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MarketCrest, LLC Donates to St. Jude's Up 'Til Dawn Program

LogoMarketCrest, LLC , a consulting, search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing agency located in McKinney, Texas, recently donated to the St. Jude's Up 'Till Dawn Program and fundraising event.

Commercial Real Estate Firm Air New Myrtle Beach Market Solution

LogoMyrtle Beach Real Estate firm Carolina Strand Realty brings the most powerful commercial real estate solution to the Myrtle Beach market. Designed by costar to help owners, investors, property managers, and lenders minimize risk and maximize returns this powerful Market Analytics solution gives 24/7 access to timely, verified, and reliable data commercial property data. Covering all commercial real estate sectors including multifamily, Carolina Strand Realty's commercial real estate market analytics now allows you to leverage the power of CoStar's researched and verified commercial real estate information in an instant. With forward looking intelligence from a 90+ team of economists Carolina Strand Realty gives you a complete picture of current market fundamentals, economic factors and asset pricing.

Superior Seal Coating Aims to Get Properties Ready for the Winter Season with Crack Repair and Sealcoating Services

Winter can take a toll on asphalt surfaces. Those with residential or commercial properties that have asphalt driveways or parking lots often need to perform maintenance and repairs on these surfaces to preserve the integrity of the material. In fact, Superior Seal Coating aims to get properties ready for the winter season with crack repair and last-minute sealcoating services. Don't get left out in the cold this winter with an unkempt property. Call Superior Seal Coating and find out how they can help prepare a property for the impending winter season.

Many Property Letting Companies Work Right Up Until Just a Couple of Days Before Christmas

Up to Christmas many people, including business owners and directors, start to think of nothing but the Christmas break, slowly stopping thinking about work and focusing on other things instead. Although it is important for us all to have a rest once in a while, this can mean that people have no choice but to start the New Year with many stresses, especially those that are looking to move their workplace. Once it gets to December businesses tend to put off their moves until the New Year, however this can be a huge mistake – and one in which can be avoided.

Lekocon Paris Announces 50% Christmas Sale on Quality Men's Wear

LogoLekocon Paris has proudly announced the release of a special limited edition for Christmas with up to 50% discount for its customers around the world. The French fashion brand is known worldwide for creating high quality sustainable and comfortable men's clothing. The company manufactures high-end ecological sweatshirts and t-shirts that are ethical and feature premium design and quality. Moreover, the environmental friendly brand is now offering these great discounts to make the Christmas more special for its customers worldwide.

Smart Medical Buyer (SMB) Now Has a Listing of over 15,000 Medical Products, Equipment and Instruments

LogoSmart Medical Buyer – has now reached a listing of over 15,000 plus Medical products, equipment and instrument. The company has reached the goal by bringing together, under a single roof over, 100 premier brands from all across the world. This achievement was expected from an enterprise which is considered among the pioneers of online selling of medical supplies and equipment in India.

Web Development from Profit by Outsourcing, a Cost-Effective Way to Build Successful Online Business

#1 Web Design & Development Company in India, Profit by Outsourcing offers first-class web development services that will surely prove to be beneficial for entrepreneurs in cost-effectively building a successful online business, without any complexities. From e-commerce web development to Microsoft SharePoint server development, they offer a wide range of web development services employing latest technologies, such as DevOps, Software as a Service (SaaS), .NET, C++, and many others. They have an outstanding team of highly skilled and talented web developers, who have years of working in the industry, and so far have successfully delivered thousands of web development projects with excellence and innovation.

Bali Weight Loss Resort Centre to Open April 1st

There has been much said about the newly opening resort centre, Bali Weight Loss, in Ubud and already it has missed many launch dates. Many have wondered, "will it ever open? We wanted to start this December yet the launch date has been set back" a past guest of Sophie Jones, the retreat leader, tells us.

Open Studio Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Genderless Italian Apparel

LogoOpen Studio has launched an innovative initiative of creating high quality affordable clothing that is absolutely genderless and can fit both men and women. Made by authentic Italian fabric, the studio will create genderless shirts and t-shirts that will set a new trend in the fashion industry around the world. In addition, the studio has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this project from fashion lovers around the world.

Import and Export of Steel to Have Multiplier Effects on India's Economy

LogoIndia is considered to be one of the pioneers in steel manufacturing. The growth in this sector is majorly driven by the fact that the raw materials are made available domestically. The steel sector is believed to be a major contributor of the overall manufacturing output. The industry is on par with that of the developed nations and is proud of the fact that all the manufacturing happens in state-of-the art and ultra-modern steel mills. With continuous modernization and systematic upgradation of older steel plants, the industry has witnessed high levels of energy efficiency.

Arbor Pro Australia PTY/LTD: Increasing the Value of the Property One Tree at a Time

Arbor Pro Australia PTY/LTD, a leading provider of tree removal and tree care services. We specialize in the removal of dead, dying, and hazardous trees, offering a wide range of options to keep properties safe and looking great, servicing all of Melbourne's western suburbs.

Award Winning Actor Yasiin "Mos Def" Bey Narrates Pacha's Pajamas - the First Children's Book That Springs to Life Through Augmented Reality

BALANCE Edutainment, a leading Extended Reality EdTech firm, today launched an IndieGoGo campaign for Pacha's Pajamas. Narrated by Yasiin "Mos Def" Bey, Pacha's Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature is an augmented reality (AR) children's book that gets kids to fall in love with reading again. It also inspires learning about living in harmony with nature through an engaging and interactive experience. The book introduces a new category of augmented reality edutainment, the Zbook, where every illustration in the book becomes animated through the free "Pacha Alive" app.

Entricit to Transform Independent Auto Repair Services with 8 Million Connected Cars

LogoEntricit is looking to disrupt the automotive repair industry on behalf of the 200,000 independent auto repair shops and parts suppliers in the US. The Irvine, CA-based company will connect repair shops with the millions of customers they serve by accessing the existing live on-board vehicle data to alert shops when a vehicle needs attention.

Law of Attraction - The Missing Key Event, to Be Launched by the Hypnosis of Portland Center

The Hypnosis of Portland Center, located in South West Portland, announces a new ongoing event "The Law of Attraction - The Missing Evidence" course, starting Jan 13, 2018, every 4th Saturday. This class will allow students to learn and put into practice some very sophisticated teachings of the Law of Attraction, which are also part of the Law of Attraction coaching services provided at the Center.

Design Moves; Hybrid Marketing Agency, Celebrates Another Successful Year in South Florida

Thursday, November 9th, the local community had come together to celebrate Design Move's One Year Office Anniversary called Eclectic Rise. The event was part of empowering local businesses to grow with Design Moves based in Oakland Park Florida.

Pacifico Plastic Surgery Now Booking Consultations for Breast Enhancement Procedures in the New Year

Pacifico Plastic Surgery is now booking consultations for breast enhancement procedures throughout December 2017 and into the New Year. Led by board-certified surgeon, Dr. Biagio M. Pacifico, the surgical practice brings exquisite care and an expert eye to the communities of Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the New Jersey area. Renowned for their breast implants, Brazilian butt lifts, and liposuction procedures, Pacifico Plastic Surgery offers professionalism, confidence, and comfort to all its patients.

NASDAQ:ACOR Shareholder Notice Lawsuit Alleges Misleading Statements by Acorda Therapeutics Inc

LogoThe Shareholders Foundation announces that an investor, who purchased NASDAQ:ACOR shares, filed a lawsuit against Acorda Therapeutics.

NYSE:AET Investor Alert: Investigation over Possible Wrongdoing in Acquisition of Aetna Inc

LogoThe takeover of Aetna by CVS is under investigation over potential wrongdoing. The investigation was announced for investors, who currently hold NYSE:AET shares, over whether the takeover of Aetna Inc. by CVS Health for a value of approximately $207.94 per share is unfair.

NASDAQ:VIVO Shareholder Alert: Lawsuit Alleges Misleading Statements by Meridian Bioscience, Inc

LogoAn investor, who purchased NASDAQ:VIVO shares, filed a lawsuit against Meridian Bioscience, Inc. over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws.

Hrothgar's Hoard Produces One of a Kind Leather Spell Books and Journals

LogoCustomize spells, abilities, and record every detail from an RPG campaign with DragonHyde spell books, adventurer's journals, campaign journals, and book covers.  By partnering with Waxingdog Studio, Hrothgar's Hoard is able to purchase remnant leather, ensuring that each piece is an original work of art.  These unique leather pieces will be used to create:

Palm Drive Productions Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Knightmare Part II

LogoPalm Drive Productions has proudly announced that they are seeking community support and raising funds on Kickstarter for their upcoming indie film project, Knightmare Part II. The exciting new film has an epic storyline that will entertain fans from all age groups. The production company is also offering several great rewards for the backers on Kickstarter that range from merchandise to a special credit role in the film itself.

The Original Tin Cup Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Ultimate Whiskey Cups

LogoThe Original Tin Cup Company has proudly announced that they are bringing back the ultimate whiskey drinking cups made of high quality stainless metal. These cups are handmade and each cup is different from the others. In addition, the company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this project with a goal to raise a sum of $10,000. Moreover, drinking enthusiasts will also be able to use these cups for bourbons and dark rum besides whiskey.

Soothie Pad Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Comfort Traveling Babies

LogoTroy and An Bui from Florida are the parents of two boys and they have proudly invented the all new Soothie Pad. It is the world's first weighted lap pad that is specifically designed to soothe and calm babies in the car while they are on the go. This amazing creation will be a breakthrough invention and it will make the road trips much easier and comfortable for babies around the world.

Street Mutt Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Its Unique Dog Collars with Interchangeable Looks

LogoStreet Mutt is proudly introducing the first-of-its kind dog collar and leash set for the man's best friend. With every set, you'll get one leash, one collar and three design patches to let you choose endless looks for your dog. The Toronto based Canadian company is now seeking generous community support for this amazing initiative on Kickstarter and it is welcoming dog owners from around the world to back the campaign with their pledges and donations.

Future Doctors: An Inspiring Children's Book Series Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoAt some point in their life while growing up, many children aspire to become doctors of the future. To make this dream come true, some of the most seasoned healthcare professionals have created an amazing eBook series for children called Future Doctors, which is now being crowdfunded on the platform of Kickstarter.

ETISKLAER Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Premium Quality & Timeless Clothing

LogoAntonino Raviele is a gifted Italian designed and engineer, who has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for his new clothing brand called ETISKLAER. The project aims at manufacturing timeless clothing made with premium quality materials. Moreover, the project is also intended to help people in need and helping the humanity at large with donations raised from the sales of its highly diverse product line.

Body Armor Megastore Announces 3A Body Armor and Much More Is Available for Purchase This Winter Season

Body Armor Megastore announces 3A body armor and much more is available for purchase this winter season. When it comes to purchasing tactical gear, quality is of the utmost importance. Nobody can afford to be out in the field with body armor that is questionable in terms of its protective capabilities. For those who need to find durable, quality tactical gear that will last all season long, choose Body Armor Megastore.