Press Releases For AZ - Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale (US)

Ms. Arizona Launches Arizona Based Custom Mattress Company

Blink Mattress, a full-service mattress retailer specializing in custom-made to order mattresses at factory direct prices, this week officially unveiled their new comprehensive website, as well as opened their new retail store doors to all interested consumers and community members in the greater Phoenix, Arizona region.

RedRover: October Is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Did you know that October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month? While we reflect on what this means to each of us individually, we also want to consider what it means to our family members without a voice...our furry pet family members. The mission of RedRover is to bring animals out of crisis and strengthen the bond between people and animals through emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance and education.

VoiceAmerica Announces the Beth Bell Radio Show

LogoVoiceAmerica, the leader in online media broadcasting and the largest producer and distributor of live internet based talk radio and TV, enthusiastically announced its newest talk radio show launch partnering with Beth Bell to create "The Beth Bell Radio Show". The show will focus on Life's Journey and how everyday events cause people to postpone or neglect their purpose on Earth. Slow impactful life changes and experiences with relationships increase the latency between identifying happiness and fulfillment.

The New Innovative Poetic Xchange Mobile App Changes the Way Distributors Succeed

Founders and sisters Patti and Lizanne have always been willing to explore new possibilities together. From building their first jewelry company 15 years ago, to becoming leaders in the direct sales industry with their unique, personalized jewelry business model—they've always set out on adventures together.

Acclaimed Radio Show Hosts Ariel & Shya Kane Teach How Experiencing Ordinary Things Unlocks Extraordinary Possibilities

LogoTo celebrate the official start of spring, personal growth experts Ariel & Shya Kane offer their refreshingly practical approach to renewal and expansion on "Ordinary Things" – an upcoming episode of their hour-long, interactive internet radio show Being Here. The Kanes will discuss how engaging in the so-called "ordinary things" in your everyday life is a practical way to accomplish tasks, feel refreshed and reduce stress. This show will air on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 (

"My Mother, My Daughter, My Self," Sara Mare with Dr. Jane G. Goldberg, Psychoanalyst and Memoirist

LogoDr. Goldberg waited until her mid forties before she experienced motherhood and along with the passionate bond that she formed with her daughter there came a professional curiosity: why is this relationship so fundamental? The author uses her own experiences as a daughter, as a mother of a newly-adopted baby, and as a psychoanalyst to explore an essential truth: that our relationships with our mothers affect our other significant love relationships, our values, our self-esteem, and our sense of satisfaction, often throughout the whole of our lives. She also uses the experiences of some of her patients, taken from her forty years as a practicing clinician, to provide further fascinating insights and illustration.The book addresses the complicated nature of mother daughter relationships by acknowledging the oxymoronic nature of the relationship as both parties are simultaneously seeking individuality and closeness.The book is about maintaining intimacy with both closeness and separateness: we want both; we need both.

Promoting Healthier Lifestyle over Magic Potion Lotion for Puffy Eyes

LogoUsing common sense instead of cash to get rid of eye puffiness, dark circles, and other imperfections that affect women.

Bona Fide Foods Launches with the Best Selection of Olive Oils and Spanish Paprika

LogoBona Fide Foods public relations director, Maria Molina, announced that the company has officially launched with a selection of authentic Spanish paprika and extra virgin olive oil from Spain.

The Boomerang Principle: How to Inspire Lifetime Employee Loyalty

LogoWHAT IS THE STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE OF LIFETIME EMPLOYEE LOYALTY, AND HOW CAN COMPANIES INSPIRE IT? CEO entrepreneur and communications strategist Lee Caraher provides guidance on creating and sustaining a high performance work culture in this episode of "Turn the Page."

Wisdom from the Masters: How to Stay the Course and Thrive! Live with the Masters Mastermind Group and Irina Benedict

LogoOvernight success is a myth. Building a business has many setbacks and frustrations, and knowing this reality will prevent entrepreneurs from getting discouraged and giving up on their dreams.

Dr Julie Mayer Host of Pet Panorama Is Live on Fridays at 4pm Pacific Time on Next Topic Is Pets and Pain

LogoWHAT IS PAIN? It's an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience. It has multiple causes, and people respond to it in multiple and individual ways.

Shemane Nugent, Author, TV Star, Zumba Guru and Healthy Lifestyle Expert Discusses Her Book on VoiceAmerica

LogoWhat does it take to become a best selling author, a successful broadcaster, Board Member of a non-profit organization benefitting America's military personnel, a global fitness luminary, super Mom, overcome life threatening Toxic Mold Poisoning and maintain a 25 plus year marriage to one of Rock and Roll's loudest legends?

Doctor Allie - International Hormone Success Doctor - Joins the Womb Happy Hour

LogoMany women find their lives deeply affected by symptoms of stress and hormonal imbalance, such as tiredness, mood swings, depression, lack of focus, and weight gain. Their productivity at work and relationships at home also suffer. Doctor Allie suffered adrenal fatigue, underactive thyroid, and of course perimenopause herself so she knows where many women are coming from! She can help women of all ages to break free from their hormone prison & live life with vitality again through her functional medicine & bio-identical hormone clinic in Hove, United Kingdom or online.

Creator of Beauty in Blood - Jen Lewis - Joins the Womb Happy Hour on VoiceAmerica

LogoBeauty in Blood is a transformative macrophotography and video art project. The catalyst of Lewis' project was switching tampons and pads to a menstrual cup that changed every facet of her life. The menstrual cup directly led to seeing menstrual fluid as an art medium; and using visual art to confront menstrual stigma in pop culture. In 2012, Lewis began creating her menstrual designs with her husband, Rob. Creative efforts to expand the scope of the project in 2017 are underway.

Stell Roofing Company of Phoenix Awarded Bid to Work on Massive Condo Complex in Sun City West

LogoStell Roofing Company, a family owned and operated roofing business proudly serving Arizona since 1991. Specializing in residential three-tab and dimensional shingles and flat, modified roofs. Stell recently won a bid to work on a massive condo complex in Sun City West, Maricopa County's active adult retirement community.

Science of Mind Honors Rising Spiritual Leader 90th Anniversary Issue Features Voice America Host Simran Singh

LogoSimran Singh, award-winning author and Voice America host, is featured as the cover story for Science of Mind Magazine's 90th Anniversary, March issue. A consistent voice of consciousness, balance and spirituality, Simran awakens humanity by diving into the duality of mind, religion, race and culture in this time of great change. Through conversations of oneness and a unique humanitarian perspective, is a love catalyst who bridges the separation existing within the mind, body and spirit. Singh is the elder sister of US UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. The March issue is being released in print and digital formats the last week of February.

Tropical Bed Bugs Returning to the United States

LogoBill Trott, from Bills Pest & Termite Control, is warning customers in his service area about tropical bed bugs. These bugs tend to harbor in warm, humid areas. After a 60 year hiatus, there has been a confirmed tropical bed bug sighting in Florida.

The Best Time to Sleep, Eat, Workout and More

LogoDo you want to improve your day, week or year? Dr. Michael Breus, (The Sleep Doctor) author of "The Power of When," has a personalized life-hack, backed by biology, that will help you let go of 'how' and focus on 'when' you should sleep, eat, workout, read your email and more.

Getting Rid of the Black Hairy Tongue the Herbal Way

Black Hairy Tongue, as dangerous as it may sound or as awkward as it may seem, it is just another harmless condition which is basically caused when the bacteria accumulates in the papillae. Papillae are those small projections that are layered on the tongue. The bacteria thus accumulated forms as thick pigments which eventually contribute to the black hairy tongue. People usually don't realize that they have this condition until it is pointed out by the dentist. Normally it can be detected by a person himself. They have to open to mouth wide open in broad daylight and check their tongue for any black marks with the help of a mirror.

End-of-Life-Care Nurse Discusses Why It's a Good Idea to Be Familiar with the Dying Process

LogoMost people know little about the dying process and feel lost in it, but they can prepare for it, says Hospice Nurse Helen Greenspan.

Tuff-Writer Launches 'Ballistic Precious Metals Pen' Through Kickstarter

LogoTuff-Writer™ Inc. , makers of the world's toughest American made pens, have launched the "Ballistic Precious Metals Pen Project" to create a first production run of world's finest titanium, brass an copper press pens. The Gen2 Mini-Click Pen builds on the success of their previous projects and elevates the pen to a higher level. Truly a functional work of art, the new pens are available in a stunning range of new materials and finishes such as flamed copper or titanium.

Sunny Megatron Flogs 'Fifty Shades Darker' on Talk Radio: The Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David

LogoSunny Megatron, host and executive producer of the groundbreaking, sex-positive Showtime original television series, 'SEX with Sunny Megatron', together with her husband, Ken Melvoin-Berg, join Carol and David for a special episode of The Sexy Lifestyle to bust some myths about the BDSM scenes shown in the movie sequel, 'Fifty Shades Darker'.

Nabil Doss Speaks with Chris Cooper About 'The Trailer Code: Set Your Message in Motion & Unleash the Extraordinary'

LogoNabil Doss (The French Voice of Paramount Pictures, Canada) will join Chris Cooper on a continuing series, 'The Business Elevation Show – Be More. Achieve More.' streamed on 10th February 2017, from 8am(PST)/pm 11am (EST) on Voice America's Business Channel (

Rolling Thunder: A Respected Shaman with Stanley Krippner

LogoWhat do you imagine when you hear the word "shaman"? I'm guessing it's a picture from National Geographic Magazine or the old Western movies. Today Shamans are psychologists, graphic designers, film-makers, Ph.D.s, authors and respected members of their communities. Yes, National Geographic is correct and so is the reality that your neighbor, who looks just like you, may be using shamanism in their counseling practice. In the past, shamans had a lot in common with the priests and priestesses as keepers of the sacred knowledge of life. Even today, the shaman's role is to connect the physical and spiritual realms, bringing together the human being, nature and Spirit through ritual. They harness the energies in the Universe to heal all living beings and Mother Earth, and some can even control the weather. Ancient traditions combine with new methods, as each shaman brings their own unique talents to their practice. Please join us Thursday to learn about Rolling Thunder, a respected Shaman.

2017 Records Surprising Rise in Demand for Hybrid Crossovers Among Automobile Buyers

The latest automobile industry has recorded a marked rise in the demand for hybrid cars. With the increasing demand in this model, buyers have revealed that finding one is quite difficult because the supply side is still making efforts to keep up with the demand.

Author Empathy Card Founder Emily McDowell Joins VoiceAmerica Host Cheryl Jones on Good Grief Radio February 15, 2017

LogoCheryl Jones, host of Good Grief radio, is proud to announce that her guest for February 15, 2017 will be Emily McDowell, the originator for Empathy Cards and author of the acclaimed release There is No Good Card for This: What to Say and Do When Life is Scary, Awful, and Unfair to People You Love. They'll be talking about how Emily's cancer diagnosis and treatment made her painfully aware that her community didn't know how to talk to her and what would be helpful to say or what help to offer. In a collaboration with Kelsey Crowe, PhD, she wrote a humorous and informative guide to empathy and also encouraged her readers to realize that the biggest mistake of all is saying nothing!

VoiceAmerica CEO Joins Rock Against Trafficking

LogoVoiceAmerica, the leader in live internet talk radio announced its support for Rock Against Trafficking. VoiceAmerica is joining hundreds of entertainers, musicians, and attendees at its exclusive album launch event at the Sunset Marquis Hotel, Hollywood, California on February 9, 2017. Show your support, learn more and join the fight at