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New Podcast Episode: Successful Podcasting

What should every business wanting to use podcasts to market their business know? Host Ken Countess explores that topic in this week's episode of the "Market Your Business Like A Pro" podcast.

Market Your Business Like a Pro Podcast Now Available Online

Internationally recognized marketing expert and consultant Ken Countess has launched the "Market Your Business Like A Pro" podcast.

The Ultimate Bridge Card Game Has Been Released on Apple Store

Seasoned app developer, Linda Mottley has proudly announced the release of another amazing card game on iOS called 'Bridge Card Game Classic'. Released officially on Wednesday, October 11th, 2017, it is the ultimate bridge card game and its version 1.0 has been officially released on iTunes for the iOS users worldwide. Linda Mottley is a renowned developer for iOS and has created several other apps for iPhone and iPad users around the world.

Elmwood Park Zoo Announces Launch of Elmwood Park Zoo Events Brand

LogoElmwood Park Zoo, located in Norristown, PA, is pleased to announce the launch of its Elmwood Park Zoo Events brand. This new brand seeks to promote the zoo as the most unique event venue in the Philadelphia area for weddings, holiday parties, corporate events, and more. People who are looking for things to do near Philadelphia do not have to look any further than Elmwood Park Zoo.

Co-Founder and Surgeon at Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre Does Interview with eHealth Radio Network

Dr. Ashley Gordon, surgeon and co-founder of Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre gets interviewed by Ehealth radio network host Eric Michaels. During her radio guesting, the board certified surgeon talked about the latest approach for tummy tuck, the revolutionary adhesive TissuGlu®. Dr. Gordon discussed the qualities that make good candidates for tummy tucks using the adhesive TissuGlu®. Dr. Gordon, who is also the first surgeon in Austin that is TissuGlu® Drain-Free Certified, has also shared information about TissuGlu®, and how it is used during a Tummy Tuck surgery. Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre's passionate aesthetic expert, also mentioned about the healing process for the post TissuGlu® procedure, and its accompanying risks. Most importantly, Dr. Gordon shared the must-know tips about why patients should choose a surgeon who is TissuGlu® certified, and the questions to ask their doctors if they are interested in the TissuGlu® tummy tuck approach.

The Concussion Repair Manual by Dr. Dan Engle Helps "Get Your Head Right"

LogoDr. Dan Engle entrepreneur, speaker, consultant author and founder of Full Spectrum Medicine launches The Concussion Repair Manual, A Practical Guide to Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries for those suffering after head traumas and those that support them.

The Hero's Spouse: A Guidebook to Surviving Your Spouse's Midlife Crisis Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoThe Hero's Spouse: Dealing with Your Spouse's Midlife Crisis and Infidelity When You Don't Want a Divorce is an inspirational guidebook written by Kenda-Ruth Stumpf, an inspiring American author and marriage advocate. The book is a guidebook for people going through their spouse's midlife crisis or MLC and is based on the experience of the author. Kenda-Ruth has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds, while seeking community support for this book and she is welcoming contributions and donations. Her goal is to raise a sum of $20,000 with this Kickstarter campaign.

Canadian Author Kai Kazi Leaks Film Poster for Ocean of Oneness, Movie Based on Life of Rumi

Anyone who is a fan of Rumi's teachings and sayings will undoubtedly be staying up to date with the latest news and information relating to Kai Kazi's upcoming film "Ocean of Oneness", an indie movie based on the life of Rumi.

ScrapbooksbyMars: Breathtaking Scrapbooks Are Now Available on Etsy

LogoMarlena DeMar, an amazing artist and a passionate scrapbook enthusiast, has proudly opened her store in Etsy's online marketplace. The artist is seeking support and welcomes everyone to purchase her work from the online platform. ScrapbooksbyMars uses clients photos and turns them into incredible works of art. She uses their ideas and incorporates them into the overall piece. No two pages, or albums, are alike.

New Release Provides Help for Those Struggling with Food-Related Issues

Dieting does not work, according to popular knowledge and research. A landmark UCLA study (2007) said "People on diets typically lose 5 to 10 percent of their starting weight in the first six months...However, at least one-third to two-thirds of people on diets regain more weight than they lost within four or five years, and the true number may well be significantly higher."

Conclusion to Trilogy Explores Levels of Cheating

While academic cheating in high school is widely acknowledged as being pervasive, cheating occurs at all levels of society. Sig Kriebel, former newspaper reporter and editor and now high-school English teacher, highlights the struggle with ongoing temptations to cheat in his novel A Whirlwind Swirling, available through Redemption Press (2017).

Bitter Wind: A Criminal Feature Film Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LogoInternationally renowned film director Leonid Lopatin has announced that he is raising funds and support for the upcoming action feature film titled Bitter Wind. The film is a story of action, crime, thrill and suspense with a talented cast performing alongside a seasoned crew. Moreover, the upcoming criminal feature film will be shot in multiple locations including countries such as Finland, Estonia and Albania.

"Welcome Runeseeker. Are You Ready for an Adventure?" 'Gwent' Like Runewards CCG Looking for iOS Beta Testers

Fredbear Games' Runewards, a mobile CCG strategy card game which has been compared to the Gwent card game, has opened in Beta, filling a void in the mobile market.

Proficient City Announces Dragon Awaken Server 78 Launch with New Activities & Surprises for Gamers

Today, Proficient City announced the launch of the new Server 78 that will enable worldwide online gamers to access the Dragon Awaken Game at a faster pace. To celebrate the launch of the server, the company has lined up various activities that can bring more excitements for gamers.

Sealed Emblem of Sky: An Enjoyable Game from Japan Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoSealed Emblem of Sky is an all new Japanese video game that is currently seeking generous community support for its development. The creators of this game have therefore launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the game and they are welcoming video game lovers from around the world to generously support the project. Moreover, they have successfully prepared a demonstration edition of the video game for test play and promotional purposes.

The Humanness Project Presents the Tale of a Brave Little Girl Who Challenges Trump

LogoA new children's book promises to be an entertaining, contemporary morality tale dealing with precarious themes as racism and bigotry in the United States. The eponymous heroine of Deonna and the BIG Bully is a fearless young, black girl who stands up to bullies and bigots, more specifically, supporters of current American President Donald Trump - and President Trump himself - who epitomize hatred and intolerance.

Pretty in Paint Parties Now Booking Art Parties Throughout Fall 2017 and Beyond

LogoWhen it comes to finding a unique outing to enjoy with both friends and family, art parties are the way to go. Art parties, often called paint and sip parties, are the perfect way to share in an activity that brings people together through the creative process. Pretty in Paint Parties is now booking art parties throughout Fall 2017 and beyond. Pretty in Paint Parties brings a new level of excitement and expertise to art parties and is proud to book interested customers this season.

Witanlore: Dreamtime, an Ambitious RPG Druid Gameworks Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LogoDruid Gameworks, an American gaming company has proudly launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to seek funds and support for their all new upcoming roleplaying game. The game is titled 'Witanlore: Dreamtime', and it is an ambitious new RPG that has been nearly three years in the making. The gaming company is now raising funds and support from the gaming fans for this RPG and it is welcoming everyone to generously contribute in the fundraising on Indiegogo.

1Heart Productions: A Platform for Bay Area Artists Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoAn inspiring American artist, Demetrius Johnson has announced that he is launching an all new platform for the inspiring artists of the Bay Area. This new California based platform is called 1Heart Productions and it is going to a YouTube channel that will display comedy skits, documentaries, films, and music videos for inspiring artists. The artist has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and GoFundMe for this platform and he is welcoming everyone to support the project generously.

Allen Isom Launches Kickstarter Campaign for 'A Wretched Little Book of Poems'

LogoA Wretched Little Book of Poems is an all new horror themed illustrated poetry book written by an American poet and art lover Allen Isom. Allen is now taking it to the community for support and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the publication and promotion of this book. The book is fully illustrated and the illustrations are done by the artist, Kyle Bastian. With a hope to recapture some of the dark fascination of horror with fully illustrated scary stories, both artists have created this remarkable book that will entertain and terrify fans like never before.

T3 TransLife Launches SmartSpeak, a Technology to Make Books Speak

T3 TransLife introduces SmartSpeak, a highly-advanced book to ensure easy learning, where the book is designed to speak. This is a complete audiobook that comes with a Smart Reader, an electronic pen which speaks out words once placed on the printed word or image in the book!

T3 Translife Introduces Smartspeak, Experiential & Interactive Learning Solution in Indian Education System for Kids

T3 Translife has launched a new technology to make books speak. This will enhance the Experiential & Interactive Learning aspect, which will have a positive and encouraging effect on children. T3 is emphasizing on changing the same old pattern of teaching that the young kids are not very inclined to.

Long-Awaited Log Home Show Returns to Michigan

LogoResidents of the Grand Rapids, Michigan area and its surrounding communities who are harboring the dream to build, renovate, or maintain a Log Home or Cabin are invited to speak with the industry's top log home and timber frame companies and builders along with industry experts during the Grand Rapids, MI Log & Timber Frame Home Show being held at The Deltaplex Arena, November 10-12.

Female Director Launches Kickstarter For Documentary on Notorious Killer of Women, Ted Bundy

LogoCelene Beth Calderon, a Salt Lake City resident and first-time filmmaker, aims to tell the story of serial killer Theodore Robert Bundy, from his birth at a Vermont home for unwed mothers to his celebrated execution in Florida. For the last six months, Calderon and two local producers have shot interviews of people who knew him, including his court-appointed psychologist, second-chair attorney, LDS Bishop (yes, Bundy converted to Mormonism while in Utah), a woman who claims to have survived being kidnapped and assaulted by Bundy, a local Sheriff who, to this day, scours Utah canyons for remains of victims, and a close friend who describes Bundy as debonair, well-dressed and a likable person. The team also interviewed James Fallon, the neuroscientist and self-diagnosed psychopath, who never knew Bundy but had much to say about the man and the subject of psychopathy. Calderon and crew launched a Kickstarter campaign Friday, October 13th, hoping to reach $50,000 in 18 days. This money will help fund traveling and the shooting of additional interviews, acquiring archival footage, insurance and legal fees, as well as music, graphics, and editing, among other things.

Bungarra Announces the Surfer for Playstation3

LogoIndependent developer and publisher Bungarra Software announced today that THE SURFER is coming to the PlayStation®3 system. The games unique PUMP control scheme captures the true feel of surfing via its physics-driven surfing and button input pressure sensitive moves. The Surfers unique random behavior driven waves genuinely morph as they traverse, providing an authentic surfing experience every time you play.

Davys over Europe: A Musical Film Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoDavys Over Europe is an all new and upcoming music docu-film on the road and it will cover the Europe tour of an amazing music artist, DAVYS and his band. The creator of this remarkable docu-film is an Italian filmmaker, Pierantonio Micciarelli and he has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and support for this upcoming film.

Charlie Purple: A Renowned Author Announces the Launch of a New Book Titled Basaclanca on Amazon.com

LogoCharles Purple, a British based prolific and intuitive writer are delighted to announce the launch of his new, bestselling and exciting book titled Basaclanca on Amazon.com. The literary work is an epitome of extensive sci-fi comedy, which draws comparisons between alternative comedy from the late seventies and the milder computer driven comedy of the modern times. On the face of it, this modern classic looks just like a story where a team of misfits tries to save a princess from a thoroughly despicable witch, but the humour conveyed in achieving this task is hilarious and captivating.