Press Releases For AZ - Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale (US)

Infra-Tect to Present at Water Infrastructure Industry Conferences

Infra-Tect, focused on delivering innovative solutions for the water and wastewater infrastructure industry, announced today that it will be attending and presenting at several upcoming industry conferences.

Red Hawk Realty and Property Management Changes Name to Better Reflect Core Services

Phoenix is a beautiful part of the United States, making it a great place to live and to holiday in. As a result the property market there is booming, and many people wish to buy properties in order to rent them out to tenants and holiday makers. Red Hawk Property Management specializes in facilitating this, and they have now changed their name to Red Hawk Property Management to better reflect their work. The property and vacation rental management company in metropolitan Phoenix has made the change in order to streamline their brand and focus on the quality of service they offer to landlords and investors.

Shalimar Family Dentistry Begins Campaign Recommending Back to School Dental Checkups for All Students

Going back to school can be a stressful time for students, as the excess and excitement of summer must be put behind them. The summer takes its toll on dental health, with sugar treats, drinks and ice cream all promoting plaque build-up, tooth decay and more. Going back to school requires confidence, and a great smile can go a long way toward achieving that, making check-ups all the more important. That's why Tempe Dentist Shalimar Family Dentistry is promoting back to school checkups for all students in the local area.

Alameda Dental Care Announces New Dentist Dr. Barratt to Join Expanding Practice

Dentistry is an essential part of ongoing health, ensuring the teeth and gums stay free from disease and build ups, as well as providing much needed cosmetic optimization, helping people get not just a healthy smile, but a beautiful one. Dental practices that can fulfill both these roles can become a vital part of any community. Tempe dentist Alameda Dental Care is one such, and has expanded beyond providing care for students of Arizona State University to caring for the local residents too. This expansion has caused them to recruit a new dentist in Dr. Barratt.

The Legendary Leaders Radio Show Presents Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., on VoiceAmerica's 7th Wave Channel

LogoBruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., cell biologist, author, lecturer, and internationally recognized leader in the "new" biology will be interviewed on the 'Legendary Leaders: Answering the Higher Calling' Radio Show on Tuesday September 1st at 1 pm PST at

Real Health World Launches New Program to Combat Kidney Stones in the Country

Reports show that more and more number of people look to the internet for health problems instead of making an appointment with the nearest doctor. The internet community has therefore taken up a bigger responsibility, with web site like Real Health World that takes their job seriously.

Sonia Choquette to Appear as Guest on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network

LogoSonia Choquette, will join host Cheryl Esposito for a special episode of Leading Conversations, on Friday, August 28th from 10:00-11:00 AM (PT)/1:00-2:00 PM (ET) on VoiceAmerica's Business Channel

Emotional Disability Patients Get ESA Legal Rights Through Thedogtoronline

Recent findings have revealed that the United States of America is home to some of the worst conditions of emotional and psychological disabilities. Experts have revealed that this condition is caused by lack of emotional connection with other human beings. In addition to this, another major reason why people suffer from this is because of a broken home in which they grew up.

AZP & Associates Forms Strategic Partnerships for a Range of Services in Industrial Designing

AZP and Associates have always considered the needs of their customers to be above everything else. To serve their customer's desires better, they have decided to begin forming strategic partnerships with other firms so that they are now able to offer a wide array of services for their clients. They provide services as diverse as custom injection molding Phoenix, part design and development, prototyping and mold building. AZP and Associates have paired up with Arizona Polymers to provide machinery distribution and plastic appliance services. The firm started working in 1992. Through their new partnerships they offer technical support, compounding and blending of materials, plastic resin and equipment at low prices.

Virginia Beach Rescue Squads Participating at the Get My Vet a Job Event in Virginia Beach VA

LogoAnnouncing Get My Vet a Job and the Virginia Beach Rescue Squads partnership for Veterans. On August 28th, 2015 the Virginia Beach Rescue Squads and Get My Vet a Job is joining forces at an Onsite Event for Veterans and Transitioning Military Members. This event is Sponsored by Intel and hosted by Bryant Stratton College.

Sutherland CloudSource Hiring at the Get My Vet a Job Event

LogoAnnouncing Sutherland CloudSource will be hiring at the Get My Vet a Job Event in Virginia Beach VA, plus the online career fair on August 28th, 2015.

Haynes and the Dump Will Be Hiring at the Get My Vet a Job Event

LogoAnnouncing Haynes & The Dump as employer partners that will be hiring at the Get My Vet a Job Event in Virginia Beach VA, plus the online career fair on August 28th, 2015.

New Discovery Reveals a Must Have Tool for Every Gamer

That's right not a fancy controller or a device designed to connect a phone with ones playstation, just plain old hand grippers. Chances are it isn't what was expected so allow us to explain.

Patients of Emotional or Psychological Disabilities Allowed ESA Through Right Documentations

It has come as no surprise that the Emotional Support Animals or ESAs are prescribed to certain individuals as part of a treatment program. These are people who suffer from emotional or psychological disabilities. The reason behind this is that animals are known to bring comfort to their patients.

A to Vape Online Store Announces New Stock of High End Vape Products Including Space Jam Juice

Experts agree, with the explosion in popularity of vaping, there can be a very big difference in the quality of products associated with the lifestyle. One online store that's putting an emphasis on providing a premium vaping experience is A to Vape. A to Vape recently announced they have a full line up of the latest high end vape hardware and vape juice including some of the most in demand flavors like Space Jam Juice.

Dr. James Garbarino, World-Renowned Psychologist and Professor to Join Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

LogoThere's a lot of wisdom in Will Bowen's belief that "Hurt people, hurt people." It is easy to judge others for their actions. It takes a lot more humanity to look deeply at the tortured soul who would commit crimes, like murder. Dr. James Garbarino has taken that step to actually see the human being behind the crime and to see them as hurt but not beyond redemption. He quotes one killer as saying, "I cry myself to sleep every night." Some children can survive childhood abuse, some can heal and others are so damaged that they grow up lacking empathy. These people become abusers and sometimes so many cards are stacked against them that they become killers. In the United States, we tend to punish rather than rehabilitate. Other countries incarcerate for a shorter period of time and have more success with rehabilitation. It turns out that reading and meditating actually create change in the brain, which can change the killer. Please join us Thursday to learn how to save human potential.

Thedogtoronline Turns Into Household Name After Unveiling Truth About Fair Housing Act

It has recently been brought to public knowledge that a rising number of condos, houses or college dormitories have a no pet policy. This has posed as a huge problem for those of the individuals who are suffering from emotional or psychological disability.

Thedogtoronline Lauded for Verifying Thousands of ESA Patients Through Simple Procedures

One of the most popular developments in the field of psychology is the use of pets to treat those of the patients who are suffering from emotional or psychological disability. The Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act allows individuals suffering from emotional or psychological disability to overturn the no pet policy anywhere.

Patty Aubery (President of the Canfield Training Group) Speaks with Chris Cooper on 'Permission Granted'

LogoToday Chris Cooper provides our listeners with inspiration and practical guidance for effectively succeeding in their business ventures. Chris also believes that you are more happy and fulfilled if you are following your passion through your entrepreneurial or corporate ventures and that true high achievement means success in all areas of your life. Not just your business! One of our top business shows, Chris has created an exceptional library of over 170 hours of show recordings to inspire and practically help entrepreneurial and corporate leaders develop themselves and their businesses. Chris is a business mentor, facilitator, consultant, speaker and author as well as radio show host and founder of The Business Elevation Show and Chris Cooper – Business Elevation.

American Heroes Network Presents August 25th 2015 "Live Show" Jason Hall: Screenwriter for 'American Sniper'

LogoAmerican Heroes Network will be interviewing Jason Hall, actor turned screenplay writer for "The American Sniper".

Danielle Nierenberg, President of Food Tank, to Discuss Sustainable Farming and Food Waste on Generation Regeneration Talk Radio

LogoDanielle Nierenberg is the Co-founder and President of 501c3 non-profit Food Tank and is a global crusader for a sustainable and equitable food supply. She will be the featured guest on Gen R radio on Tuesday, August 25 at noon PST, and will discuss the role family farms, decreasing food waste, and women farmers will play in fixing our broken food system. Join the show live, or On Demand, at

Neilsen Law Group Offers House of Refuge Seminar

Neilsen Law Group gave back to the community with a seminar targeting homeless individuals at the House of Refuge. At the seminar, those who were battling homeless situations received advice on taxes and filing bankruptcy.

Announcing Domino's Will Be Conducting Interviews at the Get My Vet a Job Hiring Event

LogoGet My Vet a Job Career Event - Companies Coming Together! Get My Vet a Job announces Domino's will be a part of the Get My Vet a Job Hiring Event on August 28th in Virginia Beach VA and at the virtual career fair.

Simply Sunglasses Introduces Wayfarer Rare Prints

Simply Sunglasses has become the industry standard for affordable, high-quality name-brand sunglasses and offers a large selection of designer frames, including Gucci sunglasses, Ray Ban and Prada shades. Now, the company has introduced a line of Rare Prints by Wayfarer, part of the summer lineup for 2015. The Wayfarer name brings with it a picture of relaxation and beach life, and the Rare Prints collection continues this image with an entirely new twist. The company will be offering the Rare Prints collection throughout the summer while supplies last.

Why Hand Grippers Are a Bikies Must Have

There is something about going for a weekend ride on a motorbike that gives a sense of freedom and quenches a thirst for adventure. When people ask any motorcyclist they will say that if there is anything they could change about riding a bike for long periods of time it is the sore hands and wrist or the other motorists which fail to give way to someone on a bike. Announce the Launch of the Latest Browser Games, a premier gaming portal has recently announced the release of G switch, an enjoyable and interesting browser games. This gaming portal also offers various other version of running games. G-switch, the latest game to be launched in this website, is a gravity inversion game which guarantees a lot of fun and action. In this newly release game, there is no task to accomplish and this makes the game a little one-dimensional, however this makes the game more fun. This latest version of g-switch has easy gaming controls as the players are required to hit only in a single button. has been offering various running games which have been a great source of fun and excitement for players of all ages. In addition, this gaming portal also offers useful tips and information on the games in order to increase the gaming experience.

Rite Aid Is Conducting Interviews on August 28, 2015 for All Job Openings

LogoAnnouncing Rite Aid will be a part of the Get My Vet a Job Event in Virginia Beach VA, plus the online career fair on August 28th, 2015.