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Global Pyrogen Testing Market 2016: Industry Demand, Segment, Statistics and Research to 2022

Pyrogen is a thermostable bacterial toxin that induces immunogenic response when administered parenterally. Pyrogen testing is a process that determines the presence of bacterial toxins in vaccines, biotechnological products, and drugs, which induces fever in humans. It also determines the presence of microbes and their metabolites in drugs during the manufacturing process. Pyrogen testing is carried out during drugs and vaccine manufacturing process to prevent contamination and to ensure the absence of toxic molecular products.

Global Distribution Feeder Automation System Market 2016: Industry Demand, Segment, Statistics and Research to 2022

Automation process of power distribution feeders in a distribution network is very essential to achieve uninterrupted & faultless power supply and enhance the power distribution network across the world. Distribution feeder automation system includes components such as feeder dispatch and control center, feeder remote terminal unit, and feeder terminal unit. Some of the typical applications of the functions of distribution feeder automation system includes effective monitoring, enhanced control, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), and FDIR (fault, detection, isolation, and restoration).

Harrington's Pub & Kitchen Announces Their 2015 New Year's Eve Event

LogoOut of all the restaurants in National Harbor, DC, that individuals can party at this New Year's Eve, one that is sure to give patrons a good time is Harrington's Pub & Kitchen. In fact, this renowned restaurant, located at 177 Fleet Street, is excited to announce their 2015 New Year's Eve event. Perhaps the best thing about their event is that the restaurant has decided to partner with their sister location, Public House National Harbor, to throw one big party.

City Tap House Logan Square Now Booking 2015 Holiday Parties

LogoDesperately trying to find one of the best bars in Philadelphia to host a holiday party at this year? Well, look no further than City Tap House Logan Square, as they are now offering their services to both book and plan holiday parties at their renowned establishment this December.

E Instruments Announces New, High Efficiency Combustion Analyzers Are Available

LogoE Instruments, a leading international supplier of combustion and emissions analyzers, is pleased to announce that they have a few new and high-efficiency combustion analyzers available. In fact, two of the newest models that they have available are their BTU1500 and their BTU4500 models. Both of these models come with a built-in printer, have Bluetooth™ capabilities, and can read O2, CO2, and CO. However, the difference between these two models is that the BTU 4500 has a CO dilution pump, can read NO, and can be upgraded to read NO2 or SO2.

D. Robbins & Co Announces New Tenyo Items for 2016

LogoD. Robbins & Co., the leading distributor of bulk wholesale magic tricks, keeps its customers up to date with the latest news on cutting-edge magic tricks, wholesale joke novelties, books and DVDs. The company regularly sends advance notices on the best new products so that retailers of magic supplies can stock their shelves to meet anticipated demand. Recently, D. Robbins & Co. released advance notice on four new products from Tenyo, a leading manufacturer of magic props and card decks.

Monster Tree Service Announces Coupons and Winter 2015-16 Specials Are Still Available on Their Website

LogoEven though the 2015 fall season has come and past, that does not mean that homeowners should neglect their landscape, trees, or shrubs if they need any maintenance or care. In fact, winter is a great time to schedule tree service because it will help ensure that they grow to their full potential once spring arrives once more. One company that homeowners can count on for efficient tree care services and maintenance this winter is Monster Tree Service. In fact, those who are still interested in acquiring their services will be pleased to know that they are still offering some great specials and coupons that can be found on their website,

Manage Business Costs Efficiently with Sage ERP X3 Software from Acuity Solutions

LogoTechnology helps businesses to keep their costs under control, while increasing the efficiency of their financial processes. It helps businesses to effectively manage their costs by synchronising everything on one platform. With the right enterprise resource planning software, business owners can manage their businesses more smoothly than ever before. In view of this, Acuity Solutions is now providing Sage X3 software at competitive prices. Sage X3 helps organizations manage their financials, supply chain, manufacturing, operations, reporting, and human resources. It has a library of integrated processes to help business owners manage their tasks more efficiently, while unifying their data.

Vogue Winter Trends Prove That Underwear Can Be Elegant

The Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 fashion trends, as recommended by Vogue, are receiving increased attention; seemingly in light of Christmas and people desiring to pick the most stylish outfits for the occasion. Some surprising recommendations have been revealed – especially camisoles! Combining elegance with 'cool' is anticipated to be an important aspect of style all winter and the camisole allows people to incorporate this. Although it is traditionally underwear, it is set to be highly popular piece of clothing for the coming months.

Some of the Biggest Office 'Hang-Ups' Are Revealed: Safe Removals Comments

A new study carried by the charity SPANA involving 2,000 office workers has revealed that a significant proportion believe their office environments are not necessarily the most productive. The research focused particularly on language; with the use of jargon or 'business-speak' appearing to be a feature which many people wanted to see their office move way from. 70% of those surveyed admitted to completely 'switching off' when their boss talked to them using business jargon for example. Yet the rise of work-related jargon could be seem as an inevitability in the digital age, where the internet can cause new phrases to be formed.

'Tis the Season to Save at Patriot Chevrolet

Logo"'Tis the season to pay it forward," say the folks at Patriot Chevrolet of Limerick. The dealership, which is one of the premier places to buy new cars in Chester County, PA, is pleased to announce their participation in several initiatives this holiday season that are geared toward fostering a charitable, giving atmosphere in their community. The dealership is also doing what it can to make purchasing a new car easier for everyone with a vast selection of deals on new and used cars.

Families Welcome at Periwinkle Inn, Luxury Boutique Hotel in Cape May

LogoCape May, New Jersey, is one of the prime destinations for vacationing families looking for a beachside getaway. However, families taking the trip to New Jersey might have trouble finding hotels in Cape May that offer a luxurious experience as well as a family-friendly atmosphere. The Periwinkle Inn, one of the shore town's best-known and most beloved hotels, welcomes vacationing families with amenities tailored to the needs of both parents and children. All the while, Periwinkle Inn upholds an unparalleled standard of boutique luxury.

Beyoncé's Stylist, Ty Hunter Expands His Entrepreneurial Ventures to Include New Line of Lighted Cellphone Cases

All throughout her rise to superstardom, Beyoncé has looked her best thanks in large part to her per-sonal stylist, Ty Hunter. For 17 years he's been putting the pop culture icon in her best light. Now he's doing the same thing for the rest of the world.

Leeds Indie Food Festival Is Set to Return; Celebrating the Best of Yorkshire Food

It has recently been announced that Leeds Indie Food Festival is set to return in 2016, following a highly popular event in 2015. The festival took place on a city-wide scale and originally started out by championing Leeds' independent food industry. The coming year is set to incorporate more businesses than ever and showcase to the public a range of edible delicacies from around Yorkshire.

Recycled Rubber Products, LLC. Encourages Landscapers to Plan Ahead

LogoRecycled Rubber Products, LLC. is the one-stop-shop for homeowners, property managers, landscapers and anyone else in need of bulk rubber mulch for projects this spring. The company's rubber mulch solutions are designed to accommodate several needs, ranging from playground safety to easy grounds keeping maintenance.

Record-Breaking Interest in BB Gun Competitions: Just BB Guns Comments

2015 could be seen as the year the BB gun transformed from a simple piece of airsoft equipment into an enviable sporting tool! Across the US, the number of people participating in BB-related activities and competitions has grown massively – with even bigger predictions for 2016!

Alarm Monitoring Market in APAC Region Is Expected to Have the Highest Growth Rate.

LogoAccording to a new market research report "Alarm Monitoring Market by Communication Technologies (Wired Telecommunication Network, IP Network & Others), End Users (Vehicle Alarm Monitoring, Building Alarm Monitoring, & Others) Component and Geography - Global forecast to 2020" , the market size of global Alarm Monitoring is expected to reach USD 54.46 Billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 6.73% between 2015 and 2020.

How Harshly We Judge Other People's Homes Is Revealed

According to a recent survey carried out by Direct Blinds, almost half of us admit to casting judgment on a person in light of their home; so perhaps considering friends in a different light after attending a party at their place! With the next few months bringing the usual festivities –gatherings and get-togethers – a little more cleaning of the home might be a worthwhile consideration.

Jeremy Paxman Confirms His Appearance at the FPA Environment Seminar: UWrap Comments

It appears that growing numbers of high-profile individuals are getting involved in promoting positive sustainable packaging, especially in the food industry. This could be seen as driven by concerns both for the environment and upholding cost-effectiveness for businesses. One of the most recent announcements is that Jeremy Paxman is set to speak at the Food PackagingAssociationEnvironment seminar, where he will be upholding his position as patron for Clean Up Britain.

London Business School Retains Number One Spot and Shows a City to Invest In

There is frequent discussion as to why London is such a lucrative place to do business – the connections, international links, the resources – and a recent judgment of London's Business School appears to affirm that the city holds positive prospects for business investment. The annual Financial Times Ranking of European business schools maintained London at the top for the second year running; a considerable achievement.

Fall in People Participating in Sport Prompts Urgent Reaction: Just BB Guns Comments

Recent figures from the Local Government Association have revealed what could be considered a surprising decline in the number of people taking part in sports at least once a week. The number of over 16-year-olds taking part in weekly sporting activities has fallen by at least 400,000 since 2012, despite initiatives for involvement at the time of The Olympics and the later Commonwealth Games. It is suggested that this highlights an issue in public attitudes to sport – with many people failing to participate in a weekly event due to struggles to commit or disillusionment with the activity. Hence there is set to be a forward-thinking focus to come of this in terms of the encouraged publicity of exciting, alternate sports. A prime example is the high-adrenaline action of BB shooting and skirmishing.

Sewing Shows World-Class Photography Appeal: The Remnant House Comments

A photographer has highlighted the enduring appeal of sewing and its visual impact, as he enters an inspiring snap of women stitching fishing net for the National Geographic Photo Contest 2015. Submitted just before the deadline, the image, taken by Pham Ty is shot in a fishing village in Vietnam. The array of colours and traditional craft incorporated into the picture is expected to make it popular, and keen to comment on this have been a number of experts, including The Remnant House.

London Cabs Are Set to Be the New Traffic Billboards: Top Removals Comments

One of London's latest technology trials is transforming the way London black cabs are seen and used; making things easier for other road users rather than harder! Carried out by Transport for London, the process involves fitting 200 cabs with taxi-top signage which tells nearby vehicles and pedestrians the areas in the city facing traffic problems. This innovative use of taxis suggests that the authorities are striving to look into new ways to increase road efficiency – seen as desirable by many who use the capital.

Revamp the Workplace with Interior Design Services from Spacio

LogoInterior design plays a major role in making your office space look inviting and interesting. As a result, many companies are now hiring professionals who can transform their workplace into both a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. To cater to the needs of a range of clients, Spacio is now providing office interior design services at the most competitive prices. Depending on the cost considerations and objectives for each of their clients, the company can also incorporate green technology, carbon offset and energy saving techniques which result in clear advantages for their business. The company offers two distinct interior design packages to meet the needs of their clients such as Architect Design & Build and Architect Design & Manage.

Affordable Glass Jars to Meet a Variety of Storage Needs from Croxsons

LogoUnlike plastic, glass is an eco-friendly material that can be processed a number of times without degradation of quality. As a result, many homeowners use glass jars to store various items. Catering to the needs of their customers, Croxsons, a leading bottle manufacturer in the UK is now providing glass jars at the most competitive prices. Available in an array of shapes, sizes and designs, these glass jars are sure to meet all the needs of their customers. The wide range of glass jars that the company offers include kiln clip jars, round shaped jars, storage jars and many others.

PCNB Market 2015 Industry Size, Trends, Growth, Research and Analysis


Deluxe Costume Company Fun Wirks Boasts New Line of '70s and '80s Costumes

LogoAs audiences across the country pour into movie theaters to see the latest Star Wars film, many of the excited movie goers will be fully decked out in costume, armed with a lightsaber, a blaster, and a smile. Costumes allow us to put on a mask, deck ourselves out with a fun outfit, and become someone else for a change. They present an opportunity to escape, to connect, and to hearken back to another time, another place, and even another person entirely. At no company is this understood better than Funwirks. Based just outside of Los Angeles, CA, this online retailer boasts a well-stocked assortment of costumes from all the major eras: '20s, '50s, 60's, '70s, '80s, and '90s! Most recently they showcased their newest batch of '70s and '80s costumes and accessories, catering to a crowd that grew up on a healthy diet of bell bottoms, flower power, neon clothing and Members Only jackets.