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New Podcast Episode - How to Have a Website That Rocks

There's more to a website than looking pretty and it needs to do more than be an online business card. It should drive business.

New Podcast Episode - How to Have a Website That Rocks

There's more to a website than looking pretty and it needs to do more than be an online business card. It should drive business.

New Book Annotates the EPF Act in a Case Law Perspective

The Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) is one of the most beneficial labour welfare schemes for salaried persons working in the private sector organizations. This new book discusses judicial interpretations relating to the Employees'' Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 in a vast range of situations.

Me Too - What Happens when Sexual Abuse Goes Beyond the Workplace

A gripping new short read has laid bare the truth about sexual abuse in the workplace - and how victims can unwittingly protect perverts in positions of power.

Medicare and Financial Expert, Jae W. Oh Releases New Book Entitled Maximize Your Medicare

Nationally-recognized Medicare and financial expert, Jae W. Oh, has updated and released the 2018 edition of Maximize Your Medicare: Understanding Medicare, Protecting Your Health, and Minimizing Costs. It is available in both e-book and print editions, and available at wholesale discount for retailers and libraries.

'CSCO: First Station': A Global Espionage Techno Thriller Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoCSCO: First Station is the first book in a series of novels written by David Pendleton and he has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and support for the book. In simple words, reading this amazing work is just like being in the head of a CIA Case Officer. The central character of the book is Ben Daniels, a freshly minted Clandestine Service Case Officer on his first tour of duty to the Central European capital of Prague, fertile grounds for the trade of espionage.

Da GameCast Podcast Is Gaining Quite a Bit Amount of Traction and Attention from Gamers of All Kinds

Gaming has become more than a past-time for a multitude of people. For many gamers, gaming has become something akin to a passion – and with a multitude of such gamers online, there is little doubt in the fact that online gamers are now becoming an entirely new genre of online communities.

Book by Author Glenn Meyer Explores Effects of Offshoring in the U.S.

Author and bankruptcy attorney Glenn Meyer has released a book that is the first published work to look at the empirical evidence of the effects of offshoring in the U.S.

Seven Miami Artist Speak Up About Gentrification with a Group Exhibit in Little Haiti

M E T A X Y: a unique experience with site-specific installations and murals throughout the neighborhood that were visible and open to the public.

Eventi Floral & Events Offers Everything a Couple Needs to Live Their Wedding Dream

LogoEventi Floral & Events (eventiweddings.com), a full service design and wedding planning company is pleased to offer personalized wedding planning services for couples who wish to live their wedding dream without any hiccups and all the panic that comes with the wedding planning. Tying the knot with your most beloved is indeed a true blessing and every couple wishes to have a wedding of their dreams. It is more than just exchanging vows and rings and saying I DO. It is about making beautiful memories together and living each and every moment to the fullest.

Former Executive Vice President, Universal Studios, and Senior Vice-President, Twentieth Century Fox Films Neal Lemlein Joins the Ascendant Group

As Former Executive Vice President, Universal Studios and Senior Vice-President, Twentieth Century Fox Films, Neal Lemlein joins The Ascendant Group as Senior Strategic Marketing Consultant. Based on extensive experience gained from management posts at some of the most powerful media outlets in the world, Neal has made significant professional contributions in the marketing, management, entertainment, and new media categories. Two notable career highlights include Neal's contributions to the marketing campaign of the original Star Wars film, and his success in generating over $100 million in new business revenue within the first 10 months of operation for DMB&B's fledgling entertainment marketing practice.

Total Prestige Magazine Releases the First Issue of New Year

Total Prestige announced the release of its New Year's first issue. Based in New York City, the company has been proudly serving corporations, individuals and celebrities since 1993.Living up to its rich tradition spanning over a quarter of a century now, the latest issue of this remarkable magazine covers luxury lifestyle and business to the fullest. Moreover, Total Prestige Magazine is an exclusive magazine for members of Total Prestige.

Entrepreneur Reveals Rampant Employee Embezzlement

LogoEmbezzlement is not only common, it's an epidemic. Kessler International research has shown that 95 percent of employees steal in the aspect of time, surfing the web, material, and money. Seasoned entrepreneur Ruth King reveals this shocking truth in her latest book, The Ugly Truth about Cash. From her experience owning eight businesses in the past thirty-six years, she has ample stories to tell of the impact of theft on businesses and how to prevent it. Her current goal is to share this invaluable information with other business owners so that they can safeguard their businesses from embezzling employees and vendors.

Live Wedding Band, Merimac, Promises High Energy Performance for Weddings and Private Parties

LogoMusic can be the heart and soul of a wedding reception – sometimes it can make or break a wedding. Halifax based local live band, Merimac, offers to make the wedding a memorable event with the best selection of songs from a wide range of genres: including pop, rock and the local favourite – Celtic.

Apostle Michelle Peterson Launches Encounters with God TV

On Monday, January 08, Apostle Michelle Peterson will formally launch Encounters with God TV. Every week Apostle Michelle will record weekly teachings on Encounters with God's YouTube Channel.

Dr. Clemmie Palmer's God, the World, and Me Hits Amazon Bestseller List

God, the World, and Me, A Look at Diverse Views of Scripture from the Bible: From the Perspective of a Psychiatrist is available on Amazon and was published by LJM Publishing LLC, whose CEO, Jan Myers said: "This book is well-written, easy-to-read, thought-provoking, and entertaining. Both the layperson and the seminarian looking for a quick view on some of the major topics covered in the Bible will appreciate Dr. Palmer's research and delivery. As a Christian myself, the diverse ideas enhanced my own."

Unheard, Critical Voices in Sexual Harassment Speak Out

With the avalanche of sexual harassment incidents becoming public, many have added their voices. One voice, not actively heard up until this point has been the human resource community. "They have been referenced in some reporting, but rarely included in any media discussions that I've seen," suggests JoAnn Corley, Founder of The Human Sphere, an Atlanta based human resource, management consulting firm. "It's way past time for our community to add their views, experiences, and voice to this discussion. If our collective workplace landscape is going to make meaningful progress, we must be included."

New Hurdle for China Cinema Market Is Competition from Online Streaming Services

LogoChina cinema market is coming back on track as it is experiencing sustainable growth. Its efforts to stay strong is taking a new shape with the rising competition from online streaming services. This scenario of the China cinema market for the month of December in 2017, is briefly presented in a new research report by Market Research Hub, titled 'Cinema Industry Insight - China - December 2017'. This comprehensive research report provides a clear insight and an in-depth analysis of the market considering all the trends prevailing in the industry.

Cambria Film Festival Releases Full Schedule

LogoHarold and Maude. Bing and Marion. Harold and Lillian. These are just three of the couples to be featured in the Cambria Film Festival, which debuts February 8 through 11, 2018. The Festival will showcase eleven feature films and more than thirty shorts, and every title falls within the romance and romantic comedy genre.

Guests Can Enjoy a Comfortable Evening at the Horse AC This Winter

Even with a reputation as the best bachelor party venue in AC, the Horse AC still provides its patrons with a relaxing and comfortable environment to enjoy some of New Jersey hottest all-nude dancers this winter.

Bun 2 Babe - New Must-Have Guide for Expecting Parents Offering Advice with a Touch of Humor

Parenting is no easy task – and while many parents are expected to attain all of the information and knowledge on their own, it is not wrong to receive help from a comprehensive and well-written guide to assist one in this endeavor. This is why Charlotte Ryan B.Sc. Hon., B.Ed., Ma, author and mother of four has written her new guide called Bun 2 Babe.

Being the Change: A Conversation with AGA Greater Chicago Chapter on Voice America's Empowerment Channel

LogoA capitalist democracy requires strong businesses in the presence of a resilient government, working together, for their mutual stakeholder community. Such a community could be sustained only when colleges and universities engage in education that grooms the next generation of responsible stewards of both government and business. While it is natural for citizens to demand change, not many step-up to the plate and volunteer to be the change. Change agents emerge to drive positive social progress through responsible governance, transparency and stewardship by being accountable to their family, community and organization.

New Book "Finding Our She-Compass" Is Setting Women on a Course Toward Renewed Confidence & Self-Esteem

Already a contributor to three books that highlight the empowerment and achievements of women, author Helen Owens announces the release of her new book Finding Our She-Compass: 15 Life Lessons for Women Voyaging Toward Restoration, Reconstruction, and Renewal. This one-of-a-kind guide to self-discovery is a collection of real-life stories and experiences that show women how to harness their personal power and self-esteem. Drawing upon decades of experience as a hair loss and hair restoration expert who has helped women public and private regain their dignity and crowning glory, Owens' book is encouraging women everywhere to become captains of their own ships, the compass of their own souls and commanders of their own journeys.

Shoudo: The Scorched Earth Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoShoudo: The Scorched Earth Game is an all-new Japanese-themed strategy game developed by Houseplant Games, an increasingly popular gaming company of six college students from Texas. It is basically a one of a kind strategy game with historic factions and a new board every time, with an aim to take board gaming to the next level. The creators of this remarkable game have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter and they are welcoming everyone to support generously.

Fundrun: A Runner Game for Free Coupons Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoPeople from around the world have been playing 2D runner games for almost three decades now but they have never played a 2D runner that can get them real rewards in the real life. Runner games have always been a great time passing activity but this amazing game will not only entertain players of all age groups but will also let them earn discount coupons as well as discount codes from various stores.

Drones Attack: A Visual-Audio Project Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoDrones Attack is a girl vs drone action project in form of an audio visual film and it is now raising funds on Kickstarter. Started by Major Tom Productions from Washington, DC, the upcoming action film project will take the audio visual experience of the fans to a whole new level. Moreover, it is packed with lots of laser beam action and the creator is calling it the ultimate visual and audio experience.

Atlanta Entertainment Systems in Brookhaven and Buckhead Georgia Excels in Planning Home Theater Seating

LogoFor those looking to include home theater seating to their new home or existing home in Brookhaven and Buckhead Georgia, Atlanta Entertainment Systems is the place to get in touch with. They will not only give suggestions but will also help in planning, designing and executing. Introducing a home theater seating is not an easy job. Atlanta Entertainment Systems, however, likes challenges, and they have the expertise.