Entertainment Press Releases

Acting Students Across the Country Recognize Hollywood Coach Brad Heller as a Leading Figure in the Industry

The Heller Approach Acting Studios is a world-class acting studio based in Burbank, CA that offers a different angle to learning acting. Unlike the well-known method style of acting, Heller Approach teaches both beginning and highly experienced actors how to hone their craft using a technique originally laid out by Don Richardson. As a mentor to Brad Heller, Don Richardson's ideas have shaped The Heller Approach's many students of the present day and recent past but were also the basis for greats in more distant history such as Spencer Tracy and Anne Bancroft.

ECPAT-USA's Screening of SOLD Unites Los Angeles to End Child Sex Trafficking

ECPAT-USA, a world-renowned nonprofit combatting child sex trafficking, will hold a special screening of SOLD the movie with guest appearances by David Arquette and breakout star Niyar Saikia at Regal Cinemas Live 14 on Tuesday, January 17, 2016. Tickets are on sale now.

NYC Is the Big Top for Clowning Around

Now a lot of people think of New York as this high stress pressure cooker that's all work and no play, where nerve racking competition is the name of the game. Now wouldn't it be great if we could take a break from it all and just run away and join the circus? Well now it seems we don't have to run very far thanks to one of the most zaniest happenings that's transforming NYC into a three ring circus where now the name of the game is pure unadulterated stressless fun and play thanks to Clowning Around Tours!

NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art, Paintings, Sculptures and Ghost Hunting

NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art has acquired an additional acquisition – Ghosts – says the Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides. These two ghost hunters have been investigating the supernatural underbelly of the Big Apple for years (sort of like those guys from the movie Ghostbusters except they actually know the strange goings-on in NYC). And now they have found something else, something out of the ordinary and quite extraordinary behind the walls of this great museum and it ain't art.

Tiananmen West: Why Nixon Ordered the Kent State Massacre

LogoThe Kent State Massacre occurred on May 4, 1970, at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, and involved the shooting of unarmed college students by members of the Ohio National Guard. It's reported that 67 shots were fired over a period of 13 seconds, resulting in four deaths and nine people being injured. Following on from the shooting, a large national response ensued, with four million students striking and hundreds of universities closing across America.

Female Squatchin' –The Ultimate All Female Bigfoot Team Will Be Featured at the Bigfoot Bonanza in San Francisco, March 10-12th

Montra Freitas, the lead investigator of Female Squatchin' has a literal lifetime of 'Bigfoot Researching' behind her. She is a well respected leader in the Bigfoot Community and formerly served as a curator for the BFRO. Montra and her husband, John Freitas, (also a widely respected Bigfoot Researcher having recorded one the most credible recordings of what is believed to be Sasquatch) have studied the existence of the huge, hairy, bi-pedal creature together for 18 years and come to the conclusion that there is something to the thought, that woman may have an advantage to attract the beast. Montra's long awaited plans on assembling the "All Female Bigfoot Team" to go after the elusive Bigfoot has been assembled over the last 12 months.

Demolition Derby Speedway 2017, a New Game Released by App Developer

App developer Mojo Game Studio, have announced a major update to their amazingly received new title for 2017's android market – Demolition Derby Speedway. "The update will allow users to move away from a pure banger racing championship driven model, to a more single race experience, paving the way for pure demo derby races, and our planned multiplayer version", said a spokesperson at the company.

FlipBuilder - Best Flip Book Maker for Mac Brings Innovation in Digital Publishing

LogoFlipBuilder has announced the release of their latest & best flip book maker for Mac. The software will be a revolution in the world of digital publications as it will make the work easier for millions of individuals and thousands of publishers around the world. The company is known for its innovative approach in digital publishing industry and with this remarkable software, FlipBuilder has once again demonstrated its potential in transforming the world of online digital publications.

FlipBuilder - Flipbook Creator for iPad to Provide Best Mobile Experience

LogoFlipBuilder, a global leader in digital publishing solutions, recently announced a groundbreaking addition to its digital publishing solutions in the flipbook creator for iPad. The new addition is designed to create stunning and captivating eBooks that are perfect for iPad users.

The Wright Place TV Show Features Dr. Cozette White, Author of Attracting the Best

LogoSuccess can be elusive for many people. Some people find that success is difficult because their mindset needs to be corrected. They have to re-program their subconscious minds and change their core beliefs to achieve their dreams. Dr. Cozette White has a lot of experience with success and is ready to help people change their future. The award-winning author has a new book called Attracting The Best. "I know if someone is not achieving the things in life they want, it is most likely due to some beliefs they have that are holding them back. I believe that what we think about, we bring about. We each have the power to change our lives for the better. " Says Dr. Cozette White.

The Best Time to Sleep, Eat, Workout and More

LogoDo you want to improve your day, week or year? Dr. Michael Breus, (The Sleep Doctor) author of "The Power of When," has a personalized life-hack, backed by biology, that will help you let go of 'how' and focus on 'when' you should sleep, eat, workout, read your email and more.

Magazine Publisher Seeks Funding for U.S. Travel Book

America the Beautiful Tour is a book that is designed to give readers a complete picture of some of the best things the United States has to offer. Each article visits a particular location that is of interest either due to its historical value or its unique flair.

Ghostly Paranormal Activity Arrives on Time in NYC Grand Central Terminal

For over a century, passengers from all walks of life have either started or ended their trip from New York's Grand Central Terminal. And it seems that some ghost riders are still making Grand Central Terminal their favorite stop according to the Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides.

Businesses That Service Inmates Find Free Opportunity for Exposure with America's Largest Inmate Shopping Guide and Services Directory for Prisoners

LogoWith the coming arrival of their new annual Inmate Shopper book due out late this spring of 2017, Freebird Publishers is excited to share an opportunity with other like-minded business that service inmates by offering a listing in the publication for free.

International Publishers Eye the United States as a Promising Expansion Market with Help from CircSense

LogoWith a recent influx of Hispanic and many other international titles desiring to launch their publications in the U.S., publishers have been looking to global marketing and publishing solutions firm CircSense to solve the many dilemmas they face with entering into new territory.

FlipBuilder Announces Issuu Similar Software for Digital Publishing

LogoIssuu has gained its fame in digital publishing. It provides publishers with some custom settings, but it lacks flexibility for publishing a highly customizable digital publication. FlipBuilder announces issuu similar software with new features in design so as to keep a stable pace with the changing market condition and to meet the future demands of clients.

FlipBuilder Annual Report for 2016: Interactive eBook Creator Developed Fast

LogoRecently, Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipBuilder, hold a significant meeting about the development of the interactive eBook creator –Flip PDF and its series. He said that in the past year, the company sales increase 30%. For the 2017 plan, it is necessary to keep this software and develop something new to meet the trends.

Monsters and Other Scary Shit, Now on Kickstarter

LogoAs books became more popular, so did the monstrous tales that frightened and excited readers with fantastical tales of legendary beasts. Even today, monsters thrive in the books, movies, television and video games we love, from the very cute, like in Adventure Time, to the terrifyingly scary, like in Dead Space.

United Contract and Management Inc. Announces Musical Event for Bringing Attention Towards Many Important Causes

United Contract and Management Inc. has recently announced the dates for their exciting international music festival – the 2017 VIBES INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL! This year's event will be the season ticket for music lovers to experience a musical event with a cause – to promote awareness in several American, the Caribbean, and Latino communities to help stop gun violence, domestic violence against women, human trafficking and promote homelessness awareness and cancer awareness.

Be Well Collin County to Host a VIP Screening of a Powerful Documentary Taking a Hard Look at Addiction Treatment in the US

Be Well Collin County and 2000 Roses Foundation welcome Producer, Greg Horvath from Huntington Beach CA for the Texas debut of his documentary, The Business of Recovery. The screening will be held at Moviehouse & Eatery in McKinney TX on Feb. 24th 2017 from 11:30am to 2:30pm and will be followed by a panel discussion.

High Quality Custom Cosplay Commissions from Cosplayzc.com

Cosplayzc.com is pleased to offer a wide range of custom cosplay commissions, cosplay costumes, Disney costumes, Princess costumes and many more for cosplay enthusiasts. The store specializes only in customized costumes either for cosplay, Halloween or any other event. The costumes offered here are made up of high quality material and are offered at an affordable price. The highly trained and experienced designers and tailors ensure that they customers get costumes that match their silhouettes. All that the customers have to do is to give their accurate sizes while ordering for a particular costume.

Random Nest Reveals Their Tea and Culture Journey and Purpose

As a group of tea lovers, the team behind the concept of the unique tea and art boutique Random Nest wanted to share their story. Coming from a place where team holds a strong cultural significance, the minds behind Random Nest want to combine the simple pleasure drinking of tea, with art and culture, along with a sense of fulfilment which can only be achieved through helping those in need. Their aim is to not only provide a unique and enjoyable experience to their customers but also help support and encourage the global tea farmers and producers and budding artists. The founder of Random Nest, Astha Saini explained "Random Nest is our unending quest to do more and give more. Tea and Art are an essence of our culture. As much as they belong together, they are often seen singular on shelves. This is our humble attempt to bring the two together, and fill you with an exciting mental appetite. And as you do that, we want to leave you with a satisfying feeling of gratitude.

Doctors Neglect Themselves to Help Others! New Bestseller Assists Doctors in Making the Right Decisions with Their Money

In Dr. Jason Dyken's new bestseller, Get It Right! The Five Most Important Planning Concepts Doctors Get Wrong, he explains how doctors are missing the big picture when it comes to taking care of themselves and their families financially.

Adam Hewitt Announces the Launch of "Kara's Carrot" a Playful Look at How to Cut Food Waste and Hunger Using Ugly Fruit and Veggies

For many people it's next to impossible to not be concerned about American hunger, with millions going to bed every night not having had enough to eat and malnutrition, in many places, on the rise. All the while, almost unbelievably, an incredible amount of vegetables and fruits are thrown away – close to 25% - for being "ugly", despite still being completely fine and delicious. Author, farmer, and ugly food activist Adam Hewitt recently announced the launch of his new book – intended for kids, but being equally enjoyed by adults, "Kara's Carrot". "Kara's Carrot" teaches about ugly vegetables, along with other important life lessons – originally intended as a gift for Adam's daughter, but when he saw what a positive impact it could have, the decision was made to release it on a greater scale.

Greg Sandora Creates Another Masterpiece with the Angel Adventure Series

LogoThe Angel Adventure Series is a work from Greg Sandora, consisting of Gabby, Angel of God, which is the first part of the series, and The Protector: Finding Forever, the other part of the 2-part book. The book is a depiction of the relationship existing between an angel and an ordinary human.

New Ways of Improving Mental Function to Prevent Memory Loss and Cognitive Dissipation

LogoOne of the scariest parts of being alive is losing memory and the ability to think. As humans age, there's a slow degradation of the mind over the years. It is a slow but noticeable change that happens to everyone. Something that was easy to recall becomes much more difficult years later. With illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer's, there's even a possibility of losing oneself along with the memories that fade away. It would be fantastic if there was a way to regain some of the memory and cognitive processes lost over the years in a healthy and safe way.

Catering by Mario's Announces Their New Catering Hall: The Emerald Ballroom

LogoCatering by Mario's is pleased to announce the opening of their new catering hall - the Emerald Ballroom. Located in Northeast Philadelphia, this beautiful and modern facility is now exclusive to Catering by Mario's and is designed to host a wide range of parties and events. People who are looking to hold successful birthday parties, wedding receptions, communions, funerals, and more can turn to Catering by Mario's, one of the best event planning companies in Philadelphia, PA.