Press Releases For AZ - Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale (US)

Brave Move by GABV and VoiceAmerica Sees Launch of World's First Radio Series About the Positive Side of Banking

It's official, the #BankingOnValues movement is growing and global. VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network, the world's leading producer, distributor, and online broadcaster of original live and on demand talk radio programming, has teamed up with the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) to take a behind the scenes look at the people, passion and potential of the values-based banking movement. The show is called Building Banking on Values. It airs live on Thursdays at 3 PM Pacific time on VoiceAmerica Business and runs from April 7 to June 30.

Sovereign Health of Chandler Announces New Phase of Trauma Program

Sovereign Health of Chandler is pleased to present Serenity House, a new component of our trauma program designed to facilitate patients' transition to recovery. Serenity House provides new patients with an emotional soft landing as they take their first steps toward healing. While in Serenity House, patients learn self-calming techniques and undergo comprehensive diagnostic assessments in a soothing and intimate community. Following the Serenity House phase of treatment, patients are then better prepared to enter the next phase of treatment in Sovereign Health of Chandler's trauma program.

Author and Psychologist Dr. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett Will Join Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

LogoStress is the 6th largest cause of death in the U.S. 75-95% of all disease is due to stress. Just imagine what the constant stress of abuse does to a child's developing body. The abuse could be emotional, physical, mental or sexual toward the child, a sibling or a parent. Because the diagnosis is often years after the childhood abuse, it has taken researchers a long time to discover the connection. Here are some of the diseases that have been specifically tied to childhood abuse: chronic pain, diabetes, eating disorders, autoimmune diseases, diverticulitis, heart disease, cancer, depression and sleep disorders. Knowing that an individual's condition is the result of childhood abuse increases the potential for cure with additional avenues of treatment. For instance, if you have diabetes, changing your diet or taking insulin is necessary but not sufficient. Please join us Thursday to learn the 4 additional ways to treat the health problems created from childhood abuse.

Relationship Development Invention: A Discussion About Dynamic Intelligence

LogoBrooke Wagner interviews Dr. Steven Gutstein, Licensed psychologist and Co- founder of RDIConnect, to explore and learn more about Relationship Development Intervention, and how the program supports dynamic intelligence in individuals with autism and developmental delays. This discussion will be point out why Dynamic Intelligence is so critical to success in life and how this can be broke down in individuals on the the spectrum as well as address how RDI programs address growth in this area

How to Build a Better Body: Achieving Maximum Fitness with Minimum Wear and Tear

LogoIn your quest to build a better body, how can you achieve maximum fitness with minimum wear and tear? Fitness expert Ari Weller, founder of PhilosoFit, a leading edge movement training studio in East Hampton, New York, has built three core principles into methodologies that enable his clients to train for life, as well as athletics. In an interview with Hemda Mizrahi on "Turn the Page," he identifies how to "train smarter, not harder," rely on "quality over quantity" in engaging the body as a whole, and experience fitness as a deeper life practice through which functional movement can be restored. Ari's program, which is based upon a sophisticated evaluation of an individual's functional deficiencies, offers new possibilities to those whose injuries, health conditions, or cumulative movement habits are impairing their fitness.

Skin Pigmentation Manipulation Raises Concerns and Words of Caution

LogoAltering a person's skin tone without exposing it to harmful ultra violet rays or self-tanning products may be a step closer to reality. But these scientific findings are raising concerns from some aestheticians who believe the results reveal detrimental effects.

Freeman Michaels and Susan Leahy to Appear as Guests on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network

LogoFreeman Michaels and Susan Leahy, will join host Cheryl Esposito for a special episode of Leading Conversations, on Friday, May 20th from 10:00-11:00 AM (PT)/1:00-2:00 PM (ET) on VoiceAmerica's Business Channel .

The Bridge Between Suicide and Life: Author Kevin Briggs Appears on "The Journey - Stories of Crisis and Hope" May 19th

LogoSuicides have risen to an all time high; a surge we haven't seen in 30 years. When an individual makes a plan to end their life a known location has become the Golden Gate Bridge. Kevin Briggs, a retired California Patrol Officer has encounter many individuals during his time patrolling the Golden Gate Bridge and worked to help find hope in that moment of despair. Through his compassion, gentle voice, eye contact, and his innate ability of "listening to understand", Kevin encouraged more than 200 individuals over his career to either not go over the bridge's rail or come back to solid ground and start a new chapter in their life. In his retirement, he is mapping a movement as he speaks publicly about his suicide prevention and crisis encounters with people on the bridge.

Attorney Michael Cohen Joins Wagner & Winick on the Law to Produce and Host "International Crossroads"

LogoWagner & Winick On the Law, a nationally syndicated law-focused talk radio program broadcast on the Business Channel announces that law professor and attorney Michael Cohen will be joining the program in May 2016 to produce and host a special bi-weekly program segment called "International Crossroads". Cohen is a partner in Sheppard Mullin, a global law firm with more than six hundred lawyers serving businesses without borders across the world's continents in complex transactions, advocacy and regulatory matters. Cohen is also a Constitutional Law and Business Law Professor at Monterey College of Law in Seaside, CA.

Talking About End of Life Choices: Why It's So Hard and So Important - Expert Advice from Judith Schwarz, Ph.D., RN

LogoWhile the timing of death is uncertain, its inevitability is something for which we can better prepare. Deep bonding, alleviating fears, preventing conflict, and fostering acceptance and peace are some of the benefits of planning for end of life treatment choices. In a May 20th interview with Hemda Mizrahi on "Turn the Page," Judith Schwarz, Ph.D., RN, shares experience she's acquired in over a decade of providing EOL consultation to terminally and incurably ill adults and families who seek guidance in making informed decisions. She discusses what inhibits effective EOL communication, and special issues related to the ever-increasing incidence of Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Schwarz provides resources for completing advance medical directives. She also shares patient narratives to illustrate the challenges and rewards of being able to support and advocate for the wishes of a loved one who is no longer able to participate in treatment decisions. In addition to knowing the preferences of those closest to you, thinking through and communicating your end of life wishes is a way to ensure the integrity of your voice and commitment to a well-lived life.

Kolaimni: A Responsible Health Practice with Charlotte Pritt, Former Vice-Chair of Health & Human Resources, WV Senate

LogoKolaimni is a very ancient, no touch energy technique that can be used as a preventive practice, as well as a healing modality for health conditions.

Bestselling Author and Life Coach Dr. Paula Joyce Holds Workshop Connecting with Your Soul: Moving Beyond Guilt, Shame, Blame

LogoSelf-blame, shame and guilt are all aspects of fear. We can choose to stop creating our own hell and start living in joy. By connecting with your soul, you can let go of the negative and attract what you truly want: healthy relationships, peace, wealth and physical health.

Award-Winning Writer, Producer, and Director GARY LENNON Shares "How to Break In"

LogoAward-winning writer, producer, and director Gary Lennon lost his parents before the age of thirteen. Portraying broken people who strive to be whole, writing became his first route to drawing emotional experiences into creative endeavors that depict the human condition. Reflecting on his perspective that "many people in the world feel disenfranchised because they don't see themselves in popular culture," he'll talk about the reoccurring principles through which he came into and grew his success. Like the characters and plots he develops, his personal narrative offers a universal illustration of the accessibility of love, family, friendship, and purpose for everyone.

Medical Laundry Solutions of ImageFIRST Phoenix Help to Address Shift to Consumerism in Healthcare Industry

LogoWith ever-rising social media communication transparency and the influence of the CAHPS surveys, patients are beginning to review the medical facilities they received treatment at on location-based websites like Yelp and Google. Patients are willfully sharing with others how they felt they were treated both in person and online. These ratings, which focus on non-medical issues such as billing errors, unprofessional office staff, and wait time, validate why improving the patient experience is vital for healthcare facilities aiming to provide the best level of care.

BEaUty Inside and out Radio Show Will Be Featuring Ted Gibson, Celebrity Hairstylist on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel

LogoTed Gibson, celebrity, and editorial Hairstylist will be a guest on BEaUty Inside and Out Radio Show, hosted by Bonnie Bonadeo live Thursday May 12, 2016 at 2:00pm Pacific Time Announce to Offer Professional Bed Bug Inspection and Extermination Services for Both Residential and Commercial Purposes in Phoenix, which is one of the leading and reliable bed bug exterminator in phoenix, has recently announced to offer its professional service for both commercial and residential properties in and around phoenix. According to the information provided at the site, the main aim of the company is to offer effective and professional bug inspection and extermination services. In addition, the site also guaranteed that their services will keep the property bug free for a complete period of 3 months. The website has also provided useful information to help consumers find the best service provider in a particular area. Insists Paid Web Traffic Outperforms Organic SEO has been in the providing websites highly targeted web traffic, from Google, since 2005. Over the years, Realsearchresults has generated traffic to sites that no other SEO or SEM company could figure out how to get the job done for. The secret has been paid website traffic, as opposed to organic SEO.

Top-Rated Internet Radio Show Being Here Celebrates 9 Years on the VoiceAmerica Network

LogoBest-selling authors and internationally-acclaimed seminar leaders Ariel & Shya Kane will celebrate the nine-year anniversary of Being Here, their Internet radio show, on Wednesday, May 16th. Since its inception, this show has consistently ranked among the top shows on the 7th Wave Channel of the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network, the world's largest producer of Internet radio.

ChiaShooter: Natural Blend of Nutrition and Taste to Stay Healthy and Energized

When it comes to being active and energized all through the day, ChiaShooters are an effective source. Packed with nutrients, a serving of Chia seeds itself could be a vital part of a balanced diet. A small quantity of these tiny seeds can provide nutritional sustenance for days. No wonder they are called "miracle seeds" and now, they are deliciously combined with chocolate and almonds in a high protein, antioxidant, fiber-rich snack that's packed with Omega-3's and energy.

2015 Aiofla's 10 Best Law Firm in Arizona for Client Satisfaction

The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys has recognized the exceptional performance of Arizona's Family Law Firm, Best Law Firm as 2015 10 Best Family Law Firm for Client Satisfaction.

Healthcare Disparities in America with Dr. Richard Allen Williams and Danielle Delaney

LogoDr. Richard Allen Williams will speak with Danielle Delaney about what it was like to be the very first black cardiology fellow at Harvard University and the obstacles that he had to overcome in coming from a background that did not have many of the advantages that a lot of people have today. He will also speak about his journey in exploring health care disparities.

Interventionist Jeff VanVonderen to Appear on VoiceAmerica's Radio Show "The Journey-Stories of Crisis and Hope" May 10th

LogoWhen a person engages in addictive behaviors that become destructive it brings suffering to themselves and to those around them. If the process continues, some of the consequences can be irretrievable: devastated relationships, emotional scarring, mental breakdown, financial ruin, physical debilitation, and even death.

Speedticketbeaters Beating Colorado Tickets Since 2004 has been providing speeding tickets defenses all over the USA, since 2004. And of course Colorado is one of the 50 U.S. states specializes in. But what Colorado drivers don't know, is that Speedticketbeaters considers Colorado one of the easiest states to beat a speeding ticket in.

Discussing the Cowden Protocol, an Herbal Treatment for Lyme Disease with Dr. Lee Cowden and Dr. Rebecca Risk

Logo"It's all in your head," a common comment made to Lyme sufferers from their doctors as their long list of symptoms gets ignored. Although Lyme Disease is surrounded by controversy, it is very real, and the pain and suffering that come with it are great. Those diagnosed with Lyme often are faced with treatments that either don't work, are too expensive or cause even more debilitating symptoms.

Paul Adamson Speaks with Chris Cooper About Business & Leadership - Lessons from Running the World's Most Exclusive Yachts

LogoToday Chris Cooper provides our listeners with inspiration and practical guidance for effectively succeeding in their business ventures. Chris also believes that you are happier and more fulfilled if you are following your passion through your entrepreneurial or corporate ventures and that true high achievement means success in all areas of your life. Not just your business! One of our top business shows, Chris has created an exceptional library of over 200 hours of show recordings to inspire and practically help entrepreneurial and corporate leaders develop themselves and their businesses. Chris is a business mentor, facilitator, consultant, speaker and author as well as radio show host and founder of Chris Cooper – Business Elevation. Announce to Offer Professional Staffing Solutions, which is one of the leading and reliable agencies for offering professional staffing solutions, has announced to offer the right professional candidates to any businesses that will help maintain the efficiency and productivity of their clients. The company's spokesperson has revealed that the team of professionals at quality labor services has started this agency with an aim to change the way that hospitality and industrial staff are administered and delivered. He further added that the company employs, monitor and test the proficiency of capable candidates for its clients staffing positions by focusing on providing quality service.

Variables That Play Into Addiction and Recovery, and Alcoholism Awareness

LogoDanielle Delaney will interview Erica Spiegelman on her Show The Real Deal with Danielle Delaney Airing May 3 2016 at 2 PM PST on the Empowerment Channel on VoiceAmerica. Erica Spiegelman is an addiction and wellness specialist, motivational speaker, and Author.