Press Releases For AZ Non Metropolitan Areas (US)

ULS Announces New Professional Series Laser Systems

Universal Laser Systems, Inc. (ULS) today announced the availability of four new models in its Professional Laser Series (PLS) line of advanced, high-productivity computer-controlled CO2 laser cutting, marking, and engraving systems.

Local Gilbert, Arizona Mortgage Broker Finally Reveals The Insider Secrets Other Mortgage Brokers Don't Want Consumers To Know About Obtaining A Mortgage

Gilbert, Arizona Based Mortgage Lender Tim Hensley reveals mortgage secrets at a new web site that is full of free reports, a home buying guide and free mortgage calculators. The site is designed to give consumers all the facts so they can make an educated decision when obtaining a mortgage.

Pledge Your Support to the Kickstarter Campaign of Noochie Golf LLC

Noochie Golf LLC, is an Arizona run company founded by brothers Dom and Tre after their visit to a miniature golf course, proudly asserts that they are a dedicated team of enthusiasts whose goal is to produce a product that is child-centered, imagination-driven and quality assured. They add that with 4 pieces and more than 15 different combinations, the course offers a unique quality that can never be seen in the marketplace. They show in their campaign video ( that the course is made of durable plastic parts and so, it is engineered to withstand the high demands and vagaries of active use. According to them, the course can bring the miniature golf experience to the doorsteps of users without the expense of traditional synthetic putting grass. Offers the Most Credible Paleo Recipe Reviews for Followers of the Effective Paleo Diet Plan

The world today seems to be obsessed with fitness and looks. People have become more health conscious than ever before and are pulling out all stops to ensure that they have a well-shaped body as well as a good immunity system to avoid health scares. Following diets and different workout routines have become a part and parcel of almost every urbanite’s life. One of the most credible, reliable and effective diets out there is the Paleo diet which is a very basic nutritional system of eating inspired by the eating patterns of our ancestors, the cavemen. is the best online destination to go to for knowing every kind of information related to the Paleo diet.

Simplify & Delegate in 2014! Ldm Executive Services Announces Launch in Southern Connecticut

Principal Laurie Dollner Mathews is pleased to announce the opening of LDM Executive Services, LLC, a company offering executive administration services. LDM services include executive administrative assistance, marketing, advertising, event coordination, database management, content management, organizational planning and much more. “Think of it as having your very own executive assistant---by the hour,” says Mathews. Virtually or in person, LDM is able to handle all executive needs.

The Best Source for Health Supplements Is Here

In a very short span of time, health supplements have revolutionized the way reaching fitness goals is perceived. For those who don’t have the time or the energy to carry out a full-fledged fitness routine can aid their desire for fitness via taking these supplements. While these supplements have a very specific purpose, some also consume them to improve their general health. The rise in demand for these supplements has spurred a major growth in the number of suppliers.

THE CREATIV MOVEMENT, a Grassroots Movement for Creativity

LogoTHE CREATIV MOVEMENT, a new global grassroots effort to ignite a new renaissance through technology and philanthropy, is inviting creative people from around the world to join at This Movement is giving people the opportunity to join an exciting new Renaissance that encourages people to embrace their creativity and ingenuity.

The Houston Rodeo 2014 Announces the Dates and Events for the Mega Show

The Houston Rodeo 2014 is the world’s biggest live entertainment and livestock exhibition event. The dates for this mega festival are declared as 4th to 23rd March 2014 and will be held at the Reliant stadium in Huston, Texas. The dates for for the full 2014 Houston Livestock and Rodeo concert, where several performers will put up a grand show is declared on the second Monday of January.

Top 5 Home Security Systems Website Completes Re-Evaluation of the Top Security Companies

Top 5 Home Security Systems, a website that is devoted to offering in-depth and helpful reviews of some of the most popular home security systems, has just completed a thorough year end re-evaluation of some of the top companies. The results of the exhaustive review are in, and once again, FrontPoint Security is holding onto its top spot on the website.

Creative Web Design Solutions with WorldWide Optimize

WorldWide Optimize is a unique web and graphic design company that specializes in strategic thinking and breaks the traditional practices of web designing. With hands-on experience in multiple projects, WorldWide Optimize has a skilled expert team that provides a unique design strategy for every niche. The web design specialist is flexible with its methods and works dedicatedly to drive in results that the clients expect. The web design firm is dedicated to bring a direct, practical and collaborative web design that works the best for all their clients.

Making Easy Money with a Reliable Company; Imglobal

Multiple ways of making easy money online are prominent in the market but nothing beats the competence of IMGlobal, a promising and a productive platform to earn money the right way. IM Global is a well-established online program that helps thousands of people earn for their potential by showing them how to work from home.

The Sugar Baby Bible, Helping Girls to Become Millionaire Sugar Babies

The Sugar Baby Bible, a popular eBook, is helping millions of girls to become millionaire sugar babies. The book provides step by step guidance for becoming a successful sugar baby. The eBook is written by Elle, who reveals all of her secrets for picking the most successful sugar daddy.

Ebook for Girls Who Want to Be Sugar Babies Now Available Online

The latest eBook for girls who want to be millionaire sugar babies is currently in demand online. Most girls who desperately want to seek change desire to get this guide. This eBook is not only for girls who are having trouble finding their perfect sugar daddy. This is also perfect for girls who opt to have a life changing experience.

Technology Blog Enlightens Readers on How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files

Many people wish to retain deleted files in the present times. This can be an incredibly complicated task; however, it has now been made possible through unique software which has been specifically created in order to fulfill the very purpose. The Aid File recovery software has been around from quite a while and offers the best solution to acquire undelete files in a short period of time and that too, without having to struggle too much in the matter.

Dr. R. Stuart Fowler to Offer Innovative Virtual Consultations to Busy Women in Arizona and California

Dr. Stuart Fowler of Fowler Gyn International, PLLC in Paradise Valley, AZ is proud to announce the launching of his practice’s new website, which features an innovative virtual consultation service for women located in Arizona and California who are suffering from vulvovaginal problems.

Potty Training in 3 Days Provides Reliable Information on How to Potty Train Your Toddler in 3 Days

A fast and reliable course developed by Carol Cline, Potty Training in 3 Days is now available to provide reliable information on how to potty train your toddler in 3 days. Within just 3 very short days, parents will now be able to get their toddler or their small children use the toilet on their own. Potty Training in 3 Days is actually guaranteed, so parents will no longer need to smell, see and change their baby’s diaper ever again.

Skinny Cream ... Helping People Get Slimmer and Healthier

Skinny cream is a mixture of natural and formulated ingredients that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body. The cream contains glaucine, bupleurum falcatum, coenzyme-A, caffeine, I- carnitine, cantella asiatica extract, elderberry extract and other very healthy components that benefit the skin to make it visibly firmer and smoother. All these elements, with their original benefits, are combined together in the right proportion to create the perfect blend for the users. The entering of all these elements into the skin also result in the reduction in the formation of moisture and fat on the skin preventing unnecessary weight gain.

Gordon Cowie Offers 20% off All Music Video Packages to Encourage Independent Artists

The music industry has always been a double edged sword, but its edges are sharper than ever in the 21st century. On the one hand, there are more opportunities to be discovered than ever before thanks to social media and viral marketing. On the other, there is more competition than ever with all musicians trying to forge a career for themselves in the same spaces. Gordon Cowie is a renowned music video director who is helping developing artists to get a heads up on the competition with a special offer of 20% off all video packages.

Meet the New Keratosis Pilaris Cure - Simple Secret Revealed

Keratosis pilaris is a non-contagious skin condition affecting 40 percent of adults and 50 percent of adolescents. William Martin, president of End Keratosis Pilaris, is promoting a newly released eBook providing readers with in-depth information about an effective, low-cost Keratosis pilaris treatment.

New Dating Site Caters to the Unique Desires of Transgender Dating

Finding that special someone can be a challenge for everyone—but even more so for those who are transgender, or are looking for a transgender love interest. As more individuals turn to online dating sites to make new friends and search for love, the need for TS dating sites continues to grow. While popular dating sites offer TS dating—the community is not well represented.

Halo Corporate University Announces Cisco Training and Certification

Halo Corporate University, an online source for top IT training, has announced Cisco Training and Certification is now available at affordable prices. Enrollees can advance their Cisco networking knowledge whether they are a network professional at an enterprise or a small business owner. Each offering includes the necessary courseware, mentoring, exam preps, in addition to exam vouchers all at one reasonable price.

Horror in Western Novels? Gunslinger's Head Explodes...With Style

Horror novels get read. If you're a big name in the genre, such as Stephen King or Clive Barker, people will clamor to read what you've written, even if it's only the ingredients on a cereal box, possibly in hopes of finding a serial killer lurking between the lines.

WP Payment Processing Plug-in Now Refined with All-in-One Shopping Cart

The WP Payment Processing Plug-in has been refined to include more features than ever before, giving WordPress users a great solution for accepting payments and donations. Along with a fully functional shopping cart, the system includes tools for inventory management, pricing, and credit card processing from a leader in technology, marketing, and merchant based solutions.

QuickStart Ignition Interlock AZ Offers Embarrassment Free Interlock Cup Disguise

An ignition interlock device uses a breathalyzer type device to immobilise a car engine until it has analyzed the blood-alcohol content of the driver. Courts can now demand these devices be added to the cars of those convicted of drunk driving, which can cause humiliation if seen by friends, loved ones or colleagues. QuickStart Ignition Interlock Arizona provides a uniquely creative solution to the inconvenience of using ignition interlock devices with a clever accessory that disguises the device as a drinking cup.

Reliable and Efficient Locksmith Services from Stoddart's Lock and Safe

The services of reliable and trusted locksmiths are essential to safeguard any commercial or residential property. Security is important for homes and offices as it can protect people and their valuables. The services of bonded, licensed and insured locksmiths are offered by Surprise Az Stoddart’s Lock and Safe. In addition, Stoddart’s Lock and Safe owns a large collection of commercial and residential specialty hardware, which enables them to carry out the prescribed job quickly and easily. The service provider also offers mobile locksmith solutions on a 24/7 basis.

Fitness Rebates Offers Free Shipping on Select Premium Products

Alex Schelowski, owner of Fitness Rebates, announced that the firm is offering free shipping and 32 percent off Platinum Hydro Builder Vanilla Bean Protein Powder. The premier provider of health and fitness deals is committed to locating the most highly sought discount treadmills, bodybuilding supplements and garments for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Welcome Holt Window Cleaning to Your Windows

Holt Window Cleaning picks up where Metropolitan left off. Andrew Holt didn’t want to leave the profession he loves so he opened his own company. With a crew as excellent as this 10 year window washing professional, Holt Window Cleaning is about the customer. Doing what you love and loving what you do. That’s Holt Window Cleaning.