Press Releases For Alberta (CA)

Tanning Bed Dangers Highlighted by Dr Barry Lycka in Latest Video

Tanning bed dangers is the subject of this week’s short video from Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Barry Lycka.

Save More, Exert Less Effort: Pointers to Remember when Hiring a Crane Service Company

It is vital for customers to remember that most of the companies offer a crane service bill depending on the amount of time needed to accomplish the job. Being prepared prior to their arrival on the work site can drastically lessen the amount that one has to pay upon the accomplishment of the job.

ShaanMovers Upgrades Equipment Due to High Demand in Relocating Services

ShaanMovers, the finest company which offers efficient and well-organized moving services, recently upgrade its equipment to provide better service and achieve customer service satisfaction.

Neuromodulators for Treating Wrinkles Are Explained by Dr Barry Lycka in Latest Video

LogoNeuromodulators is the collective name given to a group of products which are used to get rid of wrinkles, and these products feature in this week’s short video review from Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Barry Lycka.

Canadians Show Love for Dune Electronic Cigarettes

People across Canada have fell in love with Dune cigs. Due to the quality and taste of these electronic cigarettes sales have been up and continue to rise. When asked, 53% of e-cigarette users have said they are using Dune. This brand is becoming the new standard in the electronic cigarette industry across not only Canada but all of North America.

Calgary Driving School Discusses How Driving Schools Are in a Fix over Fees

LogoDriving schools seem to be confused as to what they should be doing following the recent three-point turn on the new driving licence curriculum by the Transport Ministry and Road Transport Department (RTD).

Women's Hair Loss: Causes & Treatments Discussed by Dr Lycka & Dr Ablon

LogoHair loss in women is quite common, with around 30 million women in the US suffering from hair loss, and it is a problem that dermatologists are consulted about very frequently. However, excitingly for doctors and patients alike, there are now many treatment options available to help women deal with the problem of hair loss, and this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, on, two experienced cosmetic dermatologists review what is new in treatments for women’s hair loss. Show host, Dr Barry Lycka from Edmonton, welcomes Dr Glynis Ablon, Board Certified Dermatologist from Manhattan Beach, California, who specialises in treating hair loss in women.

Crazy Marketing Consultant Will Give $1000 to Anyone Who Can Prove Him Wrong

The director of a Canadian media firm has announced today that he will write a check for $1000 to any business owner or executive who can prove that his marketing advice would not double, or even triple the profits of a business in as little just as a few short months.

Thermage Skin Tightening Treatment Is Highlighted by Dr Barry Lycka in Latest Video

LogoThermage is a device that uses radio frequency energy to produce heat which in turn stimulates the production of collagen, and it also tightens the skin. It is the subject of this week’s short video review from Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Barry Lycka.

SC Systems Reveals the Secret to Successfully Managing Technology

Companies frequently struggle when it comes to IT issues. Some organizations discover they are unable to resolve issues in a timely manner, while others need assistance with troubleshooting applications. No matter where one is struggling, SC Systems, an Edmonton IT company, provides managed computer services designed to address these problem areas.

Krista & Michael Promises Best Deal on Calgary Homes

LogoThose looking for a prospective real estate investment in Calgary will receive the best possible assistance from seasoned realtors such as Krista and Michael Kehoe who guarantee to find you the best deals on Calgary homes.

Voluma, Micro Needling & Ulthera : Latest Information Reviewed by Dr Lycka & Dr Nowak

LogoThere are many new procedures and products being released into the world of cosmetic surgery at the moment, many of which are versions or extensions of existing things. Keeping up with what is new and working great can be difficult for patients, so this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, on, two experienced cosmetic dermatologists review three new products & techniques. Show host, Dr Barry Lycka from Edmonton, welcomes a popular repeat guest, Dr Eugene Nowak, Board Certified Dermatologist from San Diego and considered to be an expert in fillers and a fast adapter of the latest products.

Coolsculpting to Reduce Body Fat & Sculpt the Body Is Highlighted by Dr Barry Lycka in Latest Video

LogoCoolsculpting is a device that uses low temperatures to literally freeze unwanted fat cells to reduce body fat in small areas of the body, and it is the subject of this week’s short video review from Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Barry Lycka.

MaxWell Notifies Clients Instantly when New Homes Come on Calgary Market

LogoSince 1999, MaxWell Realty has become the most effective real estate website in Calgary with advanced search technologies that allow clients to view listings in the MLS. To make their website even more popular, MaxWell Realty is pleased to announce the home finder alert system. Through this option, prospective home buyers will get email alerts whenever their search hits the market.

Butt Augmentation by Fat Transfer or Implants Explained in Detail by Dr Lycka & Dr Gordon

LogoButt augmentations are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the southern United States. There are two approved methods of butt augmentation, either by using buttock implants or, by using fat transfer (fat grafting) where the patient’s own body fat is removed by liposuction, processed and then injected back into the buttock area to create the required amount of augmentation.

Traders Get Huge Returns Owing to Asset Signals Efforts

Asset Signals has been able to help its members get huge returns from the trading market. With new established systems, the company is now focused on helping the members get even higher returns from the trading market on a global scale. Asset Signals has equipped staff that are well trained in taking up trading responsibilities that members do not have the time to execute and turn them into profitable trade platforms. The result of this has been members getting huge returns on a monthly basis making trading a top income earner for many.

Self Tanning Products Highlighted by Dr Barry Lycka in Latest Video

LogoSelf Tanning products is the subject of this week’s short video from Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Barry Lycka.

Calgary Promotional Videos Discusses How to Maximize Marketing Campaign Through Storytelling

The problem is that too many marketers aren’t moving forward; they’re sticking to what they know. The fact is, marketing strategies must be continually refined in order to succeed, and a great way of doing this is by telling a story within marketing strategy.

Calgary Promotional Videos Helps Keep Businesses on Top of Their Game

LogoCalgary Promotional Videos known for its award-winning animation services and incomparable video marking products, is taking the next step in helping businesses reach new levels of success by adding social media management to its line-up of unique services.

Calgary Promotional Videos Discuss Why Video Marketing Is a Good Addition to Your Marketing Mix

LogoBusiness experts predict that the trend will continue and there will be a 19.5% annual growth rate through to 2016. When you compare this to other forms of marketing, TV advertising is predicted to decline by about 3% per year

The Risks & Facts Women Must Know Before Having Breast Implants Are Highlighted by Dr Lycka & Dr Kolb

LogoDiscovering the facts and health risks of potential breast implant problems is an important element of the decision making process that women should go through before they decide to go ahead with breast implant surgery. There can be serious health problems caused by implants particularly if a patient is already suffering from, or is prone to developing, an autoimmune disease such as Multiple Sclerosis.

Canadian Marketing Consultant Accuses Advertising Agencies of Stealing Money from Their Clients

Mitchell Miller, president of Opposed Media; a consulting and training firm who officially opened its doors today, claim they are the answer to the growing practice of wasting budgets and company cash reserves.

Latest Research on Using Nanoparticle Solution to Close Wounds & Join Tissues Is Highlighted by Dr Lycka & Dr Leibler

LogoAn innovative method to quickly and simply join tissue and close wounds has been discovered and is the subject of a paper published in Nature International Journal of Science in 2013. The paper is entitled ‘Nanoparticle solutions as adhesives for gels and biological tissues.’ The process uses a nanoparticle solution rather than sutures, and wounds that are treated this way not only stop bleeding immediately, but heal quickly and with scarcely a scar or any sign it was even there.

Carlos Montes Adds New Listings to Help Buyers Snap Up Bargains in Calgary Real Estate

Calgary is the biggest city in Alberta, and supports a huge range of business interests, from energy, finance and technology to film, retail and tourism. Supporting more than a million residents, it is no surprise that property in the area is in high demand, and the best properties are often snapped up by eager investors in no time at all. In a situation such as this, knowing about the latest properties first can result in getting the dream property ahead of the rest, and Carlos Montes has just updated his website with the very latest real estate deals.

72-Acre Rural Property Available for Sale South of Calgary

Hansen Land Brokers wishes to announce that 72 acres of rural property is now available for sale south of Calgary. Priced at $799,000, this property is located in a treed valley with an outstanding view of the mountains. Also included on this property is quality hayland and grazing space. The property is very open and has many suitable locations for building. Access is provided via a paved road, which also serves as the utility corridor.

157-Acre Land Parcel West of Nanton, AB Now Available for Sale

Hansen Land Brokers is pleased to announce that a quarter section of land is now available for sale in the Porcupine Hills located west of Nanton, Alberta. This 157-acre property features a high escarpment that affords an excellent view of the surrounding area as well as the mountains, and includes a small cabin as well as accompanying outbuildings. The asking price is $674,900 dollars. This property also has convenient access to electricity and access to Highway 533, making it an excellent site for building a permanent residence.

Sun Damaged Skin Treatment Options Including Photorejuvenation Highlighted by Dr Barry Lycka in Latest Video

LogoSun damaged skin treatment options are the subject of this week’s short video from Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Barry Lycka.