Press Releases For TX - Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown (US)

Tactical Strong Business Consulting Firm Launches to Help CEOs and Their Teams Strategically Apply a Zero Defects Mentality

Formerly tasked with getting new US Army recruits combat ready, veteran Orlando O'Neill launches a new business consulting firm. With the same applied mindset found in the trenches, Tactical Strong is just what its name infers. A tactical approach to the execution of all things operational. Providing a highly-focused strategic method that leads to business longevity, O'Neill applies his experience in the Armed Forces to help CEOs find their company's hidden threats. Incorporating a "Zero Defects" mindset, they can then implement small pivotal changes that reduce costs, leverage technology, and deal with threats both internal and external using the Tactical Strong approach.

ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists Attends MGMA 2016

ImageFIRST® offers top-of-the-line healthcare linen and laundry services and products in Houston, TX and across the nation, designed exclusively for the healthcare industry. Their depth of expertise in healthcare linen management ensures that they are far from an ordinary linen delivery and rental service; rather, ImageFIRST promises to be a cost-effective solution for greater patient satisfaction. Healthcare materials managers seeking a true vendor partner for better linen management can visit ImageFIRST's booth at the MGMA 2016 Annual Conference to learn more about improving their linen program with ImageFIRST.

Trust Anchor Plumbing Emerges as the Best Plumbing Service Provider in Spring, Texas

LogoTrust Anchoring Plumbing emerges as one of the best plumbing service provider in Spring, Texas. The firm is known for providing unmatched service for plumbing, heating and air filtration. The U.S licensed and registered company has a strong team of approved professionals with proven capabilities in the field. They have garnered repute with their down the line experience backend with well-trained trained crew and approved quality equipments with latest technology.

3 Steps Plumbing Emerges as the Top Choice for All Kinds of Plumbing Services in Galveston

Logo3 Steps Plumbing is one of the premier plumbing companies in Galveston. Established in the year 2005, the company has seen constant rise in their reputation over the course of last decade thanks to a team of highly skilled staff and thousands of satisfied customers.

Best Secured Plumbing Looking to Expand Business with Their Future Plan

LogoBest Secured Plumbing, one of the top plumbing and heating companies in Missouri city have managed to do an excellent job. They are proficient at the task they do and have an experience spanning more than a decade.

Roto Rooter Houston Hails as the Best Plumbing Service Provider in Houston, Texas

LogoRoto Rooter Houston hails as the best company in Texas for providing paramount service in plumbing and drain. With years of vast experience, the company is known to provide some of the best and fastest plumbing and heating services to their customers ranging from the commercial to the residential segment.

Bellaire TX Plumbing and Healing Rated as the Top Company in Bellaire, Texas

LogoBellaire TX Plumbing and Healing has earned top position for their high-quality plumbing service in and around Bellaire.  With years of rich experience and professional expertise, the company provides complete cost-effective plumbing solution to residential and commercial segments with emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Simple Locksmiths Announced as the Leading Security Company in Spring, Texas

LogoSimple Locksmiths is one of the top companies that have been offering varied kinds of locksmithing services. They have a lot of experience in this field and the experiences which the staffs have helped make them a huge brand.

Grand Locksmiths Ecstatic at Being Announced the Best Locksmith in Sugar Land

LogoGrand Locksmiths has been handling different kinds of locks for more than a decade now. They have been handling both commercial and residential locks and even offer automotive services.

Gold Coin Garage Door Repair Listed as the Top Company in Texas

LogoGold Coin Garage Door Repair is one of the top companies that specialize in a plethora of different garage related services. They have been offering different kinds of garage doors repair and installation services for more than a decade and have managed to make a commendable name for their company.

M.G.A Garage Door Repair Listed as the Top Company in Sugar Land Texas

LogoM.G.A Garage Door Repair is one of the premier companies dealing in garage doors in Sugar Land. They have been offering both repair and installation of garage doors since 2005. Owing to the kind of work which the company has done, they have managed to get itself listed as one of the top garage door repair companies in Sugar Land.

Ultra Garage Doors Repair Talks About Future Expansion Plans for the Firm

LogoUltra Garage Doors Repair is one of the leading garage door repair companies in league city. The kind of prolific track record they have managed to get them listed as one of the premier company. Once they managed to establish their reputation as the leading garage Door Company in League City, the company announced its future plans.

Trust Anchor Locksmiths Announces Their Plans to Expand Work Considerably in the Near Future

LogoTrust Anchor Locksmiths has emerged as one of the pioneer locksmith companies in Katy. They have been offering varied kinds of locksmithing services since a long time and the exceptional standard of work that they have done makes them a huge name. They have recently been adjudged as one of the leading Katy TX locksmith companies.

Bright Star Locksmiths Hailed as One of the Leading Companies in Pasadena, Texas

LogoBright Star Locksmiths is one of the top companies in Texas that have been offering the finest locksmithing services. They have a lot of experience and the expertise that they hailed over the years has made them a name to be reckoned with.

M.G.A Garage Door Repair All Set to Start Its Future Expansion Work

LogoM.G.A Garage Door Repair has been offering the best garage door repair and installation services for more than a decade in the League City, Texas. After having offered the best facilities, they were hailed as the best company dealing in garage doors in League City.

Direct Locksmiths to Expand Its Work and Spread the Business Significantly

LogoDirect Locksmiths is one of the top companies that services different kinds of locks and also offers the finest security services too. The experience which they have reaped over the years has made them a formidable name. This is why the company has decided to now go for future expansion.

M.G.A Garage Door Repair Hailed as One of the Top Companies in Friendswood

LogoM.G.A Garage Door Repair, one of the top companies that specialize in different kinds of garage door repair services have been listed to be one of the top garage doors company in Friendswood. Ever since the news was released, M.G.A Garage Door Repair has been ecstatic and they are overwhelmed with the massive response they got.

M.G.A Garage Door Repair to Expand Business and Scale Its Work

LogoM.G.A Garage Door Repair has managed to establish itself as one of the top garage door companies in Webster. They have been offering some of the finest garage door repair services. The kind of installation, repair and even maintenance which they offer has been prolific and owing to this, the company decided to expand the work.

Michele Whitley Celebrates First Year as a Realtor with CitiQuest Properties by Crossing Milestone of $3 Million Volume in Sales

LogoHouston, Texas certainly has a vibrant and exciting real estate scene. A big part of it for the last year has been CitiQuest Properties Realtor Michele Whitley. Michele recently celebrated her first year as a independent agent, with the exciting news she crossed the $3 million volume in sales milestone – a very remarkable number for a young independent agent and a clear sign that the best is yet to come.

Humetrics' New Program Responds to the #1 Challenge Facing Every Business in America Today

LogoThe number one challenge facing nearly every company and manager in the country today is how to find, attract, and retain, a world class workforce. The most successful companies of any industry got there because of the team they put together. But hiring the right person for any job can prove to be a tricky task, no matter the size of the company nor the industry. Hiring expertise is invaluable, and fortunately, the tactics utilized by Humetrics has helped countless companies hire better, retain longer, and build a team they can be proud of. They are a firm determined to help businesses maximize their bottom line by increasing productivity with a reliable, dependable, motivated workforce.

Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Fund Independent Magnolia, Texas Coffee Shop – Mustang Cafe

LogoRachel Ferguson, an aspiring Texas entrepreneur, has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for 'Mustang Cafe', a family friendly coffee shop in Magnolia Texas. The Kickstarter campaign aims to garner widespread support and financial backing to fund the grand opening of the Mustang Cafe.

Humetrics Helps Companies Hire Better, Retain Employees Longer

LogoAs America continues to claw back from the recession, employers are looking to build their companies with high quality employees and bolster their future prospects. From large, multinational companies to small local business owners and everything in between, hiring the right employee will produce substantial results down the line. Humetrics helps companies do exactly that: Build a Frontline that Builds Their Bottom Line. It's a time-tested strategy that has been implemented for 40 years, and shows no signs of slowing. Successful companies have worked smarter with the help of Humetrics, which utilizes a number of helpful programs building a more effective business. Speaking programs such as "Tools, tips and techniques to hiring top talent" and "Creating a Magnetic Culture, one that attracts the best and repels the rest," are all changing the way companies recruit, hire, and retain employees.

Safeway Drivers Help People Get Home Safely from Holiday Parties

LogoWith the holidays fast approaching, companies far and wide are preparing for annual festivities. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, and everything in between – there is a healthy smattering of opportunities for corporate and private parties alike. These revelries serve as a perfect occasion for employees to relax and bond outside of the work environment. Each year from October through December, the staff of Safeway Drivers is focused on ensuring that the holiday season is safe & enjoyable for all their clients. Customers who imbibe one drink too many can trust the professionals at the Texas-based Safeway Drivers to save them from making a poor decision.

Trojan Horse Method Allows Stem Cells to Eradicate Melanoma

LogoFor nearly three decades, Synthecon, Inc. has been a leader in 3D cell culture technology through innovating and exploring the potential of the rotary cell culture system as it applies to tissue engineering, stem cell culture, tumor spheroid formation, host-pathogen studies and more. Their role in research has been absolutely vital to these and a broad range of other applications, but particularly regarding those relating to animal and human health.

Sudhoff Companies Offers Investment Services to Maximize Investors Returns with Minimum Risk

LogoAn unrivaled sales, marketing and consulting firm in the industry, Sudhoff Companies, offers investment services that help investors maximize their returns with minimal risk. Not just investors, they also assist builders and developers with investment services such as debt and equity consulting, and creating deal structures that provide flexibility to builders and developers. They currently manage $2B in new home construction. Today, they stand among the top firms for providing one-of-a-kind investment services at never-before-seen prices. There is no denying that Sudhoff investment services makes things happen with a vision of success.

The News That Luminess Direct LLC Offers the Best Cosmetic Formulations and Airbrush Innovations Has Come as a Whiff of Air

When the market has been inundated by a number of beauty and cosmetic products, the news that Luminess Direct LLC is offering the most advanced cosmetic formulations and airbrush innovations that can help professionals as well as those who look for makeup at their homes has come as a whiff of air to beauty and fairness-conscious people. Luminess Air points out that they are leaders in this field because they are the ultimate destination for those who want to have perfect looks as they have everything necessary for achieving such looks.

Sudhoff Companies Provides Developer Services for Luxury Condos in Houston

LogoOne of the most renowned real estate consulting firms in Houston, Sudhoff Companies, offers development services at the market's best prices. They are well-known for providing best-in-class real estate development services, which includes strategic planning and development, legal document review, comparable product and market analysis, amenity and finish consulting, architectural and floor plan consulting, and much more. The company has a great team of experienced professionals who work hard to ensure optimum value of the property. They provide special support and full-fledged financial analysis to provide every possible support to their clients. Builders and developers who are looking to hire a real estate service provider can rely on Sudhoff Companies.