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AC Drives Market Technological Breakthroughs 2026

LogoAlternate Current (AC) drives are electronic devices that alternates with voltage, frequency & magnetic flux to regulate the speed & torque of an electric motor. In an energy intensive sector optimal usage of energy and efficient utilization of its consumption is important for managing the overall operating costs of that industry. AC drives can optimize the energy usage and at the same time help in reduction of operative costs by monitoring the speed and torque of electric motors.

Global Corn Starch Market to Reach 88 Million Tons by 2022

LogoFurther, corn starch helps to prevent low blood sugar and its anti-inflammatory properties help to fight many skin problems such as skin rashes, burns and itching. Owing to its low cost along with its myriad benefits, corn starch finds innumerable applications in various industries. In the food industry, it is extensively used as a food ingredient as well as a thickening agent to prepare many dishes like gravies, sugars, soups and sauces, etc. Apart from this, it is also used in the manufacturing of adhesives for paper and fabrics. Some of the other products made using corn starch include desserts, dairy products, processed foods and pet food.

YESnick Vision Center Offers the Only Virtual Driving Simulator in Las Vegas

LogoYESnick Vision Center and their Las Vegas AAA Driving Academy are proud to provide the only driver's training center in Nevada that teaches patents with Low Vision using this unique technology. Highly experienced instructors use revolutionary virtual driving technology and leading-edge cars to teach safe driving for everyone. Dr. Yesnick and his team offer expert instruction for visually impaired patients, new drivers, and seniors who require re-education before returning to the driver's seat.

Published Novel 'To Hell and Back' Makes Its Way for on-Screen Adaptation

LogoMichael Jackson, a U.S. Marine Corp. veteran and an inspiring American author has announced that he will be seeking public support to turn his novel into a movie. Mike is a renowned name for many and he has also been featured on the CBS Morning Show, Virginia This Morning. 'To Hell and Back' is his masterpiece and the novel weighs in at approximately 127,000 words. Mike is now seeking help from the public for the screen adaptation of his inspiring life journey that has been a real roller-coaster. For the movie adaptation of this book, Mike is seeking support on Kickstarter. The goal of this inspiring project is to raise $5,500 by Saturday, July 8th, 2017 and everyone is welcome to back it on Kickstarter.

Gupta Criminal Law Reminds People of Their Right to Legal Counsel Upon Arrest

With a focus on representing clients facing criminal offence charges, Gupta Criminal Law wants to remind people they are entitled to legal counsel from a criminal defence lawyer of their choosing upon being arrested by the police. Far too often, people mistakenly assume they have to wait until they are formally charged for the offence before they are allowed to seek legal advice from their own lawyer.

IT Consulting Company, Nanotek Is Proud to Give Back to Local Communities

Specializing in IT consulting, cloud computing, enterprise security, end user and infrastructure support services, and application management and customization services for small to medium sized businesses in healthcare, legal, finance, technology, service, and manufacturing sectors, Nanotek is pleased to announce it committed to its community outreach programs to build strong relationships with the people and organizations within the communities where they are located.

Parents Encouraged to Enroll Children for 2017-18 Full-Day Preschool and Kindergarten

Parents who wish to enroll their child in the Montessori Development Center's full-day preschool and kindergarten in 2017-18 are encouraged to do so before the classes are full.

Killeen Locksmith Offering Free Security Audits in Response to Burglaries from Bump Keys

Bump keys are a special type of key that can be used to open any type of lock. Until a few years ago, it was only locksmiths that made use of bump keys. Bump keys were used by professional locksmiths to help people who had lost or damaged their house keys and were trapped in a home lockout situation.

AudioCityUSA Provides Wheel Financing with Progressive Payment Scheme

LogoOne of the most sought after names in the wheel and rim industry, AudioCityUSA provides wheel financing with progressive payment scheme. The procedure to finance wheels and rims at AudioCityUSA is easy and simple with multiple flexible payment options, while no interest is levied if the payment is made within ninety days. People must have a 3-month-old regular checking account and have at least 6 month's income from the same employer in order to finance wheels and rims from the company. Those who fulfill this criteria can order the wheels of their choice from the company's official website,, or get in touch with one of their wheels specialists over phone, 888.814.1158. The wheels will then be delivered at the consumer's place within a stipulated time frame.

Houston Locksmith to Provide New CCTV Installation Services

Small businesses in Houston are concerned about the sharp increase in crime here since the Great Recession of 2008. Businesses have to deal with burglaries, robbery, shoplifting attempts on almost a daily basis. This remains a major concern for business owners and law enforcement.

The Power of Online Business Directories and How to Get Started Fast

LogoOnline business directories provide a listing of businesses. They have search functions that allow users to search by name, by address, or any neighborhood, or industry. Online business directories make their money by selling ad space and enlarged listings in the search results by listing them on top. Online business directories make it easier for any visitor to find business' website. Online directories represent a less costly way to enhance agency's bottom line.

Pharmacy of Beverly Hills, a Santa Monica Based Compounding Pharmacy, Is Recognized as a Top-Level Pharmacy in the City of Beverly Hills

LogoPharmacy of Beverly Hills, a Santa Monica based compounding pharmacy, has been recognized has a top-rated compounding pharmacy in Beverly Hills. Pharmacy of Beverly Hills has many customers that come from all parts of Los Angeles and are known to most of the prescription medicines out there. The Santa Monica based compounding pharmacy has built a good reputation and has gained the loyalty of many customers throughout the years.

CoolSculpting Is Still Leading Nonsurgical Fat Reduction Treatment

LogoHealthy Solutions by Dr. Luciano Weight Loss & Aesthetic Medicine, a leading Montgomery County, Pennsylvania-based medical spa, is highlighting the CoolSculpting non-surgical fat reduction treatment they offer to patients looking to reduce hard-to-combat areas of fat. The announcement comes in light of CoolSculpting earning the award for "best allover fat fighter" from NewBeauty Magazine for 2017. Healthy Solutions offers CoolSculpting to patients from Warrington, PA and areas nearby.

Davida UK Ltd Introduces New Leather Liner Kits for Speedster V3 and Ninety 2 Helmets

The leading provider of open face helmets, Davida UK Ltd has recently introduced new replacement leather liner kits for their Speedster V3 and Ninety 2 helmets. The leather liners are available in five different colours – black, brown, ZNut brown, ROX blood red and white. Individuals can easily replace the leather lining in the same colour or change for any of the different colours available with the company. These leather liner kits are supplied by Davida with 2 x Leather Covered Foam Ears - Left & Right, 2 x Leather Chin Strap Covers - Left & Right, 1 x Leather Comfort Liner, and much more.

Crowdfunding Campaign for TT8 Retro Wooden style Multi-Function Turntable Speakers Will Launch Soon

The revival of music on vinyl is happening and, the Taiwan-based startup, Minfort Audio is excited to be a part of it by launching the TT8, a series of multi-function turntable speakers in retro wooden style. Bringing together retro aesthetics and modern technology to give vinyl music listeners the best of both worlds, Minfort Audio will soon be taking their TT8 speakers to the extremely popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to build support and raise funds for the next phase.

San Antonio Locksmith Launches New Website to Reach out to a Younger Demographic

San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. It is also considered to be one of the youngest cities in the country, and is home to a large student population. Younger people spend a lot of time online, surfing the internet, cruising Facebook, shopping or looking for essential services. More often than not, young people are likely to find an automotive locksmith company by searching for it on the major directories.

New Kickstarter Campaign Discovers 3 New Atmospheric Fountains, Bottling It

Savia Atmospheric Waters is a new Kickstarter project that will bring forth new atmospheric drinking waters from the newly discovered ice atmospheric fountain in 2014.

Colectik Offering Free Commemorative T-Shirt to New Collectors

LogoColectik is a platform for persons who love to collect items either as a hobby or as professional collectors, to showcase their items, share them with other collectors and trade in items. The platform in addition to helping people make financial gains from their collecting hobby is offering a free commemorative t-shirt to new members of the club.

Dale's Heating Cooling Plumbing Receives 2017 President's Award from Carrier, Earning Honors as Outstanding Dealer

LogoDale's Heating Cooling Plumbing was recently named a recipient of the prestigious 2017 President's Award from Carrier. The award provides recognition for outstanding dealers in the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) industry.

Befit Physiotherapy Offering Top Grade Physiotherapy Services in Australia at Minimum Expense

LogoBefit Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic in Australia is a known name in the world of physiotherapy. With their excellent and personalized service, this boutique clinic has made a mark in Physical Therapy in Australia. Patients from far and wide areas are receiving satisfactory services since years.

Broadband Compare UK Is Helping Users Identify the Most Affordable Broadband Services Within the UK

With the ambition to help both businesses and individuals, Broadband Compare UK has set out on the quest of finding the best and most affordably priced broadband services within the UK. Recently, the website revealed a comprehensive list of the most exclusive broadband deals, along with the best broadband service providers.

Westend Windows & Doors Offers Free in-Home Consultations for Homeowners

Westend Windows & Doors, which specializes in custom and replacement windows and doors and related installation services, is pleased to announce that its in-home consultations are offered at no cost. The in-home consultation allows homeowners in the Ottawa area to ask questions about their home's windows and doors and get honest answers about whether they should be replaced, without any obligation or commitment.

Android Pay, Apple Pay and Mobile Wallet Now Available on All Vending Machines

Most of the people across the globe are opting for the cashless payment, as it is most convenient to carry and purchase. According to latest reports from USA Technologies, Inc. (USAT), 36.5% sales increase in New York and Louisiana after accepting payment through the mobile wallet on a vending machine. Hence, PVS Refreshments has integrated their vending machines to accept payment through Android Pay, Apple Pay and Mobile Wallet. People do not have to carry their credit or debit cards any more to pay at vending machines. They only have to bring a Smartphone or an iPhone.

Bulgaria Is Preparing for SEO Summit 2017

Join us in Varna, Bulgaria on July 27 at Varna Expo Center. SEO Summit Varna 2017 will be two days where you can listen, speak, network and learn from hundreds of SEO professionals.

Cleveland Businesses Order Food for Lunch Meetings on Local Catering Portal

LogoCatering216 is the premier restaurant delivery Cleveland service for lunch delivery from restaurants who have catering menus. Now corporate administrative assistants can easily order food online for their breakfast or lunch meetings.

Eldad Liebarnan Presents an ATM with Third Eye the Future's Technological Innovation

The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) could be a great convenience, however they can compromise on peoples' safety. There is need to be very careful when using an ATM. Seeing an urgent need to ensure peoples safety and improving banking security while using an Automated Teller Machine, Eldad Liebarnan, an IT specialist and CEO at Latronic Solutions presents an ATM with Third Eye The Future's Technological Innovation.

Spring Saunders, CEO/Founder of the New York Jet Company Soars High

New York-based entrepreneur, Spring Saunders is a shining example for female entrepreneurs all over the world. Having started her first business 'a dance studio' in China, Spring Saunders has been able to develop her entrepreneurial skills, launch many other thriving businesses and is currently the founder and CEO of the New York Jet Club, a private jet leasing company. Fluent in Mandarin, English, and Portuguese, Ms. Saunders continues to make headway in a business world dominated by men with her innovative and effective style of leadership.