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Jerald Simon Releases a New Motivational/Self Help Book Inspired from Falling off a 50 Foot Cliff at the Age of 8

At the age of 8, Jerald Simon fell off of a 50 foot cliff and cracked his head open. He had 26 staples put into his scalp by doctors who thought he should have died from the fall. As a result of the fall, Jerald has no memory of his life before the accident. It is a miracle he is alive today and was not paralyzed from the fall.

Special Issue of National Truckin' Magazine Is Dedicated to Military Family Appreciation Month

With Veterans' Day right around the corner, military veterans young and old will be thanked for their service and their dedication to keeping America safe through parades, solemn celebrations, and displays of affection. Citizens of the United States are indebted to these men and women, who have perished defending the freedoms they hold so dearly. The sacrifices they've made were highlighted in July's issue of National Truckin' Magazine, which was dedicated to military veterans. That special edition was written to bring awareness to the plight of those who served so dutifully, in the hopes that they might be hired within the trucking industry. It is this effort of assimilation back into the civilian lifestyle which the team at National Truckin' Magazine feels so passionately about.

Medicam Limited Announces TV Equipment Arrival and Launch of AfroSport TV

Medicam Limited Reg#M041300046246J ("Medicam" or the "Company"), an innovative investment and development company headquartered in Douala, has been awarded TV rights by the Ministry of Communications Authorization Decree channel AfroSport TV. The Company plans to launch its African, European and Middle East focused sports network. Afrosport will be the first sports TV channel to be launched in Cameroon. The Company has already secured Cable distribution agreements with TV Cam and SWE Cable, and is in negotiations to conclude with another 12 cable companies. With a total exposure in Cameroon of 5 million potential daily viewers.

Dawn J. Bennett, Host of Financial Myth Busting, Interviews Chris Koopman, Senior Research Fellow and Writer

Dawn Bennett: Chris Koopman is a senior research fellow with the Project for the Study of American Capitalism at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. He specializes in regulation, competition and innovation with a particular focus on public choice and the economics of government favoritism. He's also a contributor at the Hill and was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2016 for law and policy. This, of course, makes Chris the perfect person to ask about what is being labeled as 'America's dumbest generation' which is centered around millennials' unashamed embrace of the socialist label and their growing ignorance of communism's dark history and why, according to Koopman, if you dig, survey data reveals a cause for optimism. Chris, welcome to Financial Myth Busting.

Pretty in Paint Parties Donates $2,000 to Stand Up to Cancer

LogoPretty In Paint Parties (PIP), a national paint party company, is pleased to announce that they have donated $2,000 to Stand Up To Cancer, (SU2C), a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) that supports innovative cancer research that can get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now.

Publish Digital Magazines Online with FlipHTML5 to Surprise All Readers

LogoPacked with exciting features including Animation Editor, Page Editor, Commerce feature and so much more, FlipHTML5 guarantees users that they can now publish digital magazines online with great ease. Through these state of the art digital magazines, consumer interactions and relationships are expected to get better and bigger than ever before.

Katherine Sabbath Announces Her Psychedelic 3D Cookbook

According to Australia's largest collection of industry-based research, IBISWorld, the cake making industry produces around one billion AUD in revenue every year.* Within this industry an interesting phenomenon is taking place as the proportion of those billion dollars shifts from mass-production manufacturers to small bakers. A few established bakers such as viral baker Katherine Sabbath have benefitted from this shift, and budding bakers have been given the push they need to try their hand at artisan cake baking. To help these up-and-coming bakers along they way is Katherine Sabbath's cookbook: Katherine Sabbath - Greatest Hits - The Pop Edition. The book features all of Katherine's greatest cakes and recipes to match, enabling bakers everywhere to test out some of her iconic creations.

Comet Research Group Seeks Indiegogo Funding to Help Protect Cities Around the World from Killer Comets

LogoIt is extremely disturbing to know that Earth is directly in the path of about 500,000 asteroids and comets. Unfortunately, NASA and other space agencies don't know the location of 498,000 of them! Yet, these killer comets are capable of causing explosions far worse than the world's largest atomic bombs. Chelyabinsk, a small city in Russia, experienced such as incident in 2013 that seriously injured around fifteen hundred people. NASA warns that an asteroid named Bennu may hit Earth within a few decades. If so, the impact would be powerful enough to destroy any one of the world's largest cities.

Grand Central Terminal NYC -- Supernatural Ghostly Hauntings?

This fall season, two of New York's noted paranormal investigators will be leading groups of brave amateur ghost hunters through the winding and darkened passages as they crisscross the platforms and tracks of NYC's Grand Central Terminal in search of its ghostly inhabitants. These courageous thrill seekers will be instructed in the fundamentals of ghost hunting including the proper use of a variety of electronic equipment to the utilization of their own senses when searching for signs of paranormal activity.

MindStir Media Joins Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce in NH

MindStir Media is a Portsmouth, NH based book publisher that caters primarily to self-publishing authors. MindStir's latest membership includes the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce in New Hampshire.

Introducing the Tone Magnet, the Simplest Guitar Augmentation

The world of guitar is massive in more senses than one. Guitar types range from nylon string acoustics to full on electric guitars, creating a wide swath of possible sounds. Equally variable is the weight of a guitar, ranging anywhere from six to twelve pounds. And while twelve pounds can sound like nothing in terms of transporting the guitar, playing a heavy guitar for hours on end while it is attached to the player by a strap can be incredibly taxing. This downfall has led to many performers leaning towards lighter guitars for performances. This shift is a fine solution, but professional performers and hobbyists alike quickly find themselves missing the more solid and heavy sound of a heavier guitar.

A 20th Century Film Noir for the 21st Century: Shades of Shame

The global film industry is worth more than thirty-eight billion dollars, * and this worth is projected to grow by around eleven billion dollars in the next four years. With this upward trend in the industry, filmmakers everywhere are trying to pump out as many productions as possible for maximal revenue. Unfortunately, this practice only results in debacles like that of Batman Vs Superman. These rapid-fire production films are missing one thing: thrill. The kind of dark and twisted thrill that encapsulated the 1950's in the thriving genre of film noir. Sadly, this genre seems to have been lost over the years and is in desperate need of revival. Here to bring just that is Jason Diaz's latest feature-length film titled Shades of Shame.

Purple Heart Awarded Veteran Cedric King Announces New Book

In today's inwardly focused environment, it can be hard to take a step back and view what else is going on in terms of foreign affairs and military involvement. For veteran Cedric King this task was never an issue. In 2012, Cedric King served what would be his last year in the United States Armed Forces. He had spent a massive chunk of his life in the army, seventeen years, but his time was tragically up. Master Sergeant Cedric King took one wrong step onto a Improvised Explosive Device, a landmine. When he next woke he was greeted with disturbing news: he had lost both of his legs and feeling in part of one of his arms. This was crushing. He thought to himself and at moments wished he had died instead of ending up in his debilitated position.

From Teacher to Unexpected CEO, Voltage Leadership Radio Show to Host Interactive Achievement Co-Founder Jonathan Hagmaier

LogoTomorrow, November 15, Voltcast: Illuminating Leadership radio show will host co-founder and former CEO of Interactive Achievement Jonathan Hagmaier. The company's student assessment software serves roughly 800,000 people across 13 states including Virginia, where it has customers in 85 percent of school districts.

Marlon Saunders Announces the Release of New Single and Video

Marlon Saunders announces the release of new single and video, "The People Are Ready to Dance Again." Once again Marlon Saunders and his band, Mood control take us forward while serving up a soulful 70s-style groove. "The People Are Ready to Dance Again", produced by Shawn Lucas and Rich Ahee; and Saunders' thought-provoking lyrics ride on top of bass player Carl Carter's funky groove.

New Fictional Bestseller Chronicles the Last Days of Atlantis

Before the Roman Empire... Before Ancient Egypt... There existed a wondrous place... ATLANTIS. In R. L. Akers' new fictional bestseller, Atlantis: Twilight of Mankind, he weaves a story of gods, demigods, and the mortal men and women caught in between.

FlipHTML5 Becomes Pioneer in Offering Desktop Publishing Software to the Businesses

LogoThe trend of digital publishing is increasing due to the fact that it requires much less investment (or almost zero), lesser time and more reach to the potential customers. The desktop publishing software, FlipHTML5 is gaining quite a popularity in providing businesses a free platform where they publish their catalogs, brochures, and magazines online without any cost.

Carroll's Online Business Launches Website Featuring Quality Music Gear

LogoJohn Carroll is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, www.WayToListen.com. The website offers a wide variety of music gear including car audio systems, CD players and boom boxes, DJ equipment, stereo headphones, musical instruments, PA systems, speakers, and vintage turntables. Carroll was inspired by the crucial role that music plays in so many people's lives to give us melodies that pierce through the trials of our day and help us find refreshment or capture human emotion at its finest. After learning about the possibilities of an online store, Carroll wanted to help others get the products that they would need to ensure they can have their favorite melodies surrounding them wherever they are.

New Release Targets Highest Demographic of Mystery Readers

Statistically, women buy the most books; they also read the most mysteries. A survey of 1,056 found 65 percent of mystery readers were female. Commissioned by Sisters-in-Crime, the Bowker PubTrack 2010 survey also found 71 percent were over 50 years old, 15 percent were in their 40s, and 14 percent were 39 years old or under. A Northwest writer, Donna Bjorklund, has positioned her new release, Murder Blooms at Night (Redemption Press) to attract the attention of this segment of the reading public with her fast-paced, inspirational, romantic mystery.

World-Renowned Sculptor Glenna Goodacre's Final New Work Will Benefit the Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists

The national nonprofit Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists (CHF) is thrilled to announce a unique artistic and philanthropic collaboration between Glenna Goodacre, one of America's most prominent living sculptors, and the late master painter Clark Hulings. In what will be Goodacre's final new work before her retirement, she has joined with Mary and Elizabeth Hulings, the heirs to the Clark Hulings estate, to produce a bas-relief inspired by the iconic Hulings drawing Helping to Push, and give that work to CHF, in support of the organization's mission of helping visual artists succeed at the business of art. The fund will produce a limited edition of 25 bronzes, and will offer them as a thank you to major donors.

Box of Memes Is a Party Game for the Internet Age

It is next to impossible to go on social media these days without seeing an onslaught of memes, those images with funny captions written over them. With the Box of Memes card game, players get the opportunity to create their own hilarious memes.

Kindle Success Hacks - Business Realities and Insider Secrets – A Literary Agents Self Publishing Guide to Successful Kindle Self Publishing - Released by Tom Morgan

LogoLiterary Agent and Book Doctor Tom Morgan has just published "Kindle Success Hacks". Long rumored to be in the making, Kindle Success Hacks, in contrast to the avalanche of "Make a Million with Kindle books" stresses a solid business foundation and a long term career vision.

BALDER Worlds at the Horizon

Balder is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Kickstarter film campaign based on Norse mythology coming from the region of origin born out of a love of the genres.

FlipHTML5- A Digital Publishing Solution to Improve Efficiency and Productivity

LogoFlipHTM5 is a digital publishing solution for online publishers to publish their magazines, brochures and catalogs and so on. This software is presented to users by a very talented team of FlipHTML5, whose CEO is Winston Zhang.

Amy Loftus Debuts New Sound with "Keep on Movin", EP out on November 24th

Singer-songwriter Amy Loftus is returning to the airwaves with a new EP and a c ompletely different sound. The EP, Keep on Movin', will be available on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th.

Radio Agency's President Says "Marketers Would Be Foolish Not to Study Trump's Path to the Presidency" in New Article

LogoMark Lipsky, founder and president of a leading radio-only advertising agency, The Radio Agency, released an article on Thursday examining the marketing methodologies behind president-elect Trump's successful path to The White House. It discussed how similar tactics can be leveraged to create a successful radio marketing campaign.

Television Celebrity Jo Coddington Heads to Panama City Beach for Emerald Coast Cruizin'

LogoJo Coddington will be joining her friends in Panama City Beach, Florida, for the Annual Emerald Coast Cruizin' Car Show, which a three-day affair beginning November 10th. The weekend is packed with events, concerts and amazing cars.