Press Releases For TX - Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown (US)

Eric Hymowitz, President of ROC Homes Lends Support to Sunshine Kids in Houston

President of ROC Homes, Eric Hymowitz has made it a point throughout his career to give back to organizations in the Houston community.

MADE of a New Organic Baby Personal Care and Household Products Brand Launches with Unparalleled Commitment to Transparency

New organic baby and household products brand MADE OF™ is pledging to set the standard for retail partner and consumer transparency by sharing not only the ingredients in its products, but also the sources and origin of each ingredient, manufacturing and production details, full certification details including organic along with full results of rigorous product testing by independent laboratories.

Tight Turnarounds Are Possible with Expedited Anchor Bolts from Madden Bolt

LogoWith over 70 years' experience working with customers to meet tight turnarounds on anchor bolts and threaded fasteners, Madden Bolt understands that orders sometimes are placed later than planned and materials must be expedited in order to keep a project on track. These orders could take other manufacturers weeks to fill but with 100 tons of raw material in various grades stocked at the Madden Bolt facility, orders big and small can be accommodated without a compromise to quality or safety.

Doxsteel Fasteners Revolutionize Bolt Theory to Combat Corrosion

LogoThe journey to develop coated fasteners which can stand up to the harshest environments started in the late 1990's when a contract for fastener turnaround and anti-corrosion paint application in Mexico became a complicated project. Data from Mexico City was not representative of all areas within the scope of the project. In areas such as the Gulf Coast and the rainforest jungle, corrosion rates were much higher and many of the bolts had seized. The bolts were unable to turn as they had badly corroded. The only way to remove them was to cut and then torch them. This not only had cost implications but also greatly increased the time required to complete the job.

Houston Factoring Companies Facilitate Cash Flow by Offering Accounts Receivable Management Services

LogoThe invoice factoring program at Catamount Funding has evolved to provide a professional built-in account receivable manager, thus ensuring a speedier turnaround on the payment of invoices without the additional costs incurred by hiring a separate account manager.

Alexander Miller & Associates: Effective Debt Recovery

The IRS has announced that it has hired four debt collector agencies to recover debts from tax evaders. "The IRS is taking steps throughout this effort to ensure that the private collection firms work responsibly and respect taxpayer rights," said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in a statement.

Debt Collection Industry: New Tools, New Image

Alexander Miller & Associates are talking about the transformations the debt collection industry has gone through and sharing their experience in dealing with debt recovery.

Custom Home Builders the Shepherd Group Guide Bespoke Designs from Vision to Reality

LogoFrom vision to reality, designing a custom home is an exciting and creative journey. As one of Houston's premier custom home builders, The Shepherd Group prides themselves on building homes to best support the way their clients live. From an English Tudor style house in River Oaks to a Mediterranean inspired home in Royal Oaks, from a French Provincial design to a bold New England blueprint, inspiration crosses centuries and borders, giving seemingly limitless options and opportunities to create not merely a house, but the perfect home.

Forged Components, Inc. Presents Blog Series Looking at Wellhead Components

LogoFCI is one of the top wellhead component suppliers in the country, but what are the components of a wellhead and what do they do? This series of blog posts will explain these components and how they work within the wellhead itself.

Smart Business Owners Choose Clear the Air for AC System Upgrades

Savvy business owners know that outdated equipment is often inefficient and costly. They know that sometimes they must invest money to make money.

Locksmith in Houston Announces New Emergency Locksmith Services

713 Locksmith have been doing their best to refine their skills and locksmith services in order to meet the ever-changing needs and requirements of the general public. Their addition of providing emergency locksmith services is a relief for residents who need a reliable locksmith company.

Houston Safe & Lock Offers Efficient Safe and Lock Services in Houston, Stockists of Medeco and Tuff Strike

Good news for residents of Houston who are on the look-out for safe and lock services. The company, Houston Safe & Lock, says that they have been offering safe and lock services at affordable prices since 1923. The company is a dealer for Medeco and Tuff strike which means the chances of someone kicking a door in are greatly reduced. Yet further good news is that the company has one of the biggest safe and lock showrooms in Houston.

JandK Towing Emerges as the New Company to Look out for in the Houston Area

LogoJandK Towing is one of the new names in the Houston area. The company specialize in roadside assistance and towing. Along with this, they also offer emergency lockout services, 24x7 roadside assistance, all kinds of towing, and so on.

Doxsteel Fasteners Provide 5-Year No Seize Warranty on Steel Fasteners

LogoUnderstanding the life expectancy of a steel fastener drives maintenance schedules and budgets. Being able to turnaround fasteners quickly and without hot bolting saves time, money and potentially lives. Doxsteel fasteners are designed to last, with a life expectancy of 21 years. Unlike others in the industry, Doxsteel backs up their product with a 5-year no seize warranty.

Bacon iFest Teams Up with Local TV CW39

LogoThe team at The International Bacon Fest is thrilled to announce that CW39 Houston is their official media partner. The International Bacon Fest will be held on October 7, 2017, at the Houston Toros Soccer Facility in the Heights Neighborhood of Houston and will offer a day of bacon-inspired sights, sounds, and tastes.

Madden Bolt Combines Anchor Bolt Manufacture, Steel Fabrication and Galvanizing Under One Roof

LogoCompetitive pricing is one of the many benefits leveraged by Houston-based Madden Bolt by controlling operations from their 80,000 square foot facility. Housing anchor bolts, miscellaneous steel fabrication, and galvanizing services effectively under one roof simplifies the customer experience by providing one point of contact from start to finish. In addition, without the need to transport products to outside plants to finish processing, turnaround times are reduced, good news when an order needs to be expedited. Orders that may typically take weeks can often be turned around in days or even hours. Speed and accuracy drive the best lead times nationwide and product reliability. An added advantage of dealing with one service provider is the reduction in paperwork and administration. With one point of contact, communication is simplified and one invoice covers the entire job.

Houston Factoring Companies Solve Cash Flow Problems by Offering Invoice Factoring Services

LogoCatamount Funding, Inc. is one of the premier Houston factoring companies for small and medium sized business owners. With clients across the US, invoice factoring is an effective way to improve cash flow and focus on business continuity and growth. The process is effectively a way to free up cash which is being held in open invoices waiting to be paid.

Houston Locksmith to Provide New CCTV Installation Services

Small businesses in Houston are concerned about the sharp increase in crime here since the Great Recession of 2008. Businesses have to deal with burglaries, robbery, shoplifting attempts on almost a daily basis. This remains a major concern for business owners and law enforcement.

Bob Willems Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo to Bring Back the Award-Winning Educational TV Series "So You Want to Be?"

Logo"So You Want To Be?" is an award-winning children's educational television series that was created in 1993, and sold to Discovery in 1997. The series was intended to teach kids about different career options, and was designated as CORE Programming by the FCC. Over the last twenty years, this program has reached millions of people across the globe via Discovery and in syndication. The twenty six episodes of the series have also been shown in many schools to their students, offering a unique teaching tool for the teachers.

Clear the Air Offers Savings on AC System, Other Repairs

Everyone suffers setbacks and disappointments in their lives. But the lucky people in this world have at least one special someone to help navigate the rough spots and return to smooth sailing as quickly as possible.

Doxsteel Fasteners Provide No Seize Solutions to Eliminate Hot Bolting

LogoSeized fasteners provided the impetus to find a smarter solution to source industrial steel bolts. Doxsteel Fasteners are made from carbon steel and are coated with a Nickel-Cobalt alloy. This coating offers improved resistance against corrosion, extending the life expectancy of the bolt. With bolts which do not seize, maintenance is easier to manage and is more predictable. Furthermore, the elimination of hot bolting reduces costs, saves time and promotes safety.

Houston-Based Madden Bolt Is a Service Provider for Anchor Bolts, Embedded Plate, Fabrication and Galvanizing

LogoAn 80,000 square foot operation in Houston gives Madden Bolt the capacity to meet customers' needs, even at short notice. When the unexpected happens and expedited service is required, they find solutions to deliver with no compromise to quality or safety. High production machinery, including the Landis CTR, bending machines, welding equipment, and high definition plasma systems are operated by highly skilled fabrication teams. All operations, including galvanizing, are under one roof. This model enables customers to choose Madden Bolt as their fabrication service provider from start to finish.

Houston-Based Southern Brush Pipeline Services Offers Pipeline Maintenance, Pipeline Data, and Right-of-Way Compliance Services

LogoSouthern Brush, one of the premier Pipeline maintenance companies in the Houston area is able to locate pipelines and collect geospatial data using Pipetrak, a specialized program which has been extensively utilized. This top of the line equipment has collected data on over 10,000 miles of pipeline. Pipeline surveys which can be undertaken include Centerline Surveys, Depth-of-Cover Surveys, Close Interval Surveys, Direct Current Voltage Gradient Surveys and Class and High Consequence Area Surveys.

Luxury Lake Conroe Condos in Texas - The Shoreline at Waterpoint

LogoLake Conroe Condos on the south shore of Lake Conroe near to the Waterpoint Marina are perfectly located to escape from the hustle and bustle of Houston for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Each of the 56 luxury condominiums has an oversized terrace with a glass railing, making the most of the stunning lake views. Top of the line Bosch appliances, quartz countertops, Pella windows and sliding doors, a keyless front door entry lock, custom cabinetry, a WiFi controlled thermostat and energy-efficient LED lighting are some of the design features.

Texas Based Factoring Company Catamount Funding, Inc. Offers Factoring Services to Support Cashflow Management

LogoCatamount Funding, Inc. is one of the premier Houston factoring companies for small and medium sized business owners, With clients across the US, invoice factoring is an effective way to improve cash flow and focus on business continuity and growth. The process is effectively a way to free up cash which is being held in open invoices waiting to be paid.

Visit Forged Components, Inc. (FCI) at the Offshore Technology Conference May 1st to May 4th

LogoForged Components Inc. participating in the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) at NRG Park (formerly Reliant Park). OTC is the flagship conference for energy professionals to learn about the latest advancements in science and technology for offshore resources and environmental matters.

Dr. Bryan J Correa Receives 2016 RealSelf 500 Award

Board-certified plastic surgeon and Correa Plastic Surgery founder Dr. Bryan J Correa has been named a recipient of the 2016 RealSelf 500 Awards.