Press Releases For AZ - Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale (US)

AZP & Associates Forms Strategic Partnerships for a Range of Services in Industrial Designing

AZP and Associates have always considered the needs of their customers to be above everything else. To serve their customer's desires better, they have decided to begin forming strategic partnerships with other firms so that they are now able to offer a wide array of services for their clients. They provide services as diverse as custom injection molding Phoenix, part design and development, prototyping and mold building. AZP and Associates have paired up with Arizona Polymers to provide machinery distribution and plastic appliance services. The firm started working in 1992. Through their new partnerships they offer technical support, compounding and blending of materials, plastic resin and equipment at low prices.

Neilsen Law Group Offers House of Refuge Seminar

Neilsen Law Group gave back to the community with a seminar targeting homeless individuals at the House of Refuge. At the seminar, those who were battling homeless situations received advice on taxes and filing bankruptcy.

Tempe Limo Service Introduces Special Bonus Coupon for Any Free Enquiries Made via Their Website

Limousine services are a great way for individuals to travel in ultimate style and luxury. For business leaders this luxury is a necessity, enabling them to keep focus and stay productive as they travel between meetings or to the airport. For others it is a special occasion, helping them mark milestones like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Whatever the reason, Tempe Limo Service has right car to match any client need in its extensive fleet. They have just launched a new special offer to encourage new clients to try out their services.

QDNA Epigenetics Happiness Genes: Best Selling Author James D. Baird, PhD and Marina Rose, QDNA Reveal How to Stop Being Hijacked by Your Unhappy Genes

LogoTwo types of happiness exist. One is from the mutations emerging from Psychology, the New Era of Positive Psychology which teaches at major universities the components termed as "common happiness": pleasures, meaning and self improvement. Our guest James D. Baird, PhD states, "These are subjectively verifiable variables.

Sky Dental Alliance Announces Innovative Dental Financing

Dental work, much like most health care can be expensive, but unlike doctor and hospital visits, all too few people have dental insurance. Unfortunately, because of the cost, many people let preventative dental care and acute dental issues go uncared for, causing all kinds of issues down the road.

Famous Linguistics Prof Deborah Tannen Discusses Family Talk - Parents and Adult Sibs - on Family Matters VoiceAmerica Show

LogoCloseness, rivalry, support, connection, control, criticism, jealousy, misunderstandings, misinterpretations of intent — what people want from family relationships and what they experience in them often fail to match. Dr. Deborah Tannen will discuss how adult family members talk with each other October 6, 2015 on Family Matters.

Abuse Is Not an Excuse; Living Your Radically Alive Reality

Logo"Are you ready to live a life with no effect from abuse?" asks Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness®, an international movement of awareness now in more than 175 countries globally.

QDNA the Genie in Your Genes: Author Dawson Church, PhD and Marina Rose, QDNA Expose the Breakthrough Truths in Emerging Cutting Edge Science

LogoDawson Church, PhD will reveal why 'The DNA Spiral has become a Defining Icon of Our Civilization' and will shine the light on genetic inheritance from generation to generation while imparting upon us research that discloses why some behaviors can be newly developed by many people during a single generation.

Research Supports ImageFIRST Phoenix's Linens Sanitization Process

Infection prevention is among any medical facility's top priorities. In addition to targeting staff hygienic practices, medical facilities frequently prioritize common areas and shared resources, like linens and gowns, in their infection prevention agenda. Recently, an article in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology explored the effectiveness of healthcare textile laundry processes in preventing infection. The article's findings support processes currently enforced by ImageFIRST Phoenix, a leading linen and laundry service specializing in healthcare textiles.

Attaining Excellence: Chad Hennings Joins Living Well with Ann Beal

LogoIn order to attain excellence one must first live a lifestyle of excellence. Excellence isn't a destination; it's an identity. Chad Hennings has lived this message through a nine-year NFL career and three Super Bowl Championships with the Dallas Cowboys, forty-five successful combat missions flying A-10 jets with the Air Force, and as one of the most decorated college football players in NCAA history. Chad has taken this message across the world at the invitation of some of the most distinguished executive audiences ranging from American Airlines to Bank of America, General Motors to Citigroup, and a host of U.S. Governmental agencies.

Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain: How a New Science Reveals Our Extraordinary Potential to Transform Ourselves with Author Sharon Begley and Marina Rose, QDNA Decoding

LogoHuge quantum leaps and paradigm shifts occur when medicine, science, religion and spirituality collaborate together for the betterment of humanity. That is exactly what happened by the Dali Lama, hosting the Mind and Life Conference inviting scientists to his home in Dharamsala for nearly 30 years, to discuss their work and how Buddhism might contribute to it.

VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Taps Dynamic Insights for Your Home Environment Show for Variety Channel

LogoThe VoiceAmerica Variety Channel is the foundation that the VoiceAmerica™ Talk Radio Network was built on. Radio show hosts discuss everything from current events, arts and entertainment, leadership, parenting, relationships, self-improvement, career advice, and a variety of other topics.

Stoddart's Lock and Safe Introduces Foreign and Domestic Car Key Services

LogoStoddart's Lock and Safe, a premier Surprise AZ locksmith, introduces new services designed to help owners of any type of vehicle open their cars or trucks or replicate their keys in the shortest time possible.  "Many of today's cars do not use simple key configurations any more," says this Surprise locksmith.  "Therefore, we have services to reproduce all types of keys or to open cars that rely on new technology for their locking mechanisms."

Dr. Mark Rosenberg, President and CEO of the Task Force for Global Health to Appear as Guest on the Working on Purpose Radio Show on Voice America's Empowerment Channel

LogoBringing guests who personally and meaningfully connect with their work such as author of The Good Life: Aspiration, Dignity, and the Anthropology of Wellbeing Dr. Edward F. Fischer and Susan Sokol Blosser, Oregon winery pioneer and author of Letting Go: How One Entrepreneur Energized Her Business, Empowered the Next Generation, and Embraced a Bold New Vision, Alise Cortez has built a loyal listenership and continues to educate and inspire listeners worldwide.

Simpson Studios and Scott Tucker Host Family Photo Day

Entertainment website Never Be Bored to cover the upcoming "Family Photo Day," an all inclusive day of themed family photos and catered snacks for adults and kids. The photo event will be held on August 6, 2016 the Saturday before fall classes commence.

Dr. Michael Mirdad (World-Renowned Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and Author) Will Be the Featured Guest on "The Sky's the Limit"

LogoDr. Michael Mirdad is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, healer, and author he will be the featured guest on "The Sky's the Limit" talk radio program on Wednesday 9//23/15 at 5pm PST, 8pm EST.

Zotoon Hits the Market with Its Effortless and Efficient Meat Tenderizing Abilities

Meat is a decidedly common favourite of maximum people around the globe which is probably why the Zotoon meat tenderizer is a perfect appliance for the population at large.

Healthfinity Introduces Innovative New Multidisciplinary Health and Wellness Approach

Healthfinity unveiled the company's innovative new 360-degree approach to total health. Drawing from the best of traditional allopathic, naturopathic and aesthetic medicine, the Healthfinity system produces unique treatment programs individually tailored to every person. Healthfinity is staffed by leading medical, naturopathic, and osteopathic doctors, with each highly trained expert contributing unique perspective and insights to work toward the most suitable treatment for each patient.

Gilbert Martial Art Training Center Tigers Lair Has Been Certified by the US Olympic Committee

The head instructor of Gilbert Martial Art Training Centre is pleased to announce he has received his official USA Judo Coach Certification. The 2013 World Jiu-Jitsu champion and six times Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Champion is also proud to announce his Academy The Tigers Lair, has been certified by the US Olympic Committee.

Dr. Edward Tick, Internationally Recognized Healer and Writer to Join Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

LogoRecently I was listening to a news report that about 4% of Drone pilots suffer from PTSD. This seemed to surprise the newscaster since the pilots are not physically on the battlefield. It did not, however, surprise me. These pilots are still responsible for the deaths of fellow human beings. Regardless of the reasons for their actions, the fact remains that the person pulling the trigger or guiding the bomb or drone is still taking a life. They are aware that the person killed was a son or daughter, possibly a sibling or spouse, parent, friend, co-worker, relative, neighbor.

WebCreationUS Introduces New Content Management System to Add Value for Businesses

There is a saying as old as Web 2.0 and it still holds true today, that Content Is King. No matter how great a web design is, if the site does not have stimulating, engaging and compelling content, it will be of little use to those who visit it, and less likely to help people trust the business enough to invest in their products and services.

Opt-in Email List Help Businesses Reach Their Target Audience Says RealEmail Marketing

Small to medium businesses need to watch their pennies when it comes to marketing. With so many different marketing methods, many businesses are not sure on which path to take. Some marketing methods can be a costly mistake. However, one marketing method that helps to generate positive results according to business experts is opt-in email lists. One company who agrees with that is RealEmail Marketing.

Justin Packshaw, Great British Adventurer Who Climbed Everest, Will Be on Living Well with Ann Beal

LogoJustin Packshaw is one of Britain's great modern day explorers, having summited Everest, been to the North and South Pole several times and sailed around the world, to name but a few of his adventures. "In my life I have been lucky enough to go to the North and South Poles; stand on the top of Everest, sail for my country, cross East Africa on a motorbike and ride horses across Mongolia."

Local Chiropractor Launches Radio Show

LogoGrand Rapids, Michigan, local chiropractor and certified strength and conditioning specialist, Dr. Michael Kwast, hosts "Shattering the Status Quo", internet radio program on the Health and Wellness Channel on The show discusses health and wellness issues, the status quo approach, and an optimum approach that leads to a higher quality of life. "The show is designed to educate, inform, and empower people to make choices regarding their health and wellness", said Kwast.

Train Your Brain for Success with Marina Rose, QDNA and Jeffery L. Fannin, Phd

LogoThere is a plethora of emerging science that is proving that we can indeed retrain our brain for success.

Masquerade Ball to Benefit Bridging AZ

A festive MASQUERADE BALL to benefit Bridging AZ takes place on October 24, 2015. The event, presented by Designers Circle Headquarters, (, includes delectable food, wine, entertainment, raffles and live auction and takes place at the Roseo Design Center in the Scottsdale Airpark beginning at 6:00pm.

Bellago Homes Partners with Save the Family to Fight Homelessness in Phoenix Area

Bellago Homes, one of the Phoenix area's top home builders, announced a significant new partnership with the Save the Family Foundation of Arizona. Under the terms of the new agreement, Bellago Homes will donate a portion of the proceeds from each of the company's home sales to Save the Family. Bellago Homes will thereby provide a steady flow of much-needed financial support for Save the Family's important work aimed at helping families in the Valley of the Sun overcome homelessness and achieve long-term independence. As a family-owned business with deep ties to the Phoenix area, Bellago Homes understands and respects the importance of home and family and is proud to be able to contribute back to the community in this way.