Press Releases For AZ - Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale (US)

Sky Dental Alliance Announces Innovative Dental Financing

Dental work, much like most health care can be expensive, but unlike doctor and hospital visits, all too few people have dental insurance. Unfortunately, because of the cost, many people let preventative dental care and acute dental issues go uncared for, causing all kinds of issues down the road.

Alameda Dental Care Announces New Dentist Dr. Barratt to Join Expanding Practice

Dentistry is an essential part of ongoing health, ensuring the teeth and gums stay free from disease and build ups, as well as providing much needed cosmetic optimization, helping people get not just a healthy smile, but a beautiful one. Dental practices that can fulfill both these roles can become a vital part of any community. Tempe dentist Alameda Dental Care is one such, and has expanded beyond providing care for students of Arizona State University to caring for the local residents too. This expansion has caused them to recruit a new dentist in Dr. Barratt.

Keeva Organics Publishes Full List of Ingredients with Provenances on Tea Tree Oil Products

Beauty is a concern not just for women anymore, but for all people, and keeping skin healthy and in pristine condition is increasingly the concern of men, who find themselves weathered, dry and even pockmarked by acne. The problem many men face is that so many products are filled with chemical additives that react badly with skin, making the problem even worse. Keeva Organics do things differently, and are now offering a full breakdown of all ingredients used in their products and why, for ultimate peace of mind.

Epoxy Floor Pros Phoenix Expands Its Service Reach to the Entire Phoenix Metropolitan Area

LogoEpoxy floors are typically used throughout many home garages and commercial locations. These floors provide homeowners and business owners with an eye-pleasing appearance and are durable enough to last many years. A local 10-year-old epoxy flooring company, Epoxy Floor Pros Phoenix, recently announced that the company has extended its service area to cover the entire Phoenix metropolitan area. Along with this announcement, the company has offered its standard, free initial consultation call to any residential or commercial customer within their new service area.

ImageFIRST Phoenix Shares Flu Season Facts from the CDC

LogoFlu season has already begun in the United States, and has yet to reach its peak. While easy to prevent, a yearly flu epidemic is routinely predicted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, ImageFIRST Phoenix, provider of sanitary medical uniforms and scrubs in Phoenix, AZ, believes that its clients shouldn't have to fall ill this season and have to put their healthcare duties on hold. Therefore, when the CDC recently released a report on the upcoming flu season that included recommendations on preventing influenza infection, ImageFIRST Phoenix made sure to share it.

WildiZe Foundation & Our Wild World Talk Radio Show: "BLOOD LIONS"

LogoJoin world renowned conservationist and Host Eli Weiss for a riveting discussion with Special Guest Ian Michler, consultant for Blood Lions, about the illegal lion farming industry that generates over 10 million dollars every year in South Africa. Tune in Monday morning November 30, 2015 at 8:00 a.m. PT 9:00 a.m. MT.

Express Yourself! Teen Radio Celebrates 4 Years on Voice America Kids

LogoNovember marks the four-year anniversary of Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio broadcasting on the Voice America Kids Network. 191 new shows have hit the world wide airwaves with talented young people as hosts and reporters. Created and produced by entertainment veteran, Cynthia Brian, Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio is a special outreach program of Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 charity giving youth a voice to be listened to.

QDNA, Living a Heart-Centered Life - Access Your Heart's Intuitive Intelligence - HeartMath's Howard Martin & Marina Rose, QDNA

LogoLearn to listen to your heart with love, compassion and patience while your heart tells you what it wants. You just have to stop and listen. Can You? The messages from your heart start off like gentle, nurturing, lapping waves, nipping at your ankles in the beginning. If you choose to ignore listening to the messages, they will only get louder and louder. Imagine there is war going on inside of you and you are stretched so thinly that you could snap in half, this is what it feels like when you defer listening to your heart over a long period of time. Now envision those messages becoming like your worst, wild, anxiety ridden, adrenaline pumping white water rafting nightmare. Debris gets unpredictably and precariously lodged and it's terrifically dangerous and deadly. Your stress and cortisol levels are through the roof, catapulting radically off the charts like something out of horror movie. You get the picture right! Listen to Your Heart, Your Heart Always Tells You the Truth.

NELSON WADE Receives 2015 Best Businesses of Scottsdale Award

NELSON WADE has been selected for the 2015 Best Businesses of Scottsdale Award in the "Bespoke Clothing" category by the Best Businesses of Scottsdale Award Program.

Savers Sojourn Decor Unveils New Collection

Savers Sojourn Decor has now unveiled its collection of Outdoor Decorations, which are high on quality and low on costs.

Website Enlightens on the National Guidelines for Emotional Support Animal has recently posted a new article on their website informing people about the national guidelines for Emotional Support Animal or ESA. In recent weeks, many people have been interested in the concept of ESA and the necessary prerequisites involved with it. According to the site's spokesperson, "The guidelines we have offered will help clear any doubts related and what are the provisions presented by the US law for ESA."

Chic-Fil-A's Dee Ann Turner on Collaborate with Vision Show

LogoThis podcast and radio show features; Dana Meise, The Man that hiked 25,000 kms, British Columbia, Dee Ann Turner, It's My Pleasure author, Georgia, Teresa de Grosbois, Mass Influence author, Alberta, Doreen Liberto Blanck, Collaborative Global Initiative, California.

QDNA Neuroplasticity - You Are Not Your Brain - Unlock OCD Brain Lock with Author Jeffery M. Schwartz M.D & Marina Rose, QDNA

LogoDr. David H. Hubel who won a Nobel Prize for his discoveries concerning information processing in the visual system made a remark in 1984, "The Mind is Obsolete." He was referring to the conclusion of Newtonian mechanical researchers who equate their brain scans and neuronal circuit diagrams with a full understanding of mental processes.

Here Comes the Judge - a Dream Deferred

LogoThe family migrated to Los Angeles in 1955, allowing Judge Mablean to begin school in Los Angeles. She graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1967 with honors. She was awarded a four-year academic scholarship to Pitzer College in Claremont, California.

Stewart & Strauss, LLC - the Best Retailer, Manufacturer of Letterman/Varsity Jackets

For those people who are in search for the best retailer and manufacturer of letterman jackets, varsity jackets, they don't need to look any further since Stewart & Strauss, LLC is the ultimate company to consider. They provide the finest and first class quality letterman jackets and varsity jackets since the year 1977.

Richard D. Fisher Peoria Cosmetic Surgery - a Trusted Surgery Center of Peoria

Many individuals in Peoria have the desire to look attractive so they usually resort to cosmetic surgeries to work on their flaws and deformities. Good thing is that there is one trusted surgery center in Peoria that is now offering safe and effective surgeries to local patients. With the complete range of surgical procedures offered by this reputable surgery center of Peoria, individuals now have options to improve their looks. The main purpose of these surgeries is to enhance their appearance by eliminating signs of aging and physical flaws.

Discover the Most Trusted Source of Effective Allergy Treatments to Become Allergy Free

Many individuals regardless of gender and age are suffering from allergies and most of them are allergic to myriads of things. Many can attest about the disadvantages of allergy and how it interferes with individuals' daily life so for those who are suffering from this condition, it pays to find the best treatment or solution to become allergy free. If looking for safe and effective allergy treatments to become allergy free, Advanced Allergy Relief & Wellness Center is the most trusted source.

Dr. Linda Sharkey's 50th Episode of "I Lead – The Leadership Connection" November 12th on VoiceAmerica's Business Channel

Logo"I Lead – The Leadership Connection" is announcing its upcoming 50th episode! This will be the 50th week of valuable, practical, actionable tips and tools that have helped make so many individuals a better leader, driving top notch business results.

North Phoenix Storage Unveils 'One Year Price Guarantee' Plan

In a recent development, North Phoenix Storage has revealed a new plan that will look to provide One year price guarantee to customers. This was disclosed through the company's official website As per sources, the company has firm belief that their clients who avail their services are entitled to what they call a 'good deal'. This is the reason why the company has decided to offer storage coupons for new customers and the newly formulated 'One year price guarantee' for every new rental.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Seminar in Phoenix

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu players in Phoenix can learn how to take their game to the next level with Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling, also called Catch Wrestling. Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling originated hundreds of years ago in Lancashire, England. It was the original no holds barred fighting style that became a top sport in the United States in the early 1900s.

Stabley Home Entertainment in Phoenix, AZ Now Sells and Installs Insteon Home Automation

Technology has changed the way people live beyond recognition in just the last twenty years in almost every respect, except for when we are at home. Science fiction promised the ability to conjure meals from thin air and speak to our houses, having them respond to our commands. Now, finally, home automation is taking its first steps, and Insteon Home Automation is at the cutting edge. Their new systems are now being made available to citizens of Phoenix Arizona thanks to Stabley Home Entertainment.

QDNA Living with Intent, Love, Positive Passion and Purpose with Author Mallika Chopra and Marina Rose, QDNA

LogoLife is meant to be lusciously lived, loved and appreciated. Life is meant to be simple. We are able to live like this when we're able to get out of our own way.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

LogoWhen life throws you a curve ball or a boulder of adversity, how is the brain affected? And how does this affect the other areas of your life?

Deer Valley Mini and RV Storage Launches 50% off Discount Coupon for New Customers

One of Arizona's storage service providers, the Deer Valley Mini and RV Storage has recently publicized though their official website that they will be offering new customers 50% off coupon. As maintained by the website, the coupon will allow new customers to get 50% off their rent for the initial two months for availing any self storage unit or vehicle parking space.

SnapMunk Releases New Article About Some Amazing Startup Launch Tools

In a recent development, SnapMunk has posted a new article informing readers of some top startup launch tools. SnapMunk, which is a site dedicated to offering news, trends and ideas most essential for entrepreneurs, hope that the new article will certainly help people in successfully launching any new projects online.

Dr. Barbara Young Talks with Legendary Vocalist Stephanie Spruill About Her Success and Life Transformations Through Her Music on VoiceAmerica's Empowerment Channel

LogoOn her global talk radio show, Transformation for Success, Host Barbara talks with Stephanie Spruill, one of the top background singers in the world that has sung on many Grammy award winning albums and has toured with some of the top musicians ever. She will discuss her legendary success and life transformations through her music.

New York Time Bestselling Author Robert Moss to Join Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

LogoSigns, symbols and synchronicity are answers to prayer, messages from the spiritual realm, guidance, our intuition providing insight. They make the invisible visible. They provide information that is every bit as important as our dreams. Most of us are oblivious. Sometimes we catch a glimpse and think "maybe this means something," but then our logical mind kicks in and tells us it's nonsense. Stick to the facts, it says. I was awakened from this state when as Director of Research in a school district, I would purchase important books on education for a staff resource library. I noticed that on numerous occasions, a principal would request a book that I just ordered or just received. It happened with such frequency that I couldn't ignore it. That began my journey of paying attention to what I was hearing, seeing and feeling. I started learning about animals as messengers, symbols in dreams, the meaning of numbers. Mostly, I paid attention. Join us Thursday to learn how to pay attention.