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Swedish Country Artist TJ Leonard Releases Sophomore Single, "The River"

MTS Management Group and MTS Records are happy to announce the radio release of Swedish country artist TJ Leonard's sophomore single, "The River." The track will be distributed to radio stations worldwide on April 11, 2016. "The River" is the follow up to TJ's Top 10 New Music Weekly and #2 Indie World Country Record Report chart debut, "Remember Those Times." Both tracks are from his current album, High On Livin'.

Swedish Country Artist TJ Leonard Releases Sophomore Single, "The River"

MTS Management Group and MTS Records are happy to announce the radio release of Swedish country artist TJ Leonard's sophomore single, "The River." The track will be distributed to radio stations worldwide on April 11, 2016. "The River" is the follow up to TJ's Top 10 New Music Weekly and #2 Indie World Country Record Report chart debut, "Remember Those Times." Both tracks are from his current album, High On Livin'.

Saudi Arabian Ex-Muslim Launches Fundraising Campaign for Reforming Islam

Taleb Al Abdulmohsen is Saudi Arabian presently in Germany who has gone public with his views on Islam. Now an Ex-Muslim, Taleb has launched a reformist campaign starting with a book named "Creative Refutation of Islam." The Indigogo crowdfunding campaign has already been launched and supporters of his cause have started making contributions. While the initial reactions from his friends and colleague have not been favorable, Taleb has all intentions of going ahead with the campaign.

The Ultimate Inside Account of Dick Cheney's Life by FOX News Correspondent James Rosen

FOX News correspondent James Rosen appeared on the Creating Wealth show with host Jason Hartman for an in-depth discussion on former Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney.

New Bestseller Shares One Woman's Journey Through Her Invisibility to Thriving

Metamorphosis - One Woman's Journey to Find Serenity & Empowerment is a deeply vulnerable account of Sue Relihan's journey as she attempts to find love and success. Sue shares how she became accustomed to paying a high price for acceptance.

Author Launches a Crowfunding Campaign for an Epic Book Giveaway for Survivors of Abuse

Author Nacrissa J Vil recently announced the launch of her new book, Gravitate, which is a book that will help women overcome their personal inhibitions and attract the type of love and romantic partnership they deserve. Nacrissa has also announced the launch of a Book Giveaway for Survivors of Abuse, for which she requires the help of the generous online crowd. The aim of the campaign is to raise funds for a cause that is close to Nacrissa's heart due to her own past, she has taken the initiative to set up a crowdfunding campaign for a book Giveaway for survivors of abuse.

Morocco-Film-production.com Strikes a Deal with Tile FILMS Ltd and Smithsonian Channel

Morocco Film Production has managed to create yet another amazing production. With a storyline that's based on ancient Greek prophecies, they are all set to get the audience glued to the TV screen. The production house is known for film shoot permits in Morocco, casting, equipment and a lot more. They are also known to get the perfect costumes for every shoot. All partners at the production house are certified under CCM which is the Moroccan Cinematographic Centre and the sole governing agency of Moroccan film industry.

Modern Day Renaissance Man John Tesh Opens Up About Life, Business on Creating Wealth Show with Jason Hartman

John Tesh needs no introduction. He's the host of Intelligence for Your Life TV and the John Tesh Radio Show, heard by over 15 million people across the U.S. and Canada.

Libertarian Party Candidate for President Austin Petersen Joins Jason Hartman's Podcast Before National Debate on FOX Business

The Creating Wealth show welcomed Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Austin Petersen to discuss his campaign politics and proposals to run the United States with host Jason Hartman. Petersen is fighting for the Libertarian Party's nomination against technology and cybersecurity entrepreneur John McAfee and 2012 Libertarian nominee and former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson.

Award-Winning Storyteller Exposes the Violent Jihad and Secrets of War

An American Muslim woman travels to an unknown and unforgettable place to learn about the secrets of war, violent jihad, and militant Islam. Set in the Kashmir valley, an award-winning speaker and instructor Farhana Qazi takes a transformational journey through one of the world's oldest conflicts. This beautifully written, heartfelt memoir finds compassion, courage and connection among the women of Kashmir. Qazi takes us deeply into the lives of women and gives us the most compelling and disturbing vision of what happens in a place caught between its own tenacious past and two South Asian rivals. A work of human empathy, Qazi combines first-hand storytelling with balanced, penetrating analysis of each situation to give us one of our most important chroniclers of communities in crisis.

FlipHTML5 Develops Its Enterprise Edition with Full Flipbook Publishing Features

LogoThe leading provider of well acclaimed flipbook software and online digital publishing platform, FlipHTML5 has added on great features to its Enterprise edition. The high value edition now provides some really powerful options for the publishers to create, manage and distribute their work in a better than ever manner. The company has made this possible by loading their enterprise edition with full publishing features.

Bestselling Author Brad Warner to Join Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

LogoA client recently asked me what I knew about Buddhism. She wanted to go somewhere to immerse herself in Buddhist practice as a way of learning more. I shared some basic information and encouraged her to begin her search with the internet. The fact is that Buddhism is not one thing and there isn't even agreement on the number of main branches. There are numerous questions to clarify including which particular teacher appeals to you. Most of us are familiar with His Holiness The Dalai Lama and the Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. But do you know what they believe and what the differences are between the different forms of Buddhism? According to my guest for this show, there are five precepts that are essential to all forms of Buddhism: "don't kill, don't steal, don't have excessive wants, don't lie, don't get high." In fact, he says that you can summarize Buddhist precepts into one simple concept: Don't be a jerk. Please join us Thursday to learn more about Buddhist wisdom and practice.

Grasping the Shifting Shape of Alternative Rock Music: Shy Shape

LogoRock music exploded on the scene in the 1950's with Bill Haley's Rock Around the Clock and the British Invasion of 1962 spearheaded by The Beatles. It has since morphed through eras including progression and punk to arrive at one of its current manifestations, that of alternative rock. The subgenre has in turn spawned its own proliferation of styles, and it can be tough for new bands to find their place in the mix. New Jersey based Shy Shape enters the fray with its own spin on doom-wop. Their sound retains the 50's style rhythms mixed with dark chords and gloomy lyrics pioneered by supergroup Mr. Heavenly, but amps up the dance factor. "We create music for those times when you become so emotional--maybe even broken down--that you just have to get up and move," says Shy Shape founder and lead singer Mike Dugan.

Jerald Simon Releases His 8th CD, Pulse, a Techno Pop Collection of Fun Music

LogoJerald Simon, president and founder of Music Motivation® ( musicmotivation.com ) and composer of the weekly "Cool Songs" he composes to help motivate teenage boy piano students, has finished his 8th CD, titled: "Pulse". This album contains 6 techno/pop soundtrack-like instrumental pieces that feature the piano and is reminiscent of the stylistic rhythmic beat of the 1980s. It was composed with dancing, exercising, running, or business use in mind.

The Marley Adventures Take Young Readers on Journeys Across Country and World

LogoAuthor K. Alicia Bolton is pleased to announce the release of the first book in The Marley Adventures series. Readers can pick up their copy of Get to Know Marley at www.themarleyadventures.com

Season 2 of Atlanta's New and Exciting Talk Show Premieres on Monday April 11

Atlanta's Late Night TV has not been the same since Alegna Productions in association with Launch Pad TV launched its premiere talk show called The Paradox.

Former Marvel Comics Artist Tom Rasch Signs with Global Genesis Group for His Original SuperheroTV Series BLACK ALPHA

LogoBLACK ALPHA has been described as "Batman meets Star Wars." BLACK ALPHA is an all-ages science fiction super hero story in a remote star system overrun by lawlessness and chaos. The series follows a hotheaded young smuggler named Tranden Antares, who stumbles upon advanced armor that grants him fantastic powers. Tranden must discover the true hero within himself while battling space pirates, slavers and a ruthless alien crime lord. Global Genesis Group will bring their acumen of producing and worldwide distribution to this exciting project.

Smith Publicity to Exhibit at Book Expo America in May 2016

This May, Book Expo America (www.bookexpoamerica.com), the number one book and author conference in the North American publishing industry, will take place in Chicago, offering an opportunity for authors and publishers to network and share their work with all types of book industry professionals, including booksellers, librarians, publishers, book distributors and retailers as well as rights and licensing professionals. Smith Publicity, (Booth 1641) a book marketing agency with a proven track record of successfully representing a diverse array of authors, will be exhibiting to showcase the agency's services and high-profile clients and books.

Digiarty Develops New Way to Watch Rio 2016 Olympics and Euro 2016 Sports Videos

LogoDigiarty Software, a famous multimedia software provider, announces today that it has developed a new method to watch sports videos including most-awaited Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Euro 2016 matches. Namely, free download sports videos including full matches and top goals online by making use of a sports video downloader.

PubHTML5 Digital Publishing Platform Now Able to Create Unique Newsletter

LogoA newsletter is always a cost-effective way to build and sustain a relationship with customers or clients. Small business never fails to send monthly or quarterly newsletters to its subscribers, and now it is possible to send stunning newsletters by leveraging the power of the popular PubHTML5 digital publishing platform. A whopping number of clients have used the platform already, and the number of its admirers is increasing each day.

Nextflipbook Announces Next Flipbook Maker Pro Specialized in Creating Animated and Interactive Digital Flipbooks

LogoPopular digital publication software provider Nextflipbook announces Next Flipbook Maker Pro for Mac/Windows for creating animated and interactive digital flipbooks. Users can easily embed local video, YouTube video, music, image, GIF, button, hyperlink, chart, etc. to any digital flipbook pages.

Wild Adventure Girls Taking YouTube by Storm with Their Funny Kids Videos

Three children Angelina, Scarlett, and Annabella, have become the latest stars of YouTube as the Wild Adventure Girls. The three young stars have launched a YouTube channel to give children a fun way of learning about the world around them. With more children turning to the Internet to watch shows, films and listen to music, the Wild Adventure Girls decided to take learning into the modern world and produce funny, educational videos that are quickly becoming as popular as the kids shows their parents watched.

Cliche Magazine Just Published Its April/May 2016 Issue Featuring Cover Girls Brec Bassinger and Laura Vandervoort

Bella and the Bulldogs actress Brec Bassinger tells us what it's like being a role model for young girls everywhere; Laura Vandervoort recounts her time on Syfy's show Bitten now that is coming to an end after 3 seasons; young dancer Asia Monet tells us how excited she is to add acting to her resume; Tony Cavalero channels his inner child as Dewey Finn in the new TV series School of Rock; and More!

Billboard Recording Artist B. Taylor Partners with Boost Mobile on Latin Music Release

LogoHip Hop Recording Artist B. Taylor was discovered by the original groups of Motown Legends including Pete Moore(The Miracles), Claudette Robinson(The Miracles) and Mary Wells(The Supremes). A Billboard Chart topping artist, Taylor is an accomplished Navy Veteran and the Ambassador of Music & Entertainment for the United States Military.

Angie Ransome-Jones Earns Critic's and Readers Praise for Her Latest Book

Businesswoman, philanthropist and author, Angie Ransome-Jones' first book entitled "Path to Peace, A Guide to Managing Life After Losing a loved One" is receiving wide acclaim in the short time it has been on the shelves. The book chronicles her journey of finding peace after the devastating and sudden loss of her beloved father. Now she has made it her mission and ministry to help all those who going through the death of a loved one by providing emotional and as well as much needed financial advice, in order to cope.

Indie Musician and YouTube Sensation Alexx Calise Reaches for the Stars

All her life, Alexx Calise has followed her dreams no matter what obstacles she's encountered. As a child, she wanted to play guitar but was encouraged to follow a more practical direction in life. This only strengthened her resolve, and the artist devoted herself to exploring her passion: making meaningful music, connecting with her fans, and following her destiny as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Her dedication has paid off in the form of soulful lyrics, ethereal vocals, smooth guitar, and songs that are strictly from the heart. Her emergent body of work has been called: ever growing, ever changing, and effervescent. She is a bright star on the rise and one of the freshest indie artists in music today.

Musician Vince Grant Channels His Depression Into Song

With his guitar, melodic voice and deeply profound lyrics, Vince Grant is shining a light on the dark shadow of depression. He has suffered from the malady most of his life, but has attracted accolades and scores of new fans since he decided to channel the disease's energy into an unforgettable collection of songs that comprise his debut EP entitled My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me.