Entertainment Press Releases

Multi Award Nominated Self Help Business Book "Your Leadership Edge" Recognized as the "Most Influential Business Book of the Current Decade."

Written to help people polish their inner leadership qualities, business self-help book By Ravinder Tulsiani 'Your Leadership EDGE: Mastering Management Skills for Today's Workforce' has been earning praise from readers and critics alike for its innovative perspective of modern business management. Recently, the book reached the number 1 spot on the GoodReads list, "Most Influential Business Books of the Current Decade."

Bermudian Recording Artist Giancula Gibbons and Legendary Musician/Producer Morris Hayes to Appear on Finding Your Frequency

VoiceAmerica CEO Jeff Spenard is joined by Bermudian recording artist Giancula Gibbons and legendary musician/producer/music director and long time Prince collaborator Morris Hayes Friday, May 12th at 2PM PST on Finding Your Frequency on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.

Ladies Have More Fun at Saints and Sinners Philadelphia This Month

LogoThis month, Saints and Sinners, one of the best-known swingers clubs in PA, will host two nights of sexy fun that their female guests won't want to miss. On April 22, the club's Philadelphia location will host the Official SLS Bi-Galz Unicorn Ball, followed by their regular Women's Choice Wednesdays night on April 26.

Two Official SLS Nights at Saints and Sinners Atlantic City This Month

LogoThis April, Saints and Sinners' flagship location in Atlantic City will host two Official SLS Nights in a week. Saints and Sinners members and SLS members are invited to join in on the fun and meet some of the sexiest swingers in PA and New Jersey. The Atlantic City Official SLS Nights will take place on April 22 and April 29. Visit www.saintsandsinnersac.com/ac-events/ to learn more.

Poetry Book Incorporates Home and Nature to Illuminate Life in Guyana

LogoStanley Niamatali's debut book, The Hinterlands, won the 2015 Guyana Prize for Literature for best first book of poetry. His second book of poetry, Mira and Other Poems of Guyana, is a continuation of his stunning work as he uses his homeland as the setting for Mira, a Chekhovian tale of horror and wonder.

New Release Encourages the Pursuit of God-Given Destiny and Purpose

An author's own experiences of being viewed as a loser and written off as being of little value are the backdrop for an inspirational new release. Monique Beck was a pregnant high-school dropout at sixteen who says, "I have seen God move mightily on my behalf." The author of Your Destiny Taken by Force: No More Excuses (Redemption Press) says, "I've been called stupid, dumb, fat, ugly, black, just a woman, uneducated, underprivileged, ghetto, aggressive, a 'dime a dozen' and a loser—but God! Had any of those words taken root, I would not be writing this today."

Room Escape DC Offers Washington DC's Only Mobile Escape Room

LogoRoom Escape DC, an escape room facility serving the northern Virginia area, offers Washington DC's only mobile escape room. The Escape Bus is a fully functioning bus that has been transformed into one of Room Escape DC's signature escape rooms, complete with their one-of-a-kind puzzles and immersive props. No other escape room in the area offers the unique, thrilling experience of a mobile escape room. The Escape Bus can be driven directly to your residence, venue, business, event, or party.

Introducing Peacock on the Rock, a Children's Book for the Yoga Lifestyle

LogoOver the past half of a century, a variety of healthy practices from fat-free foods to detox cleanses, to physical yoga have become popular. What's more is that the primary demographic of practicers of this healthy yoga-like mentality has been young adults and middle-aged individuals. However, almost everyone who currently practice yoga wishes they had begun their journey to a more balanced, healthier lifestyle started earlier in their youth. After all, the muscular stretching that comes with physical yoga routines is vastly more efficient when done at a young age. Additionally, the sooner a person begins to pay attention to their diet and balance of exercise, the sooner they feel the positive impact of this lifestyle on their stress levels, strength and more. For this reason, Varsha Bakshani has created Peacock on the Rock to introduce this lifestyle to children, making a healthy impact on children everywhere.

The Free Market of Detroit Prepares to Expand with a Kickstarter Campaign

LogoAs kids grow into adults, they are often told that nothing in the world is free. There is a sentiment that anything that appears to be free is simply too good to be true and that there is no organization or group that is benevolent enough to simply give away free products. But the team behind The Free Market of Detroit believes that this viewpoint is simply over pessimistic and does not account for the good within the heart of an average person. In fact, The Free Market of Detroit has been proving this negative point of view wrong by providing free upcycled, out-of-the-box, and gently used products to anyone within their various pop-up shops. These events have formed a supporting and close-knit community where everyone swaps their talents and their items without the exchange of money.

Prominent Nextist Ken Rutkowski to Give Opening Keynote Speech at the International Radio Summit in Canada

One of the world's most celebrated "Nextists" and inspirational broadcasters, Ken Rutkowski, will give the opening keynote speech at Radio Interactive's International Radio Summit, an integral part of Canadian Music Week.

Let Me 'Edutain' You

LogoOn the 20th of April 2017, Dutch creative Designer Petra Haddeman Bullee launched an 'Edutainment Book' for children, to spark creativity and encourage bonding with their family and friends. She believes Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and social skills are a necessity to be successful in life.

Introducing Ever After, a Fairy Tale Twisting Board Game

LogoEvery child has heard the stories of The Big Bad Wolf, The Wizard of Oz, and others. Each story taught a moral or two, setting up a unique and fantastic premise, and told the tale of the premise playing out. However, these stories have always been relatively contained in their own, isolated universes until now. What if Dorothy and little Red Riding Hood were one in the same? This is the idea of Ever After: Twisted Realm. In the world of Ever After, the stories are the same as they have always been, with one dramatic change: every fairy tale was told with no identifying names. In turn, Snow White and Cinderella were both nameless protagonists, so the two stories could both have revolved around the same nameless princess.

'Gargoyle': A Book Worth Backing Is Now Seeking Support on Kickstarter

LogoChristopher Slayton, a Delaware based author has announced that he will be seeking public support on Kickstarter to back his latest book titled, 'Gargoyle'. The award-winning author attended the University of Delaware, where he received a B.A. in Psychology and started writing at a very young age. Gargoyle is his latest book which is a story of an adopted son of a wealthy family who inherits his older brother's responsibility as a vigilante after his brother suffers a tragic death. The goal of this inspiring project is to raise $12,000 by Friday, June 2nd 2017 and everyone is welcome to support Chris on Kickstarter.

The All New Exciting "Never Give Up" Crystal Mazed Themed Adventure-Thriller Action Game Opens Up in Newcastle Upon Tyne

LogoNewcastle upon Tyne is all set to welcome its latest attraction; a crystal maze themed adventure game, which is sure to entice the adventurists and thrill seeker in the town. In the game, the participants are locked in a room designed in the style of an Egyptian tomb for an hour. During one hour in which the participants are enclosed in the chamber, they need to solve various puzzles and mysteries through the hints that are laid out across the room, to set themselves free.

The Cigarette Whisperer Rocky Rosen and Gretchen Bonaduce Discuss Smoking Cessation on the Real Deal with Danielle Delaney

LogoApril 18, 2017 6pm PT and OnDemand ~ Tune in to The Real Deal With Dr. Danielle Delaney to hear Rocky Rosen The Cigarette Whisperer and Media Personality, Musician, and Author Gretchen Bonaduce discussing Rosen's unique methods and techniques for helping millions to kick the habit of smoking, and how working with him greatly benefitted singer and entertainer Gretchen Bonaduce.

'Trees Please: Never Give Up the Dream': A Children's Book Worth Backing

LogoCynthia Wildes has announced that she is seeking public support on Kickstarter to back her new and inspiring children's book with illustrations titled, 'Trees Please.' The book is written by Cynthia Wildes herself and illustrations in this inspiring children's book are done by Blueberry Illustrations. Cynthia was born to a military family in Sept. 1958 and she has spent the better part of her life as a survivor of great ugliness. She has been living in the woods for almost two decades and has been fond of trees. This book is an inspiring read for the children where the author has used trees to convey message of hope, inspiration and dreams to the generations of the future.

Multimedia Fictions of Life in the Trump Era: Four ePub3 Formatted Stories About Life in Trump's Presidency

LogoJim Musgrave, an award winning college professor has announced that he will be seeking public support from the Americans on Kickstarter to back his new project. The theme of the project is the horrors, fantasies and science fiction of life in the Trump era. The project has four story categories namely 'The Pussy-Grabbing President', 'Jared Kushner's Big Adventure', 'Ivanka Trump's Shopping Channel' and 'The First Lady's War on Bullying.' Readers and writers can provide their support on each of the four categories above and contribute in this project that will record the history of Trump's era for the generations to come.

Newsmakers Network Announces Political Radar Echo with Cassandra Hautala

LogoNewsmakers Network today announced the addition of Political Radar Echo, a weekly political discussion show to its Political Radar channel. The show will be hosted by Cassandra Hautala and will feature a wide array of guest panelists having many different political points of view.

Lovie Johnson Releases #RNAR - Really Not a Rapper Montana, the Sequel

Lovie Johnson is all set to release the sequel of his most popular album #RNAR – Really Not a Rapper. Born Lovie Johnson, he grew up in Bakersfield, California along with his older brother Harlem and his local 925 crew. Lovie got the name Pezzy Montana from Harlem "because of his quick temper street demeanor and rowdy GET IT DONE hustler attitude". It is with this attitude he went on to partner with J-Diggs for his first ever album "Really Not a Rapper". The album was distributed through Rapbay/Urban Life and City Hall Records.

Gorillaz Tickets on Sale for KeyArena in Seattle, WA 2017 at MTC

LogoSuperstar group, Gorillaz, will bring their tour to Key Arena in Seattle, WA on Saturday September 30, 2017.

Frontrunner Collective Presents: An Annual Affair May 5-7, 2017

An Annual Affair presents a D-I-Y alternative to Frieze New York and its numerous satellite fairs with a dynamic and diverse group of emerging artists, highlighting their creative fearlessness.

Radio Legend Barry Farber Revisits His Role in the Hungarian Revolution

On the heels of its 60th Anniversary last October, the Hungarian Freedom Fight arranged an email announcing the Government of Hungary's citation of Barry Farber for his assistance to the people during and after the Hungarian Revolution. Below are some details of his mission..........(Some dialogue spoken in first person to capture the true realism of Farber).

Introducing Tyrants and Hellions, a Villainous D&D Guide Book for 5th Edition

LogoIn the world of role-playing games, Dungeons and Dragons is a staple. The game has been prevalent for decades, enthralling players from all sorts of backgrounds as they come together to have fun through the unique medium that the game offers. Through Dungeons and Dragons players fight amongst and alongside each other, solve puzzles, and more, all under the rule of one player dubbed the Dungeon Master. As the controller of the game, the Dungeon Master works tirelessly to ensure that the game is fun for all parties involved. He has to develop much of the plot of the campaign largely on his own, keeping aspects secret as not spoil the story while constructing an intriguing set of plotlines. Today, a company by the name of 2CGaming wants to make this occasionally arduous task of being the Dungeon Master of a campaign a bit easier with a collection of villains built for the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Get Ready for a Kindle New Release - The Fountain of Youth: A Wryte and Wong Mystery

Book lovers around the world have one thing in common - their inability to be anywhere without their favorite book. One such mystery is Jonathan Tindall's "The Fountain of Youth: A Wryte and Wong Mystery." This mystery book is already popular for its nail-biting moments, and the twists and turns at every corner.

Male Baby Boomers Find Love Again Utilizing Strategies Revealed in New Bestseller, How to Date Again in Your 50s & 60s

The basic idea behind Manny Carter's new bestseller, How to Date Again In Your 50s & 60s: A Male Baby Boomer's Guide to Love & Sex is to tell divorced, baby boomer men how to attract the right partner and find love again in their 50s and 60s.

Reverse Diabetes Today: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure

The E-Book "Reverse Diabetes Today" authored by Matt Traverso, is giving scientifically proven hope to anyone suffering from diabetes that is tired of treating the symptoms, rather than the real underlying cause for the disease.

Kids Yoga Stories Releases North American Animal Alphabet Yoga Cards for Kids

Kids Yoga Stories is excited to announce the release of their newest resource: North American Animal Alphabet Yoga Cards For Kids, digital cards designed to get kids ages three to eight involved in learning through yoga.