Entertainment Press Releases

ScriptBully Editor Gives Screenwriters #1 Secret to How to Write a Script That Doesn't Suck

ScriptBully Magazine Editor Michael Rogan knows there is a time and place for rules and structure. But when they overshadow great storytelling, it’s time to ditch the “rules” of screenwriting and let the story flow organically. He shares the secret to doing exactly that on YouTube in the video How to Write a Script That Doesn't Suck: Secret to Writing a Screenplay That's Awesome.

Battle Creek Author to Exhibit Fantasy Books at Craft and Vendor Show at the Rink

The April 19th Craft and Vendor Show at the Rink will give Battle Creek shoppers a chance to meet local fantasy author Tracy Falbe. She is the author of nine fantasy novels that will be exhibited at her table from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Paperbacks and select hardcovers will be for sale and the author will sign all purchases.

Seekers and Deceivers: Debut Novel Illuminates Vital Moral Truths for Young Adults

Written for teenagers but with a heartfelt message at its core, debut novel ‘Seekers and Deceivers’ by Kevin Hoyer is the breathlessly exciting story of a land that rejects light and welcomes darkness with open arms.

A Midnight Song: Family Tradition Inspires Enchanting Tale of Whales, Magic and the Mysteries of the Natural World

When author C.L. Peck was a child, her mother would read her longer stories over a period of several days. Bedtime became a magical moment, with Peck and her mother exploring new worlds and peeking into the lives and cultures of people across the globe. It was a tradition that Peck brought with her to her career in education, with her own children, and now with her new book, ‘A Midnight Song’.

Fuzzy Logic Entertainment Looks for Pledgers to Donate Funds for Its Upcoming Movie, Old Nick's Production

Fuzzy Logic Entertainment, the makers behind the multiple award winning redneck/time-traveling/sci-fi comedy movie, ‘The Importance of Being Russell’, are ready to roll with the shooting of their latest movie, Old Nick. The highlight of this upcoming comedy-fantasy movie is the debut of Alexis Grace, a former American Idol finalist. The makers are looking to collect $9000 in fund before May 7, 2014, through pledgers who would like to donate via the movie’s Kickstarter page.

Severe Anxiety Disorder Sufferer and Director Ashley Jacoby Looks to Raise Funds via Indiegogo for the Making of 'Trapped in a Flash'

LogoDirector and screenwriter of ‘Trapped in a Flash’ Ashley Jacoby lives with severe anxiety disorder.  She decided that she needed to help make a change in how mental illnesses are viewed when she noticed herself contributing to the stigma of mental health.  Ashley is now creating a website for mental health awareness using short films to portray people with a mental illness in their average day lives.  The short films will help teach high school students and teachers what it is like to live with a mental illness.

Vixen Noir Announces Launch of Crowdsourcing Campaign

Vixen Noir, renowned dancer, performance artist, teacher, producer and director, announced today the launch of an Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign for the funding of her first professional EP music recording.

Aaron Michael Pyne Looks to Raise $6,500 via Indiegogo for the Creation of 'ITemple Voyager - Mobile Visionary Temple

LogoThe iTemple Voyager is the concept of a traveling exhibit of spiritual and healing art from nationally recognized, Oregon-based, artist Aaron Michael Pyne. The traveling exhibit will include a large scale outdoor Visionary Art gallery, meditation workshops, projections, chill space, and energy healing sessions. The temple will also include a marketplace of spiritual and holistic products for sale. Each community visited by the iTemple Voyager will be exposed to a new, deeper, spirituality through its offerings.

Cool the Earth Electric Vehicle Rally... First Ever EV Car Rally in the North Bay

You may see a parade of over 35 cars driving through your town on Saturday April 26 — but you won’t hear them, or smell their exhaust! That’s because these cars are all electric vehicles (EVs), taking part in the first ever EV Rally in the North Bay. Shift to Electric 2014: Cool the Earth EV Rally is a multi-county event promoting EV driving to local communities and celebrating the love and benefits of driving and living the EV life.

Kit Chambers, South Australian Artist, Offers Opportunity to Become Part of Team and Vision

Kit Chambers, South Australian artist, has opened his doors for interested individuals who find fulfillment in working for and in the name of art. The pride of Southern Australia, Mr. Chambers is gearing up for his next painting exhibition tentatively in 2015, and this time, in his very own studio.

FishFlix.com, an Online Store for Christian Family Entertainment Movies Offers Them at Affordable Prices

FishFlix.com is an online store specializing exclusively in Christian family entertainment movies, and offering them at affordable prices. One can get the best collection of Christian movies and other DVDs for their family for everyone’s entertainment. If one is planning for family fun, these DVDs are a great choice.

UFC Fighter Liz Carmouche Will Use the Song "Va Va Voom to the Moon" (Eurotrash Collective Remix) by Fans of Jimmy Century for Fight with Miesha Tate

LogoUFC Fighter Liz Carmouche will use the song “Va Va Voom to the Moon” (Eurotrash Collective Remix) by Fans Of Jimmy Century as her official walkout song on April 19th at the Amway Center in Orlando for her fight against Miesha Tate airing live on FOX11.

Business Etiquette Book Includes Tips for Graduates and New Workers

LogoWhether you are about to graduate or have been in the workplace for a couple of years, Laura Mathewson’s new book Bottom Line: Manners Matter has a bevy of advice and tips on business etiquette to help guide you through the modern workplace. Mathewson recently published the easy-to-read guide filled with reliable tips for navigating the business workplace.

UFC Miesha Tate vs Liz Carmouche Live on FOX 11 New Walkout Song Va Va Boom to the Moon

The UFC released a recent article stating, “the former Marine corporal will be entering the cage with a walkout song befitting her status as one of the toughest fighters in the division. With lyrics like, 'You might be the king of hustle but I'm the muscle, you can be the king of bling but I'm the ring,' it's easy to see why.”

Crowdfunding Platform Payola.fm, Helps Musicians Fund Music

LogoWhile streaming services have become a discovery engine for fan's to find new music, making music is only half the battle as bands struggle to thrive in today's music industry.

Famous International Rapper NazB Releases "Shame" Condemning Rape

LogoTop international rapper NazB has recently released his new singled titled "Shame" voicing strong protest against the heinous crime of rape. Featuring US RnB singer-celeb Dior, the single is meant to donate its sales profits to notable Swiss charity organization Weisser Ring.

Aarhus Denmark Artist Creates Unique Custom Portraits and Conquers Depression

In his darkest days about four year ago, suffering from depression with an overwhelming stressful job, Danish software developer, Brian Kristensen discovered a hidden talent that he wishes to share with everyone.

Seattle Developer Creates Sexy Provocative Adults-Only Card Game

Developer Dean Cox offers an Adults-Only revealing, provocative and sometimes risqué card game "Cards of Candor", designed for 4-8 adults, with each unique game usually lasts for 1-2 hours.

Cheap Ticket Sorted Launches Amazing Discounts and Exclusive Tickets for Huge New Tours

Many music fans undergo a rollercoaster of emotions whenever their favorite artists announce a new tour- at first they are alive with possibilities, then they are distressed as they try to book tickets, left panicking as the tickets cost so much and disappointed as they sell out before they can put funds together. It was in response to this frustration that a group of entrepreneurial music lovers put together Cheap Ticket Sorted, in which a cabal of dedicated hunters would secure concert tickets and pass them on to real fans at amazing prices.

Cheap Ticket Sorted Launches Discounted Fleetwood Mac and Jason Aldean Tickets

Musical acts rise to fame because they excel in a combination of virtues, from technical ability with instruments to creative composition to emotional intelligence. This is perhaps why music inspires a fandom like few other forms of media, and why seeing a favorite band live can go down as the opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately those opportunities are increasingly hard to come by as demand for tickets pushes prices up and ensures they sell out fast. Cheap Ticket Sorted was launched to combat this trend and provide fans with connections to independent sellers who offer cheaper tickets even after the major providers have sold out.

Cheap Ticket Sorted Launches Ticket Discounts with New Independent Ticket Seller System

In an age of instant online streaming many people are predicting the death of cinema, but with such a premium on consumable media being instantly available and for a low price, one of the unexpected effects has been to drive up a premium on live events at which individuals simply ‘had to be there’. Live music, theatre, sports events and Las Vegas shows and command a new demand from fans and this has driven prices up and made tickets more scarce. Cheap Ticket Sorted is a website that offers a revolutionary approach to finding tickets, which helps people get cheap tickets quickly.

"Dare to Imagine: 18 Principles for Finding Peace, Happiness, and True Success" Guides Readers to Finding Real Meaning in Life

LogoMany people are looking to improve their lives and create happiness and success. Ronald Lew is proud to announce the launch of his new book, Dare to Imagine: 18 Principles for Finding Peace, Happiness, and True Success. The book offers hope and advice for people who are looking to improve their lives and find peace, happiness, and success. The book shows readers how miracles really do happen in the presence of love.

New Children's Book Combines Modern Technology and Storytelling

Jonathan Bélisle, a Montreal teacher, script writer and web entrepreneur, has developed the ultimate storytelling system. It’s a combination of old and new, traditional mythology and modern technology, a mixture of fantasy and reality.

Ocala Movie Producers Take Action During Sexual Assault Awareness Month by Starting an Indiegogo Campaign for Their Upcoming Film

Logo‘Ocala’ is a feature film that portrays the desperate condition two men find themselves in after suppressing secrets from their past as survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and the threat that it has to not only destroy their lives, but the lives of those they love.

Armenian Genocide Film, "Armenia, My Country, My Mother, My Love" Is Currently in Development for 2015 Release, Day of 100th Anniversary of the Tragedy

LogoFlawless Production is currently developing a drama feature film called “Armenia, My country, My Mother, My Love." Film producer Nerses Arutunyan sais “ We want to make a big film and release it in April 2015, for the 100 year commemoration of the Armenian genocide. It is our duty to make the world know, recognize, apologize and redeem for the memory of those children burnt alive, for the tears of our desperate mothers and for the helplessness of our fathers of that cursed year: 1915, year written in blood in every Armenian soul! ”

Signed Paperback Historical Fantasy Werelord Thal Now on Etsy

LogoNovelists are artists too, and independent author Tracy Falbe is part of the creative community of sellers on Etsy. Her Etsy shop is called Perfect Pages and now includes signed paperback copies of her historical fantasy Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale.

The Branding Tree: New Book Release from Expert on Growing Restaurants' Brands

In ‘Branding Tree for Restaurants: A Revolutionary Guide to Grow Your Restaurant into a Brand’, David Dodson outlines his proven methods for helping executives and their teams find their own answers and clarify the beliefs of their brand.