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"The Insurance Industry in Liechtenstein, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2017" Published

Liechtenstein's insurance industry is primarily driven by offshore business, and is the only insurance centre that offers insurance undertakings direct access to Switzerland and the European Economic Area (EEA) countries. Despite unfavorable demographics and economic factors, including a small population and GDP, Liechtenstein's insurance industry has undergone significant developments during the past decade and is being supported by the government's commercial links with Switzerland and increasing demand for life insurance policies in key overseas markets such as Italy, Germany and Switzerland. However, the industry posted a CAGR of -8.3% during the review period in terms of written premium value. The decline was largely a consequence of the expiry of the Italian tax amnesty of 2011, which resulted in sharp decline of insurance premiums in 2011. The life insurance segment, which accounted for 79.8% of Liechtenstein's insurance industry, registered a decline at a CAGR of -12.1% due to the Italian tax amnesty that affected the overall insurance industry.

Using Social Media to Detect Social Security Disability Fraud Is Being Encouraged

On Tuesday, key members of Congress said that Social Security Disability judges have approved thousands of fraudulent disability claims without the Social Security Administration reviewing those claims to detect and stopping the ones that are bogus.

Reinsurance in Poland, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2017 - New Report Available

LogoThe Polish reinsurance segment recorded a stable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7% during the review period (2008-2012). This growth was partly driven by the non-life insurance segment, which increased the share of written premium ceded to reinsurers. Poland was adversely affected by flooding in 2010 which resulted in huge insurance claims, encouraging insurance companies, especially those in the non-life segment, to utilize reinsurance services to minimize their losses from future natural disasters. As a result, the written premium of the Polish reinsurance segment increased from PLN493 million in 2008 to PLN646.7 million in 2012. Moreover, the percentage of non-life insurance premium ceded to reinsurers is expected to increase over the forecast period (2012-2017), from 14.6% in 2012 to 16.8% in 2017. This, coupled with the projected economic development and high frequency of natural disasters, is expected to drive the reinsurance segment to grow at a forecast-period CAGR of 4.9%.

New Market Study Published: Kenya Power Report Q1 2014

LogoWe have revised our forecasts this quarter, taking into consideration domestic and international developments, downwardly revising our outlook for gas and upwardly revising that for oil. However, we maintain our view that Kenya's power sector suffers from a capacity deficit, with insufficient supply to meet consumer demand in peak demand periods. In addition, the country remains over-reliant on hydropower.

Recent Study: Apparel in Italy

LogoItaly’s severe economic recession is having a negative impact on sales of apparel. Aggregated data from 2008 to 2012 shows an overall decline in domestic sales and consumption across all apparel categories. 2012 was the worst year for the Italian economy since the onset of the economic crisis as a combination of internal and external factors contributed to steep economic decline. High taxes, increasing unemployment, the VAT increase from 21% to 22% and low consumer confidence were some of the...

India Agribusiness Report Q1 2014 - New Study Released

LogoWe hold a positive view on India's agribusiness sector, as the country will remain an agricultural powerhouse and is likely to maintain high levels of self-sufficiency for major food crops. Production growth of various commodities will be driven by strong government support and robust demand for manufactured foodstuffs. We see significant growth opportunities in sub-sectors such as dairy, coffee and livestock. However, India will be increasingly vulnerable to exceptional weather phenomena owing to climate change effects and serious water shortages. Moreover, the country will remain prone to erratic government intervention, which seriously hampers its reputation as an international provider. As such, we see the partial liberalisation of the sugar industry as a first positive step that will incentivise production growth and investment in the sector.

Body Care in Mexico - a Snapshot (2013): New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoBody Care in Mexico by Mintel Global Market Navigator provides you with annual year-end market size data, most recently updated in 2013. This market covers hand, foot and general body care for women & men. Market value is based on sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer. It includes mass market and prestige lines but excludes the professional sector, including beauty salons, to the consumer. Market size for Body Care in Mexico is given in MXN with a minimum of five years' historical data. Market Forecast is provided for five years. Included with this snapshot is socio-economic data for Mexico. Population, Consumer Price Index (CPI), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Exchange Rates.

New Market Research Report: South Korea Defence & Security Report Q1 2014

LogoThe spectre of a nuclear North Korea and continuing provocations from Pyongyang have prompted Seoul to invest in various new defence programmes aimed at strengthening its ability to defend itself against its aggressive neighbour. BMI predicts that defence expenditure will reach US$46bn, an 11.2% increase year-on-year. This enlarged defence budget will go towards improving South Korea's missile defence system, developing cyber capabilities and investing in a new generation of fighter jets.

Just Released: "South Africa Agribusiness Report Q1 2014"

LogoWe hold a positive view on the South African agricultural sector and see particular growth potential in the grain and livestock sectors. Both sectors' growth will be boosted by regional export demand. The sugar sector also presents interesting growth opportunities, mainly thanks to renewed investment and improved technologies. Overall, the country's grain and livestock producers have been hit by recent hikes in grain prices and subdued corn supply on the domestic market. Margins have plummeted, and foreign competition for exports has made it even more difficult for producers to stay afloat. We believe the country's main companies, AFGRI, Rainbow Chicken and Astral Foods, can only see profitability bounce from current subdued levels.

Report Published: "Venezuela Real Estate Report Q1 2014"

LogoThe Venezuelan commercial real estate sector is set for further turbulence in 2014 with pockets of sharp growth in rental rates expected across the country due to the devaluation of the Venezuelan bolivar. Increasing numbers of Venezuelan nationals are investing in property in neighbouring countries such as the US in order to achieve greater secturity. Meanwhile, we believe the ruling Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PSUV) will maintain a firm grip on the country's institutions with legitimacy concerns relating to the recently-elected President Nicolas Maduro expected to maintain a high level of social and political risk.

New Market Study, "Thailand Oil & Gas Report Q1 2014", Has Been Published

LogoThailand remains driven by a strong demand growth for both oil and gas which far outweigh domestic production. With no scope for the country to become self sufficient, it will be critical to develop the necessary import infrastructures and to maximise the country's below ground potential. With several delays already affecting the planned 21st licensing round, we expect oil production to decline over the long-term, and gas production to remain stagnant. Despite an uptake in exploration activities throughout H113-H313, an offshore pipeline oil spill which occurred in late July creates large risks of opposition to offshore exploration by a population already concerned by the risks it creates for the country's tourism industry. The main trends and developments we highlight in the Thai oil and gas sector are:

New Report Available: Uganda Infrastructure Report Q1 2014

Logo2012 was a tough year for the Ugandan construction market, which was badly affected by high interest rates, limiting real GDP growth to an estimated 2.8%. However, interest rates have been progressively eased and Uganda's economic performance has recovered, with real growth of 6.2% and 7.6% anticipated for 2013 and 2014 respectively. Major projects in the infrastructure sector are moving forwards, including the 600-megawatt Karuma power project and the Hoima refinery, which are guiding our positive outlook of the sector for the next few years. We forecast that real growth will reach 6.7% in 2013, climbing to 9.9% in 2014 and averaging 6.9% to the end of our forecast period in 2022.

Just Released: "ICT Procurement Trends in Education - Enterprise ICT Investment Plans"

LogoProduct Synopsis This report presents the findings from a survey of 164 educational institutions regarding their approach to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) procurement. The survey investigates the way that educational institutions like to purchase technology, as well as the major IT and business objectives influencing their IT investment strategies.

Imaging Devices in Poland - New Report Available

LogoWi-fi technology that allows remote control of the camera using a smartphone, remote viewing and the direct uploading of photos on social networking sites is increasingly being applied. All major manufacturers of digital cameras introduced new models of compact system cameras, which are becoming cheaper and offer better photo quality. A built-in GPS that records information about the geographical location is being applied to new cameras rolled-out for sale.

Recently Released Market Study: India Commercial Banking Report Q1 2014

LogoThe accompanying tables present the latest economic data and five-year forecast scenario for the country's banking system. Also included is SWOT analysis of the commercial banking system as a whole.

Recent Study: Mozambique Business Forecast Report Q1 2014

LogoThe government's attack on Renamo's base and the latter's subse -quent unilateral cancellation of the 1992 peace deal raise the stakes in Mozambique's tense political environment. We retain our view that a return to all-out conflict is unlikely mainly because Renamo lacks the military clout and the popular support to sustain a protracted campaign. However, the latest developments increase the possibility that there will be further incidences of violent confrontation between the two parties, which will disrupt economic activity and sour investor perceptions of the country.

Market Report, "the US Defense Industry - Competitive Landscape and Strategic Insights to 2018: Market Profile", Published

LogoThis report provides analysis on competitive benchmarking along with top companies active across the United States defense industry. It features insights into the recent activity and strategic initiatives of key public sector companies that support the industry. The information is divided into sections such as company overview, products and services and alliances, to give the reader an understanding of the business environment in which the defense industry operates.

Uzbekistan Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report Q1 2014 - New Market Research Report

LogoOur projections for the Uzbek pharmaceutical and healthcare markets going into 2014 are broadly bearish. The country continues to rank as the least attractive in the region in our RRR ratings matrix, and real GDP growth is set to decline. We note that there have been some positive developments in recent months, such as impetus to improve the healthcare sector, investment from state-run Uzpharmprom to develop domestic production and Chinese investment to supply some economic stability. However, it will be years before the impact of these long-term developments is felt.

Leather Goods in the US - a Snapshot (2013): New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoLeather Goods in US by Mintel Global Market Navigator provides you with annual year-end market size data, most recently updated in 2013. This market covers: travel items, such as suitcases and rucksacks; briefcases; women's handbags; clothes accessories, such as belts and gloves; and small items, such as purses, wallets and document holders. It concentrates on goods totally or partly made of leather, but does include products using imitation leather and alternative materials which compete directly. Market values are based on all retail sales including direct to consumer including sales tax and duty free sales. Market size for Leather Goods in US is given in USD and unit with a minimum of five years' historical data. Market Forecast is provided for five years. Included with this snapshot is socio-economic data for US. Population, Consumer Price Index (CPI), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Exchange Rates.

New Market Report: Acute Coronary Syndrome Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2013

LogoGlobalData's clinical trial report, "Acute Coronary Syndrome Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2013" provides data on the Acute Coronary Syndrome clinical trial scenario. This report provides elemental information and data relating to the clinical trials on Acute Coronary Syndrome. It includes an overview of the trial numbers and their recruitment status as per the site of trial conduction across the globe. The databook offers a preliminary coverage of disease clinical trials by their phase, trial status, prominence of the sponsors and also provides briefing pertaining to the number of trials for the key drugs for treating Acute Coronary Syndrome. This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GlobalData's team of industry experts.

New Market Study, "Fragrances in Malaysia - a Snapshot (2013)", Has Been Published

LogoFragrances in Malaysia by Mintel Global Market Navigator provides you with annual year-end market size data, most recently updated in 2013. This market covers men's and women's fragrances. It excludes body sprays. Market size is based on all retail sales including direct to consumer. Market size for Fragrances in Malaysia is given in MYR with a minimum of five years' historical data. Market Forecast is provided for five years. Included with this snapshot is socio-economic data for Malaysia. Population, Consumer Price Index (CPI), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Exchange Rates.

New Report Available: Imaging Devices in Australia

LogoHigh-end smartphones, including the iPhone and high-end Android handsets, are capable of HD picture resolution and video recording with the optical quality of a typical point-and-shoot (POS) digital camera. The Samsung Galaxy S4 announced in 2013, boasts an advertised 13 Mega Pixel camera – on par with many advanced digital cameras. Mobile phones have an edge over digital cameras as they can immediately be uploaded to the internet for common uses such as cloud storage and social media.

Recently Released Market Study: Writing Instruments in Mexico

LogoWriting instruments are demanded mostly by students, starting from children at pre-school, where they use mostly colouring pencils and crayons, all the way to high school and university, where students use mostly pens and highlighters. In 2013 the population between 3 and 22 years old was over 44 million; during this year sales of writing instruments reached Mx$5,289 million.

New Market Research Report: Bulgaria Information Technology Report 2014

LogoThe Bulgarian IT market is one of the least developed in Europe, with relatively low penetration of hardware among consumers and enterprises. It also trails many of its regional peers in terms of adoption of new technologies such as cloud computing and Big Data analytics. Despite these challenges, and the drag on short-term performance due to economic weakness, there are positives for the medium-term outlook. The low PC penetration rate means there is potential for vendors to tap into demand from first-time buyers and upgrades/replacements - in contrast to more developed markets. We expect adoption of cloud services to accelerate as end-users become better educated and supporting telecoms infrastructure improves. Finally, there is scope for Bulgaria to expand rapidly as an outsourcing destination, but in the short-term the shortage of skilled labour continues to be a bottleneck for faster development.

New Market Report Now Available: Full-Service Restaurants in the United Arab Emirates

LogoDriven by rising consumer confidence and ongoing population growth, as well as an increase in tourism, dining out became an increasingly popular form of entertainment during the review period. The high percentage of expatriate professionals in the United Arab Emirates provides a keen and cash-rich consumer base, with many preferring to eat out instead of preparing meals at home.

"Epratuzumab (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Lupus Nephritis) - Forecast and Market Analysis to 2022" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoSystemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a systemic inflammatory autoimmune disease that can affect any organ or tissue and is the prototypic autoimmune disease. While SLE can affect multiple major organ systems in the body, one of its most severe manifestations includes renal (kidney) involvement, known as lupus nephritis (LN). The term LN refers to SLE patients with glomerulonephritis, and when the term LN is used, glomerular tissue injury in the kidneys is always involved. Renal injury without any glomerular involvement is classified as nephritis in a patient with SLE.

Spain Quarterly Beverage Tracker Report Q3 2013 - New Market Report

LogoPublished by Canadean, this Quarterly Beverage Tracker report provides a detailed analysis of the latest developments in the Spain beverage market