Press Releases For FL - Miami-Miami Beach-Kendall (US)

FreightCenter Honors Truckers in the Wake of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey

The day south Florida braced for Hurricane Irma also marked the kick off to Truck Driver Appreciation Week (September 10-16). In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and its devastation to Houston and coastal parts of Texas, the transportation and logistics industry demonstrated fortitude as heavy winds and flooding blocked roads and shuttered supply chains.

Matrix Renovations Works on Houston Based Motel

The motel being renovated is located less than two miles from Houston's NRG Stadium, formerly known as the Reliant Stadium. The NRG Stadium previously hosted Super Bowl XXXVIII and will be doing so again when it hosts Super Bowl LI, scheduled for Sunday, February 5, 2017. Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Lady Gaga will be headlining the halftime show.

Have a Great Time at the Continuum Condo

LogoStanding proudly in the South Beach area, Continuum is among the finest luxury condos in all of Miami Beach. It consists of a pair of resort-style buildings commonly referred to as Continuum I and Continuum II with a total of 318 and 203 units, all located near the best South Beach sights and attractions.

Fun Products for Spring Break Courtesy of Nicamaka Distributors

LogoThe WOW Water Walkway 6' x 10' is large, rectangular walkway big enough to comfortably fit up to six adults and its design allows adults to walk on it if necessary while remaining soft enough for relaxation. The walkway is a great way to relax and unwind and it can also be used as a path to connect a pair of neighboring boats.

Set Sail on the THERAPY-IV for Spring Break

LogoTired of just going to the beach to work on the suntan? Miami inshore fishing during the spring season is a tremendous amount of fun and participants will always come across lots of different fish during their trip. Inshore fishing trips are available for those that are just getting their feet wet when it comes to deep sea fishing as well as experienced fishers that are eager to challenge Miami's many formidable sea dwellers. Mackerel, kingfish, snapper, tarpon, and the powerful barracuda are just a few of the fish species participants may encounter during their trip.

Discover the Latest Tools at the McElroy Parts by MIMECO Website

LogoMcElroy has redefined the pipe and socket fusing process for polypropylene piping systems with the debut of the SmartFab 125. With its portable design, the machine positions easily on just about any flat surface, virtually guaranteeing prefabrication precision while also creating greater versatility no matter if it's being utilized on the field or in the shop. Adjustable individual clamping jaws and a pivoting heater are a few of the many SmartFab 125 features.

Straighten Misaligned Teeth with Gentle Braces' Invisalign Treatment to Attain Picture Perfect Smile

A specialist Orthodontist in Aventura, Gentle Braces offers invisalign treatment utilizing a series of clear aligners. Their Invisalign treatment is highly recognized by customers for getting a picture perfect smile. This treatment is carried out by their team of experienced orthodontists who develop invisalign aligners using 3-D computer graphics technology. Each aligner is precisely calibrated and manufactured to ensure they finely fits into the patient's mouth at each stage of the treatment plan. These aligners are changed every 2 week till the desired position of the teeth is achieved. Invisalign treatment that they provide not only helps individuals' regain radiant smile, but also make them able to enjoy good oral health for years to come.

The Charitable Efforts of Robert V. Glaser

LogoThe Robert V. Glaser Giving website is a showcase of the many years he has spent giving back to the community and contributing his time to various charities, foundations, as well as his own personal causes like the Mary Louise Bates Scholarship Program, named in honor of his mother. The scholarship provided financial help to children with dreams of attending Rochester, New York's Maplewood Family YMCA.

Exceptional Tortilla Products Courtesy of Easy Foods

LogoWhen choosing Easy Foods tortillas, customers will have the option of whole wheat or white flour. The flour tortillas have a wonderfully distinct flavor profile, yet they remain subtle so that there is no interference with the flavor of the tortilla and any of the ingredients used inside of it.

Have Some Fun at the Murano Grande

LogoAs part of the South Beach area, Murano Grande is one of the finest luxury condos in Miami Beach. The 270 unit building is made up of a trio of towers and it also has a few townhomes that are close to the Miami Beach Marina.

Waking Up Rejuvenated During Brickell Mattress Sleep Awareness Week

LogoNumerous people deal with sleeplessness, perhaps better known as insomnia. The cause of insomnia can be attributed to a myriad of reasons, including stress or sleeping on a mattress that is ultimately not providing the comfort the body needs to fall into REM sleep, which is considered the deepest stage of sleep. Mattresses that are too firm, too soft, or use materials that do not allow the body to breathe properly can all contribute to a less than restful night's sleep.

Hochman & Goldin Discuss the Florida Texting While Driving Bill

LogoIf the texting while driving bill successfully becomes a law, Florida will follow the example of 43 states that already have laws in place where texting while driving is considered a primary offense. Currently, Florida has regarded texting while driving as a secondary offense since 2013, which means a driver has to be pulled over for a different reason such as speeding before he or she would receive a texting citation.

VeVeggie: A Vegan Social Network Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoVeVeggie is an upcoming social network of vegans and vegetarians from around the world. The network aspires to be an effective online platform, where likeminded vegans and vegetarians can meet, share, interact with others and find choices of their preference. In the modern-day world, vegans have a lot of useful information to share with others and this amazing platform will enable them to do so on the tips of their fingers.

The Boatrax Box Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoThe Boatrax Box is a marine electronic gateway that transmits boat logs securely and in real-time to the cloud. The creators of this remarkable technology have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where they are raising funds and support for this inspiring initiative. The project. Moreover, Boatrax has been co-founded by a Miami based American boating expert David Villegas, and he is welcoming everyone for generous support on Kickstarter.

Discover the Hastens Marwari and Appaloosa at Brickell Mattress

LogoThe new Hastens mattresses present a unique spin on the classic blue-checkered Hastens pattern design as interpreted by Bernadotte & Kylberg, a highly acclaimed Sweden-based design duo. The collection is the first of its kind and will be available to consumers all over the world.

Alonso Perez Encourages Homeowners to Be Proactive

LogoOne of the most important things to have during a major storm or hurricane is a disaster supply kit. This kit should include essential items in case of an emergency and there should be enough supplies to last at least a week or so as power outages can last for several days following a storm. The kit should have items such as nonperishable food items, at least a gallon of water per person per day, batteries and flashlights, first aid supplies, and also pet essentials if the homeowner has any.

Skinnies: The Perfect ZERO Calorie Cocktail Mixer Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoSkinnies is an all-new ZERO calorie mixer for the modern-day health conscious drinking enthusiasts worldwide. These amazing cocktail mixers will be introduced in four delicious flavors; The Cranberry Twist, Moscow Mule, Maui MaiTai and Skinnies Margaritas. Invented by a Miami based couple, Ani and Mario, these mixers are currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and the couple is welcoming everyone to support the campaign generously.

No More Misaligned Teeth when Gentle Braces Is a Trusted Dental Partner

One of the leading orthodontists in Aventura, Hollywood, Sunny Isles, and Miami Shores, Gentle Braces offers the most immaculate Invisalign treatment to straighten misaligned teeth in most effective and safest way. The entire procedure of Invisalign is carried out by their team with great care and importance to ensure patients feel comfortable and satisfied by the end results. One of the sophisticated dental treatments, Invisalign starts with taking images of the teeth, using 3D computer imaging system, followed by making alignment plan based on the present position of the patient's tooth.

Discover the Weekly Events of Espanola Way

LogoMondays on Espanola Way are better known as Meatless Mondays. Individuals that prefer a diet free of meat will find restaurants such as Numero 28, Moshi Moshi, and A la Folie Cafe serving meat-free dished including vegetable soba bowls and wood-fired pizzas with Neapolitan cheese.

Special Outdoor Products by Nicamaka Distributors

LogoThe elegant Nicamaka Klaus Chenille Brazilian Style Hammock is a synthesis of beauty and simplicity perfect for the upcoming spring. It is a Brazilian style hammock which utilizes the incredible softness of Klaus Chenille fabric. The velvety smooth feel of Klaus Chenille makes the hammock supremely comfortable and it is available in four distinct colors. Customers can also add an optional matching pillow set.

THERAPY-IV Welcomes the Miami Boat Show

LogoThe Miami International Boat Show brings together all that has to do with the fascinating world of boating, from all-new gear for sailers to powerful new engines, and of course, the latest vessels that will eventually make their way across the seas. There are more than 1,000 boats being showcased at the 2018 show and visitors will be able to view hundreds of boats in-water, all of which will sit alongside the improved and extended docks designed to allow pedestrians to get around easier. For those that like to sail, there will be a bigger number of on-water boat training courses at the show.

The Four Winds Society Launches a Holistic Healing Training Program on Shamanic Energy Medicine

LogoThe Four Winds Society, a leading authority in Shamanic energy medicine, has launched a training program for individuals interested in a holistic healing career. The program provides extensive training on a wide range of shamanic healing principles combined with modern neuroscience techniques.

Save Money with Pre-Owned McElroy Parts by MIMECO Equipment

LogoPowerful equipment like the machines manufactured by McElroy can be tough to factor into a small budget when projects require heavy-duty equipment. McElroy Parts has a viable solution to help companies save on expenses thanks to its pre-owned equipment. Customers can rest assured knowing that all machines have undergone extensive testing to ensure they work properly. All equipment is reviewed and tested by a McElroy Certified Master Mechanic.

Join Brickell Mattress for Heart Healthy Happy Hour

LogoEnjoying a glass of red wine and having a piece of dark chocolate in moderation have been scientifically proven to help the body remain in good shape thanks to their positive effects on the heart. Part of keeping the body running smoothly is ensuring a good night's sleep, and that means remaining in a deep sleep without constantly tossing and turning.

Premium Tortillas and Wraps with TacoMex and Vedgee

Logo"Fresh" and "quality" are two adjectives that have become synonymous with the TacoMex brand. The brand has been used by numerous restaurants looking to provide their guests premium quality tortillas that are as tasty as they are authentic. The TacoMex brand includes a number of different flavored tortillas and wraps including sun-dried tomato, whole wheat, flour tortillas, spinach, and more.

Discover Robert Glaser's Business Website

LogoRobert Glaser's business website is dedicated to some of the notable companies he has worked with during his career, such as Investcorp, a leading provider and manager of alternative investment products. Website visitors will also notice an extensive bio which details Glaser's time in his native Rochester to the work he did as part of various companies, including Investcorp and The Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A

Hochman & Goldin Discuss New Florida Driver Licenses

LogoHochman & Goldin is reminding drivers about the availability of the newly redesigned Florida driver’s licenses, which the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) has now made available across the state.