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Global Physical Security Software Market Manufacturer 2017 – MoboTour, Milestone

LogoIntense Research published today its Physical Security Software Market Report, providing a comprehensive analysis of consumer behavior, demographics, and preferences, as well as a complete account of industry trends in the worldwide Physical Security Software market in 2017. This latest edition of the industry-leading report presents several new datasets and analyses including an expanded list of new states. The report captures key observations of local, regional and national Physical Security Software in both residential and commercial markets.

NASDAQ:FUV Shareholder Notice: Lawsuit Alleges Misleading Statements by Arcimoto Inc

LogoA lawsuit was filed on behalf of investors in Arcimoto Inc (NASDAQ:FUV) shares over alleged securities laws violations.

The NDS Project Rebrands to NDS Digital

LogoNDS Digital, formerly the NDS Project, has launched a new website to go along with their rebranding. The rebranding comes on the heels of an expanded service menu.

Beat the Heat Wave with Cornerstone Pros

April is the time of year when Florida residents start catching extra heat. Literally. Seasonal temperatures slowly rise, right along with utility costs. And as Floridians know, spring and summer in the Sunshine State is no time to deal with a faulty cooling system. Fortunately, there are solutions for beating the heat without busting the budget.

Vigilante SEO Is Offering Tactical SEO Strategies to Take Businesses to the Next Level

LogoEstablished 12 years ago in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Vigilant SEO is an internet marketing company that simplifies the very complicated process for businesses using very transparent methods. No magic takes business websites to the first page on Google Search Engines but understanding how SEO works; solutions can be tailored for websites. The team at Vigilant SEO works at delivering results that produce revenue. This commitment to work with and assist small businesses has made the company the SEO Agency in partner of choice within Oklahoma.

Life Changes Home Care LLC Accepting Medicaid and Private Pay Clients Unlike Other Home Care Agencies

LogoWith the announcement of their willingness to accept the private and Medicaid clients who are in dire need of health care, the well known Consumer Directed Services Agency, Life Changes Home Care LLC, is garnishing major customer attraction. The level of care services provided by the home care agency is termed as unparalleled by their clients who express their happiness at the quality of services received during the tenure.

Distinctive Decor Accents Launches New E-Commerce Site –

Online shopping makes up more than 50% of surveyed shoppers' purchases, according to a new report from shipper UPS and researcher ComScore. The obvious reason behind the push towards online shopping has proven to be more than just lower, more competitive pricing, but the simple convenience. Distinctive Decor Accents is no stranger to the concept of modest pricing and suitability; in fact, they specialize in just that! Ends the Positive Singles Search

Life doesn't have to end because of a disease that is curable. While the impact of sexually transmitted disease is more on the mind than the body, often people lose hope and resort to a withdrawn life. In circumstances such as these it is important to find like-minded people who can support through this difficult phase and also care for each other.

Green Spirit Hydroponics: Offering Everything Needed to Grow Hydroponically This Spring

With Spring just around the corner many people are heading into their gardens, planting fruits and vegetables, in hopes that the good weather will stick around and that they will be able to grow successfully outdoors. However one hydroponics supplier, Green Spirit Hydroponics, has been urging all to consider growing hydroponically instead this spring, highlighting the advantages and benefits that the modern growing method offers.

GSR2R Offer Helpful CV Tips and Advice Once Again

GSR2R one of the country's most leading an prominent rec2rec agencies are not only well-known for their great work in finding people the jobs of their dreams and their clients the greatest possible candidates, but also for their lading knowledge and advice that they give out on their blog on a regular basis. Most recently the company has provided some top tips and advice regarding CVs, information people on the main mistakes that are being made.

Alien Hydroponics Provide Deep Water Culture Growing Tips: Hydrostore Comments

Alien Hydroponics one of the world's leading manufacturers of hydroponics products and systems has recently updated their website blog sharing top tips for growing in RDWC systems and deep water culture systems. Some of the advice provided by the specialist company included the following:

London Stone's Pool Coping Stones Now in High Demand

With the warm weather and hotter temperatures just around the corner, more and more people across the UK are now paying attention to their swimming pools ensuring that they are in tip-top shape before summer, including making sure that the greatest pool copings are in place. With this in line London Stone's fabulous variety of pool copings are currently in incredibly popular demand, with people ordering them for their pools on a regular basis.

Dorin & Coppel Offers Commercial, Hospitality, and Residential Custom Interior Design Services in the UK

LogoDorin & Coppel is a leading custom design company in the UK. The company has specialized in the provision of high-end luxury interior designs and architecture services in the market. It offers its services for both corporate and private clients at an affordable price. They adopt the latest technology in coming up with excellent project management packages that can fit any budget.

Internet Removals Launches UK (London) Office

LogoInternet Removals, the world-renowned content removal experts are excited to announce the launch of their UK Division, situated at 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX.

Online Platform Offers Broad Insight on Real Estate Projects in Singapore

Real estate is a booming market in Singapore owing to the country's economic flexibility and political stability. The real estate market is constantly growing and has doubled its value in the last 10 years. The lack of policy restrictions, clear-cut procedures, and low risk of loss in the future in case the property is sold off are the primary reasons for investing big in real estate. There are various advantages of investing in a property in Singapore, one of the biggest of them being that individuals can obtain a huge amount of money at a low interest rate to purchase a house and if the cost of the property goes up, the return on investment is multiplied. But if the prices fall then obviously the individuals' equity will decrease considerably faster but as long as one is not greedy and has the power to hold back, in the long term the investment is bound to be proved profitable. One can make a lot of money by purchasing the right property at the right time. Individuals also have the choice to rent out their property or a room in the property if they are residing in it to earn rental income. This rental wage can help them to counterbalance the home loan, a portion of which is going towards the key reimbursement, thus helping to build equity in their venture. In the event that one's yield is sufficiently high, they can get positive cash flow even after paying the home loan and maintenance expenses.

Middle Market Lender Buckhill Credit Sponsors the Movie "Inventing Tomorrow" at the 2018 San Francisco International Film Festival

Middle Market Lender Buckhill Credit invited the Bay Area parents and kids to watch the documentary Inventing Tomorrow at the 2018 SFFILM Festival on April 12th, 2018. The documentary directed by Laura Nix follows seven teenagers from around the world as they prepare and present projects for the gold standard of science fairs, Intel's International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Director Luara Nix, and producers Diane Becker, Melanie Miller and the subject of the documentary Sahithi Pingali were also present at the event. At the end of the film screening, Sahithi Pingali and Laura Nix shared their experience of filming the documentary. Sahithi has led the efforts to clean up Bengaluru's polluted lakes. The lake behind Sahithi's home has twice burst into flames due to toxic waste. Once known as "The City of 1,000 Lakes," it now has only 93 remaining, most of them overgrown with weeds and contaminated by industrial spillage or the dumping of raw sewage. Sahithi's project has the dual aim of monitoring water quality and enabling locals to share that data.

NYSE:SWCH Shareholder Notice: Investigation over Possible Securities Laws Violations by Switch, Inc

LogoAn investigation was announced on behalf of investors of Switch, Inc. (NYSE: SWCH) shares over potential securities laws violations by Switch, Inc.

TPM and Access Manufacturing Announce Partnership to Bring CAMWorks Based Solutions for SOLIDWORKS to Manufacturing Organizations in the Southeast

TPM and Access Manufacturing announced today a partnership to bring the CAMWorks based software and training solutions to manufacturing and engineering organizations across the Southeast.

FITLIFE Announces Online Fitness and Nutritional Coaching Programs

LogoWith summer right around the corner, FITLIFE is proud to announce they are offering unique online fitness and nutritional coaching programs for adults. Their leading personal trainers work with members to create a one-of-a-kind weight loss program that will help them trim down and look good this summer. As one of the top gyms in Warminster, FITLIFE is also offering sports performance programs for athletes online.

CERG 2.0 PAC Launches New Website

CERG 2.0 PAC Launches new website to serve as a platform for communicating the organization's priorities of influencing policy makers and supporting the election of Montgomery County representatives who support the equitable representation of African Americans and other communities of color. Their new website offers detailed information on the work they do as well as how to sign up and begin working towards accomplishing changes in the community. They are seeking to build a coalition of support and membership while educating and empowering citizens to make significant, positive changes in Montgomery County, Maryland. "CERG 2.0 PAC is needed now more than ever," says Eric Bailey, CERG Board Chair, "in this current political climate, we need to make sure that everyone's voices are heard and that the issues and priorities of minority communities are not overlooked."

Skog A Kust Offering Savings on Exercise Essentials with New GYM DAYS Promo

For a limited time, the region's number one outdoor waterproof gear company, Skog A Kust, is offering additional savings on orders containing both the GymSak and the Hydrosak. These two exercise essentials are must-haves for anyone going on an outdoor adventure this summer or even those in need of a versatile gym bag or collapsible water bottle.

Plumber in DC Announces Its New Bathroom Remodel Service

Plumber in DC announced that it has recently begun providing bathroom remodeling services to DC area homes and businesses. Plumber in DC recently added this service to its website, Plumber in DC indicated that, if done right, a bathroom remodel can add significant resale value to a home. The company stated that it provides remodeling services for any type of bathroom construction: no project is too large or too small.

DC Plumber LLC Announces Its Expanded 24 Hour Emergency Pipe Services

DC Plumber LLC made a recent announcement regarding its expanded pipe services. The company indicated that it now offers its pipe services on a 24 hour basis. The company also mentioned that the reason it chose to expand the hours of its pipe services is so that DC homeowners and business owners can get the help they need, even late at night.

4FastPlumber Announces Useful Sewer and Drain Tips

Northern Virginia plumbing company 4FastPlumber recently shared sewer and drain tips for homeowners. The company stated that this public service announcement is intended to help guide homeowners through sewer and drain issues. According to 4FastPlumber, sewers and drains are plumbing fixtures that homeowners don't typically think about, even though they get used every day and are heavily depended on to work properly.

4FastPlumber Shares Three Tools That Can Make Household Plumbing Easier for Clients

4FastPlumber, a  plumbing company based in Northern VA, recently shared 3 tools to make household plumbing easier. Regarding household plumbing, 4FastPlumber stated that, while maintaining a home's piping, appliances, and fixtures may seem overwhelming, having the right equipment makes a big difference for hands-on homeowners.

4FastPlumber Shared Three Tips to Help Clients Avoid Plumbing Disasters

In a recent announcement, 4FastPlumber shared three things that homeowners can do to avoid plumbing disasters. According to 4FastPlumber, there are many problem areas in a home that can cause plumbing disasters if proper caution and maintenance is not observed. The company went on to state that one wrong move could end up costing homeowners thousands of dollars in water damage. 4FastPlumber indicated, however, that with vigilance and knowhow, plumbing issues can be caught and corrected before they become plumbing disasters.

4FastPlumber Shares How Using a Water Softener Can Benefit Clients

4FastPlumber, a plumbing company based in Northern Virginia, recently made an announcement concerning the benefits of using a water softener in the home. According to 4FastPlumber, hard water often goes unnoticed, until its effects start to show up. 4FastPlumber also stated that these effects can include a calcium buildup on water fixtures, and even dishes. 4FastPlumber stated that hard water can even ruin appliances over time.