Press Releases For TX - Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown (US)

Attendle Launches to Give Event Coordinators 3-Day Access to Ticket Sale Revenue and $.50 Fees

Leave it to a "kid" to be audacious enough to blaze new ground in a space typically known for edging out the little guy. Created by the mastermind behind the popular gaming convention TheGameCon, Attendle is launched to give event coordinators, of any sized event, something they've never had - full control. With unheard of features like a three-day ticket revenue pay out, one fee as low as $.50 per ticket, and a fully-customizable platform for event pages, Attendle has come to play.

ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists Attends MGMA 2016

ImageFIRST® offers top-of-the-line healthcare linen and laundry services and products in Houston, TX and across the nation, designed exclusively for the healthcare industry. Their depth of expertise in healthcare linen management ensures that they are far from an ordinary linen delivery and rental service; rather, ImageFIRST promises to be a cost-effective solution for greater patient satisfaction. Healthcare materials managers seeking a true vendor partner for better linen management can visit ImageFIRST's booth at the MGMA 2016 Annual Conference to learn more about improving their linen program with ImageFIRST.

Gulf State Software a Houston SEO Company Offers Marketing Services

Houston SEO Company, Gulf State Software is hardly new to the web and software industry. They have been providing services privately to e-commerce and service industry businesses. Now, they want to branch out and allow other local businesses to take advantage of their Search Engine Optimization expertise.

Yefense Producer, Aalou Health International, LLC Adds More Products for Women

Aalou Health International LLC, the producer of the renowned and highly efficient natural yeast infection treatment pills, Yefense® in its bid to provide better health care for women has just added more products for women. Provides Reliable Derouging Services for Any Equipments

Establishments such as manufacturing units and industries can consider the aforementioned website for onsite cleaning of different equipment types. Their specialists are able to help such clients in increasing the lives of such heavy machinery by removing any chemical and other stains.

Arem Wellness Discusses Household Chemicals and Possible Link to Thyroid Disease

Recent media attention and scientific studies have shined a light on potential health risks surrounding common household chemicals, particularly flame retardant chemicals that can be found throughout the environment. A recent study conducted by Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health demonstrated significant risks for thyroid diseases, especially in post-menopausal women. Dr. Ridha Arem, the thyroid health specialist behind Arem Wellness, has warned and emphasized in his publications that these chemicals can interfere with healthy thyroid function and natural hormone levels. "Exposure to environmental pollutants can lead to a variety of thyroid problems," says Dr. Arem. "Elevated blood levels of fire retardant chemicals can increase the risk of developing hyperthyroidism, goiter, or Hashimoto's disease." To learn more about Dr. Arem and his experience treating thyroid diseases, visit

Clear the Air Cooling & Heating Offers Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Clear the Air Cooling & Heating, a full-service commercial and residential HVAC contractor based in Alvin, TX, is pleased to offer HVAC maintenance agreements to its commercial customers. With these HVAC maintenance programs, the company makes it easier and more affordable for businesses to keep their employees and/or tenants comfortable.

Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Fund & Promote Unique New Houston Tea Shop

LogoTeazSol Teas, a Texas tea manufacturer & distributor of unique teas, has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and financial backing to help finance and promote the grand opening of its Houston Texas tea shop.

Metal Garage Door Repair Now Offering Cheap Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repair and Installation

LogoBaytown, Texas based garage repairs and installation company, Metal Garage Door Repair, has emerged as one of the best garage door repair company in the city. The company has been known to offer extremely tidy and neat services at affordable prices. They can cater to both residential and commercial needs.

Gold Coin Garage Door Repair Katy Announces Its Future Plans of Expansion

LogoGarage doors need to be repaired at the earliest because broken doors could lead to safety concerns for vehicles. Gold Coin Garage Door Repair Katy is one such company that was adjudged to be the best in Katy Texas. Their level of service has been prolific and impressive.

Flash Garage Door Repair Emerges as the Best Garage Door Company in Cypress, Texas

LogoWhen it comes to garage doors, it is important to avail the best services. Flash Garage Door Repair is one such company that has managed to be in the news for the right reasons. They have been adjudged as one of the best garage door repair Cypress, Texas Company and the team is extremely happy about it.

LY Garage Door Repair Emerges as the Best Company in Houston

LogoLY Garage Door Repair put in a considerable amount of hard work and efforts to be hailed as one of the best company in Houston. The good work they did over the years finally paid off and the company received great compliments for putting in the best efforts.

Football Fans Look to Safeway Drivers to Get Them Home Safely

LogoAh, autumn. The crisp air, the kids back in school, and football back on our screens and in our hearts. Fall is a special time of the year, full of a change in the weather, leaves turning beautiful shades of orange and red, and a brand new season with the classic pigskin. College football opened just two weekends ago, and the NFL just completed its opening weekend – much to the enjoyment of fans nationwide. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for the collegiate and professional versions of the game, respectively. Enthusiastic fans flood local bars, gather around the TV set at home, and make a day of cheering on their team. But when the game ends, and the stadium lights go out, or the last keg is dispatched at the backyard party – all of those fans must find their way home. Fortunately, the professional drivers at Safeway Drivers are happy to lend a hand. From helping fans get to the game safely to taking them home after a fun experience with old friends, the chauffeur experts at Safeway Drivers are gearing up for another season of football.

Super Keys 4 Cars Excited at Being Named the Best Automotive Locksmith Houston Company

LogoWith so many different companies offering locksmithing services, Super Keys 4 Cars couldn't contain its excitement at being hailed as one of the best automotive locksmith Houston companies.

Grand Garage Door Repair Company Excited About Its Future Expansion Plan Which Is to Be Unveiled Soon

LogoGrand Garage Door Repair company has been hailed to be one of the finest garage doors Houston company. The company is ecstatic at their feat and thereby announced that they will expand their business.

M.G.A. Garage Door Repair Emerges as the Top Woodlands Garage Company

LogoM.G.A. Garage Door Repair company has been doing an excellent work so far. They have been hailed to be one of the best companies in the Woodlands Texas and their joy knew no bounds on hearing it.

Armadillo Garage Door Repair Announces Its Plans for Further Expansion of Business

LogoArmadillo Garage Door Repair has been doing a great work. The garage repair services along with installation and repair of different doors have made them one of the top garage door repair company in Humble, Texas.

Garage Door Repair Technology Announces Plans to Further Expand Work and Offer New Services

LogoGarage Door Repair Technology is known to offer the best residential and commercial garage door repair services. Their services have been so phenomenal that they have adjudged as the best garage doors Pearland TX Company. Riding high on their own success record, the company came up with plans for further expansion.

Locate Pipelines and Collect Geospatial Data Accurately with PipeTrak Services from Southern Brush

LogoA premier provider of pipeline maintenance, pipeline data, and right-of-way compliance services, Southern Brush offers PipeTrak line locating, marking, and data logging services to help individuals accurately locate pipelines and collect geospatial data. They have been in this industry for over 30 years and are well-known for employing top-of-the-line equipment like Vivax line locators and Trimble GPS units, to render line-location services. These services are provided in accordance with best practice procedures to ensure compliance with federal and state law. They maintain a high level of accuracy and safety while rendering these services to make sure everything is perfect and as per their client's needs. So far, the company has performed PipeTrak services on over 10,000 miles of pipeline, and also has experience installing many different types of signs used on oil and gas pipelines.

Sudhoff Companies Provides Investment Services to Builders and Developers All Under One Roof

LogoA renowned sales, marketing and consulting firm, Sudhoff Companies offers investment services to builders and developers all under one roof. They provide support with financing strategy for luxury high rise condos in Houston, which avoids the common mistakes committed by builders in real estate finance. The company allocates dedicated finance professionals who evaluate the real estate deal, review the debt capacity of the developer, and then consults with them on the financing structure options available. As part of the investment services, they focus on assistance to both investors and builders, with services including debt and equity consulting, creating deal structures that provide flexibility to builders and developers, and advising investors on how to maximize returns while limiting risk.

Catamount Funding Helps Startups Succeed with Their Purchase Order Financing Services

LogoCatamount Funding, one of the most renowned Texas factoring companies, offers purchase order financing for small and medium-sized enterprises. Catamount Funding's purchase order financing is a perfect solution for small start-up businesses that have orders coming in, but don't have the finances required to order supplies, pay their workers, and ship the finished goods. This also helps small to medium-sized businesses who have found themselves with a sudden large customer jump or who are graced with a very large order. The company has certain criteria that should be fulfilled by start-ups who want purchase order financing services. The criteria include Management Expertise, Established Vendors, Valid Purchase Orders and Contracts, and Verifiable Repayment of the start-ups.

Plumbing League City Emerges as the Top Company in Sugar Land Texas for Plumbing and Heating Services

LogoEstablished in 2005; Plumbing League City is now a household name when it comes to plumbing in Sugar Land. Most people in the area who need good quality plumbing services at affordable prices end up seeking their services.

Professional Drivers Help Senior Citizens Get Around

LogoAs medical practices and technologies have improved over the years, so have our lifespans – and the result is an aging baby boomer population and a tip towards an aging U.S. population. In fact, today there are more Americans over the age of 65 than at any other time in U.S. history. In the two decades between 2010 and 2030, that population of senior citizens will increase an astonishing 75% to 69 million. As they age, their driving skills deteriorate; hampering their ability to get around & caregivers or relatives may not be available at all times. That immobility can have adverse effects on morale & self-worth; but Safeway Drivers services provide a possible answer to this problem. Their professional drivers help senior citizens regain their independence, by assisting them with daily tasks & errands such as shopping, medical appointments, pharmacy visits and even salon or spa treatments. This Texas-based company is making the transition to old age for seniors living in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and San Diego less burdensome and affords them the opportunity to enjoy a more vibrant lifestyle.

The Next Generation of Kickstarter Manufacturing

Kickstarter crowdfunding is not a new idea, but it has recently grown into it's own as a legitimate way for all types of entrepreneurs to fund their ideas. Thanks to Kickstarter, and other sites like Indiegogo and FundAnything, Makers are able to put their vision forward and ask the market if it deserves to be funded. This new channel of funding for anyone who wants to start or grow their own business is more accessible, along with the side benefits of proving out the concept and building an initial customer base at launch. However, as any repeat entrepreneur knows, funding is only one of many barriers. The next hurdle, now that you've got the money, is actually making your product, and for many Kickstarter creators this involves manufacturing.

Synthecon Provides Useful Tool for Research Into Cancer and Stem Cell Therapies

LogoThe prospect of accessible and effective regenerative medicine offers many patients suffering with degenerative diseases hope where treatment options (or lack thereof) in the past have left a void. There is an imminent and expanding need for therapies to be developed which can solve these debilitating conditions. One company has been helping researchers and clinicians work towards a solution for nearly three decades. Synthecon, Inc. is based in Houston, Texas and is the manufacturer of a very vital piece of medical equipment: a bioreactor. In essence, this piece of machinery helps to produce mature 3D cell cultures which help provide the stepping stones to solve clinical challenges in stem cell therapies, cancer and tissue engineering. The Rotary Cell Culture System (RCCS) suspends cells in a microgravity-like environment, and was originally developed at NASA. Initially intended to study astronaut health in space, researchers soon realized that the technology had far broader applications with respect to animal and human health – chiefly because the 3D organization of cells in the bioreactor allows for a more accurate understanding of how cells behave in the body here on earth.

Long Term Care Insurance Announce the Launch of New Website

In a bid to offer prompt and reliable insurance services to clients Katy-based insurance company Long Term care Expert has recently unveiled a new web portal from where interested clients can easily get in touch with Susan Hendrix, who is the person behind the very creation of the website. According to the site's spokesperson the website will act as a channel for those people who are in need of professional advice in the field of disability insurance, life and health insurances.

Indie Hip Hop Artist Congo Tut to Release Debut Single This August

On Saturday, August 10, the independent hip hop artist Congo Tut will breakout into the scene with his debut single, 'Going and Going.' The new studio endeavor is an early glimpse into Congo Tut's upcoming EP release. The track will be available worldwide on all major digital music platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, and the like.