Press Releases From 03/17/2023 Until 07/19/2024

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DAVID ICKE International Author and Speaker to Appear on the INFINITE HUMAN TALK SHOW on the Voice America Empowerment Channel!

LogoDavid Icke often referred to as a Conspiracy Theorist will be appearing on The Infinite Human Talk Show to discuss his latest book The Dream. A brilliant and well-researched literally work that explains the mechanics of how we have had consciousness entrapped in an A.I. Dream Spell. His poignant details help to SEE through the illusion and take back our power, our consciousness, and our souls!

DEI & Race: Moving Beyond Good Intentions to Meaningful Impact with Malia Lazu

LogoIn this episode, we will discuss how to implement authentic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. What is required to move from the intentions of DEI initiatives and racial equity to actualize meaningful impact? Tune in to New Legacy Radio, with host Christine J. Erickson, live on Tuesday, February 6th, at 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm GMT here: DEI & Race: Moving Beyond Good Intentions to Meaningful Impact

Victoria Jackson, Saturday Night Live Alum, to Appear on Next Steps Forward with Chris Meek 

LogoVictoria Jackson, actress, comedienne and Saturday Night Live alum, will appear on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network podcast Next Steps Forward with Chris Meek on Tuesday.

Transformed Author Reveals Journey from 'Consumption' to 'Application' in Candid Podcast Interview, Sharing Insights on Finding the Love of Your Life

LogoChantal Landrevile, a certified love and relationship coach with over two decades of experience in personal growth and human connection, will join Sonna Johns on podcast Up Close and Empowered on Thursday, February 8th. Tune in live to listen to Chantal share pieces of her entrepreneurial and personal love story.

Step Up and Be an Angel

LogoVoiceAmerica, the leader in online media broadcasting and the largest producer and distributor of live internet talk radio, proudly announced today the upcoming radio program and podcast "The Business Elevation Show" exclusive series episode "Step Up and Be an Angel" with host Chris Cooper.

Why Should Businesses Outsource Their IT Support to Minerva IT Services?

LogoMinerva UK provides expert IT Support services to businesses throughout London and Hertfordshire and across the UK. Outsourcing your IT to Minerva takes the stress away from you, giving you complete peace of mind and enabling you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Renowned Psychoanalyst Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin Launches "The Binge Cure with Dr. Nina" on Voiceamerica's Health & Wellness Channel

LogoNew Show Strikes a Chord with Global Audiences in 33 Countries 

Western Outdoor Living Showcases Colorado Springs Patio Furniture and Low-Maintenance Outdoor Patio Furniture Alongside Colorado Springs Barbecue Grills & Fire Pits

LogoThe Western Outdoor Living Colorado Springs patio furniture store has a wide selection of Colorado Springs patio furniture to transform an exterior living space into a modern and functional area for relaxation or entertaining. In addition to patios and decks, patio furniture can be a stylish addition to a porch in front of the house, a balcony outside an apartment, beside a pool, inside a sunroom or conservatory, or on a rooftop. Outside of the home, Colorado outdoor furniture can also provide a relaxing rest area for employees to enjoy on a break at their business location. Primary considerations when selecting a patio furniture set include whether the patio furniture will be outside year-round and also how much maintenance will be required to keep the tables and chairs in good condition. Some materials commonly used to manufacture patio furniture require very little ongoing maintenance. Wrought iron is a good example, requiring no more than a wipe-down with a soapy cloth if it gets dirty. Any scratches or damage to the state-of-the-art powder coat finish can be covered up with touch-up paint. It is important to do this quickly following any damage so corrosion is avoided. Western Outdoor Living, premier patio furniture experts based in Colorado Springs, sell touch-up paint to match all original manufacturer's stock that they sell. They have a section on their website to provide helpful tips on how to care for and maintain patio furniture to improve the appearance of the furniture as well as its longevity. Another tip relating to wrought iron patio furniture is to never apply wax to textured finishes, however, it is worth noting that the gloss on non-textured finishes can be maintained and showcased by applying a layer of fine automotive wax. Other materials may require regular maintenance in order to protect their appearance and their condition. Natural stone table tops for instance are porous and it is recommended they are sealed twice a year with a stone sealer. As Colorado's climate can lead to rapid freezing and thawing during the winter months, and because the temperatures can drop well below freezing, natural stone table tops cannot remain outdoors year-round, and storing them in an outdoor area with no additional heat source, such as a garage, will not prevent potential splitting and damage to the table top as temperatures change. Without appropriate care, the patio furniture may be compromised, so an assessment should be made before purchasing to decide if there is a storage solution available for particular patio furniture items that must be brought indoors and protected from wintertime temperature fluctuations. When planning a patio makeover, it can be useful to visit a showroom with other patio accessories displayed alongside the furniture. This helps to visualize how different colors and textures will look together, as well as relative sizes and dimensions which will occupy space in the outdoor area. The Western Outdoor Living showroom in Colorado Springs brings all elements together in one place for convenience and a superior shopping experience.

Western Fireplace Supply Colorado Springs Fireplace Store Features Gas Fireplace Inserts, Gas Fireplaces, Pellet Fireplace Inserts, Wood Fireplace Inserts

LogoThe Western Fireplace Supply Colorado Springs location is one of three convenient sites across Colorado, with the other two stores located in Avon and Fort Collins.

Houston Managed Service Provider Designs Cybersecurity Compliance Solutions, Offering Proactive IT Management and on-Demand Support

LogoAs a premier Houston IT consulting company, AVATAR Managed Services understands that no cookie-cutter solution can be applied across all businesses that need information technology as a critical part of day-to-day operations. Every company is unique, offering a set of challenges and opportunities as the business changes and the supporting technology tools evolve. A proactive IT strategy is considered important as risk can be reduced by planning to stay ahead of cyber security threats, hardware obsolescence, and changes in regulations. Another major benefit in adopting a proactive approach rather than a reactive stance is that budgeting decisions can be made and change can be managed in a controlled manner. There may be times of the year that are particularly busy for a business, and change during that critical period may need to be minimized as any downtime could affect access to data, a delivery schedule, or cause confusion if the change is introducing or modifying a process that is key. Planning ahead, often months ahead, allows the client to pinpoint optimal times when changes can be carried out, often considering 'what if' scenarios in case a change fails and then has to be backed out.

Catamount Funding Offers Houston Freight Factoring, Financing Freight Bills Through Transportation Factoring to Ease Cash Flow Challenges

LogoCatamount Funding, one of the premier Factoring companies in Houston TX, offers invoice factoring services to help clients grow their businesses and operate with a healthy financial balance sheet. Factoring freight bills is a major part of day-to-day operations, whereby transportation factoring, or trucking factoring as it is also known, converts accounts receivables into almost instant cash. The transaction involves converting an unpaid invoice into cash, and the cost is a small discount on the total sum. In addition to receiving funds quicker, the ongoing management of the unpaid invoice transfers to the factoring company. The factoring company then takes ownership of the follow-up actions to ensure the funds are received as expected when the invoice becomes due. Accounts receivables and unpaid invoices are common across some types of product delivery or service where delivery to the end customer is agreed with payment terms allowing for a delay before payment. This delay can range anywhere from a few days to up to three months. The cost of delivering the product or service is paid upfront, so there is an outlay that will not be canceled out by receiving the income for some time. In addition to the money being outstanding, keeping track of upcoming invoices can be a time-consuming and stressful chore. Ironically, the more successful a company is, the more financial stress it can be under as it builds up a larger sum of accounts receivables. Until the invoices are paid, the outlay and delivery costs deplete the cash available to spend. Even for business owners who plan weeks or months in advance, there will likely be a mix of predictable costs, like payroll, rent, insurance, and taxes, as well as unpredictable costs like a rise in gas prices, vehicle repairs, or the cost of hiring new staff and training them to a point where they can be productive. One major advantage of factoring outstanding invoices is the short lead time required if unexpected circumstances do arise. The application process for invoice factoring with Catamount Funding is simple, with an online application available from the website. Finance approval decisions can be expected within 48 hours. Selling invoices that are due in the future is a simple process, and when factoring invoices with Catamount Funding, a subset of outstanding invoices can be selected.