ADMIRALS

True alt-rock fans can’t forget hearing Radiohead’s OK Computer for the first time. That album, and the passion for music that blossomed from it, was enough to form the foundation of an alt-indie rock project that defies genre stereotypes. ADMIRALS carved a niche for themselves and now attract a grounded cult-like following that extends far beyond their home city of Tulsa, OK. After a showcase at SXSW and performing over 250 shows in 30 states, they are currently working to garner still more fans with an upcoming video for their track, “I Want You,” off their debut full-length album, Amidst the Blue. The song is also featured on WiFi PR Group’s compilation, Indie Anthems Vol. 6.

Free Kindle Book Introduces Fantasy Fans to 8-Part Series by Tracy Falbe

LogoThe slower pace of midsummer means more time for book lovers to indulge in addictive series. Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I draws readers into a magical world that the author, Tracy Falbe of Battle Creek, Michigan, has been creating since 1997.

VoiceAmerica Secures Linzi Levinson's "Illuminating Now! - Linzi's Life Secrets"

LogoVoice America Talk Radio Network, Internet broadcasting pioneer, producing and syndicating online audio and video, today announced that Linzi Levinson, host of “Illuminating Now,” has renewed her talk show for another cycle due to popular demand.

Victims: Feature Film Highlights Victims of Tragic Events

When events like the Oklahoma bombing of 1995, the 9/11 terrorists acts and the Boston Marathon bombing takes place; they leave behind and impact victims, their families and responders who stand ready to aid and assist. But there is also the person or persons behind these acts. No one could have predicted that one day such people would do something so grievous that it would stagger minds, break hearts and shatter lives. Award-winning film maker King Jeff is undertaking a feature film project that will tell the victim stories of a fictionalized tragedy: the series of fatal bombings at A Walk For America Rally in New Orleans. One year after the tragedy, eight bombing victims of various ethnicities meet and allow their raw feelings to surface as they engage in dialogue about their traumatic life-altering brushes with death. King Jeff decided on a fictionalized event so that victims of real life events would not have to relive their traumatic moments.

How to Become a Professional Footballer - Book and eBook from Real Pros

LogoUK Publisher Bennion Kearny is delighted to announce the publication of The Footballer's Journey: real-world advice on becoming and remaining a professional footballer.

Abandonment Issues Haven't Kept Roymackonkey from Aussie Success and Beyond

As a microphone for the lonely and brokenhearted, Roymackonkey, out of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, have produced a rock sound that is fierce at its core but has a soft edge that is more soulful than your typical Aussie power rockers. With flourishes of artists like Soundgarden, Tool, Faith No More and Powderfinger, Roymackonkey deliver a sizzling breed of rock ‘n’ roll that is as much of a powerhouse as it is a heartfelt passion project for its members.