Press Releases For Alberta (CA)

Botulinum Toxins Explained - Their Use & Benefits in Facial Rejuvenation: Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Vince Bertucci

Botulinum Toxins are neuromodulators used to relax facial muscles as part of facial rejuvenation procedures. There are 3 brands available in North America, the most commonly known is Botox, but there is also Dysport and Xeomin. The use of Botulinum Toxins for wrinkle treatments and facial rejuvenation is popular around the world – indeed it is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world.

Red Cherry Calgary Web Design Explains Biggest Web Design Trends of 2016

In the dynamic web design industry things always stay in motion. New and exciting concepts, techniques and tools are constantly being introduced. Original minds keep the industry fresh by challenging norms and coming up with innovative styles. For anyone interested in web design, marketing and online business, this means always keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry.

Calgary Web Design Company Red Cherry Discusses Web Design Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2016

LogoRed Cherry is a Digital Agency based in Calgary Alberta Canada. Last year not a lot changed in the world of web design and most new websites adopted the more minimalist approach that has been in favor in recent years. But developments behind the scenes have been inexorably racing forwards and many of the most popular web frameworks have continued to evolve. So how will the latest changes affect you and what can you expect if you are planning to build or revamp a website for your business?

Allstar Enviro Safety Now Has the Childcare First Aid Program with CPR Level B and AED

LogoAllstar Enviro Safety is pleased to announce that their lead Safety Consultant, Arliss T.E. Levine, was accepted as an instructor in the Childcare First Aid certificate program. These programs are certified under the auspices of the Canadian Red Cross and will assist clients in complying with Part 11 of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act and Code.

Facelift Surgery & Rhinoplasty Surgery Reviewed in Detail by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Nicholas Sieveking

LogoFacelift surgery & rhinoplasty surgery are often deemed as the 'ultimate' facial cosmetic surgery procedures. Both are complex and a lot of thought, discussion and planning need to happen before surgery and a successful result can be created. Plus of course an experienced plastic surgeon, with the scientific knowledge, and artistic eye to take the patient's expectations and turn them into reality.

Bellafill Long-Lasting Dermal Filler Reviewed in Detail by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Neil Sadick

LogoBellafill is a third generation long-lasting dermal filler used for treating deep acne scars and providing structural support to the face and replacing lost volume in facial rejuvenation treatment. Its technical description is that it is a polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) collagen filler. It doesn't just fill, however. As well as showing an immediate effect, lifting wrinkles such as smile lines, it stimulates collagen production so the natural looking results continue to develop over time, and it also lasts around 5 years. And as safety is also of paramount importance, it was proven safe through 5 years in the largest and longest prospective dermal filler study ever completed.

Masonic Supply Shop Introduces Their Line of High-Quality Regalia and Supplies

According to statistics published by The Masonic Service Association of North America, there are more than 1 million Master Masons in the United States alone. Many influential politicians and public figures past and present belong to the organization, and it has grown greatly in recognition over the years.

Direct Tec Inc. Introduces Full Suite of Managed IT Services for Business Owners

Companies spend trillions of dollars on their IT infrastructure each year. Still, Fortune Magazine reports that business IT spending is expected to increase 6.7 percent between now and 2017. Unfortunately, statistics also predict that companies will continue to waste about 20 percent of this spending on products and services that don't produce adequate results.

Vitamin B3 Niacinamide Skin Cream Effective in Preventing Skin Cancer: Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Gordon Telford

LogoVitamin B3 Niacinamide skin cream is effective in preventing skin cancer and in restoring skin health. In 2015 an Australian study showed that taking Vitamin B3 orally was effective in preventing skin cancer. It has also been shown that using a Vitamin B3 Niacinamide topically applied cream is also effective, with the added result that other skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema are helped and skin health is restored.

Affordable Painting Service Offered by Ram Decorating Ltd

Painting Interior and especially exterior of a building requires a lot of expertise, though there are many Painting Service providers in Calgary but a company that does a wonderful job on time within affordable rates is relatively difficult to find because if the service provider asks for less money, they tend to delay the work and usually do not do a very fine job; and if they do a fine job on time, they tend to ask high rates for their work. But, Calgary painting company - Ram Decorating Ltd. does not only do a highly professional job on time but they ask for very affordable rates as well.

Leduc Sewer & Drain Cleaning Offers Plumbing and Heating Services with Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction

Finding a Plumbing and Heating Service in Leduc and the surrounding areas is quite difficult. There may be many options available, but a service provider which offers 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction is quite difficult to find. Leduc Sewer & Drain Cleaning offers professional plumbing, sewer, and Hydronic heating services which will definitely give the clients Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction.

SculpSure – New Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Laser Highlighted by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Bruce Katz

LogoSculpSure is the latest FDA approved non-invasive fat reduction laser, created by Cynosure, Inc. It is becoming available around the world, and following its approval by the FDA, it is being introduced into doctor's practices across the USA.

Red Cherry Calgary Discusses Top Web Design Trends to Watch in 2016

LogoRed Cherry provides top-notch app development, custom software development, web design and branding that can be all integrated into a digital marketing strategy. Offers Free Roofing Estimates

Calgary Roofing Company, Whalley's Four Seasons Roofing has built a reputation as the area's premiere roof contractor which offers a comprehensive list of roofing services including repairs and installations. The company is now offering free commercial and residential roofing inspections and estimates. The free estimates service has been added to the company's portfolio to provide their customers added convenience and ease.

Surgeons in Canada Announce New Surgical Information Website Is Now Live

Today marks the opening of the new surgery and surgeons information website Surgeons In Canada is an online organization that is dedicated to helping Canadians across Canada find in-depth information about plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.

2015 Has Been an Exciting Year for 'Injectables' to Rejuvenate the Face: Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Charles Crutchfield

Logo2015 has seen the introduction into North America of several new injectable products which are providing great results and high patient satisfaction. One is called Kybella and it is used to 'melt' and reduce fat in the double chin area. There are also several facial fillers, including the Emervel range, which are used for non-surgical facial rejuvenation. These products are the subjects under discussion on this week's (07Dec15) episode of Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on, when popular repeat guest, board certified dermatologist Dr Charles Crutchfield from Minneapolis, Minnesota talks with show host, Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka.

Captain Cash Forecasts an Increase in Demand for Cash Loans in 2016

Captain Cash forecasts an increase in demand for cash loans in 2016, based on the huge increase seen this year. Economic challenges are expected to continue, leading to the need for more people to borrow cash. As more people are now aware of these loans and the many uses of the financial product, they are finding a captaincash loan to be a viable alternative when the bank says no.

Auto Insurance Alberta Announces Their Around-the-Clock Consultation Service

In 2013, the Alberta Automobile Insurance Rate Board approved a five percent rate increase on all premiums for mandatory car insurance. At the time, the board actually considered a double-digit rate increase because the cost of bodily injury claims had risen in the previous year. The five percent hike will be in effect through at least 2016.

Harmony Showhomes Open to the Public December 1st

Broadview Homes announces that their showhomes in Harmony, a new community west of Calgary, are open to the public starting December 1. Located just minutes north and west of Calgary, Harmony is offering luxury homes in the Springbank area for those who want to live close to Calgary, but still have the feel of a rural setting.

National IT Services Provider Acrodex Announces Launch of 'Evolve' – Smart-Bundle End User Productivity Solution

Acrodex's Evolve bundles together five key productivity components to keep end-users, and in turn businesses, productive. With Evolve, businesses are able to subscribe to a program that provides end-users with the following:

Honest Forex Signals Offers Honest and Live Forex Trades to Everyone Interested

Honest Forex Signals is a unique Forex trading product that offers honest and live Forex trades to everyone who is interested to enter the world of Forex trading. Unlike other Forex software products that are available on the web, it gives each member access to the trader platform of the real trader.

Broadview Homes to Build in New Community of Rancher's Rise in Okotoks

Broadview Homes, Calgary's custom home builder joins the builder group in the new home community of Rancher's Rise located in Okotoks. Broadview will build homes in phase 10 and 11 of this popular community. The announcement was made by Broadview Homes Vice President Peter-John Woolf who said, "We are excited about this new community at Rancher's Rise. Okotoks is a popular place to live and we are happy to be back building there."

Laser Tattoo Removal with Latest Laser Technology Is Highlighted by Dr Barry Lycka Video

LogoThere are many reasons why men and women decide to have a tattoo on their skin – and just as many reasons why they want their tattoo removed later in life.

Northern Exposure Author Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoNorthern Exposure:  A Jasper Rock-Climbing Guidebook by Francois Laplante, is the first modern Jasper guidebook to include more than five hundred rock routes from Alpine to bouldering and sport to multi-pitch.  This area of the Northern National Park in the Canadian Rockies is a popular climbing destination, but to date there have been no modern rock-climbing guidebooks published concerning this area.   For the last two years, Laplante has concentrated on producing a definitive guidebook and has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise publication funds.

Female Hair Loss Diagnosis & Treatments Reviewed by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Alan Bauman

LogoFemale Hair Loss used to be a devastating problem for women to deal with, but the good news is that this situation has changed greatly over the last few years. There are advanced measurement techniques to aid with achieving a correct diagnosis and some advanced treatments that make a big difference to women suffering from a hair loss problem – whether it is hair shedding, hair thinning, hair breakage or low quality, weak hair.

Facial Rejuvenation with Micro-Needling & PRP Reviewed by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr James Marotta

LogoMicro-needling is a cosmetic procedure that has been around for several years where a device with super fine needles is used to create very, very fine channels into the skin in a process that has been described as being akin to aerating a lawn! This process stimulates collagen and results in much improved skin structure, tone and texture. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma has also been around for several years in use in various medical specialties where a patient's own blood is processed to extract the platelets with their associated growth factors, and then they are re-injected back into the patient in the relevant area being treated. PRP is also now being used with great results for facial rejuvenation.

Broadview Homes Opens Two Show Homes at Beacon Heights in Sherwood Calgary

Broadview Homes, Calgary's custom new home builder will open two new show homes on November 21, 2105. The new homes are in the Beacon Heights community in Sherwood in NW Calgary. According to Broadview Homes Vice President Peter-John Woolf, "Beacon Heights is getting a lot of buzz recently as the community that people want to live in. With the latest amenities and close proximity to major city routes, homes in Beacon Heights are top sellers and we can't wait for the public to see these two great show homes."