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Alvarez & Diaz-Silveira Represents Andes Chemical in Recent Closing

LogoM&A attorney in Miami Alvarez & Diaz-Silveira represented Andes Chemical in its recent sale to IMCD which expanded operations throughout Central America, Peru, and the Caribbean.

Register for the Upcoming Festiv Virtual 5K Events

LogoThe Festiv Happy Halloween Virtual 5K began the series, kicked off on Wednesday, October 28 through November 4th. The upcoming event, the Happy Thanksgiving Virtual 5K kicks off November 24th through the 30th before the arrival of the Happy Holidays Virtual 5K on December 18th through the 25th. Finally, the Happy New Year Virtual 5K will happen on New Year's Eve and participants can ring in 2021 and participate through January 6, 2021.

The Age of Automation in the Legal Sector

LogoThe legal sector is becoming an increasingly innovative environment, especially given the momentum provided by more sophisticated technology. Automation has been a growing trend in the commercial world for years but has not been picked up by many legal teams. However, the pandemic has caused a significant shift in attitudes towards what technology can be used to do and how, and where, it is most relevant.

16% Fall Rise in Construction Starts in America

LogoConstruction has suffered like many other industries thanks to the events of the past year or so but this Fall there have been many positive signs. In October, for example, total construction starts increased by 16%. Following a slowdown in the third quarter of this year due to the ongoing issues arising from the pandemic, the figures in October could indicate the beginning of a long-term improvement in construction prospects. A significant rise in the number of non-residential construction projects is having a big impact on the future health of the sector - and the recent infrastructure bill has also been flagged as a potential growth factor.

Houston High Rise Condos for Sale Near the Texas Medical Center and Hermann Park Showcase Parkland Views and First-Class Amenities

LogoWhen working or studying in a big city like Houston, choosing a home can be a dilemma. There is often a trade-off between living so far away that the commute is expensive in terms of money as well as time and being so close that the city feels like a concrete jungle with no greenery and open spaces to enjoy. The Houston high-rise condos for sale at The Parklane offer a prime location which is close to Downtown Houston, Rice University, the Ion and South Main Innovation District, the Light rail station, Rice Village, the University of Houston, the Museum District, and the Texas Medical Center.

Disruption to the Supply Chain Industry Expected Through to 2023

LogoSupply chain disruption has been hitting the headlines throughout 2021 and there is no sign that this is going to ease up much as we start the new year. In fact, recent input from the experts indicates that the problems experienced with supply chains today could well continue into 2023. High variability, rising inflation, issues with port infrastructure and shortages of containers are noted by experts as being significant, creating something of a perfect storm when it comes to ongoing disruption. Rather than a focus on last mile delivery issues it's actually the first mile of delivery where reliability in the supply chain is currently a real problem.

$1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill to Ease Supply Chain Bottlenecks

LogoThe vulnerability of supply chain inefficiencies came into sharp focus during the pandemic, from congestion in ports to far extended transit times. President Biden's response has been to create a solution to the lack of investment that has been made in infrastructure in the country in recent years, so that speeding up the flow of goods might finally be possible.

Digital World-Class Procurement Organizations Achieve Top Results

LogoDigitization and digital operations have been prioritized in procurement over the past 12-24 months. Today, research has emerged indicating that it's the digital world-class procurement organizations that fully embrace digitization that typically achieve the top results when it comes to efficiency, as well as meeting and managing the expectations of customers.

Pediatric Heart Valve Innovation Presents New Options for Patients

LogoPediatric patients in need of a valve replacement have historically had few options. There are two solutions that have traditionally been put forward - a purely mechanical valve, which comes with an increased risk of blood clots, and a valve that has been made from animal tissues (a bioprosthetic valve). The major issue that most children have faced with both of these options is outgrowing them.

'Dancing Molecules' Present Methods to Reverse Paralysis

LogoSevere spinal cord injuries can be some of the hardest to treat and offer the most difficult path to recovery. Now, the discovery of 'dancing molecules' may provide hope to those who have suffered a devastating spinal cord injury, as they may be able to reverse paralysis and repair tissues. In a new study, paralyzed mice were injected with just one dose of a new therapy - and a month later regained the ability to walk. The treatment sends bioactive signals to trigger cells to repair and regenerate.

Cloud Infrastructure Jobs Continue to Be in High Demand Across America

LogoThe cloud is driving digital transformation across many different sectors today. Organizations eager to move to the next level are focused on finding the right people to help recruit for a more resilient approach, especially given the challenges of recent times. Average salaries for cloud infrastructure jobs are already in the six figures and that's not the only benefit for those who work in this field.

Data Analytics Jobs Are Among the Most in-Demand Roles in the USA

LogoEven in 2021, data science is still a relatively new and growing field in which to work. However, it's also one of the most innovative areas of technology and one where there is huge opportunity for progress. Such has been the demand for those with data analytics skills that data scientist was the number one job in America between 2016 and 2020. Now that organizations are relying even more on data-driven decision making there is a huge market for data analytics jobs and those with the right skill set to help businesses start using the data they have to thrive.

Transport Continues to Represent the Highest Costs for Logistics Firms

LogoTransportation costs remain the most significant part of logistics budgets for many companies today. According to industry specialists, the cost of transport makes up around 58% of average corporate logistics costs. As the past year has seen a huge rise in the need for local delivery services (eCommerce purchases made up 14% of all sales last year) this is putting even more strain on this part of the budget.

New Biotechnology Allows for Epigenetics Edits

LogoFinding new ways to treat inherited diseases has been a key priority for the biomedical sector. Now, Chroma Medicine, which is a new start-up with an impressive $125 million in funding plans to use gene editing in order to develop treatments that are designed to alter the epigenome.

AI & Chatbot Use in Clinical Trials

LogoClinical trial management has faced many obstacles in recent times, not least thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, technology has the potential to help transform this vital field of life sciences and to create opportunities to do more with the insights and research available. AI-powered support automation - chatbots - for example, can provide a lot of key support for clinical study, especially when it comes to organizing the more mundane parts of the process.

35% of Hong Kong Citizens Ready to Use Cryptocurrencies

LogoFinancial technology is gaining huge ground all across the Asia Pacific region. Now, a recent survey reveals just how much consumers are getting behind innovation in this area. The data revealed that 35% of Hong Kong citizens said that they were open to using cryptocurrencies or central digital bank currencies as a way to make payments in the next five years. The result indicates that cryptocurrencies are about to become a much more viable payment option than they have ever been in this part of the world. 12% of those who took part in the survey indicated that cryptocurrencies were likely to become their main method of payment in the coming years.

Singapore Is a Hotbed of Innovation for Industrial Engineering

LogoSingapore is a key location for industrial engineering and somewhere that innovative talent can thrive. The market here is made up of a wealth of different enterprises focused on creating new opportunities and paths forward where industrial engineering is concerned. Artificial Intelligence is an area that has still to gain much traction across industrial engineering jobs but there are firms in Singapore that are already powered by this powerful tech and seeing significant progress as a result.

Container Shortage Affects Christmas Peak Season

LogoThe supply chain crisis affecting Asia Pacific continues to roll on with new warnings that Hong Kong exporters now face the prospect of missing the peak season of Christmas, as goods are still not moving. With a severe shortage of containers still affecting many businesses at the small and medium sized end of the market, fears of cancelled orders are becoming a very real threat. Many of the delays in shipping have resulted in customers also refusing to hand over payments until progress has been made and this is having a significant impact on the cash flow of many small and medium sized enterprises.

Blockchain Tech Investment Accelerates the Supply Chain

LogoThe pandemic has had an impact on many areas of the global supply chain - but not all have been negative. As a result of the pressure to solve the issues that have arisen over the past year or so technological transformation has been forced to significantly speed up. This has pushed supply chains to go into overdrive, moving from paper to digital and accelerating investments in technology to help improve prospects and remove any obstacles that have been thrown up in recent times.

The Bridges of Singapore – Inspirational Civil Engineering

LogoSingapore is a city that is so renowned for its bridges that you don't have to Google far to find examples of travel blogs that are focused on them. This city of architectural and civil engineering marvels is a place of inspiration thanks to the innovative construction all around. For those in civil engineering jobs there are a wealth of opportunities to be part of the progress of the future and to find a way to bring new and exciting growth to Asia Pacific.

Risk Management and Preventing the Next Archegos

LogoThe Archegos collapse sent shockwaves across the industry, especially when the hedge fund entered a forced liquidation of more than $20 billion. For many across the sector this was a big warning sign as the problem had been caused by Archegos building up huge stakes in some stocks through swaps. The response to the scandal was varied across the world and the Hong Kong market regulator revealed this summer that it was developing new protection against something like this ever happening again.

Singapore Top of ASEAN Region for Fintech Funding

LogoAs of November 2021, Singapore remains the top location in the ASEAN region in terms of the number of deals made by fintech firms. A total of USD$1.6 billion in investments was secured by Fintech firms in Singapore with almost half of the deals attributable to the city state. Indonesia took second place behind Singapore with USD$904 million in funding raised while Vietnam ranked third in the ASEAN region, raising USD$375 million after two mega rounds.

56% Rise in Singapore Private Equity and Venture Capital

LogoAccording to recent data from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, strong gains made by private equity funds have made a significant contribution to a 17% rise in assets managed in Singapore over the past year. In 2020 the value of assets under management in Singapore rose to S$4.7 trillion.

Volt Consulting Group Offers Managed Services Provider (MSP) Programs to Help Businesses Improve Recruited Talent Quality

LogoA reputable recruitment services provider, Volt Consulting Group offers managed services provider (MSP) programs to help improve recruited talent quality. They manage temporary worker recruitment for their clients and are responsible for the end-to-end management of the contingent workforce. Their solution is one of the most effective, cost-efficient ways for a business to manage its workforce ranging from supplier management to strategic workforce planning. The solution provides their clients complete visibility over their non-permanent workforce.

The Hertsmere Golf Facility Encourages People to Spend Time Outdoors with Their Families and Friends

LogoThe Hertsmere Golf Facility, a prominent golf facility in the UK, encourages individuals to spend time outdoors with their families and friends. Their course is meant to put a golfer's shot repertoire to the test while also providing them with an unforgettable experience. Their golf course has the richness and experience that only maturity, geography, and expert maintenance can provide. Individuals can walk in the footsteps of the world's best golfers and relive some of the sport's most memorable moments on their course.

Volt International Offers Recruitment Services to Clients from All Industries Throughout the World

LogoVolt International, a leading recruitment agency, offers recruitment services to clients from all industries throughout the world. Their services range from the supply of contingent and permanent staff to large-scale, multi-national managed service programmes that deliver against a variety of requirements on a daily basis, ensuring that our clients have the skilled professionals and efficient processes they need to meet their corporate goals. The organisation has access to the most popular social networking sites, job portals, and database management tools that help them recruit the right candidates based on the individual's business needs.

Volt Singapore Offers Total Talent Management Solutions to Help Businesses Create a Sustainable and Superior Workforce

LogoOne of the most popular recruitment agencies, Volt Singapore offers total talent management solutions to help businesses create a sustainable and superior workforce. Their talent management solutions help companies achieve business-critical goals by enhancing their in-house talent quality in an ever-evolving market space. With their talent and workforce management solutions, businesses can easily find candidates through various sourcing channels enabling them to hire the right kind of talent to improve their overall productivity and efficiency and build a proactive workplace.