Press Releases For FL - Miami-Miami Beach-Kendall (US)

Matrix Renovations Works on Houston Based Motel

The motel being renovated is located less than two miles from Houston's NRG Stadium, formerly known as the Reliant Stadium. The NRG Stadium previously hosted Super Bowl XXXVIII and will be doing so again when it hosts Super Bowl LI, scheduled for Sunday, February 5, 2017. Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Lady Gaga will be headlining the halftime show.

Americas Market Intelligence Publishes Market Research Guide for Latin America

Americas Market Intelligence—the premier strategic market intelligence firm for Latin America—has published a free guide on conducting market research in Latin America that includes guidance on LatAm market intelligence and competitive intelligence gathering in the region.

iDental Group Announces Grand Opening of Two New Locations in South Florida

A new, full-service dental practice by the name of iDental Group is pleased to announce the grand opening of two new offices located in South Florida. The lead dentist at iDental Group, Dr. Jose Alberto, has been serving the area for more than ten years and looks forward to continuing to do so. He went to New York University where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Dr. Alberto also holds the honor of being a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Spend the Summer Outdoors with Nicamaka Play Station Products

LogoThe play station products are made from heavy duty PVC for better safety and durability. These products include the Nuclear Globe, a large six-foot sphere where children and adults can "roll" across the surface of the water. Using a paddling motion, the globe spins along the water and is great fun for safely "bumping" into someone else.

Spend the Summer at the Continuum South Beach

LogoThe Continuum South Beach is the collective term for the Continuum I and Continuum II, a pair of Miami Beach condos located in the "SoFi" or "South of Fifth" area. This area is considered to be the home of some of the city's most luxurious, exclusive, and acclaimed condominiums.

McElroy Parts Spotlights the McElroy MegaMc 1648

LogoPipe fusion equipment McElroy Parts is pleased to present the McElroy MegaMc® 1648 Fusion Machine Package, currently available for sale.

McElroy Parts Spotlights the McElroy PolyPorter

LogoThe PolyPorter® is designed to make pipe handling on the field significantly easier. It is a fusion of the many mechanical advantages of a dolly with pipe stand functionality, resulting in an incredibly useful pipeline tool.

McElroy Parts Promotes the New Polypropylene Socket Adapters

LogoThe new socket adapters represent a natural evolution of the McElroy product catalog. With the introduction of these adapters, the type D and type Q socket fusion adapters will be phased out in favor of an all-new single design adapter. Order selection becomes dramatically simplified while inventory requirements are minimized and the manufacturing process is significantly streamlined.

Palmer Trinity School Students Learn from the Creator of Big History via Skype

LogoBig History encompasses the history of the human existence in a broad scale, starting from the Big Bang up to the present, and even into the future. This course assesses the major thresholds of increasing complexity that have contributed to our development as a species. It also enables students to ask big questions, generates multiple connections among disciplines, and produces a transformative experience in understanding the scientific origin story.

Empire Ink Tattoo Spotlights Andria Brodbeck

LogoAndria Brodbeck is a young talent in the world of tattooing. A Miami resident for over two decades, she began tattooing others in 2015 and has quickly become acclaimed for her work which focuses on being clean and simple. At the young age of 25, Andria completed her apprenticeship at Empire Ink's location in South Beach and she has since developed her own unique style and interpretation of traditional tattoos.

Captain Stan Saffan of the THERAPY-IV

LogoCaptain Stan Saffan developed his love for fishing at the young age of seven when he would go out on the water with his father and sibling. The group would fish on drift-fishing boats as well as fishing piers in the city of Miami, Florida. Saffan eventually worked as a deckhand on all-day drift-fishing boats before becoming a weekend first mate at just fifteen years old. Saffan continued to work weekends, holidays and during the summer, becoming highly skilled in fishing and eventually pursuing it as a career.

McElroy Parts Promotes the DataLogger 6

LogoThe McElroy DataLogger 6 from McElroy can record a wealth of information related to fusion operations and the latest model includes powerful yet easy to use features for better traceability and an even greater degree of confidence that pipelines have been properly fused prior to going into service.

Right or Racist: An All New Party Card Game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoRight or Racist is an all new party card game about stereotypes for people to play and have fun at the social gatherings. With America being divided into two sides with some people becoming too racist or sexist while other being too sensitive, the game has been created to determine who is right and who is wrong. The Miami based creators are now seeking public support for this amazing card game on Kickstarter and they are welcoming everyone to generously back this project.

Matrix Renovations Discusses Cuba Travel

LogoSpecifically, the popular online travel booking website Expedia announced it will allow its customers to book hotels online when traveling to Cuba. As interest in the island grows, Expedia is among the latest to join a number of domestic airlines and cruise companies that have taken steps to seize upon the strong surge in Cuba travel. As the largest island in all of the Caribbean and one of the largest in the world, the nation offers much to see, do, and explore.

Hochman & Goldin Discusses Turn Signals and Hazard Lights

LogoBy law, Florida drivers are required to use their turn signal or "blinker" when they intend to turn or change lanes. Because so many drivers fail to use them, there has been a considerable increase in collisions across the country, even more so than collisions caused by distracted driving. Using turn signals not only makes the roads safer for everyone, it could also reduce driver road rage.

Aftercare Tips from Empire Ink Tattoo

LogoIt's recommended that customers spend their first night with their tattoo bandage/wrapping on to prevent the sensitive skin from rubbing. This step also helps with the common oozing. Once the time period ends, wrapping should be removed carefully and slowly.

US Probox Receives Funding from Investors to Extend Its Network of Private Shipping Agents

Presenting the golden opportunity to gain exclusive access to the world of US online retail world, helps people around the world buy products from US online retailers offering amazing bargains and high-quality products that are not usually available in other parts of the world, and then deliver the product to the buyer through a private shipping agent. In the excting news, US Probox announced a new wave of funding from investors for the expansion of the network of private shipping agents and increase the portfolio of cloud-based solutions.

Nicamaka Promotes Its Bucky Products

LogoThe Bucky Utopia Pillow with Bucky Bag is a classic product known for its coziness, relaxing comfort, and durability. It is perfect for use at home or on the go and the convenient carry bag easily snaps onto the pillow to prevent loss. There is also an elastic strap that can easily attach to a luggage handle. The Bucky Utopia Pillow is available in four distinct colors.

Stunning Body Art Courtesy of Empire Ink Tattoo

LogoEmpire Ink Tattoo prides itself on delivering an exceptional level of professional service without the unfriendly and egotistical nature often found in many tattoo shops. The environment is always welcoming and so are the talented artists who specialize in tattoos, custom designs, as well as piercings.

Buy Luxury Realty Offers Condos for Sale in Aventura with the Best Views and Great Amenities

LogoBuy Luxury Realty, the best Real Estate Company in the USA, offers a variety of condos for sale in Aventura. All of the Aventura condos for sale offer the best views and amenities required for a luxurious lifestyle in a modern environment. These Aventura condos are an epitome of timeless elegance with their design and privileged location. The luxury condos they have listed for sale in Aventura are Williams Island, Alaqua, Aventura Marina, Bellini Williams Island, Delvista, Echo Aventura, Jockey Club, Point of Aventura North Tower, and many others. These Aventura condos for sale fit all tastes and budgets and are located close to various happening locations like, The Aventura Mall, Turnberry Isle Resort, and more.

Own One of the Most Sought After Miami Beach Condos with Buy Luxury Realty

LogoOne of the most renowned names in the real estate sector, Buy Luxury Realty is offering a range of Miami Beach Condos for sale. These condos are abounded by beautiful beaches, restaurants, shops, great hotels, night clubs, marinas, yachting, and golf courses. Customers can hence experience ultra-luxury living amidst the most beautiful architectural landscapes in the country. The architecture of these condos boast elegance and they are built to meet the comfort needs of the customers. Individuals can own a variety of condos that are positioned in prime locations like Hollywood, Key Biscayne, Bal Harbour, Aventura, Coral Gables, Hallandale Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Surfside, Sunny Isles Beach and many others.

US Probox Receives Funding from Private Investors to Expand Its Cloud Mail Management Service

US Probox Inc. has received funding from private investors for further development of their cloud mail management service. The Florida based American company is known for helping its clients from all across the world to get a fully functional USA address to forward their parcels and make purchases from American online stores with convenience. With the recent funding received from the private investor, the company aims to expand the circle of its services to accommodate the increasing number of clients from all over the world.

Zumex Is Excited to Introduce Its New Products at This Year's NRA Show in Chicago

LogoZUMEX® Group, world leaders in the design and manufacture of commercial juicers is excited to participate once again in the largest annual foodservice trade show in U.S from May 20-23 at Chicago's McCormick Place. One of the most anticipated news is the launch of the new Speed Pro + Plus Series at this year's NRA Show.

Book a Fishing Trip on the THERAPY-IV

LogoThe upcoming summer season is a perfect time to spend a day deep sea fishing in South Florida on the THERAPY-IV, spearheaded by Captain Stan Saffan.

Work with Matrix Renovations Today

LogoThe array of services offered by Matrix Renovations include an extensive choice within these categories:

Easy Foods Provides Extensive Food Industry Solutions

LogoA number of food industry distributors have come to rely on Easy Foods co-packing services. At all times, distributors and manufacturers will be in touch with a dedicated sales team ready to address questions and label everything per specifications.

Zumex Unveils the Speed Pro + Plus

LogoThe Speed Pro + Plus focuses on improving the core features of the original Speed Pro while maintaining a strong focus on simplicity of operation. It also boasts a new PulpOut Automatic System feature that allows for automatic pulp elimination. This new feature saves the operator a huge amount of time while also improving efficiency tremendously.