Entertainment Press Releases

New York's Premier Plastic Surgery Center Hosting 2016 Fall Fling Masquerade Party

Aristocrat Plastic Surgery, a premier plastic surgery center based in New York, founded by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Tehrani, is excited to announce and invite patients and friends to their 10th Annual Fall Fling Masquerade Party and 25A Magazine Cover Party. This event will be held on November 1st from 5:30PM – 8:30PM. It will be held at The Vanity NYC at 59 West 21st Street, New York City.

Former Nebraska Senator, Bob Kerrey, to Be Featured on Mentoring with Larry Sternberg Hosted by VoiceAmerica

Talent Plus, Inc. ® is excited to announce that Talent Plus Fellow, Larry Sternberg will host former Nebraska Senator, Bob Kerrey, on his show, Mentoring with Larry Sternberg. The episode will premiere Thursday, October 20, 2016, at 10 AM Eastern Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment channel.

Innovative PubHTML5 Details 3 Easy Steps in Flipping Book Preparation

LogoThe flipping book publisher is capable of producing electronic catalogs, magazines, information sheets, reports, and other printed materials. PubHTML5 facilitates the creation of unlimited number of pages with flip effects. These publications can be disseminated through email, social media networking sites, and ordinary websites.

Keep the Reader Engaged with PubHTML5 Flip Book Maker

LogoAs the online publishing becomes popular, now PubHTML5 allows online flipbook management for all users. PubHTML5, the well-known flip book maker, provides HTML5 publishing solutions for online marketing. Its cloud platform allows digital flipbook management, including the SEO details settings, share settings and safe setting.

LetlerFit Presents Its New E-Book

LogoUpper Body Burn consists of a comprehensive twelve week program that customers can do while they are at the gym or in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Just like the rest of the LetlerFit e-books, getting started with Upper Body Burn requires minimal setup. A set of dumbbells weighing between three to ten pounds and a set of resistance bands are the minimum requirements. A yoga mat is only required for certain exercises.

Sennheiser to Host Grammy Award-Winning Leslie Ann Jones for Master Class at Its SoHo Pop Up Store: 'High Resolution Audio: Myth or Reality?'

LogoAudio specialist Sennheiser announced that it will host a special Master Class at its New York City Pop Up store in SoHo on Friday, December 9th between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. The master class, entitled 'High Resolution Audio: Myth or Reality?' will feature Leslie Ann Jones, Director of Music Recording and Scoring at Skywalker Sound. The topic during the event will focus on 'high resolution audio and the promise to deliver in the digital age.'

The Flipping Book Tool FlipHTML5: The Future of Digital Publishing Is Here

There is no disputing the fact that the advent of digital publishing has changed the entire publishing landscape, availing publishers and users the opportunity to publish and use materials on digital devices with the click of a button. FlipHTML5 takes this new digital publishing experience to a level surpassing everyone's expectations by providing interactive digital publishing platform with universal compatibility and great flexibility.

Destination Love Host Chelli Pumphrey Interviews New York Times Best Selling Author Mark Manson on VoiceAmerica

LogoNew York Times bestselling author Mark Manson joins Voice America's Destination Love Host Chelli Pumphrey in a candid interview about Manson's new book, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Guide to Living a Good Life". In this entertaining and inspiring interview, Mark and Chelli will talk about what's most important in life and relationships. Manson's message is that we only have so many f*cks to give, so we must choose them wisely. Mark delivers a candid and humorous message about getting real with ourselves, our priorities, and each other.

The "How-To" of Transformation: Stories from Acclaimed Musical Theater Lyricist, Composer and Director Michael Sottile

LogoHow can the outcome of transformation become more accessible in the face of obstacles like bullying, mental illness, and death? Acclaimed Musical Theater Lyricist, Composer and Director Michael Sottile shares "how to's" of transformation in a December 9 episode of "Turn the Page."

Scientists and Cosmologists Discuss Whether We Actually Can Influence Reality Psychically

LogoOn VoiceAmerica's "The Convergence" Series (bringing together scientists, spiritualists, and psychologists-- among many others), December 8's Episode considers the tricky and controversial question of whether humans actually can influence reality psychically. Because of new data sets, and theories in science—especially psychology and quantum physics-- this perennially controversial subject commands incredible interest now worldwide. Does prayer work? Does focused meditation and intention actually influence reality?

FlipHTML5 Announces Plan for Christmas Discount Sale of Its Flipbook Maker

LogoFlipHTML5 recently announced its plan to offer its famous flipbook maker at a huge discount to celebrate Christmas. The flipbook maker from FlipHTML5 is world-renowned digital publishing software, and with the New Year approaching, businesses and other persons in need of digital content can get a hold of the software at a huge discount.

Cliche Magazine Just Published Its Dec 2016/Jan 2017 Issue Featuring Cover Stars Jack Griffo and Jenna Ortega

Inside, cover star and actor Jack Griffo opens up about his role in Nickelodeon's The Thundermans, Things Left Behind, and what's next; cover girl Jenna Ortega gets personal about her roles in Elena of Avalor, Stuck in the Middle, and Jane the Virgin; Blogger Jenny Cipoletti of Margo & Me talks beauty, Paris, and her fashion blog; Lindsay Arnold Cusick gets real about her time on Dancing with the Stars; and much more! Below, please see more highlights from the issue, as well as exclusive quotes from the stars.

Making Music "With Love"

Music industry executives all over the country are predicting the newest single "Holding Onto Nothing (But Love)" by DiLee to not only be a chart topper, but one that captures Gold. The prolific singer has gone back into the studio to continue doing what she loves, making music that sends a strong and powerful message. Her new album, "With Love," is expected to be submitted next year for consideration in the 60th Grammy Awards. This new album was made with an important message in mind, that all lives matter and each of us are a particle of love.

Successful Golfers See Their Shots Before Executing! New Bestseller Divulges How to Create Winning in Golf and Life

Statista, The Statistics Portal reports that over 25 million people in the United States play golf! LPGA Professional Golfer, Kalliope Barlis' new bestseller, Play Golf Better Faster: The Classic Guide to Optimizing Your Performance and Building Your Best Fast shows golfers how to play with greater ease and enjoyment of the game.

Unique Book Released on Near-Death Experiences "The Self Does Not Die"

LogoIn August 2016 book fans were delighted to discover the newest book exploring special aspects of Near Death Experiences (NDE). The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) published its first book in collaboration with the authors of the book The Self Does Not Die, a collection of 104 detailed case studies of verified near death experiences. Current sales data indicates this material is worthy of use as an academic text.

NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art the Place for Ghost Hunting Adventures with Charles Dickens

Tucked into an obscure corner of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art -- resting peacefully -- are the remnants of the once famous English "Star Hotel." This Norfolk Hotel was the setting for the Charles Dickens' legendary novel "David Copperfield." And according to the Ghost Doctor (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides, the Star Hotel may now be accepting reservations for some ghostly guests this holiday season.

Compact New SV8 Monitor by BASSBOSS at Home on Stage or in the Studio

LogoAustin-based powered loudspeaker manufacturer BASSBOSS is bridging the gap between live and studio speaker performance with the new SV8 Powered MicroMain. Featuring outstanding sound quality and remarkable bass performance for its size, the SV8 can wear more hats than any other compact loudspeaker on the market, equally at home as a main or fill speaker in clubs, gyms, or restaurants, or as a recording studio monitoring solution. "Most small loudspeakers don't perform well at high levels nor at low frequencies, so I thought it would be useful to create a box that could do both," says BASSBOSS president David Lee. The resulting speaker leverages advanced speaker and cabinet design to achieve big, rich and finely detailed sound from an elegantly diminutive enclosure.

New Book Offers Ways to Battle the Game of Life

Dr. Alison J. Kay's "Vibrational UPgrade: A Conspiracy For Your Bliss: Easing Humanity's Evolutionary Transition" is being talked up as a game changer and available on Amazon with a new inspiring gift. By purchasing this book of inspiration you will receive a bonus gift of"How to Write a Book" Interview with John Assaraf.

The Mummers Mardi Gras Parade Is a Time for Celebration in Philadelphia

LogoAs every month passes, the Mummers Mardi Gras parade gets closer and closer. The past parade from earlier this year was a roaring success, and the entire Mummers team cannot wait until next year's event. They won't have to wait long now, as the event is only a few months away. In fact, the date for the next Mummers Mardi Gras event is Saturday, February 18th, 2017 (rain date February 19th, 2017). This daylong Philly Mummers celebration is presented by ADVENT, an advertising, events and entertainment agency.

PubHTML5 Page Flip Software to Create Mind-Blowing Art & Photography Flipbooks

LogoPresentation is an art. When it comes to presenting, most people default to PowerPoint or PDF for an interactive feel. However, the feeling of actually experiencing the presentation is not there. Experienced photographers, for example, take breath taking photos that tells a story.

Make Smarter Decisions with Data Analytics

Midmarket Radio, the weekly podcast from The Midmarket Institute interviewed Eddie Hughes, Director of Data Analytics & Insights from the SAS Institute in the 'Solution Series' this week. Big data and data analytics are perceived to be tools for big companies. In this interview with Ram V. Iyer, host of Midmarket Radio, Eddie discusses

Judas Iscariot's Cursed Kiss Condemned Jesus Christ

The name Curse and Kisses is no mistake. Curse and Kisses put a great deal of thought into the name Curse and Kisses. Curse and Kisses has special meaning and is relevant to so many people's lives.

Matthew Morrison, Star of TV's "Glee" Kicks off Broadway Up Close Series in Philadelphia, December 17

LogoFour of Broadway's biggest names will come to Philadelphia's Kimmel Center for the second season of the "Broadway Up Close" series hosted by SiriusXM radio star Seth Rudetsky, the man The New York Times called the 'Mayor of Broadway.' The series is produced by Mark Cortale and first up is Matthew Morrison, who has been nominated for a Tony Award for "Light in the Piazza" and Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for his starring role in the hit TV series "Glee" for one show only on Saturday, December 17 at 8:00 PM. Other stars appearing in the series this season will be Grammy, Emmy, and Tony Award nominated superstar Vanessa Williams on Jan. 21, followed by Alice Ripley, Tony Award winner for "Next to Normal" on May 6, and last but not least, living legend and a two-time Tony winner Chita Rivera on June 3. What differentiates this concert series from any other is the seamless mix of intimate behind-the-scenes stories from Broadway's biggest stars - prompted by the encyclopedic-minded Rudetsky's probing, funny, revealing questions - and their stellar singing of musical theatre repertoire. This annual concert series has become one of Philadelphia's most sought after music events. For tickets and information please visit www.KimmelCenter.org or call 215-893-1999.

Attorney and Former Law Enforcement Officer Lance LoRusso Debuts New Book, Blue News

Attorney and former law enforcement officer, Lance LoRusso, the acclaimed author of When Cops Kill and Peacemaking is launching a new book, Blue News (ISBN 9781610058537, BookLogix, 2016) on December 16. In Blue News, LoRusso shows how law enforcement tactics and the use of force by law enforcement draws media attention from around the world. The book shows the interaction that occurs between law enforcement and the news media after such high-profile events, the impact that this dynamic has in driving a narrative, and offers advice on how law enforcement should develop a communications strategy for such incidents that takes into account the delicate balance between the public's right to know and the need for a fair and impartial investigation of the use of force by law enforcement. LoRusso, who has appeared on CNN, FOX News, NPR, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and numerous other media outlets is considered a leading expert on law enforcement and shares his firsthand knowledge of not only law enforcement but the ways of the media in Blue News. Proceeds from the profits of Blue News will go to charities that support law enforcement.

Kickstarter Campaign for a Children's Picture Book Is Open for Funding Now

A Kickstarter campaign for a lovable picture book for children is open now with a funding goal of $3,250. Created by Michael K. Farrington, the project deadline is December 1, 2016, and it already has raised over hundred dollars from a group of backers. Michael is the writer and illustrator of this picture book, titled "WeeCa the Unique-Ah Witch", which is a story of a normal witch who scares away the monster Tooth Decay with the help of her crazy friends.

Nikki Allen Launches New Hit Holiday Single, "My Favorite Things"

LogoNikki Allen is one of the music industry's best kept secret. This singer/songwriter/musician whose artistic style crosses many genres, from R&B, Pop, Hip/Hop to Contemporary Jazz has a five octave vocal range and sultry voice that is not only unique and soothing, but satisfying to the soul.

Dr. John Kotter to Be Guest on Big Beacon Radio: Transforming Higher Education Hosted by VoiceAmerica

LogoChange leader Dr. John Kotter will join Dave to speak about his latest book "That's Not How We Do it Here!" that explores crucial obstacles to change, particularly in higher education and education more generally. Kotter joins a long list of prominent guests including Kerry Hannon, Rick Miller, Dan Pink, Ed Schein, Peter Sims, Tony Wagner, and many others who have been interviewed on Big Beacon Radio since its premiere in 2015.