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Healthcare Fabrics Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts, 2016–2024

Zion Market Research, The Market Research Group Announced The Analysis Report Titled "Healthcare Fabrics Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts, 2016–2024".

Healthcare Cybersecurity Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2018–2026

Zion Market Research, The Market Research Group Announced The Analysis Report Titled "Healthcare Cybersecurity Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2018–2026".

Dermatology Devices Market Is Projected to Register a CAGR of 7.0% During 2016 to 2026

LogoDermatology devices market is a billion dollars market accounting for a substantial proportion of healthcare expenditure globally. In a new report titled "Dermatology Devices Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2016–2026" Future Market Insights offers a 10-year forecast for the global dermatology devices market and provides insights on the drivers, restraints, opportunities, and trends likely to govern the global dermatology devices market during the forecast period (2016 – 2026). According to Future Market Insights analysis, the global dermatology devices market is expected to reach US$ 2,708.4 Mn in terms of revenue by 2016 end, witnessing a year-over-year growth of 6.2%.

Probiotic Juice Beverage Market: Applications and Global Markets

LogoFruit juice and juice drinks have come up to signify important carriers for a multitude of cross-category functional ingredients varying from probiotics, fiber and plant sterols to omega-3, collagen and glucosamine. The probiotic products readily available in the market are generally in the form of yogurts or fermented milks. Moreover, it has been noticed that with an inclination in consumer vegetarianism all over the developed countries, the demand for vegetarian probiotic products have inclined. The advantageous effects of food with added live probiotics on health of human and in specific on children and other higher-risk populations, are being progressively promoted by health professionals.

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Market: Key Trends and Forecast Research Report

LogoThe acid breaks down, the protein present in vegetables into their component amino acids. The resulting liquid is further known as hydrolyzed vegetable protein. Hydrolyzed vegetable protein is widely used as a flavor enhancer in many processed foods such as soups, sauces, stews, seasoned snack foods, gravies, hot dogs, dips and dressings. It is also blended with other spices to make seasonings that are used in or on foods.

Mobile Hospitals Market: Quantitative Market Analysis, Current and Future Trends

LogoMobile hospitals provide medical services to the patient or the injured person in the critical conditions such as natural disaster, warfare operations and civil unrest. Mobile hospitals provide onsite treatment to the patient who are in urgently need be treated before taking them to the permanent hospitals. The mobile hospitals mainly used for advanced life support and intensive care, resuscitation and stabilization, , essential pharmaceutical support, life and limb saving surgical interventions, treatment and observation of infectious disease, common medical conditions and general and regional anesthesia and basic dental services. Mobile hospitals contains multi-specialty surgical facilities with and radiological capabilities and post-op care full laboratory including ultrasound pharmaceuticals services and full dental size clinic which are capable to carry out emergency dental surgery. Some patient go for the diagnosis, treatment, therapy without staying overnight (out patients) and some are admitted for several hours to days (inpatients), mobile hospitals are used to treat both types of patients.

Overbed Tables Market Set to Witness an Uptick by 2025

LogoOverbed tables are narrow rectangular table which is especially designed for the patients in the hospitals which is typically fitted with casters and crank for adjusting the height and to tilt the top. It delivers ultimate bedside convince, comfort and independence. Overbed tables comes with the overbed system which comes with built in electrical outlets added shelves and drawers, adjustable lightings and attractive designs. Overbed tables are used when the doctor ask for bed rest, pregnancy or any surgery being done. There are many full functional overbed tables that can be used in the hospitals and even at home.

Stick PC Market: Market Shares and Strategies of Key Players

LogoA stick PC is a single board computer resembling a stick cased in a small casing much like a USB flash drive. Stick PC or PC on a stick can be plugged directly into an HDMI compatible monitor or TV to provide complete experience of a personal computer. It is mainly designed for programs which are light along with social networking, media streaming, web browsing, and video chatting.

Veterinary Centrifuges Market Latest Trends and Forecast Analysis Up to 2025

LogoCentrifugation is done by spinning the vessel which contain material at high speed. Due to the centrifugal force the heavier particle moves outside and lighter particles inside. Veterinary centrifuge separates blood, urine, hematocrit and other routine samples. Veterinary centrifuges is easy to use, robust and reliable affordable. Veterinary centrifuge separates the sample in a fraction of time. Veterinary centrifuge are instantly adaptable to blood separation, microhematocrits, urine sediments and other application.

Veterinary Rapid Diagnostic Tests Market: Industry Outlook, Growth Prospects and Key Opportunities

LogoVeterinary rapid diagnostic test is medical diagnostic test that is quick and easy to perform. Veterinary rapid diagnostic test is more accurate than presumptive diagnosis and can be used at home. Veterinary rapid diagnostic test gives result in about 15 minutes so that the treatment can be given immediately without waiting for the microscopic results. Veterinary rapid diagnostic test does not require any expensive or complicated equipment. People can learn to use rapid diagnostic test for their pet within hours. There are different type o veterinary rapid diagnostic test available depending upon the type of antigens. Veterinary rapid diagnostic test is used at present after replacing the old microscopy and clinical and presumptive diagnosis.

Autonomous Mobile Robotics Market - The Biggest Trends to Watch out for 2016 - 2024

LogoThe principle activities of autonomous mobile robots include mapping, navigation, localization, perception, and locomotion. Robots are widely used for transportation, inspection, and surveillance activities among others. Autonomous mobile robots also play economic role in entertainment industry, military service, mining and metals, electronics and electrical sector, oil and gas, automotives, buildings and medical sector among others. Developing of mobile robots is continuously gaining importance.

Scissor Lift Market - Global Industry Growth, Trends and Forecast

LogoThe mechanism to achieve this is by the use of folding and linked support in a criss-cross pattern, which is known as a pantograph or scissor scissor lifts Pressure is applied to achieve the upward motion to the lowest set of supports which propels the work platform vertically. Scissor lifts are provided with a platform so that there is an extra bridge to allow closer access to the work area. The movement of scissor lifts action can be achieved by hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical. On the basis of movement mechanisms the scissor lift has vehicle mounted, unpowered and self-propelled. Usually the scissor lifts are mounted on vehicles or a flat back as a self-drive the vehicle provides mobility and helps to stabilize the unit.

Glass Bonding Adhesive Market by Type & Forecast During 2017 - 2025

LogoVarious industries practice adhesive for bonding glasses especially, furniture, electronic, automotive, and medical. There is varied range of glass bonding adhesives available in the market including UV curable adhesives, hybrid adhesives, epoxy adhesives, and acrylic structural adhesive. Depending upon nature of the application and the kind of substrate to bond, type of glass bonding adhesive considered. There are several factors to determine which type of glass bonding adhesive will best suit the application. Factors include nature of substrate, temperature, stress while bonding, etc. Among glass bonding adhesive mentioned above, UV curable adhesive is mostly used in a variety of applications as they are ideal for both, high-speed production or any manual application.

Liquid Sodium Silicate Market Sees Promising Growth During 2017 - 2025

LogoThe essential and diversified applications are churning out increasing demand for liquid sodium silicate. The liquid sodium silicate has several important unique properties which are not shared by other alkaline salts. Such valuable properties along with their low-cost results in their usage in several applications in diverse industries. The liquid sodium silicate is used in various industries as detergents, adhesives, binders, cement, ingredients in cleaning compounds, different coatings, anticorrosives, deflocculants, catalyst bases, chemicals, etc. The unique properties and functional characteristics of liquid sodium silicate can be used to resolve many problems arising in chemical and industrial processes efficiently and economically.

Facade Ladder Market by Recipients, Competition by Top Manufacturers/Players, Forecast and Growth Study Report 2022

LogoThis report delves into the complete scenario of the global Facade Ladder market. During the research, it has found that the driving force behind this market is the consumer's demand for the Facade Ladder products. The growing consumers demand is pushing companies to come up with efficient products which in turn is aiding the growth of the Facade Ladder industry.

E-Commerce Technology Market Accepted Growth CAGR of +18% by 2017 to 2021

LogoThis is increasing the demand for e-Commerce software and services and this trend is expected to continue during the forecast period. The Global E-Commerce Technology market is growing because many organizations are conducting business across various platforms such as the web, mobile devices, social networking sites, and many more. According to research expert E-Commerce Technology Market accepted to grow at a CAGR of +18% by 2017 to 2021.

Current Trends of Global Business Intelligence and Analytics Software Market and Future Growth Till 2021

LogoThe demand in this market is highly driven by self-service business intelligence and analytics tools. Furthermore shifting interest in cloud deployment, mobile BI solutions, and increasing compeltition are some other factors pushing this market and creating value in the market. Interesting dashboards with distinct features are continually evolving for maximizing end user experience and remain competitive in the market.

IT Project Management Software Market Projected to Grow at +12% CAGR by 2022

LogoIT Project Management Software enables the monitoring of project performance based on the allocation of resources within a time frame and budgetary limits while managing the risks involved. The software also helps to examine the risk-reward ratio of each project, duration of the project, and the expected outcomes. IT Project Management Software is the consolidated and synchronized management of the methods, processes, and tools that are used by project managers and stakeholders. It helps in planning, executing, managing, controlling, and analyzing current and proposed projects in line with the organization's strategic objectives.

Global in-Flight Wi-Fi Services Market to Grow at 13.5% CAGR Through 2025

LogoAdoption of in-flight Wi-Fi services is growing among both domestic and international carriers, according to a new research report added to the database of Market Research Reports Search Engine (MRRSE). The report titled "Global Market Study on In-Flight Wi-Fi: North America Expected to Remain the Most Attractive Regional Market Through 2025" projects the global in-flight Wi-Fi market to grow at a CAGR of 13.5% through 2025. The report also projects that North America will be the largest in-flight Wi-Fi market during the assessment period.

Global Naphthenic Base Oil Market to Reach US$2,605.7 Mn by 2025

LogoAccording to a research report titled "Naphthenic Base Oil Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2025", added to the comprehensive repository of Market Research Report Search Engine (MRRSE), the global market will grow at a CAGR of 5.3% through 2025. The growth of the naphthenic base oil market will be influenced by a range of macroeconomic and microeconomic factors. Developments in the automotive and manufacturing industry are also likely to provide an impetus to the growth of the market during the forecast period.

Global Electric Vehicle Battery Market to Grow at 8.5% CAGR Through 2027

LogoRecently a comprehensive report based on electric vehicle battery titled "Electric Vehicle Battery Market: Lithium Ion to Remain Most Lucrative Battery Type Segment During the Forecast Period: Global Industry Analysis (2012 - 2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017 - 2027)" has been submitted to the repository of Market Research Reports Search Engine (MRRSE). According to the report, a revenue of nearly US$ 36 Bn is expected to be generated by global electric vehicle battery market by 2027. The report also projects the market in terms of CAGR and says that the market is expected to exhibit a robust 8.5% CAGR during the assessment period from 2017 to 2027.

Global Oil and Gas Pipes Market to Reach a Valuation of US$ 4 Bn by 2022

LogoA new research study based on oil and gas pipes titled "Global Market Study on Oil and Gas Pipes: Stainless Steel Material to Represent a Leading Segment During 2017 – 2022" has been recently added into the database of Market Research Reports Search Engine (MRRSE).  According to the study, a value of nearly US$ 4,000 Mn is estimated to be generated by global oil and gas pipes market by the end of 2022.

Sales of Industrial Packaging in MENA Region Is Projected to Be Valued at More Than US $5 Mn by 2024

LogoDemand for industrial packaging in the Middle East and Africa is likely to remain robust owing to the improving situation of international trade. In addition, global trade of industrial products has grown three-fold over the past decade. Bio-chemical products and food-grade ingredients are amongst few of the most traded items around the world. In the MENA region, the focus has recently shifted towards non-oil based industrial activities as the long-term dependency on crude oil business is gradually abating. Moreover, it is important to develop new business verticals in order to stay unaffected from the ongoing dwindles in the region's oil and gas industry. As compared to other regions, non-oil goods and services have a significantly low contribution to the economy of the MENA region. Yet exports, especially non-oil exports are expected to be crucial in the further development of the robust and all-inclusive growth model to secure the future of the region. End-use industry such as electronics, automotive, plastics & rubber, and agriculture in MENA are expected to witness a healthy growth over the medium term. This, in turn, is expected to support the growth of industrial packaging market in the region.

Protein Hydrolysate Ingredients Market Will Expand at a Robust CAGR of 6.2% to Reach US $5.1 Billion Revenues by 2024-End

LogoOn the account of rising occurrences of sports-related physical injuries in the world, the need for rapid recovery will continue to be prioritised in the years to come. Presence of protein hydrolysate ingredients in sports medicine, nutritional supplements as well as baby food products will continue to gain traction in order to avert health risks caused to children and adults due to muscle strain-related injuries. A recent study developed by Future Market Insights has estimated that in 2016, over 100,000 MT of protein hydrolysate ingredients were sold through sales of such products. By the end of 2024, the global protein hydrolysate ingredients consumption is projected to reach 135,609 MT in volumes.

Infusion Pumps Market Is Poised to Reach US $4,922 Mn by the End of 2025

LogoTechnological innovation and soaring prevalence of chronic diseases will continue to fuel the demand for new, innovative, advanced infusion pumps globally. Up from US$ 3,031.4 Mn observed in 2015, the global infusion pumps market is projected to reach US$ 3,142.0 Mn in 2016. The market will thrive moderately by 2017 with a Y-o-Y growth of 3.8% over 2016. Developing countries in APEJ and MEA will observe significant growth, and increasing adoption of home-based healthcare will create the most attractive opportunities.

Image Detection Sensor Market: Increasing Photography Application in Consumer Electronics to Stoke Growth

LogoThe growing application of image detection sensors in consumer electronics, automotive and healthcare sector is having a very strong influence on the growth of the global image detection sensor market. The technological advancements and the expanding application range of CMOS and CCD sensors, such as in lighting solutions and displays for tablets, PC cameras, mobile front and back cameras, and point-and-shoot cameras, are also adding substantially to the market's progress.

High Performance Data Analytics Market: Trends and Opportunities

LogoThe burgeoning demand for data-intensive high-performance computing (HPC) and the vastly rising demand for advanced commercial data analytics emanating from big data are key determinants to the need for high performance data analytics solutions in various regions. High-performance computing technologies are programmed to meet the emerging challenges of big data analytics systems. In various developing and developed economies, HPC technologies prove beneficial to furthering scientific innovation, bolstering economic competitiveness, boosting national security world over.