Entertainment Press Releases

Spanish Actress Tania Serrano's Dual Role in "Camila" Recognized by Short Film Competition

The work of Spanish actress Tania Serrano has been recognized by the Best Shorts Competition, a juried film festival for short films based in La Jolla, California. "Camila," directed and produced by Carla Roda, features Serrano in the title role. Serrano plays a rape survivor who creates an imagined second personality, "Lana," to help herself cope with the aftermath of the assault. "She's so uncomfortable in her own skin that she just develops this other identity," Serrano explains. "It's almost like she has an identical twin."

Celebrate St. Patty's Day Weekend with Saints and Sinners Philadelphia

LogoSaints and Sinners Philadelphia, the hottest spot for lifestyle parties in PA, is celebrating St. Patrick's Day with not one, but two sizzling events at their Emery Street location this March. Memberships are required for both Friday and Saturday nights' events: Those interested can register for membership by visiting www.saintsandsinnersac.com/.

T. Maxwell Smith Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Produce a Choose Your Own Adventure Film "Craig's Night"

LogoIn the style of the "choose your own adventure" books which sold over 250 million copies in the late 80's and 90's, the writers of Craig's Night have taken that idea and written a script (47 to be precise) with 25 unique endings.  Since this type of film is impossible to release into the cinema, the film is being produced directly to DVD and Blu-ray as these formats already hold the power to harness this type of experience. Watch Craig's Night again and again and never see the same film twice.

Customers Can Now Have the New Experience of Trying DIY Vinyl Lettering Tasks

The news that the company "Lettering On The Cheap" is providing DIY solutions for projects like vinyl lettering for windows may interest those who are keen on carrying out such tasks themselves. According to the company, the solutions they offer will instill a sense of security in these people and empower them to undertake the DIY tasks with confidence.

The Acclaimed Web Series, Moonbound24, Teases Upcoming Movie

LogoIt is not often that a low-budget web series achieves the level of fame required to successfully produce a movie, but through an original premise and an enthralling mixture of comedy, Moonbound24 seems to have made the cut. The expansion from a web series to a feature length film allows a web series to expand from the confined and short format that web series are often restricted to. For Moonbound24, this transition will allow the movie to go beyond than the simply fantastic compilation of comedical interviews of the web series. As a result, audiences will be treated to the same lovable humor that the Moonbound24 web series is known for while enjoying a deeper experience within the show's premise.

Many People Are Longing to Reinvent Themselves! New Bestseller Unveils Secret to Creating Dream Life

Katia KITA in her new bestseller, 30 Day Journey to a New You! unveils the new tool she has created to reinvent one's self, find one's true purpose in life and be successful.

Mole Street Artists Is Proud to Sponsor 12th Annual Let Them Eat Cake Fundraiser

LogoLet Them Eat Cake, a wedding cake competition and tasting reception, is returning to Philadelphia for its 12th annual event on March 5, 2017 at the Loews Hotel Philadelphia. This year, Mole Street Artists, a local entertainment booking agency, is proud to serve as a the live music sponsor for the event by providing one of Philadelphia's best wedding bands, Brian Williams and the Get Back, and Philadelphia wedding DJ Ben Arsenal for the entirety of the evening.

Artful Web Dodger Pix, LLC Launches Website Featuring Masterpiece Art Prints and Paintings for Every Room

Catherine Siciliano is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, www.ArtfulHomeDecorOnline.com. The website offers a wide variety of masterpiece art prints and paintings for every room, including conversation-worthy dining room art, statement living room art, soothing bedroom art, tasteful kitchen art, and motivational office art. Siciliano believes that everyone is entitled to experience beauty in their lives, whether through visual art, words, music, or other art forms. After noticing the vast number of inferior artworks often sold in galleries and other marketplaces, Siciliano wanted to help others find artwork that has true aesthetic quality and shows a high level of visual literacy of the artist who made the work. Through her online store, Siciliano wants to provide customers with affordable art and beauty that deserves their hard-earned money.

Murder Mystery Texas's Expanded Private Corporate Party Services to Include Austin & Plano

Award-winning entertainment company Murder Mystery Texas will expand the territory in which they offer private corporate parties to include Austin and Plano. Murder Mystery Texas, based in Dallas, has produced their customizable, interactive dinner theatre events for major corporate clients throughout the United States.

S&S Services Offers a Wide Range of Art and Craft Supplies to Foster Creativity in Kids

A reputable provider of arts and craft kits for kids, S&S Services offers a wide variety of art and craft supplies that encourage children to take part in creative activities. The arts and crafts materials that they offer include adhesive and spreaders, collage, craft and ribbon, modelling, felt and foam shapes and sheets, wooden craft, glitter, jewels and sequins, and much more. These art and craft supplies foster creativity in children and help them develop mentally, socially, and emotionally. All of their craft supplies are manufactured using quality tested materials to ensure children's safety. Anyone looking for the highest quality arts and craft kits for kids can contact S&S Services for their needs.

Experience Ghost Hunting and Time Travel in NYC Grand Central Terminal

If ghost hunting through majestic rooms frozen in time, passing darkened platforms connected by century old passageways seems like a script out of a supernatural thriller...think again! New York's own Ghost Doctors are the real deal and are now leading groups of adventure seekers on ghostly hunts beneath the streets of the Big Apple through the world's largest train terminal.

Local Attraction Will Stay Open Despite Storm Damage

LogoRefreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center in Stevens, PA took a major hit from a recent wind storm that hit Lancaster County, but that doesn't mean they are closing up shop.

West Coast Latin Hip Hop Pioneers Delinquent Habits Warn That "It Could Be Round Two" - New CD out March 3rd

West Coast Latin hip hop pioneers, Delinquent Habits, was forged in the talent-rich golden era of hip hop. While their self-titled debut release was unleashed in June of 1996, the band had been rocking house parties, battles, and any show there was a mic on since their formation in 1991. Ivan S. Martin PKA "Ives Irie", David L.K. Thomas PKA "Kemo the Blaxican", and then producer/DJ OG Style, the original members, created together the first four offerings from the band: 'Delinquent Habits', 'Here Come the Horns', 'Merry Go Round', and 'Freedom Band' with features from Sen Dog, Big Pun, Hurricane G, Ozomatli, and Mellow Man Ace. The aforementioned albums, sold well over 1 million copies & propelled Delinquent Habits into the scene and onto the road for several tours worldwide putting Delinquent Habits at the forefront of the Latin, hip hop, and underground scenes. Boasting one of the liveliest and truest hip hop shows on stage in over 50 countries.

ALL SECURE - The Most Secure and Functional Backpack in the World

LogoWe are proud to announce the launch of our innovative ALL SECURE Backpack. The ALL SECURE backpack uses materials and manufacturing techniques from NICT to offer maximum safety and convenience.

Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Fund 'Oldskool' Adventure Game – 'The Mysteries of Cow Island'

LogoBen Rich has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for 'The Mysteries of Cow Island', an adventure game that harkens back to the fabled LucasArts adventure game series of the 1980s and 90s. The Kickstarter campaign aims to garner widespread support and financial backing to complete development of the game and it's marketing - and distribute to a mass audience.

The Gregalicious Debuts New Blog to Continue Entertaining Millions

TheGregalicious, a social media personality built up by the entertainer and eccentric self-made multi-thousandaire, Greg Alprin, debuts his new blog www.thegregalicious.com to satisfy the appetite for destructions of his followers and loyal supporters sitting on edge of theirs seats for TheGregalicious' next hilarious and eye-catching Instagram or website post.

Kickstarter Campaign Launched Course on How to Make Video Games with Unity3D

For all those who love playing games and also dream of developing a game of their own will now have a golden opportunity to learn How To Make Video Games With Unity3D online through a course specially designed to create new opportunities for dreamers everywhere. A software and game developer from Germany has developed an online course that will teach students how to make their own video game with Unity3D. The project is currently in need of funding to cover the cost of developing and marketing the course, as well as for various other expenses, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on KickStarter with a funding goal of at least 5,000 which needs to be pledged by Fri, March 24 2017.

Sports Creek to Open Soon in Houston, TX

Sports Creek has announced that they will soon be opening their facility in Downtown Houston. Sports Creek is going to be the only facility in Houston to have a blue turf soccer field that accommodates 7 versus 7 play. In addition, this sensational facility will also have three sand volleyball courts and a bar. It will be an amazing place for soccer, volleyball and fun for the residents of Houston. Both sports fans and socialites are already excited about the grand opening of the facility.

Pretty in Paint Parties Announces Spring Paint Parties Are Filling Up Quickly

LogoPretty in Paint Parties (PIP), the premier paint party event company, is now booking paint and sip parties for the spring and spaces are quickly filling up. Mobile paint and sip parties have become increasingly popular and offer a fun twist to any event. PIP hosts events for adults, children, a combination of both, team building parties for companies, and so much more. Those wanting to book a spring themed paint and sip party in McHenry County, IL, or surrounding areas, should call Pretty in Paint Parties at 800-381-9512 right away, before all of their artists are booked.

Artstraws Ltd Provides Educational Art and Craft Products for Preschool Kids

Artstraws Ltd, a trader of educational art and craft supplies, offers state-of-the-art educational art and craft kits for preschool kids Esteemed as a major player in the industry of pre-school arts and crafts products, Artstraws Ltd. was founded in 1970, when the government stopped providing free milk for secondary school pupils. This led to the closing of straws manufacturer businesses. For the founders of Artstraws, it came as an opportunity to develop art and craft kits for children. They thus rescued paper straw manufacturers and purchased straw manufacturing machinery to be put to use for kids' art and craft activities.

Discerning Lovers of Novels Can Now Read Good Novels Online

Exciting news for those who love novels of various types including a light novel. Novelplanet.com is offering free novels online which means these lovers of novels can read and enjoy them. Novelplanet says that they offer light novel translations also and hence, lovers of novels will be able to read those of other languages that have been translated into English as well.

New Book: Obama, the Jackie Robinson President

"Obama, the Jackie Robinson President," is an exciting new book written by teacher, song composer, singer, and author Frank Palacio, a Los Angeles, CA resident. His work can be seen at www.facebookeducation.net.

Introducing Run It, the Game to Make Anyone President

LogoIt is easy to look at the opportunity to become president and think two thoughts: that position is unattainable for me, and I would do so many things different. Outsiders of the political game often are set on extreme and well-meaning goals, like ending hunger in the United States, without realizing the possible negative consequences. For example, setting up infinitely-stocked, government-funded soup kitchens would unleash cries of the expansion of welfare and even some Mccarthy-esque shouts of communism. Without understanding these consequences, it is easy to criticize any president for not setting up said soup kitchens. Today, a new app by the name of Run It is here to educate the people on the practicalities of being president while enthralling users through challenging and adaptive gameplay.

Creator of Beauty in Blood - Jen Lewis - Joins the Womb Happy Hour on VoiceAmerica

LogoBeauty in Blood is a transformative macrophotography and video art project. The catalyst of Lewis' project was switching tampons and pads to a menstrual cup that changed every facet of her life. The menstrual cup directly led to seeing menstrual fluid as an art medium; and using visual art to confront menstrual stigma in pop culture. In 2012, Lewis began creating her menstrual designs with her husband, Rob. Creative efforts to expand the scope of the project in 2017 are underway.

NYC Supernatural Ghost Hauntings Arrives in the American Museum of Natural History

The Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides have scoured NYC's American Museum of Natural History for signs of paranormal activity for quite some time. And now these two seasoned ghost hunters are sharing the adventure with groups of courageous explorers daring to experience a "real" ghost hunt through this iconic museum.

Director Amber Talarico Announces Screening Tour for "What It Takes" a Spirited Look at the Process of Becoming a Major Makeup Artist

LogoThere may be no better way to understand what it takes to succeed in the very competitive world of being a professional makeup artist for the film and fashion industries than seeing first-hand real professional's experiences. That's exactly what professional Hollywood-based makeup artist and Director Amber Talarico is delivering in her eye-opening and inspirational new documentary film "What It Takes", where Talarico not only shows her own ups and downs as she earns her place as a first class film and fashion makeup artist in Hollywood but also delivers interviews with 20 other successful makeup professionals. In exciting news, Talarico recently announced she is setting up a major city screening tour to promote the film, starting in March 2017, with eight city showings already confirmed.