Press Releases For AZ - Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale (US)

PhoenixNAP Client Portal (PNCP) Enhances Veeam Reselling Capabilities

PhoenixNAP®, a global IT services provider offering cloud, dedicated server, colocation, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology solutions, announced today the release of PhoenixNAP Client Portal (PNCP) 4.0. The latest version of phoenixNAP's infrastructure management platform introduces a range of new features to allow for easy and flexible Veeam Reseller Management.

Ms. Arizona Launches Arizona Based Custom Mattress Company

Blink Mattress, a full-service mattress retailer specializing in custom-made to order mattresses at factory direct prices, this week officially unveiled their new comprehensive website, as well as opened their new retail store doors to all interested consumers and community members in the greater Phoenix, Arizona region.

Kimi Werner to Appear as Guest on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network

LogoKimi Werner, will join host Cheryl Esposito for a special episode of Leading Conversations, on Friday, March 9th from 10:00-11:00 AM (PT)/1:00-2:00 PM (ET) on VoiceAmerica's Business Channel (

Maternal Health and Breastfeeding Expert, Jada Shapiro Joins "The Womb Happy Hour" Show with Host Lorraine Giordano on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel

LogoUsui Reiki Master and certified in Quantum Energy Transformation, Integrated Energy Therapy and Quantum Touch, and VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Host, Ms. Lorraine Giordano will interview, Jada Shapiro, the founder of boober – the world's first on-demand platform which matches and connects parents to vetted, expert lactation professionals for same-day, in-person help. March 14, 2018 at 3pm Pacific | 6 pm Eastern time.

Mindfulness W/ Marketing Expert, Producer & Actor Gordon Fraser

LogoMarketing Expert, Producer & Actor Gordon Fraser will be interviewed about Mindfulness & His Life on March 13th at 3pm Pacific Time by host Kristen Harper on "Tips to Keep You Healthy, Happy, & Motivated" radio show.

Meriflor Teneatto World-Renowned Leadership and Coaching Executive, Author, and CEO to Join Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

LogoTraditionally, money has been the domain of men. Meriflor Toneatto understands that money is about self-empowerment. In her book, Money, Manifestation & Miracles, she focuses on helping women understand their beliefs and attitudes about money, achieve a harmonious relationship with money, and develop a deep sense of abundance, thereby creating enduring wealth from within. "At a deep soul level this book is really about a rite of passage — an awakening for women to take action to reclaim their feminine connection to money as a source of empowerment, love, wealth, fulfillment, and success," writes Meriflor. "The phrase feminine connection to money points to an understanding that there is a natural connection between women, generosity, and leveraging money to help others. And when women reclaim and embrace their feminine connection to money, the results can be remarkable." Please join us Thursday to become empowered in your relationship to money.

Radio Host Connection to Transformation Costa Rica Lead by a Global Team of Coaches with the John Maxwell Team

LogoThis special delegation will conduct a national leadership education project known as Transformacion Costa Rica that will reach 400,000 of the Costa Rican population by equipping them with values-based principles they can learn, live and lead in their social and professional environments.

New York Times Best Selling Author and Former CNN Headlines News Host Jane Velez-Mitchell to Appear on VoiceAmerica's Finding Your Frequency

LogoFormer CNN Headline News Host, New York Times Bestseller and advocate for the underrepresented Jane Velez-Mitchell to join VoiceAmerica CEO Jeff Spenard and Director of Operations Ryan Treasure on their signature show "Finding Your Frequency" Friday, March 9th, 2018.

Get Outside with TV Host, Adventure Film Maker, and Actor JJ Yosh

LogoThe interview will discuss: 1) More about JJ Yosh's life and why he is so passionate about changing the world by inspiring people to get outside and explore their backyards. He is on a mission to change the world through media.

Pankaj Vij, MD World-Renowned Wellness Expert to Join Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

LogoAmericans are currently facing obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and chronic illness in epidemic proportions due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices. Our culture relies on medications and procedures to temporarily alleviate and mask symptoms, but rarely identifies and treats the root cause – lifestyle choices. Dr. Vij has read the extensive research in this area and put together a simple, yet revolutionary, 8-week program that provides the tools needed to prevent and reverse diabetes and other metabolic diseases. These are the key lifestyle ingredients: eating enough of the right foods and avoiding harmful ones for excellent nutrition and hormone balance; exercising regularly with joy and abandon; managing stress, being emotionally resilient and getting quality sleep; and having loving supportive social relationships and purpose in life. He has helped thousands of people achieve and maintain their goal weight and improve their fitness level, thus helping them live healthier and longer with fewer medications.

Influential Leaders Libby Wagner, Owen O Suilleabhain and Steven Morris Speak with Chris Cooper About 'The Artistry of Engagement'

LogoLibby Wagner, Owen O Suilleabhain and Steven Morris will join Chris Cooper on a continuing series, 'The Business Elevation Show – Be More. Achieve More.' streamed on 2nd March 2018, from 8am(PST)/pm 11am (EST) on VoiceAmerica's Business Channel (

JAWKU Speed: The Ultimate Speed Measuring Gadget Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoJAWKU Speed is an all-new high-tech wearable speed measuring gadget that will change the lives of millions of athletes in training worldwide. Developed by John Wells in a Cornell University dorm room, the device connects itself with any modern smartphone through an app and it can be worn on the wrist. After years of testing and perfecting the prototypes, John is finally ready to manufacture JAWKU Speed on a large scale and he is raising funds on Kickstarter.

David Pierce Uffens Has Been Nominated and Accepted as 2017 AIOFLA'S 10 Best in Arizona for Client Satisfaction

LogoThe American Institute of Family Law Attorneys has recognized the exceptional performance of Arizona's Family Law Attorney David Pierce Uffens as 2017 10 Best Family Law Attorney for Client Satisfaction. Reveals Why Taking Traffic School Is Almost Always a Bad Move

Did you know that when you agree to take traffic school to "eliminate" a speeding ticket, you are pleading guilty, and end up losing more money than if you had not taken traffic school?, the most widely used speeding ticket defense website in the United States, says you are admitting guilt when you agree to take traffic school, and are adding numerous additional costs to your fines.

Anaheim's Tony DUrso Announces Prime-Time TV Deal

LogoTony DUrso, host of The Spotlight and Revenue Chat podcast shows, has announced his first-ever TV deal. Revenue Chat TV will now be a prime-time 30-minute show, slated to air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. During the show, elite entrepreneur guests will provide superior advice, guidance and tips on today's most successful business people. Their personal journeys on the path to achievement will be the common theme. These future guests will join DUrso via Skype, Zoom or in-person at the Los Angeles studio.

Coffee with a Cop: Building Relationships and Trust One Coffee Cup at a Time

Logo"Coffee with a Cop" airs February 13, 2018 4pm Pacific Time on My Favorite Coffee Story VoiceAmerica Talk Radio. The episode shares the inspiring stories that bring police officers and community members together – over a cup of coffee – to discuss issues and learn more about each other. The Coffee with a Cop program began in 2011 near Los Angeles in Hawthorne, CA with the idea to do informal events sharing a cup of coffee to build trust and relationships within communities between police officers and community members.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tiny Houses

LogoThis episode of REAL Real Estate Today focuses on the tiny house movement and the realities of living in 600 square feet or less. Our guest Daniel Weddle is founder and head owl of Carpenter Owl, a building studio based in Bloomington, IN that creates unique structures from natural materials.They design and build around the dreams of their clients, creating environments that are low in chemicals and allergens, using reclaimed and locally sourced materials wherever possible.

Culture of Trust: A Value-Centric Conversation with Bob Whipple on Voice America's Empowerment Channel

LogoWe are living in an era where values, integrity and ethics are not thought of as important character traits as wealth, access and power. Human interactions are becoming more transactional. From our smallest unit of society, family, through organizations we each work at, to our country and global society at large, we have daily demonstrations of lack of values, integrity and ethics resulting in breach of trust. Trust is such an elusive concept today and it is time we took a moment to explore it.

VoiceAmerica Announces National Talk Radio Host Contest Winner

LogoVoiceAmerica, the leader in online media broadcasting and the largest producer and distributor of live internet talk radio, today announced Shannon D. Hughes, a Chicago native, as the winner of its National Talk Radio Host Contest.

Disabled Menstrual Cup Innovator, Jane Hartman Joins "The Womb Happy Hour" Show with Host Lorraine Giordano on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel

LogoUsui Reiki Master and certified in Quantum Energy Transformation, Integrated Energy Therapy and Quantum Touch, and VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Host, Ms. Lorraine Giordano will interview disabled CEO menstrual cup innovator and creator of Keela, Jane Hartman Adame and medical device designer, Andy Miller February 7, 2018 at 3pm Pacific | 6 pm Eastern time.

ImageFIRST Observes That Change Management Is the New Normal in Healthcare

LogoImageFIRST, a healthcare laundry and linen services provider serving Phoenix, AZ, and other areas, shares observations that change management is the new normal in healthcare based on news stories in the media over the course of the past year.

Local Experience Versus Global Experience

Logo"Thank you for your application. Your qualifications and skills are very impressive; however, you don't have any local experience. We wish you luck with your job search."

Global Wellness and Skin Care Compliment One Another Skin Deep

LogoThe "keeping it real" movement is stronger than ever in the skin care industry and it has an iconic fashion magazine to thank for its success.

Join Host Jo Hausman as She Interviews the Original Founders of Barefoot Wine, Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey

LogoMichael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey are international Keynote Speakers and New York Times Bestselling authors of Barefoot Spirit, How hardship Hustle and Heart Built America's #1 Wine Brand and The Entrepreneurial Culture We will go over the 4 fundamental ways: 1. Financing 2. Employees 3. Customers 4. Advertising/Marketing It will be an action packed show so don't miss it!

A Voice of Reason Interviews Steven Stosny for the Launch of Empowered Love on VoiceAmerica's Empowerment Channel

LogoListen in as Kathy Horton and Sherry Petro-Surdel interview Dr. Steven Stosny on their show A Voice of Reason, broadcast on VoiceAmerica's Empowerment channel. Steven Stosny, PhD, is the founder of CompassionPower. He is a renowned author and media consultant on relationships, anger, and abuse. Dr. Stosny grew up in a violent home and he learned the healing power of compassion from his abused mother. He has appeared on many TV and radio shows, including several guest appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show and has been the subject of interviews in national newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, Esquire, O Magazine, U.S. News & World Report.

Michael J. Gelb Joins Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

LogoTechnology and outmoded ideas of leadership have driven a wedge between people. It's faster to text than to have a real conversation with someone, and it's easier to give a directive than to ask people for their ideas. Faster and easier is not better. Somewhere along the way, people forgot about the importance of building relationships and connecting deeply with each other. Connection is not just good for business, it's good for humanity. When people care about each other, they bring a stronger level of commitment to their work. It fuels initiative, passion and compassion. Michael Gelb has identified seven relationship-building skills that include: cultivating humility as the source of strength and confidence, spreading positive energy to bring out the best in everyone, and eliminating destructive patterns like judging, blaming and complaining. Please join us Thursday to learn how to connect, communicate and develop meaningful relationships at work and at home. Michael J. Gelb is the author of The Art of Connection and has pioneered the fields of creative thinking, accelerated learning, and innovative leadership. He leads seminars for organizations such as DuPont, Merck, Microsoft, Nike, Raytheon, The London Business School and the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business. His skills as a professional juggler who performed with the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, led him to teach juggling as a way to promote accelerated learning and team-building. He is the coauthor of Brain Power and author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci and several other bestsellers.

Cyber Security Talent Crisis of Attracting Women Into the Industry with Dr. Magda Chelly on VoiceAmerica's Task Force 7 Radio Program

LogoTask Force 7 Radio host George Rettas recently interviewed Dr. Magda Chelly to define the problem with attracting women into the cyber security space and discuss what professionals need to do moving forward to solve the dilemma that is driving the cyber security talent crisis across the globe.