Press Releases For TX - Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown (US)

Danziger & De Llano, LLP Announces Launch of Its New Autism Law Firm Website

Danziger & De Llano, LLP, a law firm whose main focus is to obtain justice for injured victims and their families, recently announced the launch of its new website, The law firm’s latest site aims to provide help to children diagnosed with autism as well as mothers who were prescribed antidepressants and anti-seizure medications during pregnancy.

A Home's Second Skin Operation: Step- by- Step Vinyl Siding Installation

If one is doing a research and comparison on the cheapest siding options around, nothing compares with vinyl siding. Aside from the fact that vinyl siding lowers yearly upkeep and maintenance costs, it increases energy efficiency and the value of home.

A+ Transmission Specialist Offers Hassle-Free Car Repair Services in Houston

LogoMost car owners are afraid of transmission problems as the fall out could be catastrophic. Transmission maintenance is expensive as it could cost them an arm and a leg. Finding a reputed transmission service to attend to the problem and resolve it at the earliest possible is recommended. But, remember, approaching a service provider offering transmission services at affordable costs would be a wise move.

Attraction Is in the Hands of the Leader

Leaders today can become more effective by focusing on specific hand gestures that attract followers to them. Researchers today announced their findings that show that a leader’s specific hand gestures create meaning in the minds of followers which create emotional attraction or distance. These findings radically alter the beliefs of historical data in the area of hand gestures. “Previous researchers have noted that specific hand gestures do not create meaning in the minds of viewers, and this research disputes these outdated notions,” says Linda Talley, Ph.D. “We have moved from having major categories of hand gestures to creating sub-categories of hand gestures that create meaning for the observer. This is critical in a business setting when a leader has a minimum amount of time to create the emotional connection among followers in order to build relationships and achieve results. Not only does this add to the literature, it also impacts how leaders can improve their effectiveness by focusing on their nonverbal behavior—specifically hand gestures, particularly in the area of leadership development and training.”

Hunger Strike to Fight Civil Rights Violations by Houston Government

LogoWhy would a white guy declare a Hunger Strike in front of the city hall in a town with an openly lesbian mayor? Ironically, to protect your civil rights and your property rights. Houston, a metropolis of over 6 million in population, is the largest city in the USA – and it appears in the world – without zoning. This can be sugar-coated, but in a nutshell it means that any real estate in the city is neither residential nor commercial and that the city’s Planning Commission and the so-called Department of Public Works and Engineering, with their various associated branches bearing convoluted names, are responsible for managing the city’s rapidly evolving neighborhoods and deciding, case by case, how each property gets to be used.

Extinval USA Expanding US Fire Safety & Inspection Services to East & West Coast

Extinval USA is a leading company in the global maritime safety service industry, offering fire safety equipment & inspections, lifeboat & davit services, and maintenance of various fire suppression systems for marine vessels. Extinval USA is expanding its service areas, adding offices to the east and west coast regions of the US.

WebsiteAlive Announces Partnership with Leading Digital Agency,

Adam J. Stass, CEO of WebsiteAlive, understands that a company needs to be visible in the search engines in order to be visible in its industry. That is why, a few years ago, he set out to find premium search engine optimization services for his company. He understood that the only way to stay competitive in the online communication industry was to find the right digital agency that could provide these services.

Baker Bloomberg & Associates Offering Comprehensive Debt Management at Competitive Rates

Since its inception, a few years back, Mary land, USA based Baker Bloomberg & Associates has emerged as a force to reckon with in offering high quality accounts receivables management services to its clients scattered all across the continental America. Dedicated to the cause of the client it offers highly feasible, viable and cost effective solutions on consistent basis. Quality services are the hallmark of the company and it never ever compromises with quality. In order to address the quality issue and offer reliable services, the company has at its disposal a team of highly endowed professionals. The professionals are well versed with nuances of the business and assist the cause of the client to the best if their ability. A senior official at the Baker Bloomberg & Associates in recent interview had this to say, “For us at Baker Bloomberg & Associates, customer comes at the top of the priority list. Therefore, we are high on offering a plethora of services that comprehensively meet the myriad demands of the clients to the fullest. Our services are highly reliable, credible and cost effective, to say the least. We have at our disposal a team of highly endowed professionals that specializes in the job. Our recent record of accomplishments stands as a testimony to the effectiveness of our customer-oriented services. For the benefit of people that are reeling under serious debt, we offer most comprehensive and superior debt management solutions at the most reasonable rates.”.

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates Offering Reliable Debt Recovery Solutions for Businesses

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates has now become a one-stop destination for businesses, which want to get rid of their credit management and debt recovery related woes with ease and confidence. The leading US based network of creditor and collection attorneys have been doing commendable job in catering to businesses and credit granting companies for several years now. The company now offers a range of debt recovery solutions to businesses at the best rates.

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates Offering Expert Debt Recovery Solutions at Best Prices

Baker, Bloomber & Associates is a Texas based firm with great experience, efficiency and expertise in dealing with issues related to the occasional problems with the cash flow that construction industry has. The company offers the best in class, effective yet economic bad debt recovery solutions to industries, organizations, corporate and individuals.

The Real Blend Reveals the Secret to Purchasing Quality Small Kitchen Appliances

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average person spends anywhere from $23 to $49 per year on small electrical kitchen appliances. For those who aren't moving, the figure comes in at $23 while those living in homes built before 2004 spend an average of $36 per year. Consumers living in homes built 2004 or later spend the most and account for the $49 figure mentioned above.

Dr. Weiss Joins New York's Leading Surgeons in Innovating an Advanced Treatment for Varicose Veins

LogoThe Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York warmly welcomed Dr. Robert A. Weiss, a world-renowned Leg Vein Specialist and Cosmetic Dermatologist, as he joined the team of well-known leading dermatologists to improve treatments to varicose veins.

More Clients Trust Cinco Ranch Insurance Services

More and more satisfied clients from Texas and neighboring states trust Cinco Ranch Insurance Services, a full-service independent agency that handles all types of property and casualty insurance.

More Customers Satisfied with Jim Farris Cabinets

Jim Farris, owner and founder of Jim Farris Cabinets, continue to receive positive feedback from satisfied customers whom he has served through his wide range of cabinetry and carpentry services.

More Customers Amazed by Mainland Stoneworks' Accomplishments

Mainland Stoneworks, a Houston-based company that specializes in kitchen countertop fabrication and installation, high-quality customer assistance, and showroom consultation, receives more positive feedback from satisfied customers.

Mezzanines by Design Provides World-Class Design and Engineering Solutions

Mezzanines By Design, an AISC certified fabricator and manufacturer of structural steel mezzanines, equipment platforms, and fabricated steel products, provides cutting-edge design and engineering solutions in developing warehouse storage solutions to local and global clients.

Bugco Pest Control Offers Wide Range of Pest Control Services

BUGCO Pest Control, a Texas State licensed commercial pest control company, specializes in a wide variety of pest control treatments and services, including general pest control, termite (WDI) inspections and termite treatments, mosquito misting system installation and maintenance, fire ant treatment, bed bug treatment, flea and tick treatments, and rodent control.

Lighthouse Video Surveillance Joins Associated Builders and Contractors

Lighthouse Video Surveillance, a video surveillance company dedicated to providing professionally designed systems and high quality CCTV installations for residential and commercial use, has recently joined the Associated Builders and Contractors.

Nathan Cook Offers Hundreds of Used Cars for Sale

Nathan Cook, a professional sales consultant at Norman Frede Chevrolet which is one of the most established used car dealers in Houston, offers hundreds of used cars for sale under different brands and models at varying prices. Insurance Claims Specialists Publishes Free Insurance Jargon Busting E-Book

Spring is, paradoxically, the peak season for a hailstorm, with the change in atmospheric pressure turning high altitude water vapor into ice crystals which increase in size as they fall, causing significant damage to property and possessions. Summer on the other hand is tornado season, which comes with a very different set of dangers. In all cases however, many affected by these natural disasters do not want to think about the many complexities involved in filing an insurance claim, and instead want to move on with repairing and rebuilding their lives. can help take the pressure off these people, and has now published a new jargon busting guide to insurance terms available free to all visitors.

SB 127- Roofing Registration Bill in Austin, Texas: Passing a Test on Contracting Principles and Roofing Services

LogoState Roofing Company, together with the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT), earned strong support to SB 127- Roofing Registration Bill in Austin, Texas. Related to that bill, in 2013, Sen. John Corona, R- Dallas Chairman of the Senate Business and Commerce Committee, initiated a bill in Houston requiring the roofing contractors to be licensed and regulated.

Veins in Vain: What Are the Factors Causing Varicose and Spider Veins?

LogoVaricose and spider veins are now a problem for millions of people around the world. Estimates revealed that 40% of the population suffers from those vein problems.

Texas Sees Rise in Overturned Sexual Abuse Convictions from DNA Testing

Being accused of a crime you haven't committed can be devastating. Unfortunately, several wrongly convicted individuals are just now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after years behind bars. Falsified claims are a serious threat and this issue is quickly becoming recognized by mainstream media. In particular, false allegations involving child sexual abuse or child abuse can wreak havoc to family relations and cause lingering stress. Recently thousands of untested DNA rape and sexual abuse kits were sent to a third party crime lab for testing after decades collecting dust in Harris County evidence rooms. Fortunately, a few cases have already been turned over after DNA evidence proved their innocence.

Tejas Yoga Houston Adds Mysore Style Yoga Classes Making Individual Growth the Priority

Yoga is a practice of both body and mind, and reflects an evolution of self control, inner strength and grace with physical movements that challenge and improve the body. There are many schools of Yoga, and Ashtanga is one of the most dynamic, following a predefined sequence of movements designed to create a flow between one position and the next. One on one teaching is by far the best way to learn yoga, as everyone has unique challenges and strengths, but finding a teacher can be difficult and expensive. Tejas Yoga now uses a Mysore style class to eliminate this difficulty.

May Declared as National Mobility Awareness Month

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA), a non-profit trade association of mobility equipment dealers, manufacturers, driver rehabilitation specialists and other professionals dedicated to expanding opportunities for people with disabilities to drive or be transported in vehicles modified with mobility equipment, declared May as National Mobility Awareness Month, in an effort to bring attention to the mobility issues facing the disabled community.

Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend Right: Tips to Have Fun Responisbly & Avoid a DWI & This Weekend

Like most three-day holiday weekends, Memorial Day weekend has historically been one of the major weekends for alcohol related car fatalities in Houston. Since last year's stringent crackdown on holiday related drunk driving, it is predicted that this year's Memorial Day will be one of the top weekends for DWI arrests. Memorial Day is a sacred American holiday honoring heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. Let's honor them responsibly and graciously without drinking and driving.

Alchem Hires Tom Schrier as V.P. of Business Development & Sales

LogoAlchem International has hired Tom Schrier as V.P. of business development and sales. Schrier will lead Alchem’s presence in the U.S. as it continues to expand its footprint in the dietary supplement, cosmetic and e-cigarette industries.