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Global Bionematicides Market Is Expected to Reach US $203.5 Mn in 2023: Transparency Market Research

Bionematicides is a formulation of bacterial and fungal spores to control crop infestation by nematodes. Nematodes infect almost all the crops sown across the globe, thereby affecting the crop yield. The biological method of controlling nematodes is advantageous as they do not affect the environment by remaining in the soil for a long time. Bionematicides are available in liquid and powder form to be used for soil application and drip irrigation.

Annuity Educator Partners with American Equity

Annuity Educator is pleased to announce that they have recently added American Equity to their long list of preferred partners. As a leading investment life insurance holding company, American Equity specializes in fixed index and fixed-rate annuity products.

Stockroom Offers Its Collection of a Wide Range of Furniture Online

Furniture is among the basic amenities for humans. Wherever man stays, he needs furniture in order to accommodate himself as well as his possessions. There are various ways in which one can get the desired piece of furniture. The online furniture shops such as Stockroom are viable choices for purchasing furniture Hong Kong. The e-commerce has swept the world of sales and purchase. Nearly everything that humans need or demand is sold online, and furniture is no exception. The flexibility of online shopping is especially widespread for citizens of the developed nations.

Agency Founder to Offer Wordpress Services to Online Businesses

Dominique, founder of Divine Web Studios, is offering a service package to new businesses to assist in website development, specifically hosting through Wordpress. The goal of this package is to help new businesses and start-ups develop a website and increase consumer visibility. The service is available to businesses all over the world.

Diabetes Miracle Cure Review Reveals a 30-Second Trick to Cure Diabetes

Millions are suffering from diabetes today. People have the misconception that they cannot cure the disease permanently, but can only keep the blood sugar at a manageable level. However, Paul Carlyle, who is a former diabetes sufferer, has broken this myth. He discusses about a 3-week revolutionary method to cure diabetes. Using this 30-Second Trick every day, Paul cured his diabetes almost 10 years ago, and today he is leading a happy and healthy life. In a video presentation, he reveals a proven cure for diabetes that is safe, inexpensive and easy to follow.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Moves to New Location

Dr. Frederic H. Corbin is a board-certified plastic surgeon with practices in both Beverly Hills and Brea, CA. Dr. Corbin’s original Beverly Hills location has recently to a new address: 9400 Brighton Way, Penthouse Suite, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. The phone number will remain the same: (310) 284-8384.

My IDentity Doctor Now Supports Celiac Sprue Awareness Month with Their Celiac Disease Bracelet for Celiac Sprue Patients

Celiac disease has been increasing at an alarming rate. People are not very aware of this disease, and they consider it as any other normal disease. However the notion is absolutely opposite. Celiac diseases, if not treated at the right time may prove fatal. This disease is associated with digestive and autoimmune disorders that damage the lining of the small intestine when food particles which contain gluten are eaten. The damages in the intestine make it difficult to absorb the nutrients by the body. This further damages the villi that is there on the small intestine. The villi stops absorbing the nutrients from the food and if the villi, which is hair like structure in the small intestine is destroyed, it results in severe health disorder including extreme malnourishment. The best way to prevent this disease is to educate people about this and in order to do so, Canada officially made the month of October as the Celiac disease awareness month. Consequently various interest groups in the U.S. and other countries also followed the suit.

Local Certified Professional Life Coach & Motivational Speaker Debut's Dating Book for Women

Local Certified Professional Life Coach and inspirational speaker, Mary Davies of Spokane, will debut her dating book “The Ultimate Guide to Dating For Women” on October 17th, 2014 at 6:30 PM at Auntie’s, a local, down town Spokane bookstore. There will be a reception with Davies and she will offer a Q & A session and be available to sign books!

Provenance Vie Saine: A Free Website Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Allister Yee, a health professional from New Zealand, thinks that a healthy lifestyle is a right, not a privilege.

Threads of Life Is a 'Comfort Book' That Provides Insight and Hope

Jay Tillitt, an Episcopal priest in Redlands, Calif., has a special book he’d like to share with as many people as possible.

New Drug Breakthrough: A (Conditionally) Federally Legal Alternative to Medical Marijuana

With the legalization of medical marijuana (cannabis) in an increasing number of states, there is a movement afoot to provide the benefits of marijuana as a synthetically produced drug.

New Inside Application Engineer Joins C&B Equipment

LogoC&B Equipment has added Gerry Thibodeau as their new Inside Application Engineer. With over 30 years in the industry, Thibodeau is excited to bring his “reliability strategy” to C&B’s customers.

Beans Diesel Performance Expands Line of Products and Adds Toll Free Ford Line

According to recent records on registrations of automobiles and trucks in the US, diesel engines are gaining in popularity, with a rise of 24 percent between 2010 and 2012. This increase in diesels is almost 10 times more than the 2.75 percent increase in overall registrations for vehicles during the same time period. One reason this fact is so notable is relatively few diesel cars and SUVs have been available in the US in recent years, with best selling models including the VW Golf and Jetta. However, choices are increasing quickly, with new popular models hitting the showrooms each year, such as the Audi A4, the Chevrolet Cruze and the Mazda 6. 2015 expects to see even more.

Raj Jackson Is Now Certified as TPI Medical Professional

LogoThe Dr.PGA Golf Learning Center is proud to announce that Dr. Raj Jackson has earned his Level 2 TPI Medical Professional Training. Dr. Jackson traveled to Vancouver, Canada and recieved his Level 2 Medical Professional training in September of 2014. The TPI Medical Professional track is focused on teaching the skills needed to deliver a quality golf-specific rehabilitative program. The Level 2 seminar focuses on golf-specific injuries, swing mechanics, advanced swing faults, wrist and ankle physical screening procedures and "SFMA"-Selective Functional Movement Assessment.

Organik Creative LLC Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Introduce Pop-a-Top Box, a Hand Crafted and Customized Display Box for Drinking Accomplishments

LogoNoted visual solutions company Organik Creative is looking for funding assistance through Kickstarter crowdfunding platform to bring Pop-A-Top Box to the next level. This patent pending product will provide an original alternative for the drinking aficionados to convert each bottle opened into art. Organik Creative is known for their one of a kind and space specific custom fine art and graphic imagery. The extensive range of creative services offered by the company includes canvas gallery wraps, abstract & mixed media art, custom lighting, custom wall paper & murals, and much more.

Coggins Larreau and Lythgoe, PC Presents Its Professional Legal Counseling Services for the Clients in State of Utah

Coggins Larreau and Lythgoe, PC, a leading group of Attorneys and Counselors at Law specializes in offering comprehensive legal counseling for individuals and businesses throughout the State of Utah. Their experienced attorneys provide representation in Utah District Courts, Utah Juvenile Administrative Courts and the Utah Labor Commission & Social Security Admin.

Ultriva Real Time Visibility Software Featured in Supply Chain Publication

LogoUltriva, the leader in collaborative supply chain solutions, was featured in the Supply Chain Market publication. According to the staff writer, real-time visibility corroborates when orders are sent, received, and shipped, allowing a supply chain planner to see which suppliers are doing a good job.

Weeds and Woods Creates New Buying Guide for Landscaping Tools and Materials

Landscaping can be arduous, even back-breaking work without the right tools. With the right tools however it can become an art form and tending the garden can allow people to express their creative selves, from manicured lawns to topiary. All this starts with the right tools however, and Weeds and Woods help people find the most appropriate tools for them. As well as providing a handy guide as to the essential landscaping tools, they have now expanded their remit to include a buying guide that lists key features to look out for, and things to avoid when making a purchase.

Mindful Stress & Anxiety Management Center Announces 8 Week Group Mindfulness Meditation Training Session for Beginners

LogoWhen going through a transition in life, or having trouble handling a stressful event and circumstance, many individuals are seeking assistance to help them tackle these unwanted obstacles in their lives. As a prominent center for anxiety treatment in Philadelphia, MSAM (Mindful Stress & Anxiety Management) is pleased to announce they have created an 8-week course to help individuals suffering from chronic anxiety sustain a state of wellness. To take part in the sessions, there is a fee of $300, and a savings of $50 if registration is completed at least one month in advance.

Large Format Printers (LFP) Market in APAC Region 2014-2018

LogoLarge format printers (LFPs) are printers used to print the surfaces that range between 17 and 100 inch. They are used to print such as banners, posters, and sign boards and signage. LFPs are mostly used for commercial purposes rather than personal use because of cost factor. Advances in technology across the LFP market have increased the efficiency and productivity of these printers. The LFP market in the APAC region is witnessing high adoption in the Textiles segment, which is expected to drive the market growth.

Global Soup Market Key Vendors Analysis and Research 2018

LogoThe Global Soup market comprises of packaged soup that is manufactured and sold in liquid, dehydrated, instant, chilled, frozen, and UHT soup forms. Packaged soup requires minimal time and effort to prepare. It usually requires heating, boiling, or adding hot water. There are large variety of soups available in the market such as vegetable, clear soup, chicken, fish, tomato, and mushroom.

TV Advertising Market Global Research and Analysis 2018

LogoTV advertising is a platform that enables advertisers to create awareness and promote their products among consumers. Since television is the largest medium to reach people across the world, TV advertisers are keen to approach advertising channel operators. Advertising on TV can be done through traditional commercial channels, multichannel advertising, or online TV advertising, which is the latest trend. Private sector companies are the major buyers in the Global TV Advertising market; however, governments and NGOs are also investing on television advertising.

Cell Source to Present at the FireRock Conference and the Life Sciences Summit in New York City on October 28th and 29th, 2014

Cell Source, Inc.("Cell Source") an immunotherapy and regenerative medicine company, announced today its President and CEO, Itamar Shimrat, will present at two upcoming conferences in New York City during the month of October.

Safian & Rudolph Jewelers Announces the Expansion of Their Diamond Engagement Rings Inventory

LogoSafian & Rudolph Jewelers announces an expansion of their inventory of diamond engagement rings in Philadelphia. For those who desire to betroth a beloved in time for the holiday season, the business has over a thousand unique rings in stock.

eFlights Announces Flight Deals from Chicago to New York

LogoDallas, TX / Online Flight Deals website is excited to announce last minute flight deals to New York City (NYC) from Chicago. The flights cover the beginning of November and start as low as $88 that would depart on November 1st. The fares listed represents a savings of approximately $20 over the closest competitor in the flight comparison websites. Based on the current results, Spirit Airlines is offering the best last minute flight deals when flying from Chicago to New York. American Airlines is offering a similar flight for just $113 from Chicago to New York. The listed flight times and prices are subject to change.

Pallets Market Analysis and Global Forecast to 2020: Size, Share, Trends, Segments and Growth

LogoPallets (modern goods transportation infrastructure) also known as skids are flat transportation structure that provide supports to goods in a stable manner while it is transported from one place to another. Pallets are designed to access support to the forklift, pallet jack, front loader or other jacking device at the time of transporting good. Majority of pallets are made up of wood (hardwood or softwood) approximately more than 80%. Other materials used to manufacture pallets include plastic (high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC)), metal (carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum), corrugated paper (corrugated, honeycomb, solid fibreboard and moulded pulp paper) and composite wood ((plywood, OSB, particleboard and LVL)).

Global Specialty Food Ingredients Market Analysis by Size, Share, Segments and Forecast to 2020

LogoFood ingredients provide unique color, textures, nutrients, functionalities and flavors to the cooked or processed food products. Food ingredients are added to enhance taste and flavor to the processed food items. Specialty food ingredients are used by food and beverage industry to enhance taste and flavor to the processed food. Specialty food ingredients are able to meet customer’s demands owing to their unique features including processing aids, coloring, preservation, emulsification and nutritional enhancement. Also, help in enhancing shelf-life, stability and texture of the food products. Specialty food ingredients are majorly sold to food processing industry including large food manufacturing companies as well as medium-sized companies.