Press Releases For AZ - Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale (US)

VoiceAmerica to Broadcast Live from the National Association of Broadcasters Show

VoiceAmerica President, Jeffrey Spenard commented "We are excited to produce and distribute the content from the Advanced Advertising Theater - The BUSINESS OF CONTENT Live from the floor of the NAB Show. Our host of "The Tech Cat Show" Lori H. Schwartz will be moderating the live panel of experts. Lori H. Schwartz and Ryan Treasure, VP Broadcast Operations, will also conduct live interviews and discussions with other thought leaders from the event." Spenard continued "VoiceAmerica is a world leading production and broadcast company and we are honoured to be active participants of this year's event and support the new NAB Theatre and Lori H. Schwartz's show among our media peers!"

ImageFIRST Phoenix Announces Attendance at the Beryl Institute's Patient Experience Conference 2016

ImageFIRST Phoenix, the Arizona branch of ImageFIRST, leading nationwide provider of medical linen and laundry for outpatient healthcare facilities, recently shared the news that ImageFIRST will attend The Beryl Institute's Patient Experience Conference 2016. From April 13th to 15th, ImageFIRST will be represented at the annual conference, ready to learn about contemporary issues facing healthcare and patient experience professionals and share what they have learned as a leading vendor of medical linen and laundry solutions.

Choosing the Best Medicare Supplement Plan in 2016 Made Easy with

One of the best and the most-reliable source for gathering information about Medicare Supplement Plans in 2016, offers comprehensive information about all different types of Medicare Supplement Plans.

Canvas Giclee Printing Offers Prestigious Printing Services for Professional Artists and Photographers

Carolina Beach, NC based print reproduction company Canvas Giclee Printing is a highly trusted and reputable name offering canvas printing services to photographers and artists. The company was set-up by Joshua Mcclure, CEO to cater to the need of professional artists and photographer, who devote a lot of hard work and passion to work and therefore need top quality canvas printing service, that will handle their work with the same care and attention.

Successful Business Networking Today - On Illuminating Feng Shui, June 22nd

LogoDr. Ivan Misner, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI - the world's largest business networking organization, joins us on this episode of Illuminating Feng Shui. Dr. Misner brings with him his enormous success as an entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist and New York Times bestselling author, in addition to being the Senior Partner for The Referral Institute - the world's leading training company on referral marketing.

"Marathon Woman" Kathrine Switzer on the Long Road Up

LogoNumber 261 is Kathrine Switzer's bib number from her historic 1967 Boston Marathon which she entered and finished despite being accosted by a race official trying to force her off the course because she was female*..261 Fearless is now a Movement founded by Kathrine to enable women to feel fearless in the face of adversity whether a tough marathon, an 'ask' for a work place pay raise, or any life challenge.

Travel to Madagascar for the Sept 1, 2016 Annular Solar Eclipse

LogoTravel to Madagascar for September 1, 2017 annular solar eclipse. Join us for a ten day safari to the unique island of Madagascar culminated by the golden ring called a annular solar eclipse as the moon does not cover the suns' disc to produce a total solar eclipse.

Real Estate Investor Group Gaining Greater Success Because of TV Fallacy

LogoMore real estate gurus, who've made a name for themselves on reality TV, seem to be flipping through new students as quickly as they're flipping properties.

Prescriptions for a Healthy Home with Paula Baker-Laporte FAIA, BBEC and Dr. Rebecca Risk

Logo"Once I learned the facts, I could never again allow certain products techniques, or equipment to be used in projects with which I became involved."-Paula Baker-Laporte Publishes Comprehensive Information and Reviews on the Ultimate Body Building Product, a premier website that publishes information on legal steroids and supplements has recently published comprehensive information and reviews on the ultimate body building product. According to the information provided at the site, crazy bulk is the ultimate product whether a person is looking to improve their endurance or sculpt up the body to perfection or gain muscles. The information provided at the site also added that this particular product is a legal steroid without any known side effects.

Conquering Shame and Codependency

LogoTamara will be conducting a LIVE, Relationship Transformation interview with Relationship Expert, Best Selling Author and Speaker Darlene Lancer together they will be discussing her book Conquering Shame and Codependency, as well answering Live questions from callers.

Touch Screen Monitors Reportedly Increases Productivity in Businesses and Offices

The current statistics have shown that leading businesses are realizing the level of potential that Tech Global offers to its employees. Working has become more efficient with the help of intuitive touch technologies. The modern day Tech Global products are increasingly popular for its ability to seamlessly work with the existing IT technologies.

Project Semicolon Founder Amy Bleuel Joined Jessica Pirro on the Journey - Stories of Crisis and Hope June 14th

LogoA semicolon is used when an author could've ended a sentence but chose not to. You are the author and the sentence is your life. This is the basis of the worldwide campaign Project Semicolon. We will talk with Project Semicolon Founder, Amy Bleuel who wanted to honor her father whom she lost to suicide. Through the semicolon symbol many related to the struggle of depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide and their will to continue on. This also represented a goal – to believe that this is not the end but a new beginning. As she began this effort, Amy heard from people longing to continue their story and live a life that would inspire others to continue on as well. Project Semicolon has become much more than just one person honoring a parent. Project Semicolon is honored to be a part of those continuing stories, and to be an inspiration to those who are struggling.

ROBERT KEITH WALLACE, Pioneering Researcher on the Physiology of Consciousness - Transcendental Meditation Research

LogoROBERT KEITH WALLACE is a pioneering researcher on the physiology of consciousness. His work has inspired hundreds of studies on the benefits of meditation and other mind-body techniques. Dr. Wallace's findings have been published in Science, American Journal of Physiology, and Scientific American. He received his BS in physics and his PhD in physiology from UCLA, and he conducted postgraduate research at Harvard University. As the founding president of Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in Fairfield, Iowa, Dr. Wallace is currently Co-Dean of the College of Perfect Health, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Physiology and Health, and a Trustee of MUM.

Top-Rated Internet Radio Show Hosts Ariel & Shya Kane Celebrate Father's Day with a Transformational Approach to Parenting

LogoIn celebration of Father's Day, internationally acclaimed personal growth experts Ariel & Shya Kane share their revolutionary approach to parenting and personal transformation in a special episode of their top-rated internet radio show Being Here. Unlike traditional self-help modalities, the Kanes' approach - called Instantaneous Transformation - is not problem/solution oriented, but rather anthropological in nature. It has supported millions of people around the globe in discovering how to have more satisfying lives and relationships without working on themselves or their "problems." The Kanes' practical, modern-day tools for living in the moment allow old regrets and resentments to dissolve in an instant, and open the door to new, unprecedented possibilities for happiness and well-being.

Creating Referrals for Life with Special Guest Mike Macedonio on Illuminating Feng Shui

LogoMike Macedonio, joins us on this episode of "Illuminating Feng Shui" with his dynamic background as President and Partner of the Referral Institute, the Executive Director of BNI, a New York Times Best Selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. Learn from Mike his experience with growing a small training and consulting company to an international franchise with over 60 locations in 20 countries.

From Tragedy to Triumph and Tears to Triumph

LogoFrom Tragedy to Triumph herself, bestselling author, speaker and host of the "You Are Not Alone" radio show April Joy Ford, invites Marianne Williamson with her new release, "Tears To Triumph".

Today Many Women Are Going Through a Transformation as It Relates to Their Identity as a Woman

LogoIn Today's world many women are going through a transformation as it relates to their identity as a Woman. Women are often misunderstood as it relates to their power, knowledge, courage and strength. Our roles are constantly in conflict with the norms of society, and how it relates to role of wife, mother and as a child of God. Jeanette Abney along with her guest, Telishia Berry will address in this show the overt expression and attitudes towards the Women, together they will seek to better understand The role of women in today's society and help encourage and empower them.

VoiceAmerica to Broadcast Live from the IIeX North America Conference

Logo"VoiceAmerica enjoys the values of Insight Innovation and are proud to be its broadcast partner of the IIeX North America event" stated President, Jeffrey Spenard. "The IIeX event will deliver exceptional speakers from table talk organizations who champion innovation and cross industry collaboration. Please join us and listen live on June 13th as we kickoff the IIeX!", added Mr. Spenard.

Postmodern Theologian and Author Rev. Matthew Fox Will Join Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

LogoDo you remember the excitement of opening a Cracker Jack Box and finding your special gift hidden inside? That was the same feeling I had when I opened the email asking me if I wanted to have Matthew Fox on my radio show. I'm very grateful to have so many of the people on my show who helped formulate who I am, what I believe and how I live my life. I still remember the feeling of holding Matthew Fox's books in my hands with my yellow highlighter at the ready to ensure that I absorbed everything I needed. He was my mentor, my teacher, my guide even though we had not met. Now, as I read again about Creation Spirituality, I understand what an amazing teacher he truly is. You can see the ideas I learned from him reflected in every show through my writings, silver lining stories, upcoming seminars, my guests, their ideas and our conversations. What a blessing to welcome Matthew Fox to my show. Please join us Thursday for a rare treat as he discusses A Way To God.

ImageFIRST Phoenix Shares Insight Into Current Status of Infection Prevention Procedures at Outpatient Facilities

LogoImageFIRST Phoenix, a provider of patient gowns and healthcare uniforms in Mesa, AZ and other areas, makes it one of their priorities to ensure that their clients are aware of all of the latest findings and developments in the healthcare industry. In fact, they would like to let both current and potential clients know that they recently came across an article that shared an insight into the present state of infection prevention procedures at outpatient facilities.

Surrogacy as a Family Building Option: Realities from Both the Carrier and Intended Parent Perspective - And Expert Advice

LogoIn a series of three episodes on "Turn the Page," Hemda Mizrahi offers a view into the process and realities of surrogacy as a family building option. The series launch on June 10 features Jen Rachman, an Outreach Coordinator and former client of Circle Surrogacy, the largest surrogate parenting agency in the world. Ovarian cancer, diagnosed when Jen was 26, left her infertile. As a result, she turned to surrogacy to have her now four-year-old son. Jen's guidance on navigating the surrogacy process is informed by both her personal and professional experiences.

Dr. Lucy Kalanithi Joins VoiceAmerica Host Cheryl Jones on Good Grief Radio

LogoCheryl Jones, host of Good Grief radio, is proud to announce that her guest for June 8, 2016 will be Dr. Lucy Kalanithi. Her husband, Dr. Paul Kalanithi, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer at 36 while in his last year of neurosurgical residency at Stanford. In the 22 months before his death, they continued their work as physicians, had a child, and he wrote a book about their experiences, When Breath Becomes Air, for which Lucy wrote the Epilogue. Since his death, she has continued the work they started; getting the book published, promoting it in numerous public appearances in venues such as PBS News Hour, Charlie Rose, NPR's Morning Edition, yahoo news with Katie Couric, and the New York Times and lending her voice to the ongoing effort to improve how medicine relates to patients during their lives and at their death. The dynamic intersection of her personal and professional experiences uniquely fuels her passion for improving healthcare value, meaning in medicine, patient-centered care and end-of-life care. She is an advisory member to the OpenIDEO challenge, seeking to answer the question, "How might we reimagine the end-of-life experience for ourselves and our loved ones?" The ideas generated by the campaign seek, ultimately, to change the way we approach the end of life in medicine and in the global community.

Tropical Sails Corp Offers Tours for the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

LogoAugust 2017 will be a grand year for astronomers, photographers, and astronomy enthusiasts alike as North America will bear witness to an astronomical phenomenon that has not happened in the USA since Feb. 26, 1979. The 21st of August 2017 will see the Moon casting a shadow on the face of the Earth as it blocks the Sun to produce a total solar eclipse. Tropical Sails Corp has organized three tours to observe this rare event.

Lang Strategies Enters Partnership with Italian Firm Marazzi & Advisors

LogoLang Strategies recently entered into a formal partnership with Italian firm Marazzi & Advisors to work with the company's clients seeking expansion and business growth opportunities in the United States. The agreement comes after Lang Strategies recently announced the launch of its newest practice area: International Business Development and Cultural Transition Services. Barbara Lang, Managing Principal and CEO at Lang Strategies is the host of VoiceAmerica's "Insights and Strategies" radio show focusing on business, community and education.

Stephanie Winters (Elite Musician, Keynote Speaker & Coach) Speaks with Chris Cooper About How to 'Listen Differently'

LogoToday Chris Cooper provides our listeners with inspiration and practical guidance for effectively succeeding in their business ventures. Chris also believes that you are happier and more fulfilled if you are following your passion through your entrepreneurial or corporate ventures and that true high achievement means success in all areas of your life. Not just your business! One of our top business shows, Chris has created an exceptional library of over 200 hours of show recordings to inspire and practically help entrepreneurial and corporate leaders develop themselves and their businesses. Chris is a business mentor, facilitator, consultant, speaker and author as well as radio show host and founder of Chris Cooper – Business Elevation.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2017 Makes Medigap Payment Easy and Convenient

Paying Medicare could become a huge financial problem if one doesn't plan about its payment in advance. Medicare Supplement Plans 2017 provides detailed guidance about Medicare Part A and Part B. This supplement plan helps a person in better understanding the Medicare parts, who are eligible for it, who has to pay, how does it work and other necessary information.